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mr theresa may has struck a deal with the e.u. negotiators to revise the terms of rights of the main change concerns northern ireland's border with the irish republican lawmakers and long and will be voting on those changes in the coming hours. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being with us. the floods have taken everything. now despair please god let climate refugees good luck to. you seek shelter the kind of tough but even here the waters are rising. the floods. start. g.w. . electric
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car maker tesla got off to a lightning start and quickly pulled ahead of the classic car brands the big automotive companies that exist today are either going to have to change dramatically or die this is the man who did it evolve musk a star in the silicon valley from them. he celebrated like a pop star his story is one of david against the goliath's of the car industry but what is behind tesla success. and a test of if you could look into a tesla factory which isn't that easy you're trying there's an awful lot of german know how. and in silicon valley itself we hear another story losses running into billions chaos in production and stressed out employees your body kind of just gives you in the exact same thing for twelve hours and. how long will tesla's lead lap. asked all the carmakers are gearing up tesla's rivals in germany are playing
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their cards close to their chests how dangerous are they chalked out as the shock is passed in german companies are closing fast and pull. the. tail man has switched to tesla he drives one hundred percent electric. trucks and although i don't get in the car you close the door and it's like you're in another world you don't have any ambient noise anymore you don't hear the engine the cars very very relaxing to drive. and it's also good for the environment. also what you get from but i used to drive a diesel because i cover a lot of kilometers what was it was why did you just have to stand behind a car like that unusual nose you know and then you know that it can't be good
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because we should believe in justice i mean it's going to come. tesla's clean image gleams but it cost money more than seventy thousand euros for the economy version of the s. model with auto pilot of course. the items we don't own the most and i don't have to worry so much about the little things anymore they're slowing down keeping my distance accelerating again the car does it all by itself. it's more of a driving assistant auto pilot would steer the car itself there have been some spectacular accidents and even tesla has issued warnings going off on some so you still got to pay attention to the road what it can't do is exit the motorway or things like that with all the work of. man drives emission free through his hometown of laos under pick nits he overlooks occasional defects the non operational autopilot camera the jammed exterior mirror or the internet browser.
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as he's here almost you can see it up here normally this advertising should run through here but it's not working. you can find a lot of complaints about tesla's defects on the internet but just as much support as well. no matter whether it's a mobile phone or a television or something like that you already assume it won't function one hundred percent some of the smaller things won't work. making mistakes and making improvements that's tesla's principle the latest updates to it software are always available until now the achilles heel of all e-cards has been the frequent need to stop and recharge tesla promises long range driving the ham on family is packing for summer holiday. that's not enough t. shirts. you have to take small as always i've got too much i'll have another look in a minute. they hammond's are off to italy for people and their dogs. a
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thousand kilometers all electric how are they going to manage that. tesla has made an object of desire but does the battle of tesla's david against the oil companies goliath ring true what goes on at the tesla factory on the edge of silicon valley. for a year we've been asking to visit and see the cars in production but we've never had a reply so we're going there anyway. our camera on the sidewalk alert security. they say no recordings or interviews and tell us to leave. behind the factory test the workers are camping in the parking lot a remarkable picture by german standards.
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maybe talk to you from german television. nobody wants to talk to us here either then we get lucky. let's take an. envelope. zachary hodges worked at tesla until he couldn't take the strain anymore coming as he didn't want to put himself and his family's future at risk any longer keane is the probably the reason why i decided to leave. so. he was grown is pregnant and right around the time i got hurt. at first zachary was totally enthusiastic about the tesla story and eagerly joined in the company video shows the production line in the best light but he remembers the factory differently. everything here looks
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a lot brighter it's definitely looks cleaner than i when i read a number that. actually show the role i put on every single day. that's be clear part right before that's the dirtiest section they're not surprised they were shown. in that hours that we were there we had to work is essentially twelve hour days every single day. most of the time it was seven days a week or six days a week usually worked on on saturdays sometimes we were i think that the the max was like forty some days straight. there's nothing worse humans involved and they are showing. at some point his body could no longer withstand the constant strain. repetitive work injuries is probably the most
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common thing in your body kind of just gives up doing the exact same thing for twelve hours and. the health and safety authority has also recorded a whole series of accidents that tesla. the robotic arms can't reach everything so you have to manually drill holes in and you know and then pop rivets in and so the drill bits very sharp they die out in about two cars probably about a couple of minutes so i was told hours and i put my entire body weight. to drill holes into the car things like twenty one holes and a pop in. and then that actually that actually what i think i was just wiping a car down with a cloth and then my arm gave out and my back. for months he was unable to
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work and even now he still needs physio therapy how does that fit in with tesla's own glossy story. elan musk mr tesla he stands in the limelight and sells the story of squeaky clean tesla putting the old car industry on notice. he knows how to present himself but he still refuses an interview. he has a huge fan base. is it justified. we tracked down an old friend of his.
