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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2019 5:02am-5:30am CET

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well you. know why are you not in the kitchen what are you doing here women are supposed to bring in jane walks out rain just like to see exactly. think women amount of plays on the pitch thinkable the fantastic female players who have graced the game existences i believe that it will happen sometimes that everything is equal between the rule what more do women have to do to get respect why does the in all group winner of the women's ban on dogs have to put up with this kind of idiocy of which said. no to the fact that this edition is all about women the individuals who play the game. to ensure fair play on the pitch. my name is going to
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understand all the women who've captured iconic and infamous moments on camera. what it's like to all steam i just wanted to get up and have a good cry cause i'm going to kick off life celebrates international women's day and we begin without raising reports a day now bustle i do not. have to leave boston the players for. the move but for police premier league easy the offer league record from the all time record from her family. would live over. there come on going to sleep out what's going on here close to. ten years on fire. that. story and we are. starting to think banfield. no sorry.
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tottenham fans everywhere. we are in the beautiful city of doors and. you just go through our you know it's got a. fashion charm to it and i had last sixteen second leg it came in being a clash between dortmund and tottenham now all last year it gave us a miracle you know draw a lot of arsenal and kind of happen again next year. to the first leg of the champions xander sixteen are over and you know what we've got to say right now as it stands the england versus germany rivalry things are looking better for england right now man city played shall carry guns and fish an unbeaten three two at this and close the racial mar decision firing once the liverpool in part the bus think you know there's no time ok for that and dortmund. looking ok in the first part
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they got thrashed you know at wembley so they have a pretty big mountain ahead of them tonight but you know what this might all be part of the bigger picture i mean if you look at the world call it was a disaster but england looked pretty good also all the money's in the prem really great now and if you go to the new games in england you find all the germans got there because the talent is in england we've just got to ask the question is england and generally just leaving germany in the bundesliga and just you know what world order and let's go ask the family. what do things better i'm really going to mislead. you know. really really what do you think is better in this league or the time really to live. with a real say. as if you don't have. ok so
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good to see that premier league oh yeah which is that it was an early yet it was a small compared to a bit when this league is the only good part one team or two maybe the premier league is a little more there's actually more competitive tennis i think there's a. you know you favor teams in the bundesliga and outside of the there isn't a lot of your experience fan yeah i'll just come and listen to what i've got a site can really do when you think of the pundits league or how many teams are there really to choose exactly so our premier league easy the harder league. in this league got two free teams are really england or germany not that i'll tell you off of the guy because. i think that's a premier league autumn with this nigga and that in mind to. really make. it like with some of the yes on the don't want to make
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a fanbase yeah the fan base is for the status as a base or you at least they have something good going on in germany with the youth of a. german challenge my brother a higher level of the of the british i think you. are right sir waiting for the bond we're going to get on our way to the stadium see what's going on there usually the fans got the edge of the game before the big. we are on i weigh to the stadium there it is look at their beautiful now one player still has said that the group think it is actually not the worst in the premier league this is the prime really is more hyped up so more people see it more if you watch it for working follow it with the talent is just the same as in the bundesliga now ballack a german legend on the other hand he didn't. if really good things you can see and
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noticeable difference in the quality between the and the family and the premier league is way better and has been for a while. what about the fans but they've been told. this is the best. yeah yeah yeah yeah fun fact bastian swine starved when he was asked what he was most afraid of so darwin's players the coaches the media whatever his answer was he's the most scared the suit tribune the yellow wall so harry kane i feel and i like. german fans or english fans better well why why did you. say not that it didn't matter. so in june the fans the losing out really still can
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compete but what about on the pitch is dortmund capable of making miracle so not in tipping the scales in the bundesliga favor like. what. was. the second word they. were told that it was. not yet. just competing with the. still not enough yet have i and still now like the.
