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this is deja vu news live from berlin it's this deal or may not even happen at all those are the words of the claude juncker appearing alongside theresa may a late night press conference warned there will be no third chance for the new conditions enough to win over the support of the british parliament and a vote later today also coming out. algeria is ailing president says he will not seek a fifth term this move comes following mass protests next month's elections have
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also been delayed raising concerns about the country's political stability. and on the trail of kenya's sandrock high demand in the construction industry has led to environmental damage and a number of deaths in the rural areas where sands being collected. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show prime minister theresa may has struck a deal to revise the terms of britain's divorce from the european union but it is unclear whether she's done enough to win over parliament with about three weeks to go until the deadline the prime minister made a last minute trip to britain france for talks with european commission president john claude younker there she clinched changes to her plan lawmakers are due to vote on them later today of london. well european commission president john claude
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younger agreed to the changes during the strasburg meeting but warned that there would be no third chance the main change may secured concerned the future of the border for northern ireland the so-called backstop. see to guarantee that there will never be. this absolutely right on this the u.k. solid commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i just know the template for our future relationship. the deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough to make that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to the. and joining us now from london is dean of hughes bagot moss and max hawkins covering events for us in strasburg welcome to both of you good morning bigotry
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some a sounding very positive about what did she get in brussels from the e.u. to win over the british parliament. she is sounding very positive because she has to this is really crunch time for treason may only if really days and weeks to bragg's it and she really has to get something through how have paula meant here at home and what she says is something that's legally binding so she puts a positive spin on it but what she has not gotten is the reopening of the withdrawal agreement so the whole comes to text that regulates the future between the u.k. and the european union and this is something that's many people here in london that we have seen very skeptic about the backs of process have been demanding so the question really is what she has secured with this be enough to get havea through parliament and it will be voted on later on today in what's going to be a nail biting session here and care max over to you in strasburg where the changes
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were hammered out apparently what does the e.u. make of this agreement. or the e.u. has many voices brian but john crow junkers seems to think that this is it this is the last chance he said there was a second chance there will be no thirteen chance and this is a different kind of tone than we've heard in the past because the commission the e.u. commission that is in charge of negotiating this agreement on behalf of the european union said they were always open for talks although they didn't budge that much now it really depends on what the member states do because they are wholesale part of the european union of course but they have already said they will follow the lead of ireland because ireland will have to deal with all the consequences to avoid this hard border between northern ireland and ireland it's a clear. is that the commission had close contact with sick in ireland it seems that the irish are on board so probably the rest of the e.u.
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will follow the lead of ireland here ok begin a new tone there we just heard from brussels what happens if parliament fails to pass the deal later today. if parliament fails to possibly exit deal and this is going to be interesting that marx was mentioning ireland because i think a lot of m.p.'s here in london will follow the lead of the northern irish members of of parliament of the d u p so you know arlen is really at the center of this disagreement over the future of northern ireland and the future of the u.k. and the european union if this deal fails to get through it's really interesting to see by what margin because last time treason may try to get a similar deal through the house of parliament she does by over two hundred votes that's a lot if she loses by less she might have maybe by only about fifty or a little more she might try to get a true against her parliament but that would be at some point in the future first
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of all there's going to be more votes here in london to reason may has promised that m.p.'s will get a chance to exclude a new deal exit of the u.k. from the european union crashing out without any agreement at the end of march that m.p.'s can exclude and if that's then gets through the house of m.p.'s make clear they don't want to crash out without any deal then there will be a vote on a possible extension of the whole withdrawal process so that's the reason they would then be instructed by parliament to go to the european union and ask for an extension ok so this is a crucial week for bracks a max the e.u. commission president john clarke youngers said that if parliament and one fails to back this bracks a plan as it now stands there might be no bricks at all. right and it's all connected to what they did just said because if they don't back this deal but at the same time they want to avoid