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awareness like growth of today a deal resi heads the founder institute a business incubator for high tech companies he's known since his student days. i've known you on lost for twenty five years. arguably one of his best friends we actually started a. game a night club and our college house at the university of pennsylvania. and we use the proceeds from the night club to cover our living expenses high tech and entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a profit all this fall. on fertile ground near here we're going to send it over and over. most of the venture capital inside of america is situated on the sand hill. most startups fail but if they succeed it's mainly
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here in palm in silicon valley. so you'll see this sort of small core a little town and it's probably responsible for the vast majority of enervation crane in around the world today google was started in a building just like that except right up ahead pay pal was started and another one of these buildings pay pal is the internet's financial giant a startup by young entrepreneurs elon musk was one of the co-founders musk and his colleagues sold it to e-bay for a billion and a half dollars. tesla was originally also a startup set up by electric current to see it's here on the first floor is the cradle of the company. elon musk brought millions from the pay pal sale and quickly took over the helm from founder martin aber hard.
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how did must manage to overtake the old car companies with a start up. stuttgart based innovation consultant all of a guy now has a surprising answer tesla was significantly faster than the german car industry in developing a battery car but it still used their help he shows us what's in a tesla. sensor in brake management systems are made by bosch the entire air suspension comes from continent. steering gears are from to soften today known as robert bosch automotive and the door handles were developed with a company bowser called book. inside controls come from dime not and the sound system from a young swabian company around forty suppliers have been installed including german suppliers for rearview and cosmetic mirrors because i thought it's only. previously
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dime or generously supported the newcomer with capital and german know how it turns out tesla successful model strategy isn't original either. interestingly tesla has adopted the classic automobile manufacturer strategy first of all start with premium technology on the higher goal classes and only then gradually transferred to other vehicle classes on the principle tesla has done what the germans have been doing very successfully for a very long time and translated that into electro mobility that. in contrast german car makers had switched their strategy for electric mobility competing with small but expensive. now mercedes and audi have also introduced larger electric off road vehicles and porsche is directly challenging tesla successful s model. a meeting in an underground car park in barcelona. the new electric porsche the ty
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con is intended to overtake the tesla. the team test engineers from stuttgart. their mission readiness for serious production. but as intense pick us late as possible. the car's design is top secret inside and out. chief engineer robot maya always keeps an eye on the competition secretly all the car makers are fever slee working on electric cars the competition for the future of the e-car is in full swing there is not a honda as we don't want to talk a lot about the styling of the vehicles interior yet so use it for so we won't show our competitors our new ideas too early and go on to ford's lying boy was set up for more you know. but just a few minutes later the electric porsche's cover is blown. the police pull it over
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while it's still in town and. other drivers also take photos of the newcomer the tesla challenger is already on the radar. but for porsche road testing is a must the electric tie conscient work in all situations even in the heat here that test is especially important for the batteries. the pain you know doesn't let go everyone knows that a laptop simply loses one time a competitive after a certain time of the golden dome of the this is because its batteries more frequently operate in either very high or very low temperature ranges because they're not actively cold and heated so gets you to not to include all behinds. it's the same with the electric car batteries that get too cold or too hot break down faster and have less power. then
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performance is portia's top priority. because you can accelerate event go from zero to one hundred ten times in a row with the value we specified and that will be a very good value as you can accelerate from zero to two hundred four times in a row without any loss of power at any point. was the last part of. the engineers that porsche are sure they can surpass the tesla and they also want to beat the americans in terms of quality. but they aren't there yet. they have gotten off the plane we've just had a startup probably one of our five fair causing our colleagues and i are researching it there's an established procedure for this which we must now carry out in but it will only take a moment then the car will be ready again. car fives running we're coming you know good it's working we're leaving the car park and turning right so now the test can
