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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2019 9:15pm-9:30pm CET

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debut a dog that uses a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg so far over a billion barbies have been sold and she's likely to remain a favorite among girls for decades to come. that's all for news right now more news of the top of the hour but coming up next world stories on how syrian refugees are adjusting to a new life in germany. thanks for joining us. now from. we make up over a week what does a caucus that hundred twenty five we are the civil service or. the want to shape the continent's future prefer to be part of enjoying african youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges to the seventy seven percent. platform for africa charting.
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her first meet school with. her first clueless of. course grand moment arrives join the arena take on her journey to freedom in our interest to turn him into. the running time returns home. grown players just time unbolt stories. jordan recruiting more female police offices nigeria scouting musical talents will buy music but for us to germany thousands of syrians have found refuge here from the civil war in their country but many stuff the homesickness or trauma from imprisonment or even torture experienced in syria. random police violence why
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as the man on the ground shot up says the police officer todd acknowledgement knows police brutality all too well he experienced it firsthand in syria beating it's. you could say it's part of the daily process or the daily procedure where. if you do if you did something or you didn't do anything it's depends on the officer mode so torturing beating it's part of the prisoners of their life or tonic says he was incarcerated in a syrian prison for six and a half months for helping fighters in the free syrian army on behalf of the red cross when he got out of prison in two thousand and fourteen he fled since then tarik has been living in berlin making ends meet as a professional cartoonist. for cyclists must also the most i've missed the food it's walking a bear but of course what i don't mess and i like here here i'm on the committee
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come out beatle church this is something we miss and syria germany and other e.u. states have mooted sending syrians back home but the idea of returning to syria makes tonic very afraid. also of the people who will go back to syria. probably they will go to jail or probably they will get tortured or properly definitely if they didn't do the military duty they will go again to the military duty they won't send them to the frontline zone and only in the berlin district of knowing cone in the past two years it's been mostly syrians who have moved here. one of them is twenty eight year old abdul rahman he fought for the free syrian army and survived several era offenses his foot was injured in an attack and has not since healed. i know i'm injured and i don't have anyone to care for me but my foot still hurts i'm not allowed to walk on it
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but i still do that's good and has undergone several operations on his foot and is deep in debt he says he's never really been able to integrate in the three years he's been in germany and there's no social life here there's no life here the people are like machines like machines that just work nonstop you can't understand them. to family on abdul rahman has decided to leave germany and go back home he already has his visa for iraq he'll go overland to syria from there he wants to leave when the month is he afraid of being caught or even killed. he must tell you there's a saying that death comes no matter what might be afraid death comes to get you here too just more slowly. abdurrahman imagined life would be different in germany but like many syrians no matter what the circumstances the pull of home is just too great. in
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jordan working women are still fairly rare but that could soon change more and more women are interested in a career with the police and the government openly supports the idea. she's in charge on the streets. has been a police officer and a man for thirteen years every day she has to make sure traffic flows smoothly on the roads of the jordanian capital it's not easy and it's not the only challenge kind of kludge and it will work at first social acceptance was low especially older men were surprised by being pulled over by a young woman or even getting a ticket from one but now things are going better. than just putting on the two hundred. women like. come to the princess training institute for policewoman and to become law enforcement officer as the training
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last six months there's also a theoretical part for example in traffic law or domestic security the trainees come from all over the country if they're from conservative families it can take some getting used to. come on us all but it was hard for me to be away from my family for two weeks for the first time in my whole life. it was really too long for me to. start on aloud to reveal how many policewomen are being trained here but there's great demand. the applicant must possess jordanian citizenship she may not be younger than eighteen or older than twenty seven during the application period she must be single she may not be shorter than one meter sixty five centimeters and her weight must be in proportion to her height song to mr what i said my wasn't seven percent of police officers in
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jordan a female which could grow to fifty percent in the future an ambitious goal. of . china's government has abolished its one child policy but everybody still requires an official permit one courageous young chinese woman is taking the unusual step of speaking out against this practice and demanding greater freedom for citizens private lives for all and hanging out the chinese character for double happiness is an ironic gesture it is usually reserved for newlyweds but single and she doesn't want to be a wife but she does want to be a mother. so has it is interesting to her what you hope. of wanted to have a baby my whole adult life. i want to be
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a mother and as a woman i want to experience getting pregnant and giving birth to me. alan has petitioned delegates of the national people's congress china's parliament asking that single women given access to sperm banks but who in china where family planning or for it is can still find a married mothers for unsanctioned babies she's realistic about her chances of immediate success if you were only seen you know him often through getting access to artificial reproduction technology as an unmarried woman is certainly going to be very difficult but i think sometime in the very very distant future it will be possible all an author you name has talked about her unit for motherhood on social media her posts have sparked a lively debate in a society where traditional family values do rule in
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a park in beijing parents gather on sundays to lay out their children's resumes for prospective partners and unmarried child can stigmatize the whole family women in particular are under huge pressure to marry by their late twenty's and. then you put addition marriage in china is an arrangement between families everything that happens in that marriage becomes the business of the couple's parents and extended family but i want to relationship where two people decide for themselves how to live and whether they want children and. i don't know as those aspirations would make it easy to find a partner so she's now looking for a sperm donor online currently she holds down three different jobs in the creative industry she belongs to china's me generation those born after one thousand nine hundred and often considered more individualistic and demanding. says she would love to find a father who would take care of the child without the expectations of
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a traditional family but if that doesn't work out she's willing to go it alone. millions of young africans dream of playing professional soccer in europe someday alongside fernando and messi. we sat in on a talent scouting course in nigeria that was held by the by in munich football club . for fourteen year old jabril the next few days could be life changing he's one of eighty boys hoping to catch the eye of one of the world's biggest football clubs they're competing for selection in the buying to use world cup the ten best play as we travel to germany to take part many of the players are from low income families and get in scouted by the german team could mean a change of fortune for the anti our family into that night in so many like for the
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from my background have you had to start leaving you with tonight's game through the whole community building that for me. is an injury is a big occasion and i'm looking forward to. the mound he had tried to impress his former by a legend klaus. now the club's top talent scouts because america it's a big opportunity for byron munich to find the best players and big talents here in nigeria maybe this time we'll find the next messi or cristiana ronaldo it's very difficult because we have our own academy with very good players but in case we find a very good player his level must be much higher than that of our kids because of the difficult legal procedures involved in bringing them over after the training to brill is randomly selected to receive a surprise visit from coach. it's a chance for the coach to see what life is like for some of his voice he tells the
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coach he has to work every day after school before going to the peach to train. before heading to bill's house the group makes a quick stop at his place of work here he's paid less than a year old to load up a truck with sand. a tedious job that sometimes takes a toll on his body. and. you know i mean if you guys are just have to. have a better look into just where the main event was. at the house to bill is proud to show his special guests his medals his dream of playing fun international team could become a reality sooner that he expected tom i'm looking forward to that but what you just said right in the game for i'll be very healthy you know nobody happy until my life . brings you and your camp and. for the first time it is going to be.
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it's the day everyone has been waiting for. f.c. by and fans our supporters have gathered to watch for national youth cup finals and it's time to announce the ten best play as that would be representing nigeria at the world cup in germany i just saw. unfortunately bad news for jabril to bill would not be traveling to germany this time but the memory of having one of his football icons in his house who stay with him for a long time. the
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