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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2019 4:00am-4:02am CET

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this. by their culture that a state. only a promise to his son made soren only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts people first w. . the ice of the right three two one the notes the left two hundred seventy eight britain's parliament has ruled out of leaving the european union without first negotiating an exit deal m.p.'s rejected a no deal grex it under all circumstances by a forty three you vote margin they now plan to vote on thursday on whether to ask
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the e.u. to delay britain's plan departure on march twenty ninth. u.s. president donald trump has issued an emergency order grounding all the boeing seven three seven max aircraft the u.s. now joins a large group of nations that have banned for passenger jet a seven three seven max crashed in ethiopia on sunday it was the second crash involving the model in five months. emergency crews are racing to rescue survivors after a multi-story building containing a school collapsed in the nigerian capital lagos several people are believed dead and dozens still trapped in the rubble. brazil is mourning the victims of a shooting spree at a school in sao paolo gunman shot dead at least ten people before shooting themselves in the assailants are believed to have been former students at the school.
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it's a band that could have serious consequences for one of america's top companies the u.s. now says it has new evidence the forces it's a ground boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft were going to be issuing an emergency order of proliferation to ground all flight of the seven thirty seven. mash and the seven thirty seven matters nine. planes associated with that line. and british businesses continue to gear up for more uncertainty as their lawmakers rejects a note that. i'm seeing there's a berlin thanks for watching us president donald trump announced the immediate grounding of all.


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