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continue with. the fault was actually a stroke of luck for the swabian engineers because they want to find the faults before the customers do. unlike other brands that use a combustion engine body with an electric motor porsche has a new approach with an extra low position for the battery pack minded or at least can see it very clearly when you drive into the curve is the low center of gravity makes the vehicle even more stable. and you drive around bends like on tracks fifteen this combined with the acceleration typical of electric motors could probably leave most gas guzzlers behind but the engineers still have countless curves hundreds of thousands of kilometers and every imaginable test situation ahead of them. in less than a year they want to be tesla in the sales room too even though the porsche is
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likely to. cost around twenty thousand euros more. the old age back in california deal resi doesn't believe that the established european car makers will have it so easy against tesla not with his friend elon musk at the top. elon musk invented killer is very successful because he's a strong and we're probably one of the strongest engineers that have ever lived and in addition to that he is very determined. wackiness is the key to success here only if something is completely new almost revolutionary can it leave the established companies in the dust as with pay pal and tesla they have also shown this with another project that they started together. you know on and i started working on space together in approximately two thousand and we worked on
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a company called life to mars for one year where we were trying to develop a mission to mars. that's how elon musk's other big company space x. came to be it's a private spaceflight company something that was once almost inconceivable and even less affordable space x. he took a small fortune and turned it into a large fortune so he inverted the paradigm. space x. now regularly shoots satellites into space. the tests are also good advertising for tesla. to cut costs must work covers the missiles which is new but his vision goes much further we need to be a multi planetary species it is our manifest destiny at this point to have
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a sustainable ongoing. colony or civilization off planet and then if you look at the planets in our soil solar system there is literally one that makes sense and that's mars. but musk has great plans on earth to the hyperloop is a high speed traffic network of tubes based on the same principle as the pneumatic tube in this case the pods will be self powered. musk has already had students from all over the world working on them most from germany. there is a lot of activity here at munich technical universities prototype workshop dozens of students are competing against twenty top universities from all over the world. the team that comes up with the hyperloop the fastest wins. the theory about how much we're learning here it's indescribable in comparable totally unlike a semester in
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a lecture hall because. the munich students have already won one of the lawn musk's tom petitions twice but he wants to up the pace and calls on them to compete again and again and know it and yes i think he's very smart he did very well with the hyperloop because he didn't have enough time in the beginning so he had the idea to get different students and people working on it and without a. the feel of it when he got. there packing for the contest in california. the competition of the top universities has begun the students from munich are working under high pressure making the final preparations on their model in the testing tube musk gives a speech that fires them all up. it's stupid here's a couple here and have to create companies. and i think that's really were it
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credit cards like. trying to. create your organisation. predict the future earlier say face. the race itself will barely last ten seconds but will give a verdict on months of hard work. if they follow the journey in the tube through a camera in the capsule. four hundred sixty seven kilometers per hour a new record munich has one. german know how for iran musk and a handshake from the billionaire as a thank you that. was there with the children and watched with those children with us there was actually quite spontaneous. the budding
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engineers admire the idiosyncratic company boss and imitate his way of working. with the deadlines and deadlines are very difficult to meet and we really do need to return to finish later but this way of working forces virtually everyone to work at full tilt always doing as much as possible. in my movie theater life as well as school just by this is a good example in the week before shipping to electronics guys who programmed the whole control system slept eight hours in five days i'm in from fog still. barely achievable goals and constant pressure is that the must system. i'm stressed the entire thing out. exactly hard just has experienced the permanent stress in the tesla factory. he got sick and feels abandoned
