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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2019 4:00pm-4:29pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from children told a lie from the rubble of a collapsed building in nigeria with more than one hundred more people feared trapped the three storey block of the school on top went down in the commercial capital like. also on the program britain's parliament debates i know the deal makers will decide today whether to crash out of the e.u. without a withdrawal date or a scenario that prime minister theresa wright has tried to for two years to avoid. she was trusted to guide and protect children instead of the catholic church's most
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senior clergy must go to prison for sexually abusing choir boys in australia. i'm still go welcome to the program we begin with breaking news from nigeria's commercial capital lagos a three story building containing a school has collapsed in the city it's a. local media and rescue officials say pulling people including children a truck in the rubble we're looking out for sure and i one of at least eight children have been the poles of free south the top floor of the building has the private elementary school with about one hundred just you. correspondent from the shot is there and joins us on the line. i think what is the latest. on the governor has said yeah. trying to
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get what she said that the people at the school had to crest some of the rest as i said a body from the rubble that. now is from people home maybe people still trapped just killed it will be at least one hundred people. know because a school. building a project primary school. the first building that collapsed we asked. the county at the point as i said how many people are such and such but also how many people are going to come out alive and if you can not get a lot of people here it's all in front of the building still yet people who are trying to find out what's going on but also. think. that this will this morning it's a very chaotic scene because it's hard for them all three points and as
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a result. that if you actually think you're holding a rescue operation difficult to continue it's going to you have to. because the people here all the ones that don't know how to do you also want to help but that is actually making it difficult for the crash no people. have to show that inside the rubble has to be a large area. time to leave that for the shot and like that's what i'm talking here . britain's parliament is debating whether to leave the e.u. without a deal for a future relationship problems to theresa may has that she wants an orderly withdrawal and intends to vote against a no deal brad said but both still see as. with the e.u. has been rejected by wide margins so if lawmakers vote against a nerd deal brett said today it is likely that they will want to delay withdrawal
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of the e.u. says there will be no extension without clarity on the ukase intentions the vote is due to not. straight to london and however join barbara very is a welcome barbara which way is tonight's vote no deal likely to go. i would is pretty certain phil that there will be a rather large majority in the house here behind us against no deal that is the whole position more less the moderates in the conservative party and even prime minister treason may herself and members of her cabinet will vote to take no deal off the table and we have to remember that this is the argument that the hard line breaks the tears always used and said no we need this this is the ultimate strat this is our a bargaining chip against the european union so we have to keep it on the table is so afraid of no deal that they will sort of give us more concessions but that now seems to be over two weeks to go to the official breaks a date so far and there is
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a mood to sort of get rid of the no deal and seek for other solutions ok so to rejected deals so far no deal likely to be taken off the table. does anybody is anybody putting forward something that might look like a deal but parliament might quite like the look of. you should release things so you should really think that the pressure and the experience of seeing the deal fail a second time what sort of discipline people galvanise minds bring up new ideas about when we talk to two lawmakers throughout this morning and day it seems that opinions are as diverse as ever less let's listen in to what they had to say. recriminations after one of the biggest parliamentary defeats ever for a sitting prime minister with prime minister teresa mayes bracks
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a deal overwhelmingly rejected for a second time in the house of commons u.k. lawmakers will have to vote on whether to leave the e.u. with no deal at all if no deal is rejected they'll vote on whether to us the block to delay breck's it by extending article fifty. british lawmakers gave their pessimistic predictions. more chaos. literally. chaotic at the moment parliament doesn't know what it wants parliament can't make up its mind on anything i know that we have sixteen days left it does seem like we are absolutely at the end of the road but we will keep trying until the last moment and we will ask for extra time if we need to in order to have another referendum or frankly if this government can't govern we need another government so we should have a general election in the coming some e.u. politicians want a decision now without delay even if that means the u.k. crashing out without a deal. i will not support any kind of prolongation if it gets not
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a clarification from the petition title to want to achieve because i said it's a basic problem they have no much routine favor of anything they only have only my treaties against innocence but if they don't give you a clarification and ask for an extension you say that then no going to hard drugs. just. to minimise trade disruptions in the event of no deal the government now says it would not impose tariffs on most goods entering the u.k. but british businesses have also reached the end of their tether. businesses here in the u.k. are really saying enough is enough last night's parliamentary vote needs to be the last of the parliamentary shenanigans that been going on for the last two and a half years and we need to remember that jobs and livelihoods are on the line with this deal. though it's just over two weeks until the bracks a deadline practically nothing is certain. so barbara vital given the current state of affairs is there now any doubt that breaks it might not happen at all.
