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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2019 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from burlington v.t. european t.v. says there are no survivors in the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet one hundred fifty seven people were on board the plane as it disappeared from radar just six minutes after taking off for nairobi a boeing plane was just four months old. also coming up the next turn from taishan in venezuela's power struggle is on its way opposition leader on why doak calls for a nationwide march on the capital that's as crippling power outages in the country
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drag on me reports. that patients are dying in hospital without out electricity. and tibetans around the world commemorate sixty years since a failed uprising against chinese rule forced their spiritual leader into exile. plus in the bundesliga dortmund lose their lay blame despite being stood god fine and now in top spot on goal difference thanks to their six nil with painful stuff. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program a.t.o. p an airline say all one hundred fifty seven people on board have been killed in the crash of a boeing seven three seven max jet airliner lost contact with air traffic control minutes after taking off from address tonight. the plane was the newest version of
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the seven three seven and was just four months old if the opie and prime minister abbe ahmed tweeted news of the incident sending condolences to the families of the passages the tracking website flight radar twenty four says the plane had an unstable vertical spade in kenya as a transport secretary earlier gave a press conference on the crash let's take a listen to what he had to say. we don't have much in food information regarding this very regrettable. incident which happened. to this morning. you may be aware that there is a dent who placed a thirty foot eight thirty eight when their flight took off from bali international airport and six minutes later. it got lost in terms of the docks surveillance. on all parts is can you afford it
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is to be with you for more information to come from. a book. but in the meantime we have initiated the airports. you might consider sponsors to basically take care of all the actives and friends. who may be affected in the who. want to receive the passage us upon arrival tonight will be. the populace of this interest is to provide. developed of so we call me doesn't greet us. with information. as much as we have. at the same time to provide them with an element of privacy. because until we know what has happened. of course they'll be able to run. well correspondent double joins us
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now from nairobi where that flight was hit what's the latest on the crash what more can you tell us her rebecca we know that all morning there was such an rescue operations underway near the crash site around the tunnel to which is about sixty kilometers south east of the capital we now know that there are no survivors among the passengers from thirty three different countries including chinese kenyans and ethiopians there is so much we still do not know we know that the plane crashed only six minutes after it had taken off but there are no details yet as to what could of course that crash of course as we soon as soon as we have more information we'll keep you updated and give us a little bit of background on the plane that went down the boeing seven thirty seven makes eight can carry up to two hundred ten passengers and it was just
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purchased by the airline last year it had already been delivered mid to november it is a brand new ackroyd off there are only three hundred of that banville planes that have been delivered well why it so far but is already the second time that one of them crashed last here in indonesia a boeing seven thirty seven max eight crashed as well speaking of the airline itself if you've been allies as one of the biggest carrier as in africa and it's widely considered to be one of the safest and best managed adeline's in the region that is despite the fact that in two thousand and ten one of their planes did crush that was in the mediterranean sea just after having left beirut in back then ninety people die and. people have been gathering at nairobi it was we just heard and as we said it was the flight just a nation tell us a bit more about the reaction there. well messages are just starting to pour in that is because a lot of people are only finding out just now about the tragic incident we have
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people that can out to our port gathering there many of them to support friends and family but we've of course also have people all across the country reaching out one of them for example was the president or who are can now to himself he tweeted out my prayers go to all the families and associates of those on board its european allies of course also extend their condolences they have tweeted out a message with imaginative contacts and as we have just heard in the press conference imagines the scent is also established at this very moment here. in nairobi many things. turning now to venezuela and the opposition leader one who has called for a nationwide march on the capital caracas it's the latest round in his power struggle with socialist president nicolas maduro who claimed on saturday that attempts to overthrow his government had been defeated venezuela's been crippled by
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nationwide power outages with one n.g.o.s reporting that fifteen patients had died in hospitals because the blackout meant they couldn't get dialysis. with one of venezuela's worst ever power outages entering a fourth day tensions have been running high and tempers fraying. now that the riot is about to kick off because of the blackout not because of madeira not because of anything else we want to electricity we want to let tricity that's only just electricity for many venezuelans the ongoing power struggle between president maduro and the man who wants to oust him has taken a back seat to more pressing concerns. but come march with me but don't turn the electricity off on people our people are dying. most power had been restored since thursday a beleaguered nicolas maduro told supporters at a rally but another cyber attack directed from abroad had stopped progress on
