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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's prime minister makes a last ditch appeal to parliament for her bret's the deal theresa may is about to address the house of commons before the crunch vote later today but will the doubts raised by her attorney general will she go and meet hope that her deal will be approved for the life to lead.
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i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us british prime minister theresa may is about to make a last ditch appeal to lawmakers for her briggs a deal ahead of a crucial vote later today but its approval is now in doubt after a verb view by britain's attorney general geoffrey cox has said changes to the brakes a deal do not to eliminate the risk that the u.k. will remain tied to e.u. rules indefinitely a specifically at issue is the so-called backstop which sees northern ireland continuing to follow e.u. rules to keep the border with the irish republic open now on monday theresa may did agree with the e.u. that this provision would only apply temporarily. well cox's opinion comes just hours before lawmakers are due to vote on the revised deal you see pictures here from the house of commons right now where geoffrey cox is taking to m.p.'s he is taking questions on his letter we will listen live to the debate in
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a little bit and of course listen to theresa may speaking as well for now though let's bring in our correspondents who are following all the different angles of the break that story for us we have broken math in london and max hoffman in assure us for both of them standing by for us. and max it to see you are going to start with you the attorney general with this letter casting doubt on this deal even with the changes that were made how important is that. well conservative as well as no the narration piece said before that they were going to listen to the attorney general and his legal explanation i wonder though if it really changes people's minds or if there was ever a chance that they would change their minds because opinions on breaks that are extremely entrenched here in the u.k. you can hear and see behind me there's a lot of supporters from both sides of the divide people some people just one doubts at any cost and as soon as possible others want to stay within the european
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union and they are hoping for a second referendum and the same thing is mirrored inside the house of commons so even though it is obviously an important statement and everybody said they would take into account the legal position opinions on bricks it's of really really entrenched in the u.k. ok so you have been standing there with a parliament today a broken talking to lawmakers what are they saying about their opinions what are the chances of the still passing. while i speak to some you wilson who is one of the leading members of the northern irish do you see here in the house of parliament northern ireland's politicians are those that conservative m.p.'s are having a close look at if the northern irish m.p.'s were. a vote for treason may's deal a lot of conservative m.p.'s would follow them however semi wilson in this interview that we've done this morning seem very very critical he's speaking of
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a toxic deal and it's better to have no deal than this toxic deal so i can't really imagine him to be voting for treason may's deal tonight max let's come to you in strasbourg now you know theresa may and the e.u. last night hashing out changes to this agreement where does that your stand on all of this. we've had multiple reactions pouring in from all across europe including for example a meeting of the european affairs ministers in bucharest so rumania where they had a scheduled meeting and they seemed all quite a bit about this new solution we have to keep in mind though this is not a new deal the deal itself so the withdrawal agreement or some call it the divorce deal remains untouched this is just an interpretation some even say it's an interpretation of the interpretation of the divorce deal so giving reassurances as shown through put it in the night from monday to tuesday but they all unanimously said this is it this is the deal that will be no further negotiation. so some of
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the minister said so so basically the message to the u.k. in the house of commons is take it or leave it no more negotiation that is something we heard very clearly from john quite younger he said if the parliament fails to back this plan there might not be any brags that at all so what would happen next there from the u.s. perspective. really they have to wait and see how this week plays out we're completely unsure whether there will be really a bragg's it on the twenty ninth of march or not because we have possibly had votes this week in the house of commons as birgitte has mentioned multiple times earlier about a possible extension of the so-called article fifty period which is another word or the technical term for delaying bragg's it for babies some weeks or even some months and then they also have to vote on whether they want an old deal breaks or if they insist on a briggs and with a deal and if they do that then it gets even more complicated because the only deal
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on the table from that use perspective is the deal that they will vote on today so as usual i have to say at this point so we all three options are still at the table on the table which is braggs it with a deal of bragg's it without a deal or no bugs at all seems like not much has changed after all max the berkut coming back to you we just heard from max so that there are several votes possibly planned this week take us through what will happen if parliament fails to pass the budget deal today. if called amend doesn't vote for trees amazed ill she is from this that there will be a vote on or a no no no you're crazy out of the european yeah end of march without a silver of unserious that it sounds to now is that i know that they are they very much for this motion so if they do it and no deal breaks it then there's going to be a vote in a possible extension as much mentioned and the thinking here in london is if the