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a no deal drugs and what does it mean it might even mean a second referendum or new elections and that of course is the worst case scenario for hard drugs to tears they might be willing to swallow this agreement if it means that they can still have their brags and avoid no brags it because you don't know what's going to be the result of a second referendum if it really takes place so this is zone clode younger the president of the e.u. commission building up even more pressure for this crucial vote in the house of commons on tuesday what really happens afterwards we don't know but this is this is really the kind that's the important part we've been steering towards this for two years and all sides are trying to build up pressure as much as possible and in the case of jointly juncker in order to force the house of commons to pass this deal with to successful or not we'll see later in the day max often force and strasburg and big moss rose and one very. good work there for both of you bring us up to date
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on a complex issue thanks so much and talk to you again later. after some of the other stories making news this hour a court in brussels was sentenced the gunman killed four people in an attack on a jewish museum to life in prison many in a move staged that attack in two thousand and fourteen after returning from syria where he's suspected of having joined so-called islamic state. u.s. regulators have ordered boeing to make urgent improvements to the seven thirty seven x. eight aircraft after the crash in ethiopia but they've not ordered it to be grounded it is the second deadly accident in just five months involving that aircraft singapore is the latest country to ban the plane from its airspace. power blackouts in the venezuelan capital caracas have disrupted that city's water system forcing residents to line up for water from tanker trucks and cisterns some are also taking water from
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a local river most of venezuela's electricity grid collapsed last week president nicolas maduro a suggested the u.s. sabotage to keep power station. it's to algeria now where the long serving president of jealousies beautifully has announced he will not be seeking reelection the move comes after weeks of street protests against his candidacy on like other longstanding leaders in north africa he survived a wave of revolutions between two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve yelling president now seems ready to pass out various political future on to a younger generation but some voters are yet to be convinced as we hear in this report. echoes of the arab spring after nearly a month of protests the eighty two year old who defeat a bow to public pressure announced he will not run for office term as president the news brought tens of thousands of in the streets to celebrate but some struck a note of caution warning that real change must follow. to see if.
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it's a good thing but only if they change the government completely. if he bring someone just like him. it's not worth it so. they have to change the whole government persons as well saawariya if they announce when that the election due to be held next month has been postponed indefinitely. which had been what does it mean when they announce the buddha flicka is not running for a fifth term truck that he is adding another year this is what he wanted from the beginning to postpone the elections and have another year we don't want that we want to put a freak and his plan to give up power to michigan to boot from it all but. the fleet has suffered a severe stroke in two thousand and thirteen and israeli appeared in public since monday algerian to viet footage of the ending present in the meeting that included nordin but do we have the current interior minister who is not considered part of beautifully because in
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a circle has been named the new prime minister. that's being seen as a sign that the old guard might really be releasing its hold on power. and joining us now from algiers is sophia nasr journalist following events there and morning so here are the celebrations we've been seeing in algiers premature and well beautiful really leave office. the regimes that we've seen yesterday nights are definitely mature and what we've seen yesterday night were several excellent thousands of people who were going out but the majority of those who were heading to the streets in recent weeks stayed home yesterday as they know very well that the move and the announcement. made by which if you just plan yesterday. simply a political maneuver this is not a real political change it's worth noting that the suggestion of organizing a national conference on consensus what was already put forward by allies all put
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a figure in december so this is not. in use in you suggestion and use solution to scold the ongoing crisis. they were trying to build a new consensus within the regime in the comments so the suggestion of a national conference of consensus is not more than a political maneuver to stay in power and to keep things on what was behind the decision to postpone april's presidential election. it's important to have a look at the the way how the as you're in regime is working we're not talking about a dictatorship we're not talking about an autocratic regime we're talking about a semi automatic within composed of several wings and what we're witnessing for quite a while is a power struggle between several of these wings so when we could look it was if you elected in two thousand and fourteen these wings couldn't agree on another candidates or put the future was kind of an emergency solution because they
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couldn't find another candidate so. they are buying time buying time to find another candidate that would be able to please as many wings as possible of the hearing regime because a lot of movement is there in the background in algiers okinawa sort of for us thanks very much. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show we look into the practice of illegal sand quarrying and house destroying lives and land in rural kenya. with. first here in germany the trial of an iraqi asylum seeker cheesed of the rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl begins today prosecutors allege that twenty two year old suspect ali be attacked and killed a victim in the city of last year and then fled with his family to iraq german investigators eventually found and brought him back the case has been seized upon
