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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CET

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and so watch the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters w. laid for mines. this is d.w. news live from berlin many people in a feared dead in the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet one hundred fifty seven people were on board the plane as it disappeared from the radar just six minutes after taking off from nairobi the search and rescue operations are underway. the next confrontation in venezuela is
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a power struggle is on its way opposition leader juan waldo calls for a nationwide march on the capital that's as crippling power outages in the country dragged on with reports of patients dying in hospitals without electricity also coming out. concerns grow that north korea could be preparing to launch a new missile all space rocket images from a felicity facility show on mutual activity. and tibetans around the world commemorate sixty years since a failed uprising against chinese rule forced their spiritual leader into exile. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program we begin with some breaking news just in and ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven max traveling from out is ababa to nairobi has crashed. we've casualties reported one hundred forty nine passengers
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and crew members were on board the flight the plane lost contact just minutes after taking off search and rescue operations are in progress ethiopian prime minister tweeted news of the incident sending condolences to the families of the passengers caroline in laos our correspondent for german public television joins me now from nairobi where the flight has was headed caroline what else can you tell us at this early stage. yeah of course we don't know that much yet it's as you said a quite early stage what we know is that the plane crashed in the vicinity of the shaft two which is a town sixty two kilometers south east of there are as you said hundred fifty seven people on board hundred forty nine passengers and a crew members and what we also know is that seems to be
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a brand new plane from the. craft b. three and seven three seven story eight hundred mics and we also heard that. pretty senior simulator playing in a new crash like four months ago where the plane was bound for nairobi as we've been science where you are have there been any reaction so far. no not yet you were referring to the condolences from the prime minister of ethiopia we don't know yet what nationality. what the passion the passengers nationality is and we don't have that much further information i guess in the meantime. do i get the list of the passengers will be checked what kind of pictures were bought carolyn in nairobi many thanks. on the algerian government plane that took president abdelaziz bouteflika to
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a hospital in switzerland for medical treatment has landed in geneva touched down in geneva is quanto airport on sunday eighty two year olds being in the hospital for the past two weeks his condition has now been public has not been publicly disclosed but a flake is expecting to return to algeria amid massive ongoing protests against his intention to run for a fifth term. the protests have started peacefully thousands marched analogy is against president putin has decision to extend his twenty year reign by running for a fifth term. but as the day wore on tempers frayed police and protesters clashed leading to injuries on both sides medical sources say at least one hundred demonstrators had to be treated the government says over one hundred police officers were hurt some seriously state television reported that nearly two hundred people were arrested for offenses such as looting the national museum and
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a nearby school were vandalized. those who were with families left and then another group came they came in and climbed up to the roof they could have killed us if the police had intervened or tiling burned the offices they vandalized the ruins they burned the school they didn't spare anything. that was similar but with most demonstrators marching out of concern for their country the protest also provided a business opportunity for some vendors capsulized on the crowd patriotism doing a prisk trade selling algerian flags. turning now to venezuela where the opposition leader one has called for a nationwide march on the capital caracas it's the latest round in his power struggle with socialist president nicolas maduro who claimed on saturday that attempts to overthrow his government. had been defeated and as well has been crippled by nationwide power outages with one ngo reporting that fifteen patients
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have died in hospitals because they couldn't access dialysis three. with one of venezuela's worst ever power outages entering a fourth day tensions have been running high and tempers flaring. now that a riot is about to kick off because of the blackout not because i'm a dura not because of anything else we want to electricity we want to let tricity that's all just electricity for many venezuelans the ongoing power struggle between president maduro and the man who wants to oust him has taken a back seat to more pressing concerns. but come march with me but don't turn the electricity off on people our people are dying. most power had been restored since thursday a beleaguered nicolas maduro told supporters at a rally but another cyber attack directed from abroad had stopped progress on
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saturday he said. when there are talks like this the country's opposition the extreme right wing are without any doubt behind it. using high level technology that only the united states government has. zero. five opposition leader one why don't was ramping up the political pressure at a rival rally announcing a nationwide tour he called on venezuelans to converge on the capital in protest atman duros government. we will announce the organizing dates in each state and what we will all together all together come to caracas. the challenger announcing the next round of a power struggle in which neither side is backing down. well in a data video correspondent also questioning kerry in caracas gave us his
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perspective on the possible cause of the outage well there are reports from the electrical company that a fire broke out and one of the lines of the coulee hydroelectric plant and that mad towards domino were better to some if in fact it was a u.s. based seven the government has said than they have been planning it for years because in two thousand and ten who go java's gave out their only as of dollars in concessions to build burma lector plant and none of those are operational today most of the grid is plugged into forty so if that failed seventy percent of the country is blacked out and this has happened before not a cry of all the second largest city has been weeks without electricity in the past year and outages like this one have been happening all over the country for years but never of the magnitude we've seen in the last few days where the whole country was wiped out not to some other stories from around the world. full of pain
