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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2019 1:30am-2:00am CET

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bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win there we believe that renewable energy boom couldn't roll in the future. looks closer to a jew political investigation started munching on the. drugs . if. starting over from zero by an endorsement of our level on points now the title race
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can really begin. down so to speak with vinegar gets its guts and finish dorman's advantage has been blown away we are still in the in the race it is for fifty one will make the difference. skills. experience a strong hand rhythm staying cool or just plain toughness. her performance. but it's not just about the title race there's a storm raging at the bottom of the lake where it's a fight for survival. and teams are in crisis. where sometimes it seems you just can't wait. as you shall get know all too well. and equal bill and drop.
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disfigured minds of the quarter. will begin with those relegation ones. and the man who is not a happy camper to manage to this goes in the biggest crisis of his career at shelters worst for a quarter of the century. delicious easy to assume it's only natural that this situation is bothering me just so that's logical model not as something i'd be lying if i said anything else. hard not to be bothered when your team has earned a paltry two points from six matches with their performances on the pitch only getting worse. position is that we have to keep on believing what i do believe in this team building and that together we will get back on track of the quicker you know because. this is
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a team totally to rails after last weekend's humiliating home defeat to do so. but in braman on friday nights they got off to a promising start and braman had to think for not conceding early on. shots that were not be expected pushovers on the contrary courtesy of a twenty six minute counter-attack head on for what's to mechanically put problem follow through. one day out and huge relief for the team and their boss with the media yet again calling this a make or break encounter for the young coach. to discos been granted patience from shelters top brass in times past no coach would have been retained with a record of twenty three points from twenty four games. but to tesco does not have a carte blanche as milorad sheets are reminded everyone just five minutes after the opener even if against the run of play.
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ultimately it's results that challenge him right now shelton need cool heads. to that still has clear orders from his new sporting director to turn the team around and stave off any threat of relegation and his team responded well to the equaliser but shelton met misfortune early in the second half with the referee consulting v.a.r. for this school mouth challenge and awarding a penalty to braman. with still feel. max palooza stepped up to the spot to put the host in front. that's the captain's thirteenth goal of the campaign. so often the season chunka found themselves behind. to tesco was doing his best from the touchline she at least still had that belief as did his team that was missing more goals steve in spirit speed here getting close but not close
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enough. but the next goal was to come at the other end and shall take would have no complaints this time that she'd said cut in side to make it three one. shot and yet again looking all at sea where's the motivator. to keep the crew on a steady but determined course. they certainly did not jump ship at least five minutes from the end goal headed in a corner to reduce the deficit. this was a team who do still have faith in themselves and to their coach. tesco has often been making the right moves theoretically on friday he chose a daring offensive strategy but one loose ball can put paid to the best laid plans
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. martin harnick wrapped up the game in the fourth minute of at a time. shall still find little consolation in their two goals this meeting was not was the minimum it wasn't difficult to improve on a recent performances at subi let's show you another one i feel i wasn't. in proof they did but not by enough. they'll have to dig deeper if the fans are to share their belief in a top flight future. hours burge are another side embroiled in the relegation battle something of a surprise given they have a solid enough squad hausberg have lost their usual stability especially in defense where they've been miserable they've already let in forty six goals as many as last season in total. but outspoken faced up to that point addressing never biggest
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problems they signed keeper grego coble on loan in january to shore up the back and on saturday he helped snuff out light cigs attacks all afternoon. and it wasn't just this weekend that they've shown signs of life in the fight for survival after just three points in their previous seven matches alberg toppled title candidates dortmund two one the previous week now that's a statement. has been clearly have fresh memories of beating dortmund when visiting third place leipsic players like ronnie get there and philip max rose to the occasion throwing themselves into every challenge and of course coble did his bit. signing wasn't the only smart move down made in the mid-season break alex spoke struggled with discipline problems this season which he addressed head on. outspoken jettison the last season star who couldn't be bothered to show up for
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training and months in him in a bad meltdown. they also brought in german goalkeeping legend young's lehmann as an assistant to add some spine to the stuff. consolidating the squad hasn't just settled the back hausberg pushed forward against leipzig two but scoring is a problem they haven't managed to fix the injured alfredsson bogus and was sorely missed last season michel grigor it had thirteen goals this season he's currently on three. fortunately for als good light signal less than clinical the hosts dominated possession and shots but just couldn't seem to school they've also been especially poor at home recently where they haven't been in the league since december i suppose reinvigorated defense did their part to make things hard for might seem to showing the mets all you need to survive i think it
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was just a friend a very well made it very difficult for them very tight and when we defend i think any team find it hard to score a goal against us and no school drop a hard fought clean sheets a coble and his back line against favorites like tick it's only their third shot out of the season but it looks like they've got a plan for the upcoming relegation scrap. our secret to success is that everyone works hard and gets stuck him that's what i want to see from the whole team and then we're good and i think on the so i can bounce team might not have expected to be hovering above the relegation zone but it looks like they've made the right changes to take off again. that's right winter is coming for hanover at least. it's
