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only a promise to our son. and return to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. you realize how strange artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest start first on w. . no bull monkhams a global three cells and. swimming with whale sharks is a thrill for tourists in the philippines but it's not so good for the big fish themselves. dangerous talks in the german motel could that be possible we meet the
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variance now fearing for their long term health. but we start in el salvador where gang violence has left many men behind bars yearning for a second chance at life. curbing immigration into the u.s. that's one of president trump's key concerns and he seeks support by describing potential whoreson arias this version. has transformed once peaceful beautiful community took blood stained killing fields. he's referring to m s thirteen a gang founded in los angeles by latin american immigrants thirty years ago the u.s. government had members deported back to their countries of origin like in el salvador there the gangs cornered the market some drug dealing prostitution and record tearing and donald trump fears that criminals like these could easily end to the u.s. illegally. in its struggle to get
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a handle on the situation el salvador's government has had thousands of gang members jailed. el salvador's prisons are full to bursting with them and when you get there this man's nickname is outreach or slang for vigilant he's been behind bars for ten years now after being jailed for murder and mango jail was built to house three hundred inmates it's currently home to one thousand seven hundred twenty members of the m.s. thirty mg and murderous rapist six tortuous all cooped up together tattooed on their faces the name of their. thirteen is my family it offers me protection and respect. some people look at us as if we were from outer space but in my eyes were quite normal were like brothers who help each other out. many
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of these men will never see the outside world again they live in their own world with its own rules. why you hear. of murder like everyone else here it's normal. not for me. salvador it is it's a tradition here. el salvador is one of the world's most dangerous countries seventy thousand gang members terrorized this tiny central american nation there are ten murders each day the state fights fire with fire. it's four thirty am in the capital san salvador the crack police unit the jag us around on the streets the situation in the capital is akin to a war zone. you cover us up front and he will protect us from behind you. just a day earlier two of their colleagues were killed by gang members. are going to locations where police. i've come under fire in previous deployments. that's why we have to
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be prepared for anything and then. the squad heads to the district to san has scinto which is controlled by the eighteen revolutionaries gang the police's mission this morning is to track down gang members walter leone and his team frequently have to enter enemy territory. the state has lost its authority in all too many places. where there are neighborhoods where the walls are painted with the slogan watch listen remain silent. that's a clear message to the residents those who died. and today again the police meet with a wall of silence people here claim to know nothing about gang activities in the district the police need the locals help but the fear of revenge is great and there's nowhere to hide. live in fear soon as you leave the
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neighborhood another gang has you in its sights. the police is often accused of brutality to anyone with a tattoo often a sign of gang membership is treated as a suspect in the struggle for control both sides play hardball with. these sneakers hanging on telephone lines demarcated gangs territory. the city is crisscrossed with borders many invisible if you don't respect them you could pay a very high price bus drivers live especially dangerously their routes cross various gang territories making them open to extortion each gang wants its share. drive through all the zones anything can happen to you on the street. there's a lot of crime. the bodyguard serving catalina miranda follows him everywhere the
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country's biggest bus operator refuses to follow the gangs rules he doesn't pay any protection money that makes him a target. he's already survived four attempted hits while on his company's premises . there you can imagine the we have surveillance cameras everywhere and then in one of them. he spends twenty five thousand euros a month on security there are security cameras on his buses to each journey is monitored closely conditions like this a bad for business miranda believes that el salvador miss rid itself of its gangs if it is to have a future. i get there the you need to have courage to take on the gangs in el salvador we say that there's a lot of talk but few people have the backbone to really stand up to it all. before you set up a business here you have to consider the possibility of various things kidnapping
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harassment extortion or the you're now. el salvador's gang problem has its roots in the united states in the one nine hundred eighty s. salvadorian immigrant set up criminal operations in los angeles. the u.s. deported the newly formed gangs back to el salvador. the government's only answer to the problem is putting gang members behind bars isolating them from the outside world the inmates aren't allowed visitors despite the tough conditions inside we don't witness any aggression here in charlotte an anger oh the prisoners sit together quietly. it's obvious that trick sure is the one giving the orders here like a proud prison governor he shows us prison activities bible studies handy crafts and painting courses with motif. depicting the stuff of dreams. that
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there were some of us have discovered talents we didn't know we had. some guy might suddenly realize that he can paint. or wants to see his family again which is why he wants to demonstrate the criminals and murderers can reform has a message for el salvador's leaders that. we have changed please recognize that we need reintegration programs and work and we shouldn't be treated as if we're scum forever we're human beings. it sounds like a chance for dialogue but both sides are unwilling to make concessions. somehow gangs and government must come up with answers if they have to stop the spiral of violence. and now to europe where drinking water is of the very highest quality at least that's what we're told european environmental also ratings have conducted widespread