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reason they lose is by a big margin last time you remember she goes by to our heads that he goes if it's a big margin then she might have to look for a longer extension and then who knows what would happen maybe a general election if she only loses by a smaller margin maybe only a shorter extension and then she will try and get this to. another time so another meaningful date that's one scenario off of the end of today so that there's a lot has been and she really has a zero runs of the house of fall of it and really make the case for heidi oh all right but we are as we said keeping a very close eye on what's happening in the house of commons right now we'll be listening in to theresa may a little bit later our correspondents mosques and trust for thank you both. now to some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. backed syrian forces say they have killed at least thirty eight she harvests in
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heavy fighting in eastern syria the syrian democratic forces have been closing in on the town of bug lose for several weeks now it is the last pocket of territory held by the so-called islamic state in syria. malaysia singapore and australia have joined a growing list of countries in their lines restricting operation of boeing's new seven thirty seven max airline most of the suspensions affect asia a seven thirty seven max crashed in ethiopia on sunday the second crash of the model in five months. the u.s. secretary of state my pompei it was announced that washington is pulling all the remaining diplomatic personnel out of venezuela he said the decision reflects the deteriorating situation in the country venezuela's electricity grid largely collapsed last week and president has suggested that u.s. sabotage caused the blackout. and a court in belgium has sentenced the gunman who killed four people in an attack on brussels jewish museum to life in prison maybe now staged the attack in two
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thousand and fourteen after returning from syria where he's suspected of having joined the so-called islamic state. turning now to on syria where demonstrators are back in the streets of the capital a day after president abdullah as he's put a flake of pledged not to seek another term in office but he's also announced a delay in the presidential election that was due to take place on april eighteenth so students have been protesting again would have like a did not name a new date he was responding to weeks of protests but many voters are not convinced that the eighty two year old leader will follow through on his promise not to run again. let's go to the capital injured journalist sophia nasr is standing by for us sophia people as we said protesting and now about the elections being postponed could this influence with this because this isn't again. this is sort of the seem entirely on keel because it is decisions just taken yesterday but what we see in the streets in algeria across the country today is high pressure. as mentioned. we
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have massive protests off children's on the tens of thousands on marching in downtown but also in other cities across the country. strikes that was called for a couple of days ago was also also the continued today in several cities that gillum are confronting and we had all. seen trends in the streets they're known friday and it's likely that the last words by it which is he talks on it's not spoken yet so what does postponing the election actually meant mean what could we when could we see a possible vote in algeria. this all seems completely unclear because there will be a way of staying within the media framework of the constitution but with the nonsense of yesterday this is the a breach of the constitution in place so heidi i'm clear what will happen and also
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in case of the book the future plan will react young going on record what the result will be one good well you'll find was that also yesterday because of the t.v. on. for the bias in the top two cents there's no information out about what they discussed but i can detect that state media published. is a bit worrying when it comes to interventions of yarn jobs played a role even if came to the announcements that were made yesterday. to the students who are protesting now they want to see algeria political future handed to the younger generation in the coming years but will that really happen there is also highly unlikely to lead opposition parties will be strong enough to counter any tents also for the children with the instructions being winning another vote does not a this vote will happen soon or in the year since. the real opposition parties that
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we have in the country are discredited or if it's racist something that is also part of this kind of litmus test it's just a bit. in recent years so the possible and also the possible outcome of all of this is simply this is not the climate here in regime will take over. a difference it's question if the name starts quote it might be separate topic that is more inclusive than the current one journalist association for speaking to us from algeria thank you very much. here in germany an iraqi asylum seeker has confessed to murdering a fourteen year old girl on the opening day of his trial prosecutors have also charged with raping the teenager they allege she attacked and killed the victim in the city of last year and then fled with his family to iraq german federal police eventually brought him back with the help of iraqi authorities the case has fueled
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a broader debate about asylum in germany especially for those who are charged with violent crimes. when suzanna disappeared in may last year two weeks went by before any trace of her could be found then police discovered the body of a fourteen year old next to a railroad track in a home covered with dirt and branches. a young iraqi living in a refugee shelter in response was the main suspect the investigating team then got a tip from within the migrant community where he was living. center. at about six thirty pm on sunday june third a thirteen year old refugee appeared in the spotless first precinct and said that susana had been raped and murdered so i figured i'd pick. and he named this twenty year old iraqi as a possible suspect. its workers and kate. and his family fled
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overnight to northern iraq but he was arrested there and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing susanna but denies having returned. right when the populists used the case to criticize the government's refugee policy in germany emotions ran high in an unusual step chancellor merkel commented on the sidelines of the g. seven summit in canada. with unimaginable suffering that the family and also the victim have endured touches everyone including me. i can only say now that it is good that the suspected perpetrator has been caught in the. first quarter. is believed to have killed susanna in order to cover up the rape he has also been accused of raping an eleven year old girl that case is being handled separately. now thirty years ago today a scientist named tim berners lee put the idea for the world wide web on paper at