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no joke and over and over he's an actually manage to play ninety minutes of football in this blizzard and even score some goals along nowhere first up is kevin fall under the thirteenth minute. they say that weather like this normally favors the less technically adept teams. normally following shot that period of pieces doubling repartees and so you. the next came the moment when taking her gucci pulled one back. or would have if the snow had literally stopped the ball in its tracks. only then. did the referee interrupt the match or just for the lions on the pitch to be cleared of snow. during halftime the grounds been rendered the pitch almost playable again. now unintended found in the box to head home. to one in the fifty first minute and over seem to fare better without the snow. and the home side even managed to level the school thanks to an
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own goal from mitchie visor so it wasn't all bad luck for hanover. but everyone threw themselves into the game this would not be the match to turn around three minutes from the end a nice one two between. brandt and it was game over for the conditions and a brutal result for seventeenth place hand over mother nature can be so cruel. bottom of the table norm back where in hoffenheim with their new coach both of us shawn was insisting before the match that he still believed the team could stay on . while there was never cease but not when you concede a penalty in the twenty fifth minute might have slipped and us croatia striker andre from r.h. kept a spot kick low and on time it's. tough on the back who emerged for the
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second half with a point to prove and they gave hope to their travelling fans just after the hour mark when captain how bevan squeezed an equaliser under the hands of a live about. but the one point they needed to at least take out over what's in to be a march again this time with a cheeky not make up christian. the result in eight and leaves no one back rock bottom. freiburg were looking for just their second wind of twenty nine team against terror . for christians to win would help to dispel any remaining fears of relegation they were dangerous for me and in the twenty seventh minute been gentle grief oh found an unmarked news peterson one nail in the second half strike a sub scratching his head as a visitors looked distinctly livelier. with
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a quarter of an hour left the piece of fish was in the right place with his first shot on goal i. but the hosts proved hungrier than hertz and up bros well who exactly tonight the winner there's a piece of that ship turned out ending or rather heading freiburg their second straight home when. the strike coolly took in the home victory. there weren't so many highlights as mine seems to gladbach but this bit of slapstick just before half time was one of them thanks i'm actually visiting glad about what they're disastrous we sent round a form to rest without close range footage from a full elevating one male and three crucial points for class.
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one frank for in dusseldorf earlier this season look at you bitches five goals fired frankfurt to a seven one win but these days dusseldorf are much improved. they just couldn't put away their chances like you did in their first encounter. this time around it was yo bitches fellow forward can swallow pumps served up by jonathan de guzman who did the job. i love the forty eight minute. disorder of hell there. but in the end frankfurt were a step ahead. sebastian a chance to sway the golden stoppage time. in the french striker added another one for good measure just two minutes later.
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three nil but frankfurt keeping course for europe has been warming up for their match with inter milan. but she will turn down at the top of the table. by and arrives at the allianz arena in mixed spirits in midweek it was announced that thomas miller mats hummels and sharon bow at saying had been axed from the national team. germany coach yogi love opted to attend the match in freiburg perhaps wary of the possibility of his twenty fourteen world cup heroes helping buy in to regain the top spot for the first time since september. but of course has whittled down dalton's nine point late to amass a goal difference. vosburgh came to munich with the second best away record in the league. a potentially tough prospect as they indeed proved to me. i feel the thirty
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fourth minute when germany defending your shoe it can make said form a germany forward moola who crossed a new germany recruit stationary a combination that's now no longer possible on the international stage. three minutes later the next goal and a historic moment robert leventhal ski with his one hundred ninety six goals in the bundesliga making him the old simes hope known german golf score of. his i can this has been there's time really proud to have done it but that isn't my final say i want to score a lot. more goals she's in and from the games are fun and looks the more ambitious and gritty aside seven minutes after the restart goal number three. man is ridgway guess firing in with these from the edge of the balls the impressive colombian has been on line for realm of dread for almost two seasons times have
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finally paid that buyout clause. like eleven jobs and wanted more goals which could prove critical in a title race. and directs the almost made it for tonight by a fantastic stop for votes but keeper tales. by and brought joy to their game not least milla did grant them forth with an assist from fellow veteran from breviary. the goalscorer knows he is appreciated by and even if not by your leaders or indeed cast ales. with bruno love a d. is moves looking toothless by incensed an opportunity to cancel out dortmund's goal difference advantage kimmage got on the scoresheet in the eighty second minute making it five by in an imperious form sending a message to you he loves the end and of course liverpool were head of wednesday's
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champions league return leg. and he had the final say of unleavened of thanks a retiree stead assist that brace now also makes him sole top story in italy. six nil nico coach's highest winning margin since taking charge. but the performance and the renewed confidence rippling through the team come at just the right time. with the months and weeks and months we are growing in. we are more a team than then. the beginning of a season where increasing game by game. got the ball moving faster and smoother we now have everyone knowing exactly what each other player's job is to that's crucial if you want to create chances and score goals to move. by including those now four by germany internationals are looking smooth. so i would be able
