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you didn't see the school. what the world is watching in the british parliament will be studied by psychologists for decades to come parliamentarians chasing unicorns the words of one lawmaker in westminster today as another vote on breaks it came and went the result there will be probably no no deal breaks it a deal late in the start of brics it is now widely and that will be decided you guessed it in another vote probably tomorrow. this is the day. we could. we could leave with a deal which this government is negotiation. we could leave with the till we have to go say to the subject to a second referendum but that there's risk no prexy. secret
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extinction if there's a house by then there's some idea that there will be seeking extension full cuts mr speaker a extending all school fifty without a clear objective is not a solution parliament must now take control of the situation for the case it is not something which i would wish to do without going back to the public because it seems to me that in the light of the referendum that would be a problem for code union and dangerous step but he did this seriously she does seem to need it today to take looking at the wheat speed many read measure it is implicated in the extraordinary surreal movie. also coming up tonight a boeing seven thirty seven max airplane grounded the united states joins a long list of countries banning the passenger plane from their skull but be issuing an emergency order. proliferation to ground all flights of the seven thirty
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seven. max a and the seven thirty seven maps nine. to the right three hundred twelve with the new. three hundred eighty s. so the it is having. another day inside the british parliament to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a vote confirming what lawmakers do not want what they do want well it remains a mystery tonight british m.p.'s voted against a new deal breaks and against crashing out of the european union with no deal in hand but what kind of deal they would like to have you know tonight the world already has its eyes on tomorrow's parliamentary vote when lawmakers will probably admit that they are running out of time and that they need more of it a break sit delay but will more time make any difference and who can make
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a difference now that it appears prime minister theresa may is losing her voice and possibly all of her authority to speak for the country. right on it richard herman talks about not wanting to get repeatedly famous in a way that brings no deal close a good deal has been flatly rejected twice why this time i was my own precedented majority's. i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country people want to d.c. you they want to aintree movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure goals and they did this country i judged it oh cool that's what the deal did it was that's what i continue to work to do that. the prime minister has. has files. she no longer has the ability to lead this is a regular scalp moment in the face of a huge national crisis we have team coverage of tonight's latest installment of the
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brics saga we've got teri schultz in brussels for the european union and go on and hear the big table with me is our very own. expert i should say i think the world knows that now alex forrest whiting i was the me start with you what happened today . oh my goodness where would you like me to start i can sum it up by saying this this evening was chaotic absolute we've had a lot of chaos us over for exit in the past couple of years tonight was absolute chaos because m.p.'s were given the chance to vote against a no deal brackets had to take it off the table that was the government's own motion that they put down and they were allowing their m.p.'s a free vote on that however that plan was started because another and pay put forward a vote before but which still said that this is there will be no deal at all there will be it will be off the table completely and no deal breaks it and therefore at
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the last minute the government had to tell their own m.p.'s you cannot vote. our own motion you must vote against the government on this so that's a whipping the party to vote against and so it's just it was ridiculous it was a complete farce that we with that we saw tonight but it is a very good example of the chaos that has bricks it and the mess that the british parliament is in at the moment particularly the government and now it will come down to british parliament to try to find a way out of this mess they will have to take more control to try to find a consensus so what is the matter the because we've got the vote tomorrow and we're probably going to have the parliament saying yes we want an extension. and so why does it matter then that they voted for or against wanting a new deal bracks well by default legally the u.k. is still at the moment still jute to leave on the twenty ninth of march so they
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will leave the e.u. with or without a deal because of this vote to resign may then said that she is tomorrow that they're putting down a vote a motion for m.p.'s to decide whether to extend article fifty so to to lay bricks if she gave them it in this motion which is long and complicated but there are two options she says you can either vote to extend it until the thirtieth of june all and that's if you accept a deal or they will have to be a much much longer extension and she is planning to bring back dale for a first time next the longer but the longer extension we know it's probably out of the question because the book coming well known well harlem elections last year that is not as difficult so she's going to bring her back again next wednesday and we're already getting reports that some of those very strong brick cities from the european research group led by jacob reese mauled they may now be prepared to back yet again again and it's not game over if it's
