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and voted to reject a prime minister to resign may's breaks it deal yet again the vote throws the united kingdom into yet another period of uncertainty recently lost by a wide margin three hundred ninety one votes to two hundred forty two that's a majority of a hundred and forty nine votes on many of her own conservative all makers many of the hard line breaks the two years they voted to join those from the labor opposition and other parties involving the deal down to parliament now faces a series of further votes tomorrow they will have to decide whether to leave the european union without any deal at all theresa may promised conservative m.p.'s that they would be able to vote freely on that question tomorrow. this is an issue of grief for the future of our country just like the referent for a strongly held and equally illegitimate views on both sides for that reason i can confirm that this will be
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a free thought on this site i thought. i. can i have this new struggled with this choice as i'm sure many other room board members will i'm passionate about to liberate the result of the referendum but i equally passionately believe if that the best way to do that is to leave in an orderly way with the. and i still believe that there is a majority in the house for that course of action our rights are recently there obviously struggling to keep her voice we have team coverage of this breaks it decision day. we have our provisional in london and right here in the studio with me at the big table is our resident breaks it analyst alex foster white into both of you welcome let me start with you barbara we're talking about this being a defeat a bright sit blow to theresa may i mean it is a defeat for her withdrawal plan but what about for her as prime minister how defeated is the prime minister tonight. the prime
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minister is soundly defeated this was a devastating defeat not the one just like the other one that she experienced and generally end and the last two weeks here one of the favorite credits are pretty much everybody was something i insist on is supposed to have said the definition of madness to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome and this is really what series may has been doing here now even from her own side your own former allies for instance nikki morgan an m.p. in foreign minister i'll leaving her are deserted her are not talking about that she could you should consider how long she wants to carry on in office so within her own party there is a growing describes the word elections have has even been thrown around
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because everybody has the feeling now that she is in office but she is definitely not in power she has totally lost control over the brics that process yeah and where is that. process headed i mean we've got more votes coming up tomorrow are we looking probable delays brecht's the first vote tomorrow night is on a no deal to raise may's allowing her own m.p.'s to have a free vote on that so they can decide whether they want to vote for a no vote against and that is because so many in her own party are actually happy for that to happen we don't know at the moment how to say his cell phone we assume that she will vote against it we expect the majority of parliament to vote it down that that means that on thursday there will be another vote and that is on whether
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to extend all school fifty so to delay brought. it we don't know how the vote will go on there may well be an extension however have to point out even if parliament says no to a no deal bret's if it doesn't take it off the table then still in seventeen day days time by default the u.k. will leave the view with or without a deal unless the extension in less is an extension which then means that the e.u. twenty seven members of the e.u. have to agree to that they're likely to but for how long and what would be the aim of extending that the process that the has to be an ngo and that is what is so unclear because there is no overall ingrim and in parliament of what is the next step for brics it what's the next step forward to resume raymond we heard barbara saying that there are calls for her to resign is she going to be able to last the next seventeen days to see march twenty ninth or look she is a dead woman walking that does not though in these strange times of bricks it mean
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that she is going to stand and be forced out there is the possibility incarnation and she could she could still try to bring back that agreement to parliament in the next few weeks this is not a completely dead deal this is what is so strange about the situation we are in so theresa may could possibly be gone at the end of this week and by all accounts should be gone but she probably won't be her own party cannot kick her out at the moment she's going to she has a another nine ten months for that so that can't happen anything is to play for this or they don't stand by we want to shift the story now the european union angle or you can respond next often he isn't strong france july covering europe earlier i asked him if you leaders if they're now considering the way brics. it seems entirely possible although a majority of the people we talked to here at the plenary session of the european
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parliament seem to think that a brags that without a deal has become the most likely option at the moment now there is a lot of sympathy from the european union towards granting an extension for a limited period of time because if you go beyond let's say the european elections that are to take place in may then it gets very complicated on top of that many leaders have already said they need a reason for extending for delaying brags that effectively for example the money we might call the french president saying really things need to change for us to grant the extension for reasons we've heard for example a second referendum or snap elections but it doesn't seem like the u.k. at the moment is ready to organize anything like that it's very complicated at this point so that the main question we are hearing here is now what should the you do what what is next and i put this question to a member of the braggs it steering group here sort of the committee that deals with bragg's that of the european parliament and that was for the blumberg the belgian
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m.e.p. and this is what he had to say i don't know if the adults in the room can take hold of the thing but that's the u.k. so what should the e.u. do what can we do i mean do you want us to to just say ok guys we accommodate you we will open a five hundred fifty kilometer back door into the sea on market which will not be so meaning by that that we are ending practically the single market of course not so yes it may be and my deep belief is that the likelihood of annuity breaks it is more than fifty percent i'm sure that. what i feel but again the damage that dish would coles would. pale in comparison with the damage that would be caused by conceding basically the destruction of the single market our and that was our very own max altman there speaking with a member of the european parliament you know now we're talking about a no deal breaker and barbara let me ask you what about the possibility of a. second breaks a referendum that seems to have been forgotten at least this scene.