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people have been killed in a plane crash in central columbia a local man and his family were among the victims emergency service and suggestion suggested engine failure could have caused the propeller plane to crash. in syria the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have caused military operations against a so-called islamic state in babu's to allow more citizens to be evacuated more than sixty thousand people have been displaced by fighting there as syrian regime forces prepared to retake the jihadists final on play. the japanese coast guard says at least eighty seven people were injured when a ferry collided with a marine animal thought to be a whale the ferry operator said the vessel was about was able to continue on with to its destination although a fifteen centimeter gash was found in the state. and fears arising that north korea may be preparing to launch a new missile or space rocket satellite images taken in late february suggest
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a new activity at the sun i'm gong facility near the capital pyongyang the photos show what appears to be construction taking place just days before korean leader kim jong un summit with u.s. president donald trump in vietnam which ended without agreement d.w. correspondent bastien hostage joins me now from taipei last year what do we know about what's going on at the facility. who are about to we're actually looking at two different sites here one is the sunroom dong site missile factory that you just mentioned which is just north of here young and that's where north korea is known to have built missiles in the past and these images seem to indicate that there has been some activity there there were trucks there were cars there were cranes there was a train and but more recent images seem to show that bad activity has died down somewhat in the past few days and that that train might have left that site potentially on
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the way on its way to somewhere else maybe taking the things that might have been loaded onto it somewhere else in that somewhere else could be this other site which is so hey which is a missile and rocket launch site on the northwestern coast close to china and that's a site that north korea started dismantling after the first summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore last year and now it seems like they're putting that back together and potentially getting it ready for another launch now we have to be careful because this is all speculative to a certain degree but if that were true we still don't know what kind of launch they would be preparing it for would it be a missile launch or would it be the launch of a rocket potentially carrying a civilian satellite for example into space but i think it's worth noting that either one of these activities would be perceived as a provocation by the united states and as a violation of the spirit of the talks between president trump and kim jong il rebecca. best in hotdish speaking to us
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a little earlier on and staying in north korea millions have turned out to elect the country's rubberstamp parliament though it is was presented with one pre-approved candidate per seat they can cross out the name but that's officially on hurdles leader kim jong un const his ballot in the capital pyongyang participations mandatory and it's expected that the ruling korean workers party will be a new nanny mislaying election day celebrated with music and. today marks sixty years since the spiritual leader of tibet the dalai lama fled his homeland amid a mid of failed uprising against chinese rule he's been living in exile in india ever since so many tibetans today's anniversary is a bitter occasion standing in the rain in delhi this group of activists chant free tibet and sing traditional songs and good as chants the gathering was also to commemorate the many thousands of tibetans killed during a failed revolt in nine hundred fifty nine. well after that uprising an estimated
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one hundred thousand tibetans fled the fighting as refugees here's a look at tibet today and into the cave vents leading up to this sixtieth anniversary. it's known as the roof of the world nestled high in the himalayas today tibet is governed as an autonomous region of china but it's in a ton of me in name only the chinese state controls almost every area of life religious observance in the traditionally buddhist territory has been reduced to an absolute minimum. it was nine hundred fifty when china asserted its rule over tibet in the years that followed resentment to beijing grew tibet's then head of state to the dalai lama sought to negotiate with chairman mao zedong but march nine hundred fifty nine saw a full scale uprising in tibet thousands are said to have died during the suppression of the revolt the dalai lama was forced to flee. crossing the himalayas
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on foot eventually arriving in dharamsala india he set up a government in exile where he has remained ever since for years he has pushed for greater autonomy for tibet all these today the aging still views him as an enemy a separatist red. china says it has liberated to bed and points to modern progress and greater prosperity but sixty years after the dalai lama was forced into exile many tibetans still view him as their rightful leader for then this anniversary is a day of mourning. we're turning now to the breaking news we're following for you this hour casualties are being reported in the crash of an ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven max traveling from adults i'm about to nairobi one hundred forty nine passengers and a crew members were on board the plane it's the second deadly crash of boeing's latest airliner in five months. news update for this hour
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up next it's the bundesliga with chris harrington by and relentless pursuit of late is dortmund continued with a go fest as holtzberg came to town could they retake the lead that and much more coming up on the bundesliga. and will of course have more news headlines for you at the top of the next hour i'm rebecca ribbons in berlin thank you for may and the whole thing. i'm secure in the fire. and in the end this and you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions and. what's your story.
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on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence in.


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