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bluffing betting checking how much will they be able to play and who will win did we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. of poker game a geopolitical. story move g t o t w. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes a historic win for protesters in algeria after president which affleck i agreed not to run again but people are still out on the streets demanding i mean immediate change in pop. also in the show is peace possible in central african republic him on top of the goblin's signed an eight peace deal with rebel groups it's facing another challenge. on the deep sea as far as cross in new
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frontier what you see easy scientific breakthrough will tell you how the crew of this sub measurable nekton is making t.v. history. your welcome to the program thousands of students were testing in the algerian capital accusing president abdelaziz bouteflika of seeking to cling to power this is off topic but affleck outbound on his bed for a fifth term in office on monday after two weeks of peaceful demonstrations elections where due to take place next month. see the once the country back the i demanded a new politics in a country where its eighty two year old leader has ruled for twenty years.
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echoes of the arab spring after nearly a month of popular protests eighty two year old with a flicker has bowed to public pressure and announced he will not now run for a fifth term as president but he pushed the election to be held next month indefinitely. a day after the announcement thousands of demonstrators are back in the streets of the capital algiers demanding immediate political change. and that we are against any extensions any decisions to delay the elections or extend presidential terms we want to transition to governmental rule not sustain this corrupt government. having to try to save his fifth term by extending his fourth term and postponing elections this is unacceptable and as a citizen i do not approve of this new species i'm not coming. we do not accept the extension that was announced they said new elections would be coordinators. that is
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fine as long as they are the shadows elections. we simply do not accept this. coming. into fleet has suffered a severe stroke in two thousand and thirteen and has rarely appeared in public since but on monday algerian t.v. aired footage of the ailing president in a meeting that included nurit in bed during the current interior minister who is not considered part of beautifully because inner circle has been named the new prime minister that's being seen as a sign that the old guard might really be releasing its hold on power. joining me now is jihad ben you hear from mr jude for security studies these enchanters. people are continuing to protest now against a prosperous there's an election being postponed how likely is it that they will be successful with this one. well i think i'm reaching totally honest i think the
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chance to for the project to get you folks are very high ideas and this first protest i mean the first claim was. was against the system and now the ok then of course it's an extension of the first term but not for any good because not running for the office i think the chances are very high and to be truly honest i think there. are enough for you to have. had no time then probably. the chance to the critics to. yeah. now talking about protest protest movements imagine all across africa what can all j.f.s. situation teach of african countries that you get change in governments to protest . of course. it's own specific piece recently but they peeped through the recent history of the seven words you know. it's not for the political
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situation etc of course the securities and even what's happening now is really specific to injury and it's happening now because. of the lessons learned and most important lesson that could be known to. you during this protest everyone was for the expecting like more high and then free action law enforcement and yet does this not happen so it's a very important lesson learned from what's happening now hopefully this situation even if the progress through consignor to the situation was a decent and the brothers hopefully they pacific so this is the main lesson to them from the situation on the african continent well no it's had been yeah from days it's used for security studies based in tunis thank you very much for the time . now to the central african republic last month the nation's government signed
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a new peace deal with rebel groups dug lumens was hailed as the me just step towards ending the conflict that has been raging in the country since two thousand and thirteen the conflict mainly muslim rebels against christian beliefs currently the government's control is limited to areas around the capital bangui while a number of different rebel groups in the north off the country this eight peace agreements that the government and various groups assigned says the violence erupted and now is just one quote on a rival to. the of luan symbolized a renewed hope for peace in central african republic but february's deal is now in jeopardy five of the fourteen rebel groups who signed it are contesting the makeup of the new government they say they've not been properly represented the relentless
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cycle of violence began in two thousand and thirteen when mainly muslim rebels seized power in a coup christian groups then hit back in retaliation. the conflict has cost a quarter of the population to flee their homes schools have closed and the health care system is barely functioning two and three children are in need of humanitarian assistance more than twelve thousand u.n. troops stationed in the former french colony have failed to contain the conflict and none of the numerous deals previously struck with the various rebel groups have managed to restore stability all sides expressed optimism when the latest peace agreement was signed but of previous attempts are anything to go by nothing is guaranteed. joining me now is richard moncrieff of central africa project director with the international crisis group richard welcome to the show thanks for joining us now the african union says it is very optimistic about this current peace deal