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it is possible because still at this moment in time anything is possible after no deal is taken off the table then the lex next logical step because you can't just magic it away they can't just say ok we wanted gone and it'll just disappear into the skies no they have to take the next step and that is asked for an extension and as we have heard they will have to give a reasonable explanation for what they want to do was that extension now that is going to happen tomorrow and then after that we are in our uncharted waters because the extra time that britain is going to again we don't know yet what for lawmakers the government and the public maybe is going to use it so just explain to us briefly what's going to happen to i what's the timetable of events. it's the night there's going to be a vote on taking no deal off the table it's so. called amendment brought in by some
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lawmakers there is some other amendments brought in by the two years who are still sort of having a unicorn solution ideas that will go down rather quickly and the main event is going to be the votes about we do not want a new deal that is the step that problem it is going to take tonight and prime minister is may supports that are available in london thank you. full coverage of course on d w news we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world gunmen have killed at least eight people at an elementary school in sao paolo brazil a local t.v. network is reporting that two people were seen entering the building and firing weapons and at least five of the children five of the dead are children. u.s. backed forces in syria have shelled the final strip of territory help our so-called islamic state in the town of course one report describes the jihad ists cornered in a seven hundred square meter cluster of bombed out buildings three thousand jihad surrendered to the mainly kurdish forces since monday. united nations has warned
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that manmade pollution is responsible for millions of deaths each year this is the message of the sixth global environment outlook released today at the un environment for him being held in nairobi kenya a study says a quarter of all premature deaths are caused by pollution levels for me in my house handed over to the united states a box of remains believed to be those of american amber lost in world war two it's the first time an american military aircraft has been to me and now on such a mission remains was not be identified. make up boeing the u.s. federal aviation administration are increasingly isolated in their decision to allow boeing seven three seven max planes to continue to fly following sunday's fatal crash in ethiopia investigators are sifting through the wreckage of the brand new maps that crashed minutes after takeoff if european airlines says they flight recorders will be sent to port for analysis sunday's was the second disaster
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involving the new max plane following a crash in indonesia five months ago airlines and countries around the world have grounded the plate and banned it from the skies but the u.s. and boeing insist it is safe has delivered about three hundred fifty planes as orders for nearly five thousand more. let's get more on this from robert wall he's senior aerospace and aviation and he said with the wall street journal in your piece joins us from london welcome to d.w. what do you think is behind the f.a.a. as a parent stubborn backing boeing which of course is an american manufacturer. you know i think you're trying to draw a conclusion that i'm not sure it's quite accurate to be quite honest i'm not sure this is about national issues the f.a.a. has a process by which it decides what it needs to do and if you think about it in that respect the f.a.a. says we studied after the lion air crash that last year what was going on with the
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max and determined that the plane was safe to fly since then know a new information has come to light that would make them revise that that opinion and that's what they're using as their argument nothing has changed and to some extent they are of course right we do not know what happened on the eve of kilcoyne air flight we're still very early in the process the flight data recorder the cockpit voice recorder haven't even been downloaded so there has been no new information of course other regulators are taking a different view they say there are similarities between the two crashes and that's enough to make them nervous enough to ground the plane so you can see in a way both sides have merit if you're open investigators say they will send the crash a broad analysis to why they said of them abroad and where they're likely to say. well i think what they're talking about sending are the so-called black box the
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devices that store the information of the conversation in the cockpit and also thousands of data points from the plane the reason would send them abroad is these are these black boxes are required some special laboratories to be read information to be downloaded and there's not technical expertise that every country has so there are countries like the us canada australia u.k. friends that are very skilled in this area and that's likely where they're going to go so who are these groundings like you more boeing all the airlines knew and who are now losing to. well in the short term certainly it's going to hurt the airlines they have to make up for they have to cancel some flights several airlines have had to do they have to make capacity some other way that may mean renting planes but just mean mean lost revenue in the long term probably one must assume that boeing will make them whole in one way or the other payment discounts on