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the just the two as boss that they set it up his boss agreed and the rest is history but his idea has taken off in directions he could have. never imagined. the ability of just about anyone to contact everyone anywhere in the world is down to this man tim berners lee as a young english physicist berners lee came up with a program language that enabled computers connected to the internet to exchange data. back then he was more concerned about linking academic computers around the world the science community and something else tim berners lee didn't get his language paid into it world wide web was free of charge from the beginning on that might have had something to do with how the internet swept and changed the world in such a short time. what we're getting to this point in just a few months when for the first time more than half the world will built will be online we're calling it a fifty fifty moment and that's a moment where i think we've got to do two things firstly we've got to say what
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about the next fifty percent and there's a lot of challenge in how we're going to get everybody connected or even the most the majority of the world connected but it's also of course a lot to do to make the web better and whether that's dealing with privacy concerns with content online with governments censoring or cutting access to the web in different parts of the world there's lots to do to make sure that we're getting the web we want not a web that actually hurts humanity because that's the downside enormously powerful tech conglomerates like facebook and google who collect collate and monetize personal data governments that spy on their citizens they make berners lee livid so nowadays he's working to help internet users regain control and ownership of their personal data. so why. do you have your business reporter rob has more on this story for us hi rob thank you for joining us it's hard to believe so thirty
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years ago the entire world wide web was created yes that's right and what is important to differentiate between is the internet and the world wide web. so the internet is something that's been around since the one nine hundred sixty s. in one form or another and what we're talking about today is the w.w.w. dot that we know the world wide web it's what we access when we go onto a web browser such as firefox or safari your internet explorer and that was proposed thirty years ago by a man called tim berners lee we can actually see him on this picture here heard from the third from the left celebrating at cern where he was working at the time thirty years ago and he proposed what at the time he called an information management system and it was a way in which all the different computers at could talk to each other and share information that until that point have been compatible with each other so it's a pretty incredible accomplishment but it sounds like tim berners lee is actually not that happy with what the world wide web has become you know i mean he invented
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it to be a great leveller that everyone could access for free that everyone could pool all of their information and then all together we could solve the world's problems but he has in the past few days i'm speaking about this and indeed today saying that he has concerns about the direction in which the world wide web has gone since he invented it there are three things in particular that points out that upset him state act is using his tool to spread misinformation talks about advertising models that encourage click bait. information that's not really of any great informative value he also doesn't like the way that the internet has encouraged outraged and polarizing debate it certainly has you know the world wide web was always free it still is technically but we do kind of pay a price for what we do online i mean sometimes we literally pay a price you know to access websites which tim berners lee might say is against his
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original principle but also the big thing that we all pay with is data and it's something that tim berners lee is trying to change to. he's part of a group that's trying to establish what's called paul ways in which that people can keep all of their data in one place and then control how the likes of facebook google amazon access that data more data they can access he's also pushing for something that's he calls the contract for the web which is an international set of laws signed up to by the nations of the world that can govern how we all use the internet and how our information is used maybe a way to change the next thirty years of the world wide web all right rob thank you so much our business reporter with the story thank you. a british led scientific mission has broadcast live television quality video and sound using wireless technology from deep below the surface of the indian ocean the nekton mission's
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first transmission came from six hundred meters under the sea off the seychelles in the off on a tour itself the goal is to gather data on the indian ocean to help improve conservation and one of the world's least explored area. this was the moment the next one dixie research mission made broadcast history a scientific breakthrough sixty meters below the surface of the indian ocean the world's first ever life television quality video transmission from a manned submersible vessel deep under the sea before now real time video transmissions from the planet's deep oceans used fiber optic cables but this broadcast used cutting edge wireless technology to transmit the video through the water before the launch high hopes of what would a white them. we are there be of course that connection that magical connection but
