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you know. what if there is no escape. list. germany must reach. land. this is due to your news live from burma a surprise twist in the kim jong non murder case prosecutors withdraw charges against an indonesian woman accused of assassinating north korean leader kim jong un's house brother so where does this leave the investigation. also coming up the weather was clear the plane was new but something went wrong investigators search
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for answers in the crash of an ethiopian airlines flight that's killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board. venezuela's catastrophic blackout reports of a spike in looting and people dying in hospitals without electricity tempers are flaring just the country enters its fourth day of a power outage. plus a new offer of get gets provocative in more ways than one has updated thirty classic takes on europe for a few cheap prices but the director just opening that he was stuck in moscow and not by choice. i'm so much calmer thank you for joining us we start in malaysia where an indonesian woman held on suspicion of killing the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un has been freed after charges were dropped citi is shot was accused of poison. kim jong nam with
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a nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport two years ago but another suspect donte huang from vietnam is still on trial for the relief. even and smile city ayesha is finally a free woman often murder charges against her unexpectedly dropped. thing i feel so happy. i didn't expect it. today is my freedom day. it was. the engine the shim was one of two women held on suspicion of killing came jong nam this strange tough brother of the north korean leader kim jong un. c.c.t.v. footage from february twenty seven teen shows him a kuala lumpur international airport in malaysia at this point it's alleged the women smith the deadly nerve agent x.
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be on his face. here he's seen describing to security guards want to happened and to school to to the medical clinic at the airport. just minutes later he collapsed he died on the way to hospital. the city i sure has always denied murder claiming she and another woman were tricked into carrying the nerve agent by north korean spies part of a prank for a reality t.v. show we stew truly believe she's really a scapegoat and she's innocent. there was no better evidence that she ever played anything on you don't know the fact that the books that will follow did not have to be in the city i shall put for don t. one of the other person accused of kim jong un's assassination no such reprieve the vietnamese seen here on the left is sent to be traumatized that she has not also
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been freed. it's still unclear why city i sure has been released but having faced execution she can now enjoy getting her life back. but speak to our correspondent past and heartache he is in bangkok following the story for us hi boston so why has city is show been set free now after two years in prison tell us more about what's behind that position. well it seems so we want to be behind that decision is a letter by the indonesian government to the malaysian attorney general weighing in on city isis behalf saying that the sea thought she was part of a reality show she was playing a prank also citing the longstanding and good relations between the two countries and placing the blame squarely on north korea saying that the north korean intelligence services made city i say their tool and that's why they are asking the
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malaysian attorney general to reconsider which he apparently did because the charges were dropped she wasn't acquitted but she was released what that means. is that the trial could be taken up again if new evidence were to emerge for example but she is allowed to travel to indonesia so it seems to be that's it for her so we bussed in as we saw another descent and a woman from vietnam is still in custody why was she not. very good question and also a question that her lawyers are asking as well saying they are they're requesting that the charges against her be dropped as well because she was charged using the same evidence and they're saying that following the principle of equality the charges against her should should be dropped as well and it's not only them saying that it's also her father in vietnam has spoken out and he said he doesn't understand it either why was the indonesian suspect released he asked and not his
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daughter so those are questions that are better still up in the air and we'll have to see how the malaysian authorities are going to deal with this if they're going to drop the charges against her as well so far they haven't ok so one defendant released one still in custody where does all of this leave the investigation how we any closer to finding out what really happened. while the four prime suspects which seem to be for north koreans who left the country left malaysia immediately after the attack they're not likely to show up again so they they're out of reach of the malaysian authorities and one thing that can be said is that. this whole case has led to. a downturn in the deterioration of relations between north korea and malaysia and which were pretty good before the case there were hundreds of north korean workers in malaysia north koreans were allowed to travel visa free to north to malaysia now that's all
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a thing of the past reportedly the malaysian embassy in north korea hasn't been staffed since two thousand and seventeen but malaysia's prime minister moutier he recently said that he. ready to resolve the issues between north korea but that seems to indicate that they're not going to pursue this case any further so we're very unlikely to find who are the real perpetrators behind him joel noms murder of so many already past and heartache reporting for us from bangkok thank you very much. in ethiopia investigators are trying to determine what caused an ethiopian airlines flight to crash on sunday morning a boeing seven thirty seven max jet went down shortly after taking off from on its way to nairobi all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed in the united nations held a minute's silence at the start of the annual assembly of the u.n. environment program in nairobi many of the plane's passengers were heading to that event. on the flight last contact with air traffic control just six minutes after
