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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . this is g.w. news why but from berlin another blow britain's parliament deals another defeat the prime minister to resign may rejecting her withdrawal deal a second time. just a little three hundred ninety one so the. on the prime minister the defeat comes just seventeen days before the u.k.
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is scheduled to leave the european union lawmakers will now vote on whether to crash on march twenty ninth or to delay. plus an exclusive we talked to the family of the alleged neary suicide bomber who nearly started a war authorities say he killed more than forty indian troops in a suicide attack which led to cross border conflict between india and pakistan will hear the anger turning kashmir use into home grown. i'm brant goff it's good to have you with us tonight the british parliament has once again voted to reject prime minister teresa mayes breaks it withdrawal deal the second time the vote throws the united. kingdom into another period of high
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uncertainty theresa may lost by a wide margin of three hundred ninety one votes to two hundred forty two now that's a major force in voting the deal down parliament now faces a series of further votes tomorrow they will have to decide whether to leave the european union without any deal at all. theresa may have promised conservative m.p.'s that they would be able to vote freely on that question toward take a listen. this is an issue of grief for the future of our country just like the referent for a strongly held and equally legitimate views on both sides. for that reason i can confirm that this will be a free vote on this site. and i have this new struggled with this choice as i'm sure many other room board members will i'm passionate about to bring the result of the referendum but i
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equally passionately believe that the best way to do that is to leave in an orderly way with the. and i still believe that there is a majority in the house for that course of action. of theresa may they're struggling not to lose her voice in parliament we've got team coverage of what happened today in the u.k. parliament i'm joined by barbara veins in london and max hoffmann in strasbourg both of you can even start with you i mean this is another big blow to theresa may we were saying this is a defeat for her brits plan but what about for the prime minister her self is this the beginning of the end of her premiership. this might very well the beginning of the end for her really hurt a little while one have her own allies nikki morgan a tory m.p. from a minister who said the prime minister should know consider home long she wants to hold on and that is a clear signal that her own people are even now saying enough is enough this cannot
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get on the point is that your reason may has completely and we've known this for weeks months even has completely lost control off this whole bracks approach says she is serious stuff and she is sue somebody who really just carries on against the knowledge she would just keep carrying on and keep doing the. same thing over and over again in the hope that she can force people into a pose issue where they say ok you know we hold our nose as we say yes in order to get this over it was but that's not the way it's working we have seen the sit down tonight and so to reason may last again and she wore less lost any credit any remaining credibility than last shreds of her credibility as a prime minister and as a politician it was a very bad piece of political craftsmanship that we saw here and basically should she should somehow see sense and retreat from her said by herself she will probably not do that she needs to be pushed but there is nothing out there now who want to
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do the pushing months where the balance for the european union or e.u. leaders now reckoning with a request from the u.k. for a delay in the beginning of bricks and. it seems entirely possible although a majority of the people we talked to here at the plenary session of the european parliament seem to think that a brags that without a deal has become the most likely option at the moment now there is a lot of sympathy from the european union towards granting an extension for a limited period of time because if you go beyond let's say the european elections that are to take place in may then it gets very complicated on top of that many leaders have already said they need a reason for extending for delaying bragg's effectively for example the money would not calm the french president saying really things need to change for us to grant the extension for reasons we've heard for example
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a second referendum or snap elections but it doesn't seem like the u.k. at the moment is ready to organize anything like that it's very complicated at this point so that the main question we are hearing here is now what should the you do what what is next and i put this question to a member of the braggs it steering group here sort of the committee that deals with threads that of the european parliament and that was for the blumberg isabelle's and this is what he had to say. in the room can take hold of the thing but that's the u.k. so what should the e.u. do what can we do i mean do you want us to to just say ok guys we accommodate you we will open a five hundred fifty kilometer back door into the sea on market which will not be so meaning by that that we are ending practically the single market of course not so yes it may be and my deep belief is that the likelihood of a more than fifty percent i'm sure that. what i feel but again the damage that this
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would coles would. pale in comparison with the damage that would be caused by conceding basically the destruction of the single market. and we hear right there it would be really in no one's interest for there to be a break with no deal so why you know what would stop the european union from going that extra step and allowing an extension for two months for example to allow the u.k. to bring order to this situation. what would stop them is if they wouldn't see any advantage in it meaning that if they had to support it being exactly where we are right now and we've even been here before then there really is no reason to grant an extension then an increasing number of people of officials in the european union but also representatives of businesses say let's just get it over with you know we don't need another extension we're ready it'll be a crash it'll hurt but then we can build up from there some even say strategically
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it might be better to have the brits feel the hurt and maybe then they would be more open to compromise maybe then they would take a deal like this so we've been hearing that increasingly something that we hadn't heard in the past so those are two reasons first no no difference in outcome no anticipation it's a patient of a difference in outcome and secondly just get it over with a build upon the rubble that is braggs it is interesting max we're talking about the possibility of a no deal breaks it tonight and we're not really talking about the possibility of a second break that referendum i mean how much of an appetite in brussels is there for letting the british vote yet again and whether or not to be in the. there is still a considerable appetite for that especially with the social democrats and the socialists that are trying to fall in line with their brothers and sisters in the u.k. so the labor party there although they seem to be at odds or not really understanding what is happening there in the u.k.
