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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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also seeks big cuts to nondefense spending. for an airplane manufacturer of one crash is one crash too many but when the same model goes down twice in less than half a year filled with passengers and when that model happens to be your best seller one and when china grounds all of them well then you have boeing to not where the cost of keeping it seven thirty seven work course cash cow model in the air suddenly looks astronomically high i bring gulf in berlin this is the day. it is a firm you at a place which will take you out of the flow by. the seat of pride it's you have a new type of aircraft or have two accidents with seemingly similar set of circumstances we have grounded all and. be seventy seven
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dash eight. of the seven three seven is absolutely essential spring is the backbone of the company's cash generation is the shot the stock is down today people are worried about whether there is a safety issue on boeing's claims china hates ethiopia will quickly find the cause of the crash and keep us informed. also coming up tonight the bronx it votes held this week in the british parliament could be some of the most important political acts in the country since one thousand nine hundred five and guess who is all but guaranteed to suffer another history making defeat in the process. after three months the prime minister has not achieved one single change to the deal she simply as we've often said running down the clock. and to our viewers on p.b.s. . in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day
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searching for clues to a deadly plane crash and one company with many reasons to be worried over what those clues could reveal investigators have now recovered the cockpit and flight recorders from the wreckage of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two the boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft crashed sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board now this is the second crash in less than half a year involving the new boeing seven thirty seven max eight fleet it may be a tragic coincidence but the fallout suggests otherwise more than a third of all seven thirty seven mass planes have now been grounded china and indonesia grounded their entire fleets today tonight the u.s. air safety regulatory authority the f.a.a. says that the seven thirty seven max is airworthy boeing's seven thirty seven max is the most common plane in the sky anywhere the seven thirty seven max is the
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fastest selling plane in history five thousand on the order three hundred fifty in service each with a price tag of a hundred twenty one million u.s. dollars determining the cause of the crash is now about more than saving lives boeing shares saw their sharpest drop one day since two thousand and one our first report tonight takes us to the latest crash site. mannering the dead families and ethiopian pilots and crew remember the lives lost in sunday's crash. earlier at the crash site red cross workers retrieve the personal items of those on board while investigators recover the wreckage. a large crater marks the spot of impact eyewitnesses describe the horror of the crash and the aftermath the. fire was
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coming out from its tail and then it tried to lift its nose but it couldn't was going from side to side it went straight into the ground nose first then exploded i'm not sure but they get. there were a lot of kenyans on it i saw identification documents of a university student from america could i mean i saw pictures of ethiopians and chinese people at the university i mean i got out of i live. in new york the united nations flag has been flying at half mast among the dead a twenty one united nation staff. a global treasure the as it's close to home and united nations is united in grief. i extend my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all the victims to the government of people of each. and oh these affected by these these awesome. heathy opie and authorities are leading the search aided by the u.s.
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kenya and others. the airline has announced its grounding at seven thirty seven max fleet and other countries are following suit the same boeing model crashed just five months ago in indonesia. as investigators look into the airplane's flight recorders people around the world are hoping for answers to why their loved ones didn't make it home. and for more on this now i'd like to bring in aviation commentator julian bray he joins us tonight from cambridge in the u.k. mr bray it's good to have you on the show the boeing seven thirty seven max eight version it be is considered the work course for many airlines and it's already received a lot of attention let me ask you would we be this concerned if we were looking at two crashes involving a different model or an air bus manufacturer aircraft i mean is there something special about the about what we're looking at with this boeing seven thirty seven
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max. very interesting question because this particular aircraft was actually breaking all the rules it is in theory should be able to fly it's got too few changes right at the front of the aircraft well away from the wings not slung underneath the wing but just long in the front of the wing and so that means that the weight of the aircraft is totally different to any other aircraft and this is where the senate comes in or the computer that comes in because they installed a secret system called the n c a s and this was actually to prevent stalling when it's nice size in a school position so this secret computer system to make sure that the aircraft is level so the pilot can slow it down really it should be called a soul cheat system because the point is no aircraft but this configuration should
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be and. what do you make of the federal aviation administration's announcement this evening that this model remains airworthy we've got that on one side on the other side of the planet we've got china and indonesia they grounded their entire fleet. yes in fact it's worse than that because china is now saying that there should be no. sawing chinese airspace they put a blanket ban on it and so it is a difficulty that's just the final straw right do you think is justified by trying to to put the blanket ban on the model. but you've got to remember that buying out to play they actually assemble these aircraft in china they got a zero tolerance policy when it comes to airline safety and so they've said for the
