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this is deja vu news live from berlin the british parliament rejects leaving the you without a deal day after saying the deal on hand is no good in a series of votes lawmakers delivering a new blow to prime minister theresa may again shredding her breakfast strategy and another vote today on delaying drugs. also on the show rescuers say their mission is over and now the search for answers is on after a building collapsed and lego's the jury and no word yet on what caused the
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disaster that's left a number of people dead scores are still missing including children buskers say it's unlikely they'll find any more survivors. and president trump grounds all boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft new evidence from a weekend crash the g.o.p.'s involving that airliner prompted an emergency order. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for being with us more drama is expected in the british parliament today after lawmakers rejected a no deal with drawl from the e.u. voting last night paving the way for another vote today to delay britain's exit date beyond march twenty ninth. but the british prime minister treason has also set out plans for a third parliamentary vote on her. overall breck's
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a deal with europe that vote is supposed to be held by march twentieth. responding to her latest defeat a very hoarse prime minister had this to say i could need to focus the beagle to force the u.k. into you know remains that the u.k. will leave the e.u. without a deal. unless something else is agree. the onus is now on every one of us in this house to find out what actually is the options before us the same as they always have. we could be we could leave with the deal which this government is negotiation process to yes we could leave with the two you we have to negotiate the subject to a second referendum but that risk no prexy attach or a number of options out there so what happens next joining us now for the latest is to get lost in london and max hoffman our brussels bureau chief good morning to
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both of you a bag and if we could start with you this morning theresa may has said that the situation right now is that in spite of last night's vote the bracks it options remain the same is that where we are right now. you know something has changed what she's talking about is how deal is the only deal basically that still on the table and she's still hoping also to get it through because now she really can exert more pressure on parliamentarians because the choice is this as she puts it it's my deal to his amazed that she's hammered out with the european union or either no brags it at all or a really long lengthy bret's a process in which everything can happen a second referendum could happen so it's a reason they will once again try and put had deal on the table because she knows that for those people who want out in their own party there are many of them they
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will now think long and hard that might be their last shot that they get to exit the european union so maybe if there is yet one more vote she might just get over will she might get her deal through ok we might also see an extension voted on today and and a possible extension of max how would the e.u. respond to that scenario. had you asked me that question a couple weeks ago brian i would have said definitely they'll say ok but their stance has toughened a little bit in the last days they've made it clear that they need a reason to extend whether this be a short extension technical extension that's what it would be called for two or three months or a longer extension beyond the european elections in may and the possible reason for example is second referendum or maybe even snap elections or as theresa may put it if she puts that deal up for another vote and it gets passed that would also be need for a technical extension because now the time has run out to really implement any kind
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of deal until the twenty ninth of march so you would need a couple of extra weeks or even extra months to be able to implement that the e.u. wouldn't have any problem in granting that technical extension if the parliament so the house of commons said ok to their deal everything else seems up in the air because the doesn't look like the house of commons beyond maybe approving that deal seems able to clarify what this extension should really be for ok max just mentioned the technical extension term they're looking at a possible date of may or were june can the british government work in parliament guarantee that at the end of that process at the end of that date we're not going to repeat everything we've been over this week all again in may or june. the thinking here in london is like two possibilities and peace will get of eight
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later today what sort of extension that the prime minister is looking for from the e.u. either a short one at which the deal to reason may still will most likely be implemented all along was which would give just more leverage to days who off writing for a second referendum or so-called people's vote and that is a longer period that might be a few years and in this few years we have another long period of uncertainty so these two options are really on the table at the moment but like mark said the e.q. has to agree for us it was one thing parliamentarians here loved one and the other thing what can actually be agreed with the european union one time max what is the look like in brussels you know we're talking about the technical extension there's also the longer extension that could be up for up to two years that's speculation right moment brussels do not. just to be clear here and very good session you're right in mentioning that the reaction wednesday night from that you commission was it's all good and well that the house of commons decides that there won't be no