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at the moment with the labor party so yes second referendum but i've also noticed in the past months that the appetite for it generally speaking is decreasing because do you really want to have a second referendum where the outcome might be that a small majority of britons want to stay in the european union and then have this country at the table again in the e.u. saying we don't really want to be here but hey we have to be here now and maybe finding it completely different to you from when they started out just for example call peroration field for security policy has completely changed something that the brits when they were a full member and really engaged as a member always opposed that has happened now so if they really came back they would find a different european union and it might make things a lot more complicated than many people anticipate at the moment i mean the story is developing we're just seeing right now max that some lawmakers in britain are
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calling for every quest to extend breaks it to may twenty second so that the country can prepare for a new deal breaks so an extension to prepare for no deals that's just come across in the last couple of minutes max hoffman is frostburg barbara hazel in london but of you thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. backed syrian forces say some two thousand fighters of so-called islamic state have surrendered during the battle of earlier syrian troops killed dozens of jihad is in heavy fighting there the village in eastern syria is the last pocket of territory that is still held by the streams u.s. secretary of state mike from peo has announced that washington is set to withdraw all remaining diplomatic personnel from venezuela because of the country's deteriorating situation political turmoil in the country increased last week when the country's electricity grid largely collapsed president maduro has suggested
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a u.s. sabotage is behind that blackout and. the european union's aviation safety agency has joined the growing list of jurisdictions suspending the operation of all boeing seven thirty seven max eight and max nine aircraft now the restrictions following sunday's fatal crash of an ethiopian airlines max eight plane national authorities say that they are concerned that they're receiving insufficient information from that investigation many airlines have also announced that they are grounding their max eight affecting nearly half of the three hundred seventy four planes that are currently in operation around the world more on that in about ten minutes in d.w. business news with stephen fears india and pakistan edged close to a full blown conflict military conflict last week after an attack on troops in indian controlled kashmir back in february now the dramatic escalation is
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heightened tensions in the disputed region which has been at the heart of a decades old dispute you see it right there are india correspondent sonja on the cars sent as this report. this is how her son dart remembers his son before he disappeared last year last month a car packed with explosives rammed a convoy of indian pattern military troops killing more than forty just. the blast just a few miles from here shook the family's home. then received news that the suicide bomber had been this own son. we were shocked we didn't think you could ever do something like this everyone started crying. who can take pride in this so many people have died. in the dark family says others joined the mass protests in two thousand and sixteen. he was injured and bedridden for months he lost
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a year of college. my son went to help a protester who was hit by a bullet but he was also shot in the leg by security forces he couldn't get over the incident he didn't talk to but he was see then with anger every time he saw the military. it's a situation says an all too common in the region the family lost contact with are the last year. when you have become a militant we tried to find them but we couldn't. we can't raise our voice here. the military and police make arrests and torture people it forces people to resist that's why people want to join the militants everybody wants to pick up a gun i question only my child even well educated young people are joining the movement. we are not terrorists our children are not terrorists military personnel
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are not terrorists it's politicians who are the terrorists. and insurgency against indians who are first began here in one thousand tonight. authorities see it's increasingly growing local recruits like. they come from villages like this one in the southern part of the body considered a hotbed of militancy. officials to go show last year alone security forces killed more than two hundred fifty militants in the beach. since the recent escalation in tensions between india and pakistan the indian army has intensified its crackdown here. today the city of srinagar has shut off the strike by separatists groups. it's an all too common sight in the. reporting there from india you're watching news coming up next boeing go shares
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plummet for the plane maker as airlines. that stevens up next with that and this first. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can just.


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