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takeoff the crash has put global aviation authorities on alert. after daybreak red cross workers retrieved the personal items of those onboard the flight. while investigators look for the black boxes. a large crater marks the spot of impact ethiopian authorities are leading the search aided by the u.s. kenya and others. as the country marked a day of mourning the airline announced new safety precautions. as of. yesterday we have grounded all. morning the seven three seven eight marks fleet nicci turbulence created in which was involved in yesterday's accident. as
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a precaution safety measure. but this does not move that. incident was related to. these defects on this specific fleet other countries have also temporarily grounded their max eight fleet the same boeing model crashed just five months ago in indonesia the victims of sunday's accident include people from thirty five countries. in nairobi the united nations environment assembly held a minute's silence for their colleagues who died on the way to the conference. this tragedy has affected people across the world they are hoping the investigation will answer why their loved ones didn't make it home. our correspondent melanie cora deval is following the story for us in nairobi she has more details
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about the victims of yesterday's plane crash. details about the people from all over the world who were onboard if the plane which never arrived here in nairobi. according to kenya has the highest number of casualties but thirty two followed by canada with eighteen if european lost nine and italy the u.s. and china all had eight nationals on board the list of their names has been published and we're learning more about the people behind these numbers one of them for example was. he was born and raised in mumbai studied law in washington d.c. and was on his way to nairobi because the mother of his fiance had died and now the victim is the ethiopian aid worker domestic he wanted to save the children and was described by his colleagues as someone with tiredness the worked to protect vulnerable children in humanitarian crises there were also a lot of you and stuff is on board the plane they were heading to nairobi where the
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assembly where the u.n. environment program is taking place this week they would have come to discuss the future of our planet but of course these are just a few stories about the people who lost their lives in yesterday's tragic crash. melanie core of the bar reporting for us there. is the managing editor of aviation week and he joins us from frankfurt for more on the story how yes tell us more about this specific model this boeing seven thirty seven max what do we know about this plane. the seven for seven max was based on the old seven three seven which boeing has been producing since the nine hundred sixty s. it's been hugely successful one of the actually the most successful civil aircraft for the max is modernise as i said it has new engines some new software in there which just may be important in the court during the course of this investigation boeing has sold about five thousand of the aircraft three hundred fifty of them
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have already been delivered since nineteen actually to two thousand and seventeen so this is simply a new plane and it is the second time that this exact same aircraft type of aircraft has crashed we know if there was a link between these crashes well that's the that's the point that that's the big question here and the answer is we don't know yet the first question your question referring to was a lion air last october a seventy seven off the coast of jakarta there appears to be a link to new software that boeing introduced on the blacks in that particular crash which is supposed to help the pilots control the aircraft during climb among others. i have not seen any evidence. of the same system could have played a role. in the airlines crash so far but it's all just the it's early days
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these investigations can take months sometimes years to find out what happened and yet china and ethiopia already said they're going to ground all boeing max eight planes do you think we're going to see similar announcements from other countries or aviation companies. well we've seen both. both reactions i mean china has grown of the fleet if you look at the ground of the fleet others are continuing. the question is whether the u.s. carriers will continue flying the aircraft i believe they will go in has indicated there's nothing they know that would. force or would. encourage people to not fly the aircraft anymore. china's particular case the chinese government is extremely important as far as aviation safety is concerned so there is i wouldn't necessarily the use that as the blueprint for other countries to follow. the managing editor of aviation week thank you very much for your analysis
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thank you. let's catch up now and some other stories making headlines around the world in moscow thousands of people protested against a draft law that would place tight restrictions on the internet and russia lawmakers say the bill will prevent foreign interference but critics say it will increase censorship and isolate the country from the rest of the world. in syria the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have resumed military operations against the so-called islamic state in. the advance had paused to allow more civilians to be evacuated more than sixty thousand people have been displaced by fighting there as s.t.'s forces prepare to retake the jihad a spinal enclave in the country. in the u.s. state of arizona woman suffered serious cuts when she was attacked by a jaguar in a zoo witnesses said the cat reached the offense after the woman climbed over a barrier to take a selfie zoo officials say the jaguar will not be put down and that the woman