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saturday he said. when there are talks like this the country's opposition the extreme right wing are without any doubt behind it. using high level technology that only the united states government has. zero. five opposition leader one why don't was wrapping up the political pressure at a rival rally announcing a nationwide tour he called on venezuelans to converge on the capital in protest at the duros government so we will. announce the organizing dates in each state. when we will all together all together come to caracas. the challenger announcing the next round of a power struggle in which neither side is backing down. correspondent
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also in caracas gave us his perspective on a possible cause of the outage well there are reports from the electrical company that a fire broke out and one of the lines of the more you hydroelectric plant and that might have to work domino or for that effect the people to come if in fact at one of us they have a power the government has fed them they have been planning it for years because and shipped out over time to go jobbers period out there we have of dollars in concessions to build burma will lead to plant and none of those are operational today most are put grid plugged into what are you so exactly over seventy percent of the country blacked out and this has happened before dr wachter such a marxist city has been weeks without electricity in the past year and outages like this one have been happening all over the country for years but never of the magnitude we've seen in the last few days where the whole country was wiped out
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today marks sixty years since the spiritual leader of tibet the dalai lama fled his homeland amid a failed uprising against chinese rule he's been living in exile in india ever since for many tibetans today's anniversary is a bitter occasion standing in the rain in delhi this group of activists chant free tibet and sing traditional songs and buddhist chants the gathering was also to commemorate the many thousands of tibetans killed during the sale revolt in one nine hundred fifty nine. after that uprising an estimated one hundred thousand tibetans fled the fighting as refugees here's a look at tibet today and into the key events leading up to the sixtieth anniversary. it's known as the roof of the world nestled high in the himalayas today tibet is governed as an autonomous region of china but it's an autonomous in name only the chinese state controls almost every area of life religious observance in the traditionally buddhist territory has been reduced to an
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absolute minimum. it was nine hundred fifty when china asserted its rule over tibet in the years that followed resentment to raging grew tibet's then head of state the dalai lama sought to negotiate with chairman mao zedong but march nine hundred fifty nine saw a full scale uprising in tibet thousands are said to have died during the suppression of the revolt the dalai lama was forced to flee. crossing the himalayas on foot eventually arriving in dharamsala india he set up a government in exile where he has remained ever since for years he has pushed for greater autonomy for tibet all these today beijing still views him as an enemy a separatist threat. china says it has liberated to bed and points to modern progress and greater prosperity but sixty years after the dalai lama was forced into exile many tibetans still view him as their rightful leader for then this
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anniversary is a day of mourning. dortmund have been leading the league since september but have lately fallen flat and are being hotly pursued by by in munich by and have now taken over the lay the lead on goal difference to their win over walls still dortmund have the league's best offense and should have been confident of beating gartside it's conceded over fifty goals this season. on a filthy afternoon at signal a do not park the home fans brace themselves for another uncomfortable ninety minutes as dogman look to keep their stuttering title bit on track. hoping to rain on their parade push to gut also in desperate need of a victory to pull themselves from the relegation mire after a goal is first half the game sparked into life in sixty two minutes and son she was dancing feet were too quick for gonzalo castro. the ref said penalty and marco
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voice slashed home one mil to the hosts. but just eight minutes later she got we're back on terms was much all of a can flit like a summon to crush a header and it looked like another tale of wool for the hosts. hope for beleaguered stuttgart coach mark is fine. but it didn't last long with six minutes left tackle cassar squeezed the whole spark in front after a classical mad scramble. and christian to elicit put the drenched dortmunder was in party mood with a last minute strike to seal the three points. and captain mark arroyo seemed more relieved than delighted defensive defensively we went to sleep at times we have to say that clearly about the set piece today but that's part of the game the important thing is the reaction of the team afterwards
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we kept going forward and we finally scored three times all of the weather also made it a bit difficult but i think up a formants was fine but it's not the level we were at all where we want to be this season or move on with enough annoying. no voice and co need to keep their focus the spite the when dortmund slipped from top spot for the first time since much the six. and as we just have before buying munich succeeded in taking the late their legs late from. meant when i mangled volves back in a goalscoring bonanza red home let's take a quick look at the champions quickly took control in this nice attack down the right wing resulted in vines first goal courtesy of youngsters in every one nil for behind in the forty thirty fourth minute sorry and it didn't stop there gnabry who extended his contract on choose day then set up polish international robot eleven dusky with attack in three minutes later. eleven dusky would score
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a game to become the league's all time top scoring foreign player with one hundred ninety seven goals finals goal six nil for byan as shown news headlines this hour coming up next a documentary about libya rape as a as a weapon of war my name's rebecca riches. thank you this is a valid thanks for joining us. the floods have taken everything they own now despair is please god. climate refugees. they seek shelter. but. the water's rising.


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