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moment we will ground this aircraft to we find out what the size got happening and a lot of criticism because in the early days boeing didn't actually tell the pilot so this particular system was on board it's called an m c a s which is a bent taishan system basically they didn't want to blow the pilots up with too much information they gave me enough so they could actually fly the aircraft effectively but then. now this is not right we need to know exactly what is on board this aircraft and. if you like the detail of these systems was actually rolled out this is a fly by wire cross so it is a sears a computer systems society flying it if one system falls then another system is supposed to come in and pick it up and then obviously it did not happen in these
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two crashes if it turns out that we're talking about a software problem here is that is that good news or bad news for but what i mean how easily can you correct it in order to keep this huge fleet all of these orders you know from being hansell. this is a problem because you've got cross and then you got marketing and you really have to last you so the marketing people i see much power should reason the other way that mock seeing trips. to the actually across design and rolled out so really what you call to decide is whether you're actually going to go to these wonderful marketing opportunities or whether you're going to make sure that the product you release is actually fully tested and ready for the market it does seem that this thing isn't quite right now i have to say this is pure speculation yes they sounded like it but they have not decoded them yet so we don't know once they
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can do that they will find out exactly what happened on board that aircraft well you say that the chinese have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to. aircraft crashing and it's not that but the thing in the united states says these planes can still fly m m i'm reading you correctly are you saying that the chinese more than the americans tonight are erring on the side of caution. let's put it light is there's seven airlines in china and they've got about ninety four of these planes and it is also needs a decision if they've got nightfall planes so they're not too sure about the planes they want some ounces they want to quickly and the quickest way to get the answers is to say right well ground the whole logs get the engineers and get the eggs in and let us find out exactly what happens now first of all they've got the black
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boxes filled because those that will be useful the only thing is in this way as a fire it drilled itself into the subsoil and this was a descent straight into the soil so to future engines were going all the time so really they must find out what is happening because you cannot carry passengers you cannot in danger passengers and crew you've got to find out what is the problem with this aircraft and certainly that is a problem having said that norwegian i've quite happily being flying these aircraft all summer and no problems at all so it is a real and they. almost. missed by we certainly appreciate your valuable insights tonight thank you. britain's briggs destiny could very well be decided this week or maybe not
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beginning tomorrow members of parliament will vote on a series of questions about the u.k.'s departure from the european union on tuesday lawmakers will once again yes or no to the withdrawal plan negotiated by prime minister to resign may now keep in mind lawmakers rejected it two months ago in an unprecedented defeat for a sitting prime minister in the commons a repeat is expected tomorrow on wednesday lawmakers will then be asked to say yes or no to the possibility of a no deal breaks it parliament is expected to say no to no deal and that would bring this to thursday when parliament is scheduled to vote yes or no to a delay of breck's it and that vote is expected to pass remember in only eighteen days the u.k. is scheduled to begin exiting the european union and we still don't have a deal some call all of this kicking the bricks it can down the road others claim it's all happening according to teresa mayes plan there is no vote scheduled on
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those suspicions at least not yet. we are committed to ratifying these before the twenty ninth of march it is not for the house of commons to take any important set of decisions this week tomorrow they'll be a vote in parliament m.p.'s can put that alternative idea. of arrangements in place they want to they when they can put concessions and additions to the deal but ultimately the tories maze deal will be voted on and the debate is by how much they will lose and the determine whether or not his mates can survive whether or not she can attend one more times with a deal back into the house of commons treason i need fact that her approach is not . as prime minister she needs to show leadership and reset the debate if it's defeated by a mixture of hard right people us getting people on the left on the left wings of
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the labor party that is going to be the end of a deal probably and i mean that a new sort of arrangement is going to be negotiated with the european union and if she won't find a way forward then parliament has a responsibility to do so in stand things like nabeel things i currently exist as options and when you get rid of those options then that makes other things like a referendum or a softer break that a lot more likely and we hear of the commission remain open and willing to meet with u.k. negotiators at any time and those are the voices on the eve of these very important votes by the way british prime minister theresa may she spent part of this monday not in the u.k. but rather in strasbourg france seat of the european parliament a last minute meeting on the continent before her parliamentarians in london were to move away or not to move at all from the cot publicly that.