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violated clearly posted warnings. you're watching still to come an opera i have read with political intrigue opens a number but its director is nowhere to be seen we have that story just out. there . but first japan is remembering the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country's northeast on this day exactly eight years ago along the coast of japan still hopeful region people have been praying for those who died to went missing in the disaster in tokyo government officials and members of the imperial family attended a memorial service this tsunami killed more than eighteen thousand people and caused a nuclear meltdown at the fukushima daiichi power plant it was one of the worst nuclear accidents on record. now a sizable zone of the countryside near the power plant remains off limits to this day cleaning up the radioactive contamination will take decades despite that people
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are trying to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. the guests have arrived in fukushima they've come for an eco friendly home stay at local farms in the west of the prefecture. the tourist association rep tells the travellers that not only can they expect excellent treatment from their hosts they don't need to worry about radioactivity either. mr and mrs cooper gnocchi are over the moon about development they'll soon be looking after two young americans in their home. the right of light for their village after years of darkness not many people around here can live off agriculture anymore prices for vegetables from fukushima have hit rock bottom. even though these fields are one hundred forty kilometers away from the wrecked reactor and shielded from it by a mountain range. so far away but ever present nuclear power station operator tepco gave this german a.r.d. t.v.
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team exclusive access to the devastated power stations grounds tepco wants to show the world it's in control but the reactor containers are still full of melted nuclear fuel rods together eight hundred tons of extremely radioactive waste more even than in chernobyl go wants to extract the hard slog over thirty to forty years . thirty to forty year time frame is not based on exact data it's a rough estimate. we need to collect more data before we can decide on a firm share deal. tepco is keeping quiet about exactly how it will recover the waste there will be a world first if it comes off. the cousin okies insists that radiation levels around their house are normal. but the farmer tells his guests that he can only sell vegetables when the name fukushima doesn't appear on the label. the christen
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okies used to run a small restaurant but after the fukushima reactor disaster a business collapsed around the world the name focus shima stands for only one thing. so my parents when i told them i was going to share they're worried about about nuclear exposure. but having this opportunity and seeing how the people here are thriving it makes me makes me i guess i get to brush that that worry aside. because the nokia's daughter in law has come around for dinner with their grandchildren and. it's almost like it was in the good old days. those were the days their son still lived next door with his family. before he had to leave home to find work. so far away but ever present focus shima eight years on. now venezuela's
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opposition leader one why though says he will ask lawmakers to declare a state of alarm the move would authorize the delivery of international aid all in the catastrophic power blackout that has paralyzed the country the people of venezuela are struggling to cope as police arrest an increasing number of looters. shops in the venezuelan capital smashed up and picked clean of their contents. at this supermarket in south eastern caracas people accused of taking food including past rice and tomato sauce were among those later arrested by security forces for looting. scenes of desperation like this are becoming more commonplace in the crisis hit south american nation. compounded by a day's long power outage. mean that. medicines were already in short supply now reports that the blackout has led to
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patients dying in hospitals also fueling rising anger at the government's inaction was that let me say a miniseries is in venezuela has a first and last name and it's nicolas maduro it's time to understand that the humanitarian crisis is not political it's social venezuelan said dying because there are no solutions or what sort of story meanwhile those fortunate enough to get power from a generator of finding new uses for their refrigerators. they move on even have a refrigerator where we're storing food but it can also fit medicine was there are many people who need to store them at least as far as insulin is concerned i don't have the money selena know. but many businesses have been without power for days with their fridges off food is rotting on the shelves forcing many shop owners to cut their losses. a little bit again i'm giving this all away yesterday i
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gave away pizza today i'll give all of this to the kids on the street i need to know that it. has the crippling blackouts drags on so does the blame game between the opposition and the president over his way and can do now is wait for good news for. now to the day that shattered the small town a vent and in southwestern germany ten years ago today a seventeen year old gunman stormed into his former high school and started shooting at students and teachers he killed fifteen people before eventually turning the gun on himself it was a rare and shocking act of violence here in germany which has seen three school shootings since the one nine hundred sixty s. many relatives and survivors of benetton are calling for tougher gun controls for them a decade later the emotional scars remain. visiting the place where her daughter was gunned down ten years ago is still incredibly difficult for gisela meyer the day she heard the news of her daughter's death in the high school her life changed