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yeah they're blaming us for getting hurt knowing that they have basically. us until we're almost dead every single day and then blame it on us it was a victimization that i just didn't sit right with me. it was as if from a terrible feeling to feel that he's unwilling to believe the glowing tesla story anymore even though tesla says it took note of the situation and changed the workflow. you know when you first get in there they treat all excited you're part of something and then you see how expendable you are as the factory worker when you hear her. zachary's left tesla and he's not the only one. in a small village in the region of southern bavaria we meet
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a man who dedicated himself to ilan musk body and soul. philip stood out was the manager of tesla in germany. most beautiful thing is i'm biased if the phone rang and you know it was his number you sometimes got a bit nervous of all the allotted times were always very very short and there was always a lot of pressure. says the manager who is a self-confessed workaholic he commutes between locations worldwide and manages an eco power company without a fixed desk well why not. if you ask my fiance she'll say i'm always working as long as my head still intention i'm not sleeping you she was always how you define it. as i'd say that in a busy week with a lot of travelling i work ninety hours but otherwise i'm between seventy and eighty will to sions of this i'm good. at tesla he worked hard and learned a lot especially how important a good story is not just
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a product. he was also the vision to say i'm attacking the automotive industry where it's very hard to enter foretold to improve the world and to prove that it works with all my comparable i could still go bankrupt but if you could go bust i believe it really awakens remarkable sympathy among customers when someone really thinks ahead takes risks and then goes their own way. shrewder also drives a tesla as a company car in his new company the secret of tesla success in germany is quite clear to him the tesla fast charging stations on the edge of the motorways called super charger which he helped to set up all over the country. without the super chargers we wouldn't have sold a single car in germany this is because germany is a nation of automobiles and people learn to drive long distances very quickly and the high speeds on the motorway mean consumption
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a desire. that's how he beat the german car makers. all set for the holidays the hellman's are off to italy. when they bought their tesla the super charger network convinced them. one thousand kilometers under purely electric power with a camera on the roof. they have the smaller battery which has a range of about four hundred kilometers so they actually only have to recharge twice but they hammond's want to recharge in five shorter stops recommends that's about half an hour of forced break each time including at the put on a pos tanya hammon isn't bothered. you get used to it really quickly even the brakes you see it in you aren't getting any younger so it's quite good if you can stretch your legs every now and then i actually think it's good. in
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particular the hemlines want to drive clean thanks to hydro power they are still a rarity here in the mountains because an emo bio is only as clean as the electricity it's charging with. we made the mistake of driving on a saturday and that of course is a day when everybody is traveling we left at three o'clock in the morning and thought we might have the worst behind us but it was a. cost of stopping just stopping. the vehicles long range calms their nerves but the bigger the battery the worse it is for the environment a battery consumes a lot of electricity and reduces the climate advantage so it could still take a long time until the electric car overtakes the combustion engine in any environmental comparison. it's obvious that something like this makes headlines especially with tesla. another production problem. and i caught
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the lector car battery today has materials that are mind in countries that sometimes have questionable environmental standards and occupational safety. batteries contain cobalt which mainly comes from the congo and we mustn't forget that first these countries are also tightening their standards due to pressure from the car industry. and second these materials are being used less and less going to tesla assumes that today's batteries use only a third of the cobalt used in the batteries it originally developed if i did it even go by that because that's what. the headlines are hoping for further improvements in environmental protection. they see their exhaust free electric car as a step towards clean driving and want to be part of it. even though with traffic jams and refueling stops it took them seventeen hours to cover the one thousand kilometers and they ended up pretty frazzled.