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by the far right to stoke anger over all americans open door policy at the height of the refugee crisis. when suzanna disappeared in may last year two weeks went by before any trace of her could be found then police discovered the body of a fourteen year old next to a railroad track and a home covered with dirt and branches. a young iraqi living in a refugee shelter in response was the main suspect the investigating team then got a tip from within the migrant community where he was living. in clinton said about six thirty pm on sunday june third a thirteen year old refugee appeared in the spotless first precinct and said that susana had been raped and murdered so i think about it. and hundred named this twenty year old iraqi as a possible suspect its workers and. being and his family fled
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overnight to northern iraq but he was arrested there and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing susanna but denies having returned. right when the populace used the case to criticize the government's refugee policy in germany emotions ran high in an unusual step chancellor merkel commented on the sidelines of the g. seven summit in canada. the us unimaginable suffering that the family and also the victim have endured touches everyone including me. i can only say now that it is good that the suspected perpetrator has been caught the first order. is believed to have killed susanna in order to cover up the rape he has also been accused of raping an eleven year old girl that case is being handled separately. united nations has made a second the p.l.o. six months for an inquiry into the arbitrary detention and forced disappearance of
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people in china a call relates in particular to reports on how these stories are treating as we gores and other muslim communities. says it would welcome officials if they avoided quote interfering in domestic affairs. if the un human rights in china rapid development has lifted meanness of people out of poverty and yet the in some areas communities and individuals have been left behind my office seeks to engage on this issue with the government for full access to carry out i mean the pendent assessment of the continuing reports pointing to wide parcel from force disappearing this is an outrage the tensions are particularly in this good i don't know how total most region now i think we go representatives say some two million muslims are being held in camps although china denies this we have this report on the conditions inside one of those camps. the chines on
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omar but tommy's wrist symbolize his imprisonment in a chinese reenter cation camp because like most of them was tortured there for many months both physically and psychologically. only to then the camp we had to learn communist party songs by heart and performed them we have to praise the party and say it's everything to us. chinese authorities accuse omar because of aiding terrorists he was arrested he was housed together with around forty people in one room at the camp his cell mates included professors teachers and doctors he speaks of systematic punishment. we were forced to eat pork. if we did not eat it if we didn't praise the party more to the we were always punished. omar was forced to stand for eighteen hours he was beaten after eight months he was released from the prison
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camp he believes it was because he is a kazakhstan national the chinese wanted him to keep quiet. and i was allowed to leave the cabinet here on the condition that if i didn't remain silent my family would pay for it and they were all sent to the prison camp where my father died there so i don't know anything about the fate of my mother and my sisters on the. surveillance cameras a watchtower razor wire this is what the internment camps in shin junk looked like from the outside they have existed since twenty seventeen human rights activists estimate there are up to a million prisoners inside the act and it is twenty first century concentration camp so the chinese government uses concentration camp and than they already destroyed to eradicate it although we were identity china denies that these are re-education camps but human rights activists and experts disagree and they have
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satellite images that they say show that these camps are being expanded. it's to kenya now where illegal digging for sand poses a growing environmental threat practices depleted water supplies and worsen drought conditions did abuse no one incurred the ball visited one district where the promise of cash from sand is having devastating consequences. it's a walk across this god landscape which john meant to a must not called home this used to be a river carrying drinking water for the community and then livestock in much tacos county kenya. that's until sentai was just started illegally mining the river bed leaving barely any sand told the water john fights to stop them but his activism has come at a high price. goes where no it's somebody. my old. my house also is
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a human being that you made in the us to feel sick yeah. john says san cartels are behind the illegal mining which feeds the demands of the country's rapid been a zation people in his community believe they won't stop the destruction until there is no sand left with no regard for those whose lives depend on access to the water is. when the sun is too hot and you come to look for water you find the levels have gone very low and this water is salty it's not good for washing clothes for drinking this water is bad and we sometimes catch diseases like typhoid. all over the country illegal sand harvesting is taking place in broad daylight the driver of this truck doesn't want to be filmed but tells us up to two hundred truckloads of sand a collective each day the illicit scent business is a lucrative one just not for the people in the communities where the sand is mind
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on the small group of sandy this cashes in on the sales by the people of much a cause of divided between those who depend on the little money and from harvesting and those desperate to save the last puddles of water in the area but no matter which side they're on both groups suffer the dangerous and by mental and human cost of the data you send industries underbelly. many lives have been ruined or lost due to kenya sandra this is a thirty six year old farmer who lost her husband a centavo who died at work. he said it happened on the seventh of march twenty fourth teen before he was scooping sand to sow. as they were scooping sand and taking underground the soil above him fell down and buried him. as does as opposed to the sand harvesting which