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we can then see wassup muscles are saying i bring in the ocean the depths of the earth and to life. after facing fierce undersea currents and the challenge of monsoon storms it's a huge success for the british that next on research team. it's on a mission to unlock the secrets of the indian ocean one of the world's least explored areas. the project's aim is to gather data to better understand the indian oceans ecosystem and help policymakers draw up conservation measures. as the seven week expedition searches for previously undiscovered marine life today's breakthrough may not be its last. you know refugee a football player from bahrain who was held in a thai prison has been granted australian citizenship today al-arabiya met the australian prime minister scott morrison who successfully lobbied for his release
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in two thousand and fourteen al-arabiya fled bahrain where he was born after being accused of vandalism and he was granted asylum in australia he was held in thailand on an extradition warrant from his former homeland. real madrid have reappointed finnegan's adonis coach after sacking solari sudan is due to take over training today his new contract runs until two thousand and twenty two and is hugely successful first down one three champions league titles in a row and one league of crown with rio but they have struggled since he resigned last may we all crashed out of the champions league last week and are twelve points behind leaders barcelona in. in the bundesliga is monday night game frankfurt closed out match day twenty five the hosts took their time but eventually overcame their opponents scoring three goals in the second half that means frankfurt remain undefeated in two thousand and nineteen. dusseldorf
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were defeated by frankfurt in a major way earlier this season conceding seven goals to the high flying eagles all eyes were on frankfurt lukey yo bitch as he scored five goals against dusseldorf in their first encounter but he wouldn't be a factor in this one the home side thought they were off to a great start maybe even early goal but unfortunately for dusseldorf luka back you know was called for handball in the build up after the restart frankfurt open the scoring off the cross since he finished with a header one zip frankfurt they haven't lost a match after taking the lead in twenty nine games in stoppage time they added another through a rare substitute sebastian i lay out the french mint no problem navigating the keeper. only two minutes later again giving frankfurt the easy three nil victory over dusseldorf a great tune up for frankfurt who face interim ilan in the europa league later this
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week. well but it's like a club shell car in action later today facing england's manchester city in the champions league it's been a disastrous campaign for shaka so far they are in fourteenth place in the bundesliga after finishing in second place last season but there is still hope that the underdogs can pull off an upset in europe's top competition. shellcode coach to medico to desk is hoping to leave his problems behind in germany the team flew off a northern england on the back of a run of five defeats in six games that includes the loss in the first leg against manchester city who hold on one goal lead it's a bleak situation against the premier league latest but to disco believes all is not lost. in the trees and walls and of course where outside is clear outside as we have a chance and it would have to be a special diet of almost any but we want to make it just that when i'm on. among
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cities a ray of talent. a former player and goal scorer two weeks ago. he and his team the cliff favorites but coach is taking nothing for granted after several short comebacks in all the champions league ties. didn't expect to happen for example to be on the grid. so as not to good examples because every games could do different. ones with one goal in the first minute many things can happen in. addition based on recent form city should be able to win with himself playing in midfield in a room full of surprises the biggest miracle yet to reach the quarterfinals. of all time at fighting championship star conor mcgregor has been arrested in miami for allegedly smashing a fan's phone as they tried to take
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a picture of him the irish mixed martial arts fighter is being charged with strong armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief the alleged incident took place as the thirty year old was leaving the hotel early in the morning last year mcgregor was ordered by a quarter to undergo anger management training and do five days of community service after attacking a bus that was carrying rival u.f.c. fighters. are now over a top story here on britain's attorney general has raised doubts over changes to the gregg fifty secured by prime minister theresa may the chief legal officer said provisions agreed to by the e.u. left legal risks over the so-called irish backstop unchanged. coming up news asia we talk to minority muslims who are fled detention centers in china and what they're calling twenty first century concentration camps. plus what is fueling militant extremism in kashmir. and indeed the explosive we talked to the
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family of people while not suicide bombers. their sponsors you will have those stories coming up on d.w. news asia in just a few minutes don't go away. just
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couldn't get the song out of. college just began searching for the captivating sound. deep in the forest in central africa and the like to look for the evil the less than the i mean one of. the most money little. he was
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by their culture that he stayed. with only approaches to his son made star known leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of work. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts first on t.w. . the city in ruins maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . as fighters occupied the city center seventeen president to tear his response was. i did or it will never again football game of. the reconquest turned into
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tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did my week become a deep way to islamist terror i think now he's saying sorry guys i need more sitting as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts april eleventh on g w. this is due to other news asia coming up on the program the u.n. calls for an inquiry into trying out the tensions in should we talk to my daughter to muslims who fled prosecution and intolerance in what we are calling twenty first century concentration camps also coming up the anger meetings into homegrown militants in the exclusive.


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