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out of us and we were exhausted but we were given a great welcome with dinner on the terrace it was a bit cool that day but it was very nice to be received by the family there from the familiar and funny and. after the stopover they drive their tesla sports car to the riviera. just what was. that was quite an adventure we weren't even aware of it in advance. this house was sort of in the prairie twenty to twenty five minutes down the switchback and it was extremely narrow in places and partly on seals but somehow we got to the house your house on the common man and the tesla immediately grounded in the driveway and my husband had to move some rocks out of the way that's not much time he also because i didn't need to see it slow for sure which to electricity filling stations or even fast charging stations are thin on the ground here but what else are the sockets in the house for
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. and if you can't plug it in at the same time as your dishwasher for example on spring. break sample when the dishwasher starts up it could blow the fuse so being in italy still quite new venture but nothing was going on overnight anyway so we plugged it in in the evening and i'm plugged it the next morning and then we had enough. with no time pressure it isn't a problem in the end they have a relaxed holiday with their e-car. whereas a tesla summer twenty eighteen is anything but relaxed the new small model three is supposed to conquer the mass market hundreds of thousands of customers have preordered. but production is running much slower than planned and there are new problems in the factory all the time iran must put on a brave face and turns the first delivery into his own show. he jokes about the production problems. i mean if that is frankly we're
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going to be in production hell. welcome welcome. to russia. laughter from the fans but zachary hodges actually went through tesla's production hell. he describes one incident. where one time we looked up and right across not supposed to be doing that and the robots got confused and i was on sounds we had to ship parts from germany were out for quite a while because the two harms collided themselves and smashed the two body parts together and ripped off one of the arms so that was a crazy thing likely no one got hurt but that's exactly what tesla has been having so much trouble with over the past few months programming that level of automation which assumes that hundreds of robots have to interact with each other so there's no trivial matter to god as. the solution to many of these problems will apparently
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come from coal mine a global market leader in automation tesla also relies on made in germany in car and battery production. women and if you could look into a tesla factory which isn't that he seems you'd find there's an awful lot of german know how involved on the one hand tesla's recruited real specialists partly from established car manufacturers on the other hand tesla has taken a very close look at which suppliers from germany they can use. the americans bought up grow mon straight away after the takeover the workforce in the region protested that wages were too low. with the help of the game a tall union they have got largely what they wanted unlike in the united states. during a meeting where you want to was there one person had the. courage to say yeah we're
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all doing great are we going to get a union. and iran calmly said no there's some that we just want to get later you know we still got to build and i was right now's not the time broken down money wise what would make sense you know he was very persuasive on that the person who asked that question we never saw. i'm not saying. and merely fire that was because of that but it was something that we were we felt from the people above us let's not talk. without trade unions must can put more pressure on the workers in the factory in the usa. are going to do everything we possibly can to get you a car as soon as possible so we're going to work then i. would do right by them by the way you know. in summer twenty eighteen musk is hit with
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a perfect storm not only his customers but also his shareholders are breathing down his neck. he says he takes sleeping pills appears in a video podcast smoking a joint and fires off the irritating messages threatening on twitter to sell tests . the stock is on a roller coaster ride and the stock exchange supervisory authority has to intervene but by the fall tesla returns some surprisingly positive figures. doesn't i mean how do you have a convict the company has been making losses for years and no company can survive only making losses so the point comes when a company also makes a profit there have been enough times in recent years when tesla seemed to be on the verge of bankruptcy and would have to be sold off it's remarkable but that wasn't the case because the loan must himself made fun of the fact that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. personally i assume that this is what they have in mind for the future as you know simply because the tax not. g.e. is now their customer base is their the vehicles are now available in the mass
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market so that means the company will also have the opportunity to make profits in the coming years something that is sorely needed. back in stuttgart we can see that tesla is running out of time. this is the new factory for the electric porsche tai con. for a project manager stefan that by setting up production is just as important as the development of the electric car. because they can develop the most beautiful thing in the world but if they can't really produce at the necessary level of quality it doesn't make sense. with one hundred years of experience in car manufacturing behind them the traditional brands are now aiming to catch up and play to their advantages not just in automation. we have a team with decades of experience in sports car construction and we will transfer this experience this quality into the ticonderoga on. the priest series production
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of the electric porsche is so far top secret. the project manager and his chief engineer meet here regularly. they also want to be tesla in production not just on the road. they have solved many problems in the tie con by now but chief engineer won't rest. in the last phase before the pure starts of serious productions we are to a large extent dealing with software optimize ations with james in this instance today a very strongly networked as well so it's really important that we can analyze and optimize diagnostic or error memory issues. that we've managed to do that even from spain. to me this is going to hold on. but tesla still has a head start its network of fast chargers it took a long time for the german car industry to react. in the future the new consortium
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ion a t is supposed to make recharging as fast and convenient as with the tesla. the germans may be late but now they're faster. given the vehicle is going to be the first to travel on eight hundred volts and this will cut the charging time almost in half i think it's the big game changer that thai com will be the first to use a charging capacity of almost three hundred kilo works. faster charging faster driving faster construction is this the key to success. but perhaps the door between the german car manufacturers and tesla won't really be decisive at all a player of the next generation is already appearing on the car horizon. the abbreviation for bytes on wheels we take an exclusive look into the workshop of the future. there's a lot of german know how here to. quote came from b.m.w. . what's the difference to b.m.w.
