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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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made for mines. this is deja news live from berlin no survivors in the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet authorities to comb the site near out of a bay boat where the plane went down shortly after taking off for nairobi one hundred fifty seven people were on board the seven thirty seven max it's the second crash in months six months involving boeing's latest airliner. and two german journalists are forced to leave turkey after officials there refused to renew their accreditation german public broadcasters that day and says turkey is trying to
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intimidate foreign correspondents. plus and going to sleep as soccer buyers now top the table on goal difference after their six nil win over votes for yourself dortmund knocked off top spot for the first time since september. thanks for joining us ethiopian airlines says all one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew have been killed in the crash of a boeing seven thirty seven jet the airliner lost contact with air traffic control minutes after taking off from his of about to nairobi passengers from more than thirty countries were on board the largest group was from kenya ethiopia has declared monday a day of mourning. why it was fine flying weather but still the boeing
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seven three seven crashed tiny pieces of debris left behind the pilot sent out a distress signal and then just six minutes off to take off the plane hit the ground in nairobi kenya people gathered to wait for flight three zero to use a rival but it never landed. at first there was confusion. and complaints about the lack of information. everyone must be. giving was not his company but no one will think you're just going up and down until one of the buses just want to display leave the bus to be just a process. that is a baby atheist as the afternoon wore on a sickening realisation set in for passengers loved ones those who departed there this morning were never coming home today is a very sad and tragic day for all of us to get those.
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who are on board. investigators or at the crash site just outside the city. there trying to determine causes decay question how could a plane with over one hundred fifty passengers and crew go down on such a clear sunny day. and for how we of these is covering this for us in a baby and sent us this day. farmland near the town of. close to the site of the accident has been. and search teams are now scouring the area where there are lines six person from the boeing company are investigating the crash. at eight thirty eight local time and. just six minutes later of course the big question what happened within that time this disaster we do know is that.
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this plane only recently at the end of last year it was. only had one thousand two hundred flight hours on it in the past. had just arrived. this morning their flight was piloted by yet. he was a senior pilot who has been working for airlines since two thousand and ten so there are still a lot of open questions about this crash in terms. as we know there were one hundred thirty nine passengers and crew members all of whom lost their lives six and thirty five countries were on the flight the majority were states if you can yes and canadians. so for individuals holding you and passports were also on the passengers they were on their way to acting u.n. environment assembly taking place. this week so i'd be some of the has been in a very somber mood every scenes you saw of the accident this morning most of the
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requesting media have interrupted regular schedule and have been airing of condolences. and that was. in the capital. didn't use any and as he has more on the plane crash i mean what can you tell us about the reaction by the u.s. company boeing which is of course the manufacturer how they responded they released a statement today sending their condolences they said that they are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the passengers and the crew on ethiopian airlines flight three zero two seven thirty seven max eight airplane they extend their sympathies and they also announced later on in the day that they would be sending a crew of technicians to the cleanup site to help with the investigation of course investigators at this point want to find out what caused the crash and boeing could help determine if it was a problem with the plane what can you tell us about this plane and its specifics the seven thirty seven max there's a seven thirty seven max eight so there's
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a few different kinds seven through ten it's a very new generation plane just came out in two thousand seven hundred something that boeing is very proud of it is pushing it supposed to be more fuel efficient and more technologically advanced than the older generation of seven thirty seven's but it has been under intense scrutiny recently because this is the second time it is a been involved in a major plane crash in just six months and for such a new plane that's pretty shocking of course i'm referring to the flight the lion air flight because in the news that went down killing one hundred eighty nine passengers and what happened in this plane crash early investigation show that it was probably a malfunction of an automated software that interpreted the plane that the software believe the plane descending when it wasn't forced the nose down and the pilot was unable to pull back up and now there's no link between that crash and what happened today there's no evidence of those are associated but of course investigators are
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looking for but just to understand can you tell us how boeing addressed to the lion air crash boeing has claimed that the seven thirty seven max series is just as safe as any plane in the sky right now they said that if pilots follow the standard procedure the checklist. then they can compensate for any malfunction of the software but there was controversy because the software was announced the pilots pilots have since then been calling for trainings the boeing resisted that saying that they recommended no training for pilots because they said that the thirty seven thirty seven x. is so similar to the old generation that they shouldn't have to spend money on the retraining of course if there is a link between the initial crash and then this one this will become a very big story and are there or will there be a lot of these planes flying in the skies right now there's about three hundred fifty operated by airlines around the world actually southwest airlines in the u.s. is the biggest buyer you also have american airlines ryanair but three hundred