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a result so let's think there's no that series olds in brussels the you hear all of that you see what's happened today what is the european union wants brussels preparing for they're going to say yes if a request for an extension is hidden. you know if you had asked that a few months ago and i'm sure we did talk about it a few months ago i would have said yes the european union as long as negotiations were under way on a good faith basis they were saying you know if the u.k. needs an extension we would definitely consider an extension it looks like that would be a natural a natural result of you know negotiations that were going well but simply couldn't get wrapped up now the situation is very different you see in the british parliament voted down this deal that was agreed in november twice by huge margins and people aren't feeling quite so generous here in brussels in strasbourg where the european parliament is meeting this week you heard chief e.u. negotiator michel barnier saying why would we prolong this deal these negotiations
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for what and you could very much hear the exasperate in his voice seeming you know that they don't see any reason to extend because the british parliament simply doesn't accept this deal and that would be the basis on which states tension would be granted really heard heads of state like president bill clinton say you know i'm not just going to extend article fifty without a good reason so i think it's a it's over confident of the british parliament to presume that they vote for an extension and therefore it goes you know the extension is passed. i think the past several months we've talked about every quest for an extension being being passed we've treated it as a given but i would say the longer a given right because the european union is going to say to the u.k. if you want more time tell us why and what you're going to do with it this is why we're going to have to see parliament try to start coming there being some cross
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party agreement on what they want and that will start tomorrow there will be more amendments tabled it will be sitting there watching what m.p.'s were like and what they won't like box to reason may as i say it's still going to come back again next . and it may be she she still defeated yesterday four hundred forty nine votes it could be that she gets more support she's still got a very very long way to do that to go to get there it is a mess and at the moment it looks like as long as the e.u. can agree something that will have to be some kind of delay even if it is short i cannot see at the moment the u.k. leaving on the twenty ninth of march in this chaos which will affect the e.u. but obviously particularly the u.k. interior with this extension just the timing of it is really it's not good for the european union is it because we've got these european parliament elections coming up in the summer and if the u.k. stays in the european union any longer they're going to have to have candidates in
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that election and i don't think the e.u. wants that in the u.k. to say well that under that's right it's not even summer it's basically spring the end of may so it's very very near and that's something that the e.u. has said would be a huge complication if you have a country that's negotiating to get out even with some kind of short term extension you would have to run candidates in that parliamentary election because the u.k. is a full member until bracks it is completed and so that's that's really a big factor that the e.u. would like to avoid on the other hand you have one of the chief bracks it's years. nigel farage saying he completely plans to run in the elections and he's been thinking about that for some time so of course this would be an additional big mess to regional stand by. britain's finance minister philip hammond also addressed parliament in london today there you are he warned that leaving with no deal would
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mean significant economic disruption to the british economy he spilled how the british government is trying to prepare for brics it. we have plans in place to minimize disruption to our financial system we've worked across whitehall to put in place mitigations of our border although we cannot regulate how the e.u. would operate its border in a no deal except we've published today our temporary u.k. no deal tariff schedule carefully balancing the needs of producers and consumers in the context of the pressures the no deal economy would face but i need to be straight with the house a no deal bret's it would deliver a significant short to medium term reduction in the productive capacity of the british economy. what we're hearing there we're actually hearing a plan for britain that we should have heard two years ago absolutely and remember
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that the chancellor who we just heard. is considered the remain chaunce lahey so it seems to be keen on myself to brics if as a brics it's a tool and he's been fairly concerned about the effects brics if it. will have on the economy and he said all along that if you accept the deal the withdrawal agreement i will then be able to release billions of pounds and give that to public services but at the moment a company specific has too much for it to the economy yeah i mean the purse strings are still in london let's go to one another our correspondent on the story for us barbara where do we go from now we know we have another vote to morrow is it a given. that the parliament will say yes we need more time for breakfast. and we were hurt i would certainly explain that even if there is a not to vote for treason mase deal next week and even if it should. go that it is