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testing and ninety eight point five percent of all samples met standards sounds good but that doesn't mean it's on contaminated as a result of excessive fertilizing nitrate has seeped into the groundwater in germany twenty eight percent of measuring stations report elevated levels of nitrates. sewage from the chemical industry contains a whole series of toxic substances including p f o a a chemical that makes clothing waterproof that may be linked to cancer in humans. on the surface is the essence of bavaria it illich conservative and squeaky clean but if you look closer the region is tainted by something you can't see smell or grasp. edmund has lived here his whole
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life he never thought twice about drinking water from the tap it was dubbed the purest in the region but that's conviction was shattered when he had his blood tested amid a widening p. of a way scandal in the district of a thirteen. people i'm glued my blood has over forty three micrograms of piaf away politer my wife has the same thing and not a day goes by when we don't talk about p.f. i way it's depressing tens of thousands of people here in the outer ting district are affected. for the past three years concerned citizens have been meeting on a regular basis to pressure the authorities to lay everything on the table they feel district administrators have done too little and too late to inform the public on a levels in the water for frank blame our it was
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a shock to find out he was contaminated you know organise your my plasma was refused when i tried to donate to a blood bank we formed this group because we were not informed about the p.f. we contamination here in the district only after putting pressure on the authorities and we achieved a certain degree of transparency. but just how dangerous is peer for way for humans it. is technical officer for chemical safety of the w h o's european center for environment and health care for a is a persistent them by accumulating substances so if but i was shall harmful effects for human health it's classified by international agency for research of cancer like possibly crafting the journey for human health and despite of much more studies are needed to confirm the health effects now we have evidence that high concentration of p.
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of human blots relate this or this fire why it functions disorders and or a productive health disorders. even though many citizens knew nothing about it has been a thing for decades district administrators say they didn't warn citizens sooner because the concentration was always under the guidelines value district environmental protection head says there was and is no cause for alarm is a site that's team up here for. ever since the authorities were made aware of p.f.a. way in the late ninety's the district administration provided extensive information and regular updates to the citizens of altitude in the meantime carbon filtration systems have been installed so that the entire population has access to p.f.a. way free drinking water. so could i phone call. was produced and used that gandalf chemical complex for over four decades until two thousand and
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eight p a four way was in the air and the plants waste water which is channeled into the river it's the chemical ultimately seeped into the region soil and groundwater the u.s. company responsible three m. has agreed to pay for activated carbon filtration systems to purify the drinking water supply for the next fifty years but this doesn't fix the contamination of the soil and groundwater we asked three m. to comment. three m. commissioned a detailed soil investigation it concluded that the most significant intake of a way for people in the district is through consumption of drinking water the state office for health and food safety was unable to detect any relevant concentrations from the food chain industry and authorities are currently discussing how best to manage the soil within the district. according to that twenty eighteen study over one hundred ninety two square kilometers around the chemical park are contaminated
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however it concluded that the levels represented no in danger meant organic farmer and there's been more fire and his wife have four young children they all have at least ten times too much p.f. away in their blood even his animals have tested positive for the chemical as of many. of my family and i moved here eight years ago at that point we had no p.f. away in our blood now were heavily contaminated stock they lost it. this much for all that doesn't a lot of the all i'm shocked by just how fast our levels got so high it can't be just from the water it's from our animals in the food we grow here. well for all that and leaves middle. of all the contaminated areas in the region the levels in the ettinger forest almost a severe at the loves this forest but now he can't even collect mushrooms here.
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this start with you first hear is. the forest here is part of my high mart it's been contaminated by p.f. i weigh both for us and for generations to come it'll probably take centuries before it's gone. when this in the coming near the animals are contaminated you can't see the mushrooms you can't see it but a part of a high mark has been badly damaged. edmund has lost a part of his home to p.f. away he hopes he won't lose his health to it p.f. away will be officially banned throughout the e.u. as of july twenty twenty but the full scale of the problem won't become clear for decades to come. we meet teenagers from around the
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wells and well the simple life. ok cheat. today are global teen comes from colombia. don't call us contrast nobleness i'm sixteen. there we were and i live in the same paper and the department of says i am columbia . my house siblings too since i was on two brothers one of the boys is my twin girls are four and eleven years old and say on your feet on the my twin brother is sixteen like me and my big brother is eighteen like you.
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mean by that my father works in construction and he also fishes here in the sea and i got enough enough i thought. my mother was a house lawyer she also owns money by cooking for other people you like and if. you make i guess i'm fascinated by the lessons because i want to learn so that i can get ahead. in life are each time i like to do homework or read up on things we don't learn about in school on the way i like to go swimming at the beach with my friends and i also like to play football or other traditional games here in the village. well ok. well i mean.
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i like by and. by and out to region it's music that gives people a way to express their feelings dreams as. well i also like it because music me and my brother can play together i can write a song and then sing it right away at school or for a family that i mean. we talk about the environment i think the biggest problem is deforestation of humans created a crisis and of completely overrun nature. boy and makes me happy to live in a simple peaceful village that's filled with wonderful good hearted people.