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forever. if my world just fell apart if it pulled the ground out from under my feet i absolutely couldn't grasp what happened and it took months for him to understand that she was turned to first i kept resisting the very thought of it could be up to . her daughter nino was one of fifteen victims that a gunman shot at the school and during his a school she was a student teacher in the school and buried under twenty fifth birthday. the seventeen year old shooter had stolen his father's gun from an unlocked bedroom cabinet in the end he killed himself. today this memorial room pays tribute to those who lost their lives in this former classroom the gunman shot the students at random. gisela meyers active in the against violence in schools foundation to prevent such
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acts from ever happening again. one small step forward is stricter laws on private individuals storing firearms. trauma counselor i'll bet b. singer was one of the first on the scene after the shooting he helps students who had lived through the horrific experience process their emotions. i try to talk with them so they could process what they went through. that's a principle of trauma counseling encourage people to express their feelings can because it's far more harmful to suppress them to let them cry and scream if they need to see those winds fighting in the decade since the shootings security measures in the school have been stepped up doors are more difficult to open from the outside and teachers try to identify challenging students early on. so much for example we have a school social worker who is deeply involved in the school we have a project name but social cohesion with and getting along with other. relatives of
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the victims try somehow to go on with their lives. meyer has finally managed to find some inner peace. or taught this point child the shooter came across as a monster but he was really just a young boy full of it because he didn't have the life that others and that image of him really helps me understand what made him commit such an evil. bit. this memorial called the broken ring symbolizes the suffering in winnenden a brutal cut a contemplate of place and the shadow of a fateful day. staying in germany and the opening night of the verdi opera now bucco in hamburg began with its director two thousand kilometers away under house arrest in moscow carol sarandon accost doesn't have access to a phone or internet so he has relied on friends to carry out his vision for the
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production his updated take on various classic puts the plight of refugees in europe front and center. a modern rendition a very nice classic nabucco set in the un security council teaming with six intrigue and spots. a slave chorus laments their lost home but in this update the original hebrew slaves have been replaced by actual refugees from syria and afghanistan. director kiro sarah brown a cough is not able to take the final curtain he's under house arrest in moscow and can only send a video message or a. grid opening thank you so much it is extraordinary moment it mark. life.
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is all shit carol sir brenda cuff is considered a punk among russian directors he's received international accolades but the outspoken kremlin critic was arrested in august of two thousand and seventeen charged with embezzling public funds he now has to work remotely from his moscow apartment. and for me it felt like we had a real director here i have often worked with directors who seemed much more absent even though they were physically present the. rehearsal recordings for the director each scene from every phase of rehearsals was filmed and sent via a u.s.b. stick to moscow it was up to system director of guinea could logon to communicate serve brenna cuffs return video instructions to the team and. then. with everyone has their own opinion of the message. they see different meanings questions and answers. that there are certainly no clear message. but it certainly
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shines a light at outcast from our modern society putting actual refugees center stage and letting them voice an operatic call for freedom. up next d.w. special documentary on the integration of migrants in the alps that's coming up in just a few minutes right here on the definite don't go away. one
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hundred and the coach and the man from tokyo. for at least trentino reaction but we hope that she can get our economy moving to mean. debt up arrived in trentino eight years ago as a refugee now she owns her own business and is helping to turn this region around
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the future grecian with goat cheese and the field and coming out next month w. o. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalisation affairs biodiversity species conservation exploitation the whole of the. human rights displacement. of the global and current of local actually global three thousand and sixty minutes on. sorry go just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. deep in the rain forest in central africa.
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despite their culture the state was. only a promise to his son to leave the jungle return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result reversed culture shock. was a prize winning documentary song from the forest starts people first on d w. one the sort of couple that are left are escaped from africa i had to create a job for myself. a bit like a pioneer i guess. at the most chance proof that if there's a will there's a way yes.


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