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future orders this is not unusual and in a way i would say airlines are still somewhat lucky if you can use that in a tragedy like this the max fleet is still relatively small even though it's now around three hundred seventy planes but if you think of the the broad landscape of planes flying even the single aisle planes it is still a small fraction of what's out there so most airlines will be able to make up the shortfall in capacity so boeing a backlog of orders but now that it has this terrible p.r. i know that its share price has dropped does it lose orders from something like this but so far we haven't seen anyone jump ship and that's really hard to say typically i would say you know obviously these things are always horrible when they happen and there are you know
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a plane can be under fire it's not the first time this has happened to a boeing plane or an airbus plane or another manufacturer obviously. from you know st john the time. i was trained in courts has sentenced a statement. i appreciate that the court has acknowledged what was inflicted upon me as a child however there is no rest for me in the face of widespread public outrage the vatican has launched an internal investigation but it refuses to comment on the case until the appeal process is finished. the u.s. justice department has charged a fifty mostly wealthy parents with fraud after they cheated to get their children into elite american universities like yale stanford and georgetown those charges include c.e.o.'s of major companies in hollywood stars of a allegedly conspired to falsely record to falsify records and bribe college
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officials. felicity huffman is one of the well known faces linked to the twenty five million dollars scam together with dozens of others the hollywood actress have been charge over a scheme that helped wealthy americans buy their offspring into elite schools see allegedly paid fifteen thousand dollars to guarantee her daughter scored highly on a college entrance exam prosecutors accuse rich parents of using their wealth to cheat the system the parents charged today despite already being able to give their children every legitimate advantage in the college admissions game instead chose to corrupt and illegally manipulate the system for their benefit. the masa mind behind the scheme william rick singer who ran a bogus charity in california. prosecutors say he arranged stand ins to take entrance exams for students on other cases create fake at vetting profiles so
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students would be accepted for their sporting talents. it was a ducati business parents allegedly paid as much as six million dollars to get their children to sort after schools including yale stanford and the university of south california students there are angry emissions process the way that it is and to know that there's people who are just standing there and is really upsetting maybe some people don't have money and that's why they're not here and they're better than you know all of us. do we. dubbed operation lose the f.b.i. investigation is the largest college admission from scam on earth in u.s. history so far different like half men are now being charged with conspiracy to commit fraud authorities say the continue to investigate until all others involved can be found. there's a reason they created that women's professional football league is being threatened
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with cancellation it's the latest move in a turbulent time for the sport following sexual harassment complaints against two coaches and claims of poor working conditions for players on the national team now players are making a last ditch attempt to save the league. colombia kicked off its female pro soccer league only two years ago in twenty seventeen but the country's soccer officials have proposed downgrading the lead to an amateur one because according to them the female teams aren't profitable one club with a male and female team reported nearly one million euros in overall losses last year the decision to downgrade leaves about five hundred women stuck in uncertainty . which i knew there were many years of betting and believing in something we were given the illusion of a league and now they're taking it away. and also we're talking about a generation because in twenty years we hope that the girls who come after us can have a leak in their own country. players have proposed solutions to save the league that
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include reducing the number of teams and using public funds as well as grants from pfieffer to sustain it they have also asked colombia's football federation to appoint someone to lead efforts to promote women's soccer if a remedy isn't found soon some have considered leaving colombia to play in a league abroad in exodus only two years after the league begin would be a massive step in the wrong direction. a new film called the keeper tells a story of five former german paratrooper and prisoner of war who became a footballing hero in england after the second world war but was interned by the allies but his telephone goalkeeping during that recreation parents brought him to the attention of talent scouts and eventually led to him playing for manchester city's f.a. cup winning side. as portrayed in the film bat troutman was in the parachute