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difficult to see from this point in time. even then more time is needed because britain is just sort of sliding into the abyss because there is such tremendous debts organization if you look at what happened today in parliament i mean that was a spectacle that nobody one would want to see in their own government in a complete shambles to reason may with being against her own motion eating her own words and then voting against it because still the new prime minister's question time she said yes she would vote against no deal brecht's it and then some hours later she would sort of vote against her own motion i mean that is so far secure that whoever was the script writer of this episode. if so those two great bracks it's see here is he really should consider what he's doing here so if the problem is that there is still no clear plan the only thing to reason manos is to push the
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deal and try to force it down the road so if a majority of parliament even though it seems pretty clear that majority isn't there already in the end if it should come would be an extremely unhappy one yeah i like your idea of barbara briggs and series for netflix that would probably work let me get your opinion on what we heard today from the finance minister of bell i'm getting rid of tariffs on a watt of imports coming into the u.k. what do you make of the tiny a vat. now that is of course part of the big breaks that i dear i mean this is what the hot line breaks to cheers wanted all along what they're dreaming are dreaming off and we've known this for a long time this singapore on thames it's a load regulation note several terrorist sort of free trade paradise where everybody has to fend for themselves and of course we already heard today the first
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reactions of business because for some produces in britain that would mean that they really get into difficulties for some farmers it would mean that they would do their business would not be on their farms would not be viable anymore if the plants goes through like that so all this is sort of on the hoof politics i mean this is not that they have british lawmakers had thought about this long and carefully and really sort of calibrated what do we do for this area in fall that they just say oh let's wipe this off the table we don't need this terrace so no good anyway and is so this just shows the way the direction breck's it is going and story barbara thank you very much stand by germany's chancellor today i'm going to she been reacting to the brics the crisis here is part of what you have to say. it's in everyone's interest that there is an orderly exit on the one hand it is person that is leaving the european union and on the other the unity of the twenty
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seven is extremely important how we have held together has been very successful. terry what do you make of the words from the german chancellor she continues to the highlights units and some bricks that supporters in britain think that the e.u. will cave in at some point is there any indication in brussels tonight though that that could really happen. i think that we need to wait another twenty four hours and see what happens with this other vote tomorrow to see whether the parliament actually goes ahead and and says that they want to make stench in the trees or may should go back to brussels and ask for an extension and also whether there's any indication that they're going to clarify as the e.u. is demanding right now what they would do with that time how long they would like it to be it's not enough the european commission pointed out tonight to say that you don't want a no deal bracks if you still have to accept a deal and negotiators are saying you have to accept the deal the one we made in
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november nobody is interested in reopening this this agreement that was very hard fought and that hasn't changed even with all the drama that we've seen i think for right now it feels like in brussels you know if you think in a mode sometimes i do right now we've got the popcorn one up because until tomorrow vote brussels doesn't know exactly what the u.k. is going to be asking for i read something funny on twitter brendan someone said well the good news is that no deal breaks it has been taken off the table the bad news is there's no table. exactly right and we don't know if you buy it or you don't have to pay tariffs on it either we can answer that question or we know tomorrow is going to be his vote. on an extension we know that the u.k. is looking to a future with trade liberalization which the hardline brigadiers would love but the hard line brigadiers have to make sure the brig's takes place they do and they have of spin a big problem for two reason may because they again decided not to support last
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night and some of them are absolutely ideological about this and will never support it others however it appears a way for it and the even reports tonight of those from the european research groups are the very hard core brick cities in her own party who are saying that they may well vote for one deal when it comes back it's going to come back next wednesday it could even come back again but nick. it's the first time on condition that to raise them a so she resolved that she was i and i don't know if it's if they want it straight away but that would be the deal because they want in place to see it through to that and that's the point many people say that too many people are trying to stop bricks it from happening but at the moment as we've seen absolute chaos in parliament if you among m.p.'s politicians and no clear decision about what they want ok thank you for that let me ask you about that so we've got the hardline birds in tears saying we will back you to resume
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a and we'll make bricks it happened but you have to go isn't that what the they've wanted all the wall. they wanted this all along as well they saw the trees and they would sort of do their dirty work and then they could take over later after she had pushed through and completely exhausted herself and her credibility in the process then some breaks and cheer would be swanning up like boris johnson or somebody and in that sense take over and sort of save the day what they are asking now is for some reason may to fall on her sword in order to save bricks and that is a tall ask i mean shoot threes a may. self harming tendencies but the question is do they go that far good question do they go that far and why didn't they choose a brigadier to be prime minister two years ago the question of course i guess is