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it is a bit forgotten because you carbon the labor leader doesn't really should even though his party has decided this is the course they want to take and he was sort of surely shelling around today when he spoke after the vote and talked about elections and much softer labor type or exit and so on and so for is this for his party has got to be furious with him is still it might in the end be the one and only reasonable way out of the impasse back comment isn't there yet there is no majority yet for it so this seems to be a produce is in tiny little steps the first thing is now to vote against it no deal for its second thing is to ask for an extension and then very quickly as we heard from max the british side will have to figure out walk for heaven's sake they want
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to what they want to do was this extra time they need to come up with a play and play and be c.e.o. whatever that lays out in clear terms. this is the way we're going to do it and there is the goal that we want to this is the goal that we want to achieve and until they have that they really have to sort of now pull themselves together of left ideological differences and the idea of the pure breck's it and all this nonsense that's floating around here let that fall by the wayside and say what is the practical the reasonable solution for the country and they haven't reached that point yet but they might pretty soon hopefully and i want to i want to ask you about theresa may you know we talk about her fate her future let's talk about her past and she said time and time again we have to carry out the will of the british people. but the bricks that referendum from almost three years ago passed you know
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are fifty two percent to forty percent we're not talking about a strong mandate here why have recently been so reluctant to talk about the forty eight percent of the voters who wanted to stay i mean why and why was she always focused on the fifty two percent it's a very good question but it was the biggest vote turn out for a vote. i think in british political history if he's followed a british political history with bricks it but huge number of people voted and more than a million people voted in favor of leaving the e.u. than did not so that has been the they have been the group that she has focused on and she always is talking about delivering the bricks at referendum group they didn't stand behind her tonight all right yes and and obviously there were a lot of other m.p.'s as well such as labor m.p.'s but that's very true they didn't deliver for her because they want even as barbara saying they want something much
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more ideological and the reason why they have again and again and again a voted it down is because they do not like the arrangement over how to prevent harmful to on the island of ireland seven to the northern island and the republic of ireland this so-called backstop they don't like that they believe that if it is triggered it will look the u.k. into a customs union with the e.u. indefinitely and that is what they wanted to be removed and that is what they were over to resume was hoping that shift proved to them she had secured last night in strasburg but she couldn't prove to them that to them and that is finally where we are we are tonight all right well as always we appreciate your insights barbara in london thank you another night of burning the midnight oil there in london both of you thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a has announced that washington is to withdraw all
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remaining diplomatic personnel from even its weight because of the country's deteriorating situation political turmoil in the country increased last week when venezuela's electricity grid collapsed but us president maduro has suggested u.s. sabotage is behind that blackout us back to syrian forces say some two thousand fighters of so-called islamic state have surrendered to them during the battle for its earlier syrian troops killed dozens of jihad is in heavy fighting there of the village in eastern syria is the last pocket of territory still held by the extremists. or demonstrators have returned into the streets of algeria's capital a day after president. said that he would not seek another term in office he also announced that next month's presidential elections will be delayed saying that he's responding to weeks of protests but many voters they remain unconvinced they don't believe that the eighty two year old will follow through on
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his promise not to run again. echoes of the arab spring after nearly a month of popular protests eighty two year old who to flicker has bowed to public pressure and announced he will not now run for a fifth term as president but he pushed the election to be held next month indefinitely. a day after the announcement thousands of demonstrators are back in the streets of the capital algiers demanding immediate political change. and that we are against any extensions any decisions to delay the elections or extend presidential terms we want to transition to governmental rule not sustain this corrupt government and if we have to try to save his fifth term by extending his fourth term and postponing elections this is unacceptable and as a citizen i do not approve of this. shihab i'm not coming welcome in recent months and we do not accept the extension that was announced but they said new elections
