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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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board and chairman. as the world wide web turns thirty today but it's still facing growing pains it's. been physical and that's to business the world's biggest carmaker is still feeling the heat from the emissions scandal has posted a rise in net profits they topped twelve billion euros for last year but stricter environmental regulations are squeezing the german firm's profit margins the diesel cheating affair has already caused b.w. billions in fines now wants to try appeasing regulators by building more eco twenty two million over the next decade the company's slow pivot true electric vehicles comes as europe imposes new limits on carbon dioxide and china pushes for cleaner cars. of his also contesting a sixty three million euro fine from the tribunals in india again the case involving emissions file ations j p k is co-founder of fact
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a daily and joins us from bangalore j that's not the sort of press feed you wants while trying to expand in what could become the world's third largest passenger market. yes so this is really not. going to change much for the carmaker in terms of. profits from india because it sells very few units but it's definitely going to make a dent on their image which is trying to cultivate are far in india as a premium you know passenger car comic-con so that's definitely going to hurt a little bit there. and this is really you know the government breaking up and saying hey we're really serious about pollution and we want to do something about it and the timings are pretty bad for the comic and such but it's good to hear that at least india is waking up to environmental causes but what are emission standards like there. so right now india's emissions standards are
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a little behind european countries and america of course. in india is trying to improve for pollution control standards in the country and it wants to move to what is called the b s six which would be at odds with the european markets and it's also making efforts in terms of you know a lot of policy measures it's also trying to bring in more electric cars on the rolls of i twenty thirty it wants thirty percent of all the electric cars to be thirty percent of all the cars to be electric in the country saw overall there is this whole sensitivity around pollution which is coming in and that's why the emission standards need to be improved this particular instance of folks wagon being fined is an example of that they want to send out a signal to the market saying hey we're really serious about this. what about v.w. chances of actually succeeding in the indian market how seriously well could they
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actually go that. the company is really looking to invest close to a billion dollars in india and are they want to build out in on the local local costco and it's supposed to will become the largest market for you know most carmakers you know in a couple of years it's a pull it's going to or it's going to unseat japan in a couple of years and about five million units are expected to be sold in india so for a comic look like folks like and this is an important market and they'll try to look for. the look to solve problems and work with the regulators and address these issues i'm sure will. it have you on the show. japanese comic has announced its ending its production of its luxury infinity brand in sunderland plant in the u.k.
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is and says the move is part of plans to move away from the premium coffee market in western europe but the infinity brand competes against local rivals including jag land rover audi b.m.w. and mercedes benz the company has not mentioned brakes it. feline's between renault nissan and it's a big has moved up a gear the comic is announcing a new board the three companies had to separate boards of management until now we're no chairman. says that he will head the new joint board and the three say they hope a tighter structure will strengthen their collaboration following the downfall of former boss carlos ghosn but he remains board member until april of tokyo did refuse his request to attend the meeting. let's bring in our very own. tell us a bit about the power battle going on between those kids that they managed to kiss and make up. well times have become
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a lot harder for carmakers and they cannot afford to bicker like this at least not in public so what this does is it takes the fight off the center stage both the break of the alliance is off the table as well as the potential threat of a takeover of one over the other dominic's in our he calls himself a diplomat and that is really what he has done he's appeased at least for now the japanese side by not installing another corals going which is a very powerful figure. yeah sort of giving them a little a little of their way however the shareholding structure is still remains and that gives renault a lot more power over in the sun than the other way around however now it can be fought out internally in the trenches of management trying to get the corporate cultures together rather than having to fight it in public ok because then stay where you are because i want to ask you about this next story as well the u.k.
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norway singapore malaysia astray and oman have joined a handful of countries to ban boeing seven three segments eight it follows sunday's ethiopian airlines crash and the country's grounding their fleets of the american plane makers bread you model is the second deadly accident in just months the ways aviation regulators say they'll take immediate action if they identify safety problems with the passenger jet. it's. tell us about boeing's shares because they would tanking yesterday. oh yeah boeing lost a billion billions of dollars yesterday with the shares closing at over five percent and at times even negative thirteen percent and today isn't looking much better it's a second day of losses even though they're a little more moderate its competitor however air bus is near. record highs may
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be profiting from this disaster as someone best hope maybe some of these five thousand outstanding players that aren't delivered yet might be shifted to the airbus a three twenty neo their competitor even though that won't be able to be done quickly by operators because they are but it's in frankfurt. necessity breeds creativity and the china u.s. trade conflict is no exception there are already widespread levies on many chinese products imported by the u.s. and donald trump the president says threatening to hike these to twenty five percent that would make chinese goods far less competitive in america or the tariffs only applied to goods made in china if chinese companies produce abroad say in vietnam it products on subjects adjudicates it's something the vietnamese city of haifa is benefiting from ever since the u.s. president opened the tariff floodgates last year many chinese companies have opted
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to outsource production there it's just a couple hundred kilometers from the border with china. has just landed in hanoi that destination is elsewhere g.m. represents forty companies that want to shift their production plants from china to vietnam. work to learn english i'm going to the high phone industrial zone today i need to come if i some details regarding transport routes and the latest tax regulations all things that interest my customers at home get what. has already brought twenty companies to vietnam most of them to haiphong. the city is highly appealing to chinese customers it's just two hours drive from one noise i found that the biggest advantage of my phone is its good transport connections it has an airport and a seaport. i phone most industrial zones are hives of construction.
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the land prices have tripled here in the past year g.a.o. wants to know where the new motorway to china is being built but significant for many of her clients. not doing what. is a very good market for us at the moment. this industrial zone is particularly popular here in haifa the good roads and the connection to china are huge benefits . cities like i phone a clear win is when it comes to the china u.s. trade conflict. it's not the web we want to the investor or event or rather the world wide web which turns thirty today admits it's facing growing paints hate speech privacy concerns state sponsored hacking tim berners lee is calling on governments companies and citizens to work together and he wants the web to become
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even more accessible. the ability of just about anyone to contact everyone anywhere in the world is down to this man tim berners lee as a young english physicist berners lee came up with a program language that enabled computers connected to the internet to exchange data. back then he was more concerned about linking academic computers around the world the science community and something else tim berners lee didn't get his language peyton did the world wide web was free of charge from the beginning on that might have had something to do with how the internet swept and changed the world in such a short time. what we're getting to this point in just a few months when for the first time more than half the world will built will be online we're calling it a fifty fifty moment and that's a moment where i think we've got to do two things firstly we've got to say what about the next fifty percent and there's a lot of challenge in how we're going to get everybody connected or even the most
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the majority of the world connected but it's also of course a lot to do to make the web better and whether that's dealing with privacy concerns with content online with governments censoring or cutting access to the web in different parts of the world there's lots to do to make sure that we're getting the web we want not a web that actually hurts humanity because that's the downside enormously powerful tech conglomerates like facebook and google who collect and monetize personal data governments that spy on their citizens they make berners lee livid so nowadays he's working to help internet users regain control and. ownership of their personal data . nice thing business with.
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frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. this is day to be a news lot from berlin britain's prime minister makes a last ditch appeal to parliament for her breadth. theresa may is about to address the house of commons before the crunch vote later today but will the doubts raised by her attorney general torpedo any hopes that her deal will be approved.
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i'm sumi so much kinder thank you for joining us here on well british prime minister theresa may is about to make a last ditch appeal to long.


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