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fifty is not that much just represents about two percent of bones entire fleet but it represents eighty percent of those planes that boeing is actually making for airlines so it is becoming more popular this is kind of the future of boeing's mid-range flight and if this if there is a link between the software malfunction then they might have a problem to deal with passengers will be thinking of these these accidents ok thank you very much deb yes i mean as if that insight. to german journalist or other way back home to germany after the government of turkey refused to renew their press passes the journalists were not given any reason for the decision their media organizations intend to appeal it germany's foreign minister has also criticized the decision. from the berlin berlin daily target spiegel and your composite from the german public television say they see no legal grounds for their denial of press accreditation in turkey here's what they had to say just before leaving instead. before you think this means some uncertainty for other members of
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the press it appears the goal here is to influence reporting there has already been a chilling effect asserted on the turkish media there's hardly any critical reporting at least in the state media of it's now it appears the government would like to achieve the same with the international media but i cannot imagine they will succeed and that's the plan of it. needs to be said that our situation is a luxury in comparison to what our turkish colleagues are dealing with more than one hundred thirty turkish journalists are now sitting in prison for something they posted online or for an article they wrote while the two of us are able to get on a plane and leave things concerns us that the turkish government appears to want to extend pressure beyond national borders on this but let's take a look now at some of the other stories around the world tunisia's health minister has resigned over the sudden deaths of eleven newborn babies outrage has been
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growing since the babies died at the state maternity hospital on thursday and friday an investigation is underway but officials say the cause was likely a blood infection. say in north africa the algerian president abilities abilities beautifully has returned home to algiers after a two week stay in the swiss hospital the eighty two year old had been receiving medical treatment there for an undisclosed condition but asleep is returning as protests are growing in algeria over his intention to run for a fifth term. and in india's capital delhi crowds have gathered to mark sixty years since tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama fled his homeland amid a failed uprising against chinese rule has been living in exile in india ever since tens of thousands of tibetans were killed during the failed revolt and nine hundred fifty nine while an estimated one hundred thousand tibetans fled the country.
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but it's like a soccer now it was a tough week for three for byron munich players for three players pardon me they were told just this week that their services were no longer required on the german national team germany coach york even live surprisingly ended the international careers of world cup winners tang that's who moves and thomas all three took to the field for biron against wellsburg this weekend and showed they still have what it takes as they helped take over first place. by and. she expected a reaction from the jilted trio he started all three players for the first time since november went by and lost to white to dortmund. their opponents made it disciplined stock off the hof and now a yoshua can make found moolah to cross to say not free to make it one nil by the good movement and a perfect cross from showing fans exactly what the national team will be missing
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from now on. just a few minutes lights have by and doubled the late they won't screw the vosburgh back line with robert levy rounding off the moves. my it was the post one hundred ninety six bundesliga go putting him ahead of cloudy and pizarro as the league's all time top non german goal scorer . after half time the champions quickly put the result beyond doubt thomas rodrigo has had all the time in the world to find the corner from range. by a fine strike and have as his first goal since the last time by and played false book. speaking of the visitors their attack was missing in action and the defense dissipated too in the seventy six minute from korea barry sets out to make it four nailed by it was the one hundred tenth goal of the forwards bonus league career and the ideal way to put his midweek disappointment firmly behind him.
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by and still when cited rivera he provided another assist this time for you sure it can make he scored by and fifty minutes later and falls back had yet more pain coming their way read every was the provide a yet again with eleven dusky the beneficiary this time against his favorites opponents five the hitman has now scored twenty goals against the wolves and this one rounded off a six nil win for by and. that's their biggest victory on the couch he was unsurprisingly delighted with the response his players showed to being booted out of the national say. the three players put on a good performance and that tells you everything you need to know. whatever yogi love thinks miller and co showed then not ready to hand over to the next generation just yet. dortmund went into the match day on top and were determined to keep their league lead but it wasn't to be though they did prevail against id cards they were
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awarded a penalty one hundred sand show was brought down just inside the penalty area marco rose. made it count with a solid penalty shot one nil for dortmund should guard did later equalize but dortmund substitute christian pulis has made the difference with just over ten minutes left the american midfielder eluded to fit guard defenders to set up a packet. in the eighty fourth and pulis it himself sealed at the wind in injury time. let's take a look at this weekend's bonus league or results so far leverkusen beat hanover with a late goal often heim edged past nuremberg as we saw byron beat all spurred dortmund defeated stuttgart freiburg snuck past her to berlin scoreless draw between lives taken out spurred and glad beat mights on friday brennan down shall go on monday dusseldorf will face frankfurt and
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you there are no survivors in the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet that went down shortly after takeoff from the artist of the about one hundred fifty seven people on board the boeing seven thirty seven max is the second deadly crash of boeing's latest jetliner in just six months that's all for now thanks for watching us more news for you at the top of the hour . the floods have taken everything they know now despair is please god left climate refugees. to seek shelter because. you can hear the waters rising. the floods. stores look on g.w. when i come to the show with a dual ban today it will be right.


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