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a moot point tonight. in london teri schultz in brussels and it's always our break that expert right here at the big table to all of you thank you. well the u.s. aviation safety regulator the f.a.a. has ordered the grounding of all boeing seven thirty seven max passenger planes in the united states on the ban on flights to remain in effect pending further investigations into the crash of that ethiopian airlines plane on sunday the u.s. is the latest in a string of countries that have banned the plane from their skies the f.a.a. came in for criticism for not acting to prevent the plane from flying sooner regarded as the gold standard for aviation safety focus shifted to the f.a.a. after it said earlier that it had found systemic performance issues with the seven thirty seven max the latest ban is a big blow to the plane's u.s. maker but. analysts and boeing are doing this the aircraft maker has more than four thousand six hundred outstanding orders for its seven three seven max craft if the
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orders a canceled tens of thousands of jobs at the corporations washington plans and various suppliers are at risk boeing shares on wall street of tumbled losing more than twenty five billion dollars in value since sunday's crash it's still not clear if the seven three seven maxis has a design fault the u.s. federal aviation administration repeatedly said the plane was safe but now has new information boeing is a giant of u.s. industry something the f.a.a. is well aware of but in the end the u.s. has joined the rest of the world in grounding one of its cutting edge products with incalculable effects on boeing and serious disruption to carriers like southwest which operates thirty four eight nine s. out of a fleet of over seven hundred boeing planes. meanwhile in europe norwegian it has announced it seeking compensation from boeing for losses due to flight cancellations. are here the big table with me is our business editor stephen beard
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so stephen after canada said we're grounding the airplanes the united states really had no choice it doesn't put them in a very difficult position because canada probably gave the most complete case yet of any country when it grounded said that it actually used satellite data to look at the profiles of the lion air flight that crashed into the java sea and the ethiopian airlines flight that crashed on sundays on sunday and what it saw was similar circumstances and similar to the vertical fluctuations in particular it's said that it also solved it and i'm not sure how it got this satellite if it got this from other information but it said that all signs indicated that software in the plane in both cases pushed the nose down this is the software that you and i talked about yesterday this is something that after a lion air happens a lot of people are pointing to the software briefly to explain it again this. seven thirty seven max is an update on the plane seven thirty seven the engines were moved a bit further up that change the dynamic of the plane it would tend to lift it up
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so a new software was installed to automatically push that nose down with lion air what was found was that a sensor was off and it was saying the plane nose was up when it was actually trim and so what happens is suddenly it starts going down the pilots were fighting a nosedive and it looks like in ethiopia airlines the same case was was happening and i'm going to use this story if we're looking at a story that could be much more explosive than it appeared just twenty four hours ago we've got the wall street journal reporting now that pilots had complained of its own the record the pilots had complained of an anomaly with the software you know with the engines that you were talking about and that a software resolution was prepared and would have been sent out all airlines around the world but that was delayed because of the u.s. government shutdown at the end of last year and it would be explosive if it was true obviously what we're seeing is that everything is pointing to the software and that was already out after the lion air crash was that the software was really sort
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of zeroed in on. and we have also seen these reports that pilots reporting irregularities in these had been registered before you know considering the number of flights were taking place you know if you look at four reports six reports it may be easy to overlook those but still in retrospect that's sort of glaring especially now after the lion air flights you would have to go back in and there they were the whole time and let's say it is a software problem that can be corrected or we reach reaching a point where that perhaps won't matter anymore that the p.r. damage could be so severe that boeing is going to have to keep you know the max crown in forever it's really hard to say it's so early and i haven't seen the wall street journal report this obviously does not look good because again after the lion air crash they were already there already those were pointing to that software and then you have another crash and to see such similar circumstances. now it does not look good boeing of course has forty six hundred outstanding orders on that plane. yeah it's huge stephen beard's as always thank you very much you will see
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what happens next well the date is almost over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either news or you can follow me at bring goth t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the.
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