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would be coordinates is. that is fine as long as they are the shadows elections. we simply do not accept this. answer that with. the two fleet has suffered a severe stroke in two thousand and thirteen and has rarely appeared in public since but on monday algerian t.v. add footage of the ailing president in a meeting that included noureddine bed to eat the current interior minister who is not considered part of beautifully because in a circle has been named the new prime minister that's being seen as a sign that the old guard might really be releasing its hold on power. in the decay you know india and pakistan edged close to a football military conflict last week that after an attack on troops in indian controlled kashmir back in february the dramatic escalation has heightened tensions in the disputed region which has been at the heart of
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a decades old dispute between the two nuclear armed neighbors our india correspondent sonia on the car sent us this report from shrinking the capital of indian administered kashmir. this is how dark remembers his son before he disappeared last year last month a car packed with explosives rammed a convoy of indian pattern military troops killing more than forty just. the blast just a few miles from here shook the family. then received news that the suicide bomber had been his own son i said. we were shocked we didn't think you could ever do something like this everyone started crying. who can take pride in this so many people have died. the dark family says others joined the mass protests in two
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thousand and sixteen. he was injured and bedridden for months he lost a year of college. my son went to help a protester who was hit by a bullet but he was also shot in the leg by security forces he couldn't get over the incident he didn't talk to but he was seething with anger every time he saw the military. it's a situation says is all too common in the region the family lost contact with our the last year. we knew he had become a militant we tried to find them but we couldn't. we can't raise our voice here. the military and police mike arrests and torture people it forces people to resist that's why people want to join the militants everybody wants to pick up a gun i question only my child even well educated young people are joining the
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movement got to do we are not terrorists our children are not terrorists military personnel are not terrorists it's politicians who are the terrorists. and the insurgency against indian troops first began here in one thousand tonight. the fall small and now authorities see it's increasingly drawing local recruits like odds are they come from villages like this one in the southern part of the meat body considered a hotbed of militancy. official figures show last year alone security forces killed more than two hundred fifty militants in the region. since the recent escalation in tensions between india and pakistan the indian army has intensified its crackdown here. today the city of srinagar has shut down after a strike called by separatist groups. it's an all too common site in the kashmir valley. for young people here it's almost impossible to have
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a normal life and what is her duty sick we missed last and when schools closed down because of the strikes are mothers worry we might get hit by a bullet if we go out of. everyone i can assure you and believe and has this anger that they're not there moments in the moments are. they cannot go. with india and pakistan on high alert following the recent tensions people in indian controlled kashmir are bracing for more protests spikes and by the us. further inflaming the conflict that has already been smoldering for decades. for the european union has banned all. all boeing seven thirty seven max eight and max nine aircraft from its airspace the restrictions following sunday's fatal crash of an ethiopian airlines max a national authorities say that they are concerned that they're receiving
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insufficient information from that investigation many airlines have also announced that they're grounding their entire max eight fleets affecting nearly half of the three hundred seventy four planes currently in operation around the world. all right my colleague stephen beardsley with our business desk is here now let's talk about what is happening here is even me it's a big deal for the european union to say you know these planes are not allowed here but it's a lack of trust right they don't know if that if the f.a.a. in the united states is being honest with them well they they have to respond to their own publics right and their own public see what everyone sees right now that there is a new model that is only two years old and it's crash twice now airplane crashes don't happen that often and the same model within four months of one another that makes you ask questions especially the passengers so these are proactive measures now the f.a.a. said yesterday that the plane was airworthy but they also said that it needs