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has caused an almost permanent drought in the region but she no. that many of these men who make just a few dollars a day collect they have no choice. with. the problem that we have their own tiny job and we have families we have needs. and we're human beings and we try hold together. but we just don't get them different. is that at the end of the. dunn says it's a tragedy that man like matthew of being used by the cutouts and have become complicit in destroying the livelihoods of their communities he's asking politicians and police to find the stand up to those stealing manteca send so that hopefully one day its residents can recover. we have the sports news for now on real madrid have reappointed xina dean's adana as coach after sacking santiago
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solari is due to take over training later today his new contract runs until two thousand and twenty two in his hugely successful first tells coach he won three champions league titles are zero and one league a crown with ryall but they struggle sense he resigned last may we all crashed out of champions league last week and are twelve points behind leaders barcelona in the league. well in the bundesliga is monday night game frankfurt and door for closed out mashed a twenty five the hosts took their time but eventually overcame their opponents scoring three goals in the second half that means frankfurt remain undefeated in two thousand and nineteen. were defeated by frankfurt in a major way earlier this season conceding seven goals to the high flying eagles all eyes were on frank rich bitch as he scored five goals against dusseldorf for their first encounter but he wouldn't be a factor in this one the home side thought they were off to
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a great start maybe even early goal but unfortunately for dusseldorf luka back you know was called for his ball in the build up after the restart frankfurt open the scoring off the cross to cincy are finished with a header one zip frankfurt they haven't lost a match after taking the lead in twenty nine games in stoppage time they added another through a rare substitute sebastian i lay off the frenchman no problem navigating the keeper. only two minutes later again. giving frankfurt the easy three victory over. a great tune up for frankfurt to face in the europa league later this week. and been asleep in action later today facing england's manchester city in the champions league it's been a disastrous campaign for schalke a so far as they sit in fourteenth place in a bonus lida having finished in second place last season but there is hope the
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underdogs can cause an upset in europe's top competition. shellcode coached a medico to disco is hoping to leave his problems behind in germany the team flew off the northern england on the back of a run of five defeats in six games that includes the loss in the first leg against manchester city who hold on one goal lead it's a bleak situation against the premier league leaders but to disco believes all is not lost. reason was and of course we're outsiders clear outsiders we have a chance and it would have to be a special day but we want to make it just that. among city's a ray of talent says learoyd a former shell good player and goalscorer two weeks ago in goals and. he and his team are cliff favorites but coach is taking nothing for granted after several shock comebacks in other champions league ties. i think we didn't
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expect the decision would happen for example room madrid. is not a good example because every game is completely different one hundred one goal in the first minute many things can happen in ninety minutes in this kind of position . based on recent form city should be able to win with himself playing in midfield in a round full of surprises you need the biggest miracle yet to reach the quarterfinals . of your minor now the tough story we're following for you after this hour prime minister theresa may has struck a deal with european union negotiators to resign revise the terms of the plan. to maintain its concerns northern ireland's border with the irish republican lawmakers along and will be voting on those changes later today.
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this is the interview news live from their heart will be here in a minute with. there's also been looking at the invention that has of course changed everything literally everything it is the world wide web so thirtieth first that don't forget you can always get more on these and other stories at our website up at dot com i'm ryan thomas thanks for being with us. i'm going.
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to. pick up. the fight for top spots good commitments to each of them in three points to an awning off to a. high and seize the moment on goal difference after smashing false hopes it's no fun being champions now.
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because sixty minutes total. of six rooms. are all weak. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. and the christian population. when finance fighters aka the city center two thousand and seventeen president church's response was brutal. i. will never gain political gain of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. it's not the british up on this is not the kind of freedom that me. how did you become a gateway to islamist terror. i think now you see sarah connor more sitting as
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a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of i s starts april eleventh on d w. happy birthday well why wed on march twelfth nine hundred eighty nine a man called tim suggests to his boss that it might be a good idea to connect computers around the world fast forward thirty years we have online dating fake news and kept videos finke you very much tim berners lee. scales down its a bishan sweet sound for a council of the world's biggest ally the european acro builder reveals much.


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