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division of the german army where he had won medals for hero is a. after being captured towards the end of the second world war and sent to a british p.o.w. camp he was still a die hard nazi. troutman is portrayed by german actor davi cross who is a self-confessed soccer fan and player the real truculence talent was noticed at the p.o.w. camp and he was taken on by a local side not easy considering the mood in britain blameful call. this nicol so while we cannot be speech. in iowa this i've. got to know what democracy is and changed his outlook on things but that didn't mean that he still didn't have to fight prejudice and sometimes pure hatred simply because he had been on the other side. the director marcus miller had actually met the real bad troutman years ago when the
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idea for the film first came up. he told me how it happened but also how it was to be youngster back youth especially as a great. fan about the brainwashing. and how he only came to his senses amid the horrors of the war when it was really too late and the focus was simply on survival even after being accepted by the local teams truckman had to face even more prejudice from the coach's daughter she blamed germans for taking her from the dance floor to air raid shelters. and rock that dance with you then start on some fantasies. and in this case love really did conquer all the to eventually marry. then came troughton's biggest career coup being hired by first division side manchester city yet people first protested but eventually relented and gave
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a chance and that paid dividends the team went all the way to the f.a. cup final in one nine hundred fifty six and despite troutman literally breaking his neck in the game he stayed on the pitch and manchester city went on to win it three one also making a legend. troutman earned many honors both in england and germany he passed away in two thousand and thirteen at age eighty nine but with this film his legacy could well live on. but just a few weeks ago india and pakistan came close to a full blown conflict after a suicide attack on the indian troops in indian controlled kashmir the two countries have been locked in a dispute over this region for decades and i want insurgency has been underway in the indian administered pot since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine india accuses pakistan of supporting militant groups that islam about denies the charge
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in a double or exclusive correspondence on if only visit the family of the suicide bomber . this is how dark remember the sun before he disappeared last year last month a car packed with explosives rammed a convoy of indian pattern military troops killing more than forty just. the blast just a few miles from here shook the family's home. then received news that the suicide bomber had been his own son. we were shocked we didn't think you could ever do something like this everyone started crying. who can take pride in this so many people have died. down family says others joined must think artists in two thousand and sixteen. he was injured and bedridden for months he lost a year of college. my son went to help a protester who was hit by
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a bullet but he was also shot in the leg by security forces he couldn't get over the incident he didn't talk to but he was see the thing with anger every time he saw the military. it's a situation says is all too common in the region the family lost contact with our the last year. we knew he had become a militant we tried to find them but we couldn't. we can't raise our voice here. the military and police mike arrests and torture people it forces people to resist that's why people want to join the militants everybody wants to pick up a gun it wasn't only my child even well educated young people are joining the movement got to do we are not terrorists our children are not terrorists military personnel are not terrorists it's politicians who are the terrorists. and
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insurgency against indian troops first began here in one thousand tonight. the fall small and now a top d.c. it's increasingly growing local recruits like. they come from villages like this one in the southern part of the body considered a hotbed of militancy. officials to go show last year alone security forces killed more than two hundred fifty militants in the region. since the recent escalation in tensions between india and pakistan the indian army has intensified its crackdown here. i mean up next a maid in germany tries to answer the age old question can money buy happiness stay tuned you might find out a small fee at the top of the hour good to. see. just
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how it is getting terry in east germany. is well compensated family. and who decides how much it's worth. but the focus on. productive easy. pay. and the pressure from living in an increasingly on call society. made in germany next d.w. . born. a city in ruins. morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian
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population. when finance fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to churches response was told. by the federal reserve will never again book called game of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. it's not a breach at all this is not the kind of freedom that news on. how did you become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the second i mean more sitting as a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of i guess starts april eleventh on d w.
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it seems the only thing that counts these days is a full staff constant pressure on the job in sports even in the family do your job and do it well but every really.


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