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but how optimistic and they'd be looking at the fact that seven deals did not go to. well i think the african union its right to support this peace deal along with what's written on paper in khartoum is the right kind of thing that talks about disarmament of the main groups talks about a more inclusive government those are rather but then not new but they are worth supporting now while i optimistic well as you say we've been here before seven peace agreements in the last six years they will look the same and the problem is always it needs to meditation that we need much greater international pressure now the african union is saying that that international pressures that the real value of car to was to have all the international leaders like faqih like representatives of representatives of the countries neighbors in the rue signing up today's but they need to do more they need to pressure the parties in the country and that
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includes the armed groups to adhere to the agreements now talking about the groups file of the fourteen one to gain more representation in government because of that they have withdrawn their members out from government how is this going to affect the peace deal of course it's not a good sign but at the same time it brother exposes the the armed groups inside upping cops who they were really to get these positions so we've got assad if that's happening now then now saying well we don't have to adhere to our part of the agreement as long as the government doesn't give us positions in ministries so something of a standoff just a month from the signing of the agreement that many still need to be ironed out now that al about twelve thousand u.n. troops in car how long are they going to remain what's the plan there.
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well right now that they've got they've got a mandate to remain to further twelve months and what we understand from new york and from washington is that there is a good degree of international support for that level of peacekeeping in the country and the americans as i'm sure your listeners will know putting pressure on u.n. peacekeeping around the world but it seems to the moment that the mission in central african republic is free from that kind of pressure and we can expect those numbers to remain neck but the u.n. needs to up its game it needs to push back against the old groups which is a very difficult thing to do because these armed groups very skilled at melting back into the population and it's a very cold blood pressure ok richard moncrieff central africa project director international crisis group many thanks for your time. now well past a british led scientific mission has broadcast live television quality video and
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sound using wireless technology from deep below the surface of the indian ocean on missions fast transmission came from sixty meters to see off the says shells in the allophones i'm told it's me its goal is to gather data on the indian ocean to help improve conservation and one of the wells least explored areas. out. this was the moment the next one deep sea research mission made broadcast history a scientific breakthrough sixty meters below the surface of the indian ocean the wells first ever life television quality video transmission from a manned submersible vessel deep under the sea before now real time video transmissions from the planet's deep oceans used fiber optic cables but this broadcast used cutting edge while this technology transmit the video through the waves before the launch high hopes of what would await them. we are quite that
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connection that magical connection but we can then see wassup muscles as they're going to bring in the ocean the depths of the origin to life. after facing fierce undersea currents and the challenge of monsoon storms it's a huge success for the british that next on research team. it's on a mission to unlock the secrets of the indian ocean one of the world's least explored areas. the project's aim is to gather data to better understand the indian oceans ecosystem and help policymakers draw up conservation measures. as the seven week expedition searches for previously undiscovered marine life today's breakthrough may not be its last. that's it for now from did all the news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page we need you now with more pictures of people celebrating on the
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streets of alexandria after first and with a flick of a promise to end his twenty year i set out. here what's coming up on the book is playing you'll have plenty to talk about here . just legal every weekend here on. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian. challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting the kids
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players on the ground in the census and. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account past the conflicts. conflict zone between sebastian on t.w. . alone welcome to news from the world of azza culture an artistic endeavor underground one up in the sky and one in the cinemas today. we go to san francisco. and beyond the annual festival of german cinema. we go below with the unique designs of the city's subway stations.
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and we meet a photographer whose pictures of birds show flights as you've never seen before. we begin in san francisco where the largest festival of german language film outside europe is currently taking place for seven days but lynn and beyond shows feature films and documentaries from germany austria and switzerland it started back in one thousand nine hundred sixty it's now in its twenty third year and it's become an absolute must for movie fans interested in european cinema. from the epicenter of the hippie movement to the gateway to silicon valley in san francisco the old world meets the new high tech meets tradition it's a multicultural metropolis with residents who come from all around the world a good place for a festival outside mainstream hollywood i come to the restroom since about two.


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