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and. the world is a wondrous place both on land and in the sea and humans are hungry for knowledge of bugs so what's the world's biggest fish whale sharks these gentle giants can weigh up to twelve tons and the largest ever measured was fourteen meters long and while they're free to swim the seven seas a coastal town in the philippines has discovered a way to get them to stick around. just before five in the morning jose the fisherman and all slop heads toward the sea to mysterious giants of the deep waiting for him like shadows. he knows they'll be there. they come every day as they've been doing for the past six years
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when the story began. to. feel a bit sad you know. we look after the whale sharks and make sure they get food that doesn't harm them and we depend on the whale sharks for our living. the whale sharks have changed everything in our post based life and the lives of all the other villagers. but it's the creatures themselves that have experienced the real change. usually the world's largest known fish travel the oceans in search of krill and. every day after morning prayers here in the southern philippines something happens that nature never planned for. in the past the fishermen view the whale sharks as rivals that depleted their already slim catch. whale sharks were also hunted for customers in china. i don't know really because you know they were only interested in their fence so they
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said they can sell shark fans at a high price but we don't do that it's for a good shot when the sharks get untangled in our nuts we free them. but we are in a lot of money thanks to the. tourists come to see the sharks and we live off out. for the whale sharks and must seem like a feast one hundred kilos of kremlin day more if necessary some eventually move on but there are always one or two cruising about sucking up what the fisherman tot's in their direction from dawn to noon. no none. in the past we were told that we weren't allowed to feed the whale sharks. but why shouldn't it be a law that we look after them and the cruel that we give them doesn't contain anything toxic we'd have given them poisoned they wouldn't have returned. and then the hordes of tourists wouldn't have come either hunted elsewhere in these huge
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fish have found devoted fans. of course there are certain rules such as the four need or safety zone but people often get far too close to the large creatures. perhaps because far too many people now come to see them. but. the number of visitors has increased six fold since twenty twelve training a slip into one of the biggest tourist attractions in the philippines i know there are a fascination exerted by these gentle giants is simply too strong to resist. it's big now and makes sides stick the big feeder. protests. like this a good thing tourism and you know i mean so i don't think so bob i'm not sure if they're hurt i don't think they should be fit. for your figurative no. i don't
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know that they can roam around and do. anyway late i mean by the case with. every day and the question resurfaces is this relationship between man and beast really a healthy and sustainable one and we noticed injuries fresh wounds on a whale sharks been. what might have caused that. if we show the images to marine biologist. he's been researching whale sharks for years and wants to ensure their survival. i have to be if. i don't i don't specially look how clean cut is that's not something knowing audie or in. a very sharp direct cut is he able to survive he might be able to survive luckily phil has to be. there but he's definitely going to have to waste
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a lot more energy than he comes to getting. for the whale shark expert it's clear that there's a connection between the feeding of these huge fish and their injuries. if a whale shark is trained up mean suit then it is not completely unreasonable to think that they could see another boat which is not one of the regular feeding boats and go after it resulting in an injury. and i was lucky everyone says that they want to protect the whale sharks but at the end of the day big business takes precedence over the welfare of the big fish. the fishing village is now bursting at the seams the boat trips alone pretty end around four million euros a year. and with anything but. i don't know.
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if they don't feed these well shocks. will go away again yes or no. then everything will go back to how it used to be. no one wants that particularly not jose who's now the proud owner of a karaoke machine he's also built a house. he's grateful to the whale sharks and for every day that they come on monday i earn much more than i did before i'll back then i earned eight euros a week. now wait a second or an up to two hundred fifty. and we only work until noon we finish at one pm. on avail. a lot of things have improved in our block but there's no happy ending for the whale sharks. ultimately they are the ones who will pay the price for the close encounter with humankind.
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and here's what's cooking fun next week the demand for chicken is growing in ghana so it's being imported from europe and the u.s. consumers want lots of it and this cheap as possible a cause for concern for local poultry farmers. that's all from global three thousand this time don't forget to write to us global three thousand and t. w. dot com and check out our new facebook page d.w. women.
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just how he's getting terry in his germany. is well compensated family. and who decides how much it's worth. show with the focus on. productive easy. pay. and the pressure from living in an increasingly on school society.
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made in germany in ninety minutes on d w. earth home to millions of species a home or savings. googling dia's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. poker players. table. set the stage. to troll. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce for the world's most
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important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long we'll be able to play and who will win this through we believe that renewable energy will flame for the role in the future. the good coding the geopolitical estimation starting march eighteenth on t.w. . this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. this teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. and here is a tall tourist being hit by his mother. breaking up glass. a child sleeps in the streets because her family through her own. fear.
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online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make them visible visible opus might violence against children disappear. in. british lawmakers have rejected prime minister to resign may's bracks that planned for the second time the deal was defeated by one hundred forty nine votes in the house of commons m.p.'s will now vote on whether to leave the european union with no deal or ask the block to delay britain's exit.

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