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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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play. play. play. this is d w news live from the bird land rival protests in venezuela opposition supporters clashed with police in caracas venting their anger over a nationwide blackout and calling for president but drove to resign but his supporters are also rallying against what they say is foreign intervention in venezuela's players also coming off germany's two biggest banks could soon become one banks for reportedly greece to merger talks with troubled rival comments bug after years of losses for both banks and
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a cultural icon turns sixty last she passes the milestone that barbie doll remains a lightning rod for the status of women. i'm calling assman welcome to the program opposition protesters have clashed with riot police in the venezuelan capital caracas one of the country's self-proclaimed leader at urged his supporters to take to the streets they're venting their anger over a nationwide power outage and are once again demanding an end to president nicolas maduro government but as also called on his supporters to rally today as the power struggle between the two rivals intensifies. the day in caracas begins with anger and arguments the police are trying to stop opposition supporters gathering will that protest i. am going to join us let's hug each other.
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don't shoot us don't kill us come on cops. an elderly woman flames so far the opposition has been able to demonstrate peacefully and unhindered but then the police start to use pepper spray they got it yeah right now doing to make sure that you're not fortunately they say they have orders to prevent us from assembling so there will be no demonstration. but we're not giving up citizens have a right to freedom of expression it is time said the secret police arrive on scene the workers who wish to erect the state to a self-proclaimed president who have been arrested making tensions was this the biggest power failure in the nation's history the government says it's the result of an attack by foreigners and declares that it will defend itself it is an attack on the homeland without any doubt it is an attack on venezuela supporters of
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president maduro have also been gathering to hold their own protest against what they say is imperialist aggression. algerian education officials have rescheduled spring vacation for university students moving it forward to sunday or than a week earlier than planned it's being seen as an attempt to quell growing protests against president would think of students have been at the heart of demonstrations against the president's bid to extend his two decade rule the protests have been mostly peaceful but on friday police used tear gas to block the road to the presidential palace hospital sources say more than one hundred people were injured in the clashes. former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning was jailed on friday after refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating the whistleblower website wiki leaks before entering the courthouse manning said she was prepared to go to jail for her beliefs manning has already served seven years in prison for leaking
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a trove of classified documents related to the wars in iraq and afghanistan but president barack obama commuted her sentence in twenty seventeen. did of your porter all of is here with me to break down this whole chelsea manning situation first of all what do we know about her jailing and why was she willing so willing to go to jail in the first place. first of all a judge in virginia ordered manning to jail for contempt of court of the she refused to testify before this grand jury investigating wiki leaks now for those who don't know a grand jury is a different thing from a from a trial jury the grand jury is there to decide if there is support for criminal charges and what exactly the jury the grand jury is investigating is secret basically we know it has to do with wiki leaks. and this is one of the things that manning objects to this whole secrecy around the around the grand jury now just a reminder that the u.s.
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has been investigating wiki leaks and its founder julian assange for many years now and manning she leaked documents to wiki leaks which ended up exposing cover ups and potential even war crimes by the united states government. now this is perhaps one of the most famous pieces of the footage that shows an air to ground attack in iraq in twenty three two thousand and seven seven men were killed in this attack including a reuters journalist now manning has released a statement where she says that she revealed everything she knew back in her twenty thirty. courts martial and she continues saying i will not participate in a secret process that i morally object to particularly one that has been used to entrap and persecute activists for protective political speeches speech so this is probably this last point is likely what she refers to when she says she's willing to good job of beliefs how much support does chelsea manning have for this decision
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she has received a lot of support special social media from people within the whistleblower community if you like. glenn greenwald for example he gives what he calls an important reminder he says chelsea manning is in prison because the department of justice is trying to prosecute wiki leaks for publishing classified documents in the n.t. press of bomb a department of justice concluded they couldn't do that because it would be a threat to call press freedoms. he's also getting support from daniel ellsberg he's the whistle blower who famously released the pentagon papers back in one nine hundred seventy one now he writes an investigation into wiki leaks for publishing is a grave threat to all journalists writes and chelsea is doing us all a service for fighting it now we also have a treat from whistle blow and forma n.s.a. contractor edward snowden he points out that the likely flaws in the criminal
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justice system when when people don't transform a campaign manager pullman affords or cia director david petraeus get off lightly while manning gets thirty five years for revealing what snowden calls evidence of actual crimes now the judge says said that manning will stay in jail until she other decides to testify or until the grand jury ends how long that will take is anyone's guess. thank you very much. well the board of germany's largest bank has reportedly agreed to merger talks with the second largest that's according to the. newspaper they say the board of daughter bank will discuss a fusion with its traditional rival comments by the german government has been urging the two banks to merge after years of losses deutsche bank has also faced scrutiny for several reasons scandals including accusations of money laundering and an interest rate scam. and joining me now to break that down is lars halter he's