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well she used to be suspected of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader with a nerve agent but now the indonesian woman has been freed after charges against her were dropped city was accused of poisoning kim jong naam with a lethal nerve poison at kuala lumpur airport two years ago but the vietnamese woman who allegedly helped or she is still on trial. for the relief. even though it's mild city i'm sure is finally a free woman off to murder charges against her unexpectedly dropped. a feel so happy. i didn't expect it. today is my freedom day. it was. the indonesian was one of
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two women held on suspicion of killing came jong nam this strange tough brother of the north korean leader kim jong un. c.c.t.v. footage from february twenty seven teen shows him a kuala lumpur international airport in malaysia at this point it's alleged the women smith the deadly nerve agent x. be on his face here he's seen describing to security guards what happened and is a schoolteacher to the medical clinic at the airport. just minutes later he collapsed he died on the way to hospital. the city i show has always denied claiming she and another woman were tricked into carrying the nerve agent by north korean spies part of a prank for a reality t.v. show the stooge three believe that she's really a scapegoat and she's innocent. there was no better evidence that she had played
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anything on you don't know the fact they did those that will follow did not have to be in the old city i shall but don't t. one of the other person accused of kim jong un's assassination no such reprieve the vietnamese seen here on the left is sent to be traumatized that she has not also been freed. it's still unclear why c.t. ayesha has been released but having faced execution she can now enjoy getting one life back. in the nightmare that happened a decade ago ten years ago today a seventeen year old gun in the small telling of vinod and in southwestern germany stormed into his former high school and opened fire on students and teachers killing fifteen people and then turning the gun on himself it was
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a rare and shocking act of violence here in germany which has seen only three school mass shootings since the one thousand nine hundred sixty three well a decade later relatives in survivors of winnenden still bear the emotional scars many of them are calling for tighter gun control. visiting the place where her daughter was gunned down ten years ago is still incredibly difficult for gisela meyer the day she heard the news of her daughter's death in the above you high. school her life changed forever. my world just fell apart it pulled the ground out from under my feet i absolutely couldn't grasp what happened and it took months for me to understand that she was done i kept resisting the very thought of it. her daughter nino was one of fifteen victims that a gunman shot at the school and during his askin she was
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a student teacher in the school and buried under twenty fifth birthday. the seventeen year old shooter had stolen his father's gun from an unlocked bedroom cabinet in the end he killed himself. today this memorial room pays tribute to those who lost their lives in this former classroom the gunman shot the students at random. gisela meyer is active in the against violence in schools foundation to prevent such acts from ever happening again. one small step forward is stricter laws on private individuals storing firearms. trauma counselor i'll bet b. singer was one of the first on the scene after the shooting he helps students who had lived through the horrific experience process their emotions. was who i try to talk with them so they could process what they went through leading the mother to
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that's a principle of trauma counseling has is altered courage people to express their feelings can because it's far more harmful to suppress them to let them cry and scream if they need to realize that it was minus five in in the decade since the shooting security measures in the school have been stepped up all doors are more difficult to open from the outside and teachers try to identify challenging students early on. the mission for example we have a school social worker people involved in the school we have a project name but social cohesion with and getting along with other. relatives of the victims try to somehow to go on with their lives. meyer has finally managed to find some inner peace. or taught this point child the shooter came across as a monster but he was really just a young boy if only because he didn't have to live in another city but that image of him really helps me understand what made him commit such an evil as the
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dispersant. indecent it cost on. this memorial called the broken ring symbolizes the suffering in winnenden a brutal cut a contemplate of place and the shadow of a fateful day. sans glass serving as the second most consumed natural resource on the planet it's not just for beaches and making glass anymore urban demand especially in china has led to illegal sand mining and sparked a global wave of gang violence. melanie cura the ball takes us to kenya now we're a cd sandy business is pitting people against each other. it's a walk across the scott landscape which john mccain called home this used to be a river carrying drinking water for the community and then livestock in much tacos
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county kenya. that's until centrality to started illegally mining the river bed leaving barely any sand told the water john fight to stop them but his activism has come at a high price. goes when no it's somebody. my old. my house also is a human being that you made in the us to fuel up. john says stand behind the illegal mining which feeds the demands of the country's rapid and i say should people in his community believe they won't stop the destruction until there is no sand left with no regard for those whose lives depend on access to the water is. a lot. when the sun is too hot and you come to look for water you find the levels have gone very low and this water is salty it's not good for washing clothes for
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drinking this water is bad and we sometimes catch diseases like typhoid. all over the country illegal sand harvesting is taking place in broad daylight the driver of this truck doesn't want to be filmed but tells us up to two hundred truckloads of sand are collected each day illicit sand business is a lucrative one just not for the people in the communities where the sand is mind on the small group of sente this cashes in on the sales by the people of much chuckles are divided between those who depend on the little money and from harvesting and those desperate to save the last puddles of water in the area but no matter which side they're on both groups suffer the dangerous and by mental and human cost of the debt the sand industry's underbelly. many lives have been ruined or lost due to kenya sandra this is a thirty six year old farmer who lost her husband
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a centavo who died at work. it happened on the seventh of march twenty fourth teen before he was scooping sand to sow. as they were scooping sand and taking underground the soil above him fell down and burying ten. as does as opposed to the sand harvesting which has caused an almost permanent drought in the region but she knows that many of these men who make just a few dollars a day feel like they have no choice. the problem that we have is of their own tiny job and we have families we have needs. we human beings us and we try home to get kills but we just don't get them.
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done says it's a tragedy that man like matthew being used by the cutouts and have become complicit in destroying the livelihoods of their communities he's asking politicians and police to find me stand up to those stealing manteca send so that hopefully one day it's rivers can recover. well the day is almost over the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me of t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag today join us tomorrow for complete coverage of the first of what is expected to be three days of bricks in the u.k. parliament every member whatever happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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the fight for top spot short managed to reach the brink of treif points not enough . fire and seize the lead on goal difference for smashing falshood six nil ending champions now time.
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on. german agriculture destroying. german companies are mining massive scale it's a cheap resource to farmers. but environmentalists warn that pete harms the climate. releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases depleting the be bugs. close up sixty minutes on w. . book players. table. leg and the state.
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patrol. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce battles most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win their school we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. of good coding a geo political investigation starting march eighteenth on g.w. . took to. a drop.
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starting over from zero by an endorsement in our level long points now.


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