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to match the. dortmund in bahrain may have been level on points but not a momentum dortmund looked like they were already mourning their season following last week's two one loss to alex work but were keen to downplay the defeat. let's watch we've only lost two later masters so that is in no shape or form a crisis it gives kids and if it's not a crisis they'd have to prove it against the current dortmund have only managed six points of their last five matches but with buyers now level on points the title race starts again it's zero contort men to weather the storm based on their performance against the guard the answer to that question seemed a pretty clear no in the early exchanges. the familiar issues that have been plaguing dortmund were on full display tackle alcott's am still effective in the
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fall was missing his usual deadly precision after bagging twelve goals in the first half of the season his goal last week was the first of twenty nineteen the whole team seemed to rattled and insecure celebrated youngsters like jaden sensual lack their usual swagger and were easily hustled out of the game. while dortmund inexperienced back line still whittled with injuries made meals out of routine plays hardly the stuff of champions. even with confidence adding shortland will always have marco rubio it's a sixty second minute penalty saw mr dortmund step up to the plate and finish poorly the be one nil to the host the but it's no coincidence dortmund have struggled in the period their captain's been out injured
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his hunger might be enough to deliver them the championship a publicity dortmund hadn't fully exercised their creeping insecurities less than ten minutes after going up there yet that line left marks all of a camp wide open in the pockets of one what after seventy one minutes of. defensive sometimes we fall asleep in defense like on this corner but that's part of the guy what's important is how we respond is the reaction to munch of not. touch toughness right the mark of a champion isn't whether a team makes mistakes it's how they respond to them instead of folding top and unleashed every attacking option which also meant bringing on christian who is sick back from injury the hosts piled on the pressure in the waning minutes desperate to score top and packed the box with attackers across from san show head of pinball at
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altis air finally fired into the recent thing that you get the breakthrough is just six minutes left to play the boss he was thanks to the beleaguered spaniards hard work. finding his form is exactly what dortmund need and their title race the bench top and didn't sit back they thought still a final second with axel that sounds determination if it abides in their spirit all pullets a cad to do was tap it in. ah trayvon who was sick is another youngster who was struggled this season this was exactly the performance dormant bullied for months want players if they want to be fired to the title. and three one it ended not a bad start to the first day of the title race my god. is
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in yeah by an hour ahead of us but we have to think supposedly thing we have fifty seven points and there are nine games to go. there's still a lot to dig up and we want to pick up points to to. open to. points and co may have slipped out of pole position for the first time since september but dortmund are only looking forwards they bare their teeth and ground out the way in showing just the kind of character champions are made up. now for the results of the boy and both picked up three points in the title race played fine and made quite a statement with that six goals but doman shows this year fritz as well. but with the only relegation candidates to pick up a point despite not managing to school on like this guy. i thought that's eleven joske who on saturday became the most prolific foreign
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striker in fundus league at history. dismissed as i can the c's been there's thoughts that i wish those good luck to the scottish but the monarch like i'm just . that is not the less they voted for me now and history by them. leavened off he scored his one hundred ninety six and seven goals against both sport making him two poles better than cloudy opus are. i simply because. i knew they would call me with it could happen. seaplanes i would try to keep score in sounds like a plan but for now culpable for their eon round of applause for eleven dogs being. fired deserve congratulations as well as their top of the table for the first time since much they five one but was still leapfrog due to goal difference. but maybe
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dortmund prefer to be in pursuit. of things at the other end of the table or heating up for a shout out sport and short current it seems doubtful that north back will be able to escape the drop zone and a pat over really could have used that gucci call for. heavy snowfall and havoc in hanover mind in the relegation fights even the weather's working against the hosts. put one away in love accusing empty net. so he thought. she was cross the line. that's going to done by vote in both. the torch to vote on the blight bleeped out
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of the lean this is the post on the mets was on as it was your home i don't even think. i know the last test for as much in a row it was a few snowflakes too many for a turnaround that's old for making false. claims .
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spot the beach the beach alabama the tree points mopping up above. byron says the goal difference obsession for six mil the thing champions now at the beach. here's what's coming up for the boarders play you have plenty to talk about here on . the monitors lisa every weekend here on the. house laughs. people make fun about their own social economic and
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political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people call me a baby. as a journalist us to talk about these folks in the back to let's look at the. extra stuff made by checking out the old us jobs finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about books that is what i keep going to the state my name's not east of and i work at. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience
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outstanding shopping and dining off first and try our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. oh yeah algerians have been celebrating after president abdullah zs with a flick of abandon his bid for a fifth term. not his decision came after weeks of mass demonstrations against his twenty year reign. he also posted.


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