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with the d.w. business look large we've been talking about this we've been hearing these rumors about a merger between these banks for a long time now how likely is it that will happen this time around i think it's actually pretty likely and the interesting thing is call we don't actually need anonymous insiders here to give us any hints because we're getting pretty good clues if we just listen to leadership maybe let's just take a listen to what c.e.o. martin see it is that just a couple of weeks ago. strategy is right and is working just a profit is increasing because we are growing in a core business. because their action is the right one but the atmosphere of negative interest and price pressure severely limit the profitability of banks in germany. a lot of this the current speculation of a merger with dr grant is understandable. but you also must participate in it wednesday. so we hear
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a lot here about the reasons why they are in trouble we hear about the speculation of autumn merger between commercial and what we don't hear is the denial and that is of course pretty rare when ever in the business community you have rumors about a merger and they don't want you to know of course it's going to be denied right away you don't have that here and you have the same answers coming from deutsche bank c.e.o. kristen saving just recently said exactly the same thing of course a merger is an option we might not be talking about it right now but it's pretty clear that they're really looking at that ok so some clues there torch of on for one i mean this was a global powerhouse this was a respected bank i mean what happened talk about the fall of deutsche about well first of all of course the financial crisis happened that of course happened to the entire global financial sector and that brought down with it what happened after that of course might have been even worse for the arch of punk than most of its competitors it was scandal after scandal you mentioned some of them earlier whether
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it was the man you palatial of interest rates of the gold price whether it was tax evasion moving clients people love money abroad just think panama papers whether it was breaking sanctions there was no financial scandal in the last decade that deutsche bank was not part of or even leading the pack and that cost them billions and billions of dollars and what happened now is just have a look at where deutsche bank stands now in comparison to other international banks if we just want to rank them by assets under management you have to a chipmunk with just the bold one point eight trillion dollars that is far less than the european competitors if you look at u.b.s. or b.c. over in england it is far. are less than the american competitors and of course they are way way far away from the chinese competition some of those things are three times the size so today though it should bunk ranks just about under the top
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twenty and is not really much of a global player anymore and being left behind we can see if maybe this will be a potential marriage made in heaven so to speak lars also from the business thanks very much welcome it's. in this league of football perennial champions buying munich have demolished vosburgh six nil to snatch first place away from dortmund six different players found the net for biron who now lead dormant on goal difference dortmund have been at the top of the table since match day six if you remember that's all the way back in september. let's take a look now at all the bundesliga results so far this weekend as we heard by and be devolved spurred adornment also defeated stuttgart three two one five past half to billion to one a scoreless draw between life they can work in the late game glovebox beat minds one nil and on friday bremen downed shall go because coach dominik
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tedesco desperately wanted those three points and for a brief moment it looked like his team would make that happen midway through the first half they went up one nothing with this goal by real and bowler. but bremen then took charge scoring for goal to finish off a comfortable when it's now the third straight loss for show and to disclose a job they will be on the line. still to come on sunday often humble take on durham back and hung over leverkusen on monday will see dusseldorf taking on frankfurt. well from a fresh flesh and blood role model for women to a plastic and at times controversial one we're talking course about barbie she now turns sixty years old yet connick fashion doll debuted at the new york toy fair on march ninth one thousand nine hundred eighty nine she's been fiercely criticized as an unrealistic model for girls but she's still an undisputed favorite spite fierce
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competition in the toy industry fifty eight million barbies are sold each year and more than one hundred fifty countries. the first barbie commercial aired in one nine hundred fifty nine creator ruth handler named the toy after her daughter and for a fashion doll in contrast to old fashioned baby dolls she didn't imagine that her idea would be such a hit. i thought the five would always be successful i thought it would be a great success it's the degree to success and length of time and it is amazing it's no longer amazing to me i think hopefully she'll go on forever reflecting society as it changes forever or be dressed to swim but six decades after her birth barbie remains of lightning rod for the status of women and girls critics say
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barbie so what has conveyed in on realistic body image that can affect the way girls see themselves and impact their self-esteem to fans the iconic daw is an enduring symbol that is evolved to keep up with the times barbie has undergone many make overs with different skin colors body types and a wide range of careers you know that in one nine hundred sixty five she became an astronaut for years before new armstrong walked on the moon later she broke through the glass ceiling. in the eighty's late eighty's bridging into the ninety's she was a c.e.o. and this is a time when there were a lot of movies about women breaking through the glass ceiling and it was very popular in culture and obviously women themselves were becoming c.e.o.'s and gracing the covers of business times etc and so to have barbie c.e.o. with another proud moment. in an effort to reflect diversity this summer mattel plans to debut a dog that uses a wheelchair and one with
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a prosthetic leg so far over a billion barbies have been sold and she's likely to remain a favorite among girls for decades to come. and that's all for news right now more news of the top of the hour but coming up next world stories and how syrian refugees are adjusting to a new life in germany i'm asking thanks for joining us. we may come home as we watch as. the under budget by we are the civil service or. the want to shape the continent's future to. be part of britain youngsters testings share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of the abuse platform for africa during.


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