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second i. think. i thought. i was a zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero . zero zero one shirt and board and the fact that i think this is like i mean this country has. given me the mic so now you don't just stand in front of. all really. operate glamorous and hot. hands and things. like. leaving london for
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life listen. to it a bit differently just like oh auntie you showed your soul to the old one how do you shall be all you know and specially for us all day for us all there he was a little slow but of a first show last and i think the problem so with and he didn't consider gold was also good luck to you we're one of the first to buy the war that he made a great favor i think on this a football you know you. always expect. the best good the best service or is all dogmas the best ways you know results have a life of course say they did better than last night were shopping we might have made good. on their feet to get off them and yet we fall down and so i will stay and see that we just have to go through. but as far as i see you it's
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true comparable to the biggest difference was maybe like. the footage that they played more like i told. you that tottenham was better you never know the german chancellor this german. must hold up then when the point is to get rid of the players. was it was. offered to made us all feel welcome to the world but it will be with a bad seed that. might have been better but the fans in germany are a little bit but i'll bet that i think that once the best student of the words we can know the riddle of the fence that was put. on the case at the end of the day the premier league and english but at this moment
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is probably just a little bit better than german football but you gotta remember that no bands like the german fans and no better place to experience the full bottoms here in germany . ok guys that's enough here for me and in the meantime you know the drill be sure the following if we grant you that much of an answer and answer courtesy of course i'm not going on it was he was. leading around the world fight against discrimination and harassment which was a race they are doing it's incredible. who are you why are you not in the kitchen what are you doing here women are not supposed to be doing this i switched it to a. bizarrely some people still have a problem with women and foot pole. it is in two thousand and eighteen and did he
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go back when the very first bedroom door fed me now but an otherwise unforgettable evening was overshadowed by a truly shameful in a moment. not. could you imagine the world's best male player being asked if they could do a sexy dance last season he got back scored more goals than right now. sexism remains an issue in the women's game one of the biggest problems is women simply not being taken seriously if you are the very youngest what are you doing here women are sort of not supposed to be doing this so you get that from disparate people you go to from the me you go to from the porch if it's almost like a normal thing back or. photograph it was about eighteen years old sitting inside the court because they wanted to take pictures said to me who are you know why are you not in the kitchen. and sometimes that harassment turns into sexual abuse and
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the afghanistan national signs have spoken out about. two state representatives were drunk and went to one of. their products how can things change coaches and referees from twenty five countries met in berlin to just cause the problems. of sexual abuse in central iraq something does occur worldwide and i think there's a certain area which has been often overlooked. in the past so we've had in society a very big discussion around me to hash out and i think as this government doesn't reveal rivaling for point there instinctual it has control over the world think we can still hear anything you think sucker as a tool to empower women so they can say i have a voice i can. i have to work i must be there i believe that it will happen.
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everything is in between and it will be special in the fall. we're going to. the beautiful game has the power to change things a beacon of hope and a lost battle and dawe award sent talents and aims to stick not just a fun costly there is one general existence goal. it's a big step forward so how does it work and that's why you need to take a moment to really cherish it and showed importance of pushing young girls to pursue their dreams because everyone contributes to. the pianist and host is also breaking down barry is twenty seventeen she made history in germany by becoming the first female to officiate a top level men's match. my name is. police officer.
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she's the first woman to referee a game in the bundesliga for any top european men speak. she's not too keen on the line knights however especially not on account of gender but she is in the limelight because she's a woman a female referee a trailblazer to be honest i'm house on wonder woman great grow more will definitely a prior new. rules being your call and being a referee is very sad. and responsibility also performing for all the female wrestlers that around the world. was the german born this new guy is definitely one of the worldwide small screw spread. all over and so having a female. here is really
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a big foot in general for female fish roads that speak of it so much focus on feeling strong enough. to play such a. choice to mislead. the main challenge in refereeing is to control twenty two totally different players totally different character i was. on a certain number of square meters with a lot of spectators in the stadium at home under my close call. as a referee she wants ice to be on the match not on her general i don't like headlines about referees because that means that you have you have been in the focus of the game and this is definitely where you don't want to be so headlines and read all are not the best for referees.