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a software update that they will mandate by the end of april if i can so that's right well it's not the most reassuring signal right so everything's fine why is this update required to explain this very briefly the seven thirty seven max came with something different from the seven thirty seven and that is because the engines were moved up a little bit it tended to pick up the nose of the plane so they added a feature that automatically pushed the nose of the plane back down after the lion air crash there was a suspicion that it went into a nose dive because it was getting the wrong information and putting the plane into a dive saying that it was too high and so this software update relates to the system so that just sends a signal to a lot of people that something is wrong and that the f.a.a. is saying that but also not really making the decision that they're making the exit that they're airlines in the united states that only a considerable number of these seven thirty seven. models is is this a story right now about protecting the economics instead of going out on the limb
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right now and being more worried about protecting passengers i mean that's what people are asking well isn't that the great balancing act in the aviation industry right is you have a very complicated industry that moves very slowly money comes in very slowly you have these big line items to protect and a crash can ruin everything so you have a. geisha on one hand especially as the regulator the f.a.a. but also you have to protect the businesses including the airlines the airlines still say they have confident but we're seeing more pushback from passengers also from flight attendants and pilots who are saying we want to be able to opt out all right stephen beers there's always that hue. thirty years ago today a scientist named tim berners lee put the idea for the world wide web on paper you showed it to his boss his boss liked it and the rest as they say is cyber history. the ability of just about anyone to contact everyone anywhere in the world is down to this man tim berners lee as a young english physicist berners lee came up with
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a program language that enabled computers connected to the internet to exchange data. back then he was more concerned about linking academic computers around the world the science community and something else tim berners lee didn't get his language peyton did the world wide web was free of charge from the beginning on that might have had something to do with how the internet swept and changed the world in such a short time. what we're getting to this point in just a few months when for the first time more than half the world will built will be online we're calling it a fifty fifty moment and that's a moment where i think we've got to do two things firstly we've got to say what about the next fifty percent and there's a lot of challenge in how we're going to get everybody connected or even the most the majority of the world connected but it's also of course a lot to do to make the web better and whether that's dealing with privacy concerns with content online with governments censoring or cutting access to the web in
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different parts of the world there's lots to do to make sure that we're getting the web we want not a web that actually hurts humanity because that's the downside enormously powerful tech conglomerates like facebook and google who collect and monetize personal data governments that spy on their citizens they make berners lee live it so nowadays he's working to help internet users regain control and ownership of their personal data. so well in a world first a british led scientific mission has broadcast live television quality video in sound using wireless technology from deep below the surface of the indian ocean and take a look at this the next time missions first transmission came from six. steam meters under the sea off the seychelles its ultimate goal is to gather data on the indian ocean to help improve conservation in one of the world's least explored here this.
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hour and. this was the moment the next one deep sea research mission made broadcast history a scientific breakthrough sixty meters below the surface of the indian ocean the world's first ever life television quality video transmission from a manned submersible vessel deep under the sea before now real time video transmissions from the planet's deep oceans used fiber optic cables but this broadcast used cussing edge wireless technology to transmit the video through the water before the launch high hopes of what would a white them. we are whatever else create that connection that magical connection but we can then see wassup muscles are saying bring in the ocean the depths of the earth and to life. after facing fierce undersea currents and the challenge of monsoon storms it's a huge success for the british that next on research team. it's on
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a mission to unlock the secrets of the indian ocean one of the world's least explored areas. the project's aim is to gather data to better understand the indian oceans ecosystem and help policymakers draw up conservation measures. as the seven week expedition searches for previously undiscovered marine life today's breakthrough may not be its last. all right coming up next global three thousand we'll see you next time everybody.
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stayed. only a promise to our son was made son only of the jungle and return to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. to realize how strange the bart official was really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . a bull monkhams a global three sounds and. swimming with whale shops is a thrill for tourists in the philippines but it's not so good for the big fish them selfs.


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