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deal bragg's the really best still the default option and in order to really avoid a no deal. you need a deal so that's still where we are we call it the brig's the conundrum right here and because of the situation you have more and more you have all makers and we talked to many of them over the course of this week were are pushing for a second referendum especially of course the social democrats because that's the same line that labor has though the social democratic party back in the u.k. but that would only be possible with a longer extension if we are talking one or two years but that of course has different problems for example the european elections in may if we go beyond that date significantly go beyond that day then the u.k. would have to participate in those elections that that would be. awkward wouldn't you have a country that actually wanted to leave but still has to participate in the e.u. elections something that many lawmakers want to avoid because it might hijack the
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actual topics you know the actual things they want to talk about and there are many of them i gratian climate change just to mention two of them. nice often for us in brussels to get moss in london thanks so much for bringing us up to date as another vote looms today in the british parliament now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour the trial of a vietnamese woman accused of assassinating the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un is set to continue that after prosecutors rejected a bid to free her don't think yong's lawyer all the decision perverse or indonesian codefendant was released on monday. south korean police of question to k. pop stars over related sex scandal singer swing really is expect suspected of providing prostitutes to his business investors he denies any wrongdoing another
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singer jungian young is accused of sharing secretly film sex videos both men of announce their retirement from the entertainment industry. mourners have held a vigil for the victims of a school shooting in brazil the attack occurred early wednesday in this is on oh a suburb of paulo ten people died including the two attackers authorities say they were former students of that school. the malawi government has released video footage of devastating flooding that killed fifty six people and displaced some eighty two thousand parts of mozambique and south africa have also been affected by over a week of storms the y'all just are warning an incoming tropical cyc lone could dump get more rain on the hard hit region. the u.s. federal court has sentenced the former trump campaign chairman paul mann afford to three and a half years in jail on conspiracy charges that's in addition to a four year sentence for tax and bank fraud and
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a new york court has also indicted metaphor on numerous new charges. well stu nigeria now where emergency workers in the nigerian capital lagos say at least ten people were killed after a multi-story building near a market collapsed scores of people including children were feared trapped under the rubble there the top floor of the building house the private elementary school with about one hundred students rescuers have now turned to recovery after around the clock efforts to find survivors. and it's the chaos and confusion one boy pulled out alive but many more feed trapped in the rubble. local authorities say the building housing a private elementary school and a nursery on the top floor of a residential apartment block collapsed late morning with around one hundred students inside attending a class. of small adjustments in time i was just passing by and i
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heard a building had collapsed with people living inside so i had to come and rescue and help them to make it to the hospital. and wanted us to try to do a little drive to survive the tide that anastase doesn't have somebody day does a lot of the food that's the judge in the end is got to suffer. rescue operations on the way but the emergency services say their efforts of being complicated by how densely populated the area is they've been on able to cordon off lots of pos of it. with around twenty million people and growing lagos is one of the biggest cities on the african continent. it was not immediately clear why the building collapsed but such incidents are not uncommon in one cheerio critics say they are often caused by on scrupulous investors cutting corners on materials or bribes being paid for building permits let's get the very latest from lagos on the
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story to their views of funny as they're covering events for us good morning to you funny you know rescue efforts are continuing through the night what more do we know about how the building collapsed. first of all rescue operations actually came to hold at this point because what you can see behind me all peroration is trying to bring this rubble away because rescue teams say they do not expect to find any more people in that rubble saying that they have meticulously come through this entire area you know what is known about this building is different information actually some people here living nearby say that this was a very old building that it was actually supposed to be demolished something that was confirmed by the state government governor saying that this building indeed was cleared for demolition and furthermore the school that was inside this building did not have permission to operate from there now whether this statement was made under pressure because of course is a little finger pointing going on who is responsible for this collapse is another
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question but you can certainly tell that people here especially here are on this side who lifted a really shaking there had this belief this is possible in twenty first century in lagos now a lot of disbelief as you mentioned there for you do we have any information about the people who are trying to start. there's going to be a oficial statement made here at the site at eight am so i just in a short time from now what we do hear from individual people who are part of the rescue teams is that about forty people have been rescued alive and more than ten have been unfortunately lifted dad out from this rubble now we do not steer you do not know how many people are actually over originally in that building it was a lot of conflicting information going on as about there being a hundred schoolchildren in the side of this building because it's