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. in silicon valley where you have to tackle issues right away and get things going then work out the next steps sometimes spontaneous ideas like fixing my cameras or trying out algorithms but the most important things to do. as well as make use of alcohol was. quote is not the only one many in the bight management team come from german car companies the bosses with the biggest capital come from china here in silicon valley they can take advantage of young talent and the high pace of development if you look at the really hot topics and appear on the table or three or four of us make the decisions. not a big committee or senior executives we simply bring together people who can contribute so the decisions are made here even sensitive topics of interest. they're completely rethinking the electric car. what are you doing right now at the moment we're looking at the instrumentalists nation the different camera views that
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the vehicle makes available to the driver. that. it's about autonomous driving with lots of entertainment. front seats here can soon be turned to face backwards as well as they go and i understood his concept one important concept they were tackling it by is the lounge theme. i like to call this the moving living room so it's not just about driving dynamics it's about developing a good sense of space so i don't drive a sports car i actually drive a vehicle that allows me to feel comfortable it's about perceptions of this whole issue of user experience and i think what's clearly changing even with traditional vehicles is that driving alone is no longer the only point i just. go around was previously with tesla. for him bitin is one step further in technology and in dealing with employees. as it didn't have to i felt it was top
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down management although of course that could also have to do with the situation in many places well i think it does and i don't think that's something i misled by it's a good thing we don't have it yes. the chinese donors want to develop the car as a mobile living room or an improved electronic games room they come from the consumer electronics industry and want to move a lot of units made in china. tesla is no longer one hundred here but the hunted the lot musk's friend admits tesla is an old company right now that the difference that they differ a lot of it's stuff is a little bit an equated but they are keeping abreast with trends. tesla is not the only solution for the ham on family either. tanya ham on is looking for an electric replacement for her v.w. golf station wagon. but the tesla model s.
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is too big and too expensive for the city and the new smaller model three does not convince the couple either. is here so far no decision of passion new car has been made because the optimum that i envisage is not yet on the market. and. they prefer to wait because new tempting offers are emerging. but i see it says the price including batteries between sixteen and twenty thousand euros this is the sort of deal people will go for in the cinema. whether new or established car brands the emo bile is becoming cheaper better and more versatile worldwide the times when tesla could just pull ahead of traditional car brands are over. get some good and we have a very exciting race and i'm curious how this neck and neck race will be judged in four or five years i'm confident that by then the germans will be quite far ahead
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from him if i follow as i go. in the end iran musk's tesla will soon be just one of many. german agriculture destroying baltic people. german companies are running pete on massive scale it's a cheap resource to farmers. but environmentalists warn that extracting peat arms the climate. bombs releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases depleting gimpy bugs. close up thirty minutes.
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the fight for top spot. on the beach to three to three points not enough. fire and seize the lead on goal difference for snoozing faults six new defending champions now. even. i was going to. tell my managers to not go to jail. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank the money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w.
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for mines. this is e w news live from berlin it is this frags a deal or brags it may not happen at all those are the words as the e.u. is junkyard younger appearing alongside theresa may at a late night news conference he's warned there will be no third chance but are the new terms enough to finally win the support of british lawmakers. also coming up algeria is ailing president says he will not seek a fifth term that follows mass protests next month's elections have also been delayed raising concerns about where the country is headed.


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