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i actually liked the headline from my second game my second one is me again much more the course there was just no headline at all that's a step forward. she's taken charge of games at the highest levels of the women's game from the world cup to the champions league final she's a two time world referee of the year off great fishing eighteen games in germany second division she talked to didn't tunnel evaluation list but the full rash see what actually promoted to the top flight will man so women held to the highest standards. they are definitely not allowed to perform unless i would say that i don't really like the gender topic in football refereeing but even if it's not a topic for me i can feel that it's a topic for people or. i mean the performance is what matters and the best
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person doing the best performance should be on the pitch no matter what sex no matter what hair color no matter what religion. that's all what counts. even if jen did just not count let's talk about female role models. and. wonder woman. great role model definitely a pioneer with a lot of strings and power and passion and she is she's taking care of the society and she has values and is defending them out. of the queen. also very respectful way to treat people you're responsible for.
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yeah actually she has a great responsibility for our country and for all these people who are living and always coming free i think she is a really great role model of how to communicate with people how to treat with respect. communication respects and responsibility. and by attitude i would not much have. been your call and being a referee it's very same you know you always have to deal with. two different sides. like a matter in between so these two different sides of the metal house to be guided by somebody neutral from the outside and this is what you do as a police officer and also as a or. free at the end of the day the police officer or the referee is the one who
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takes to the solution and late at this point people will understand that there is somebody in charge. when people see me as a pioneer it's. and feel for me like both ways so on on one hand it's a grade on earth to be a role model but on the other hand it's a lot of pressure as well because people expect you to be on your best every single day every single match you do it's a lot of pressure that people are looking at you in a different way because you're not only performing for yourself you're also performing for all the female referees around the world who would like to make the saints step in their own and. i would give advice to anybody out
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there no matter what age no matter what sex try to work as a referee like enjoy this spirit to be out there that's a lovely sport it's a great challenge go out there grapple with for enjoy working. in the round of shows with a woman in the photograph to mysterious moment in football history much you know hey money. that is the washing. when germany played the number months in nine hundred ninety eight emotions boiled. and this photographer caught it all. off for a lot. and i was the scene is of a. i got floods in one of the places floaty also hold undone.
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and could even be hidden in mumbai. i just didn't heiling wasn't the question of the principle not that must. must put nonsense beneath the school didn't have to. be tense inside and six students often book like this without a bite of innocent lives mutates to board fifty one shots of aviv on. each his own . when he said i'm one of them come to understand me not to it happened also kendall and fertile an author who is fertile in wachusett month and so i'm couldn't find one independent of the nunc. that's one of these two who talk out.
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loud as an office in the bush and getting home and can. feel it in english talent by the end of a street off on the spot come on you see this one spoiled at times to. lunch with his folks who started this whole thing with. money and it's not a hot and. humid hot spot to shell out on the dance atmosphere hoods. in the air the thought that. they have to go knocked out fishing in by disputes if its president is on. s.s. indefinitely stuff such as we'll see when a quick check on mr or debbie and i get up on top of that and be that rush of investment to see. if i do the stomach i think does get hyped it would use a lot. i mean that little left out is the basement position people snore. is going
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to get in on. the fight and thought his father was first but submitted to the littlest one he said on this so we're allowed. to command for the cough and how much i'd like to see him for life if we ask yourself that i didn't decide to move in with you up to look at that if they all. travel with just the fleeing cop does have to in the mood in the hospital that's as i mean as someone has of ashok's tends to. let. look up. i think look up. someone. does want to. do can't you. just. buy the metal or the cotton the.
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one at least i learned the truth. squad so i'm school one. for the new machine. understand life and come back at memphis made up something left of that a commercial building. a little spotty from shoot up into speech again you can. either hit the months under the guns. nor does is unforgivable all. i was going to win what i mean to some to be told the one winter's that i was innocent these folks must listen.
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burlington is a place for party girls. truly is a paradise for shopping queens. carolyn is a magnet for working women in. berlin is shaped by powerful women in. berlin is female. next d.w. . their work on the camera.
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their mission. the world's. knowledge talents presents find cauliflower voices and then visionary battle for a better future. me accompany them from the first sketch all the way to the big screen. in thirty minutes on. most of the futurists. do it yourself network. the new girl next to channel. and don't miss out. be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children. nothing is just that the children who have already been
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the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunity global news that matters d. w. made some minds. march eighth march international women's day and for the first time in twenty nine teams it's a holiday in the state of berlin so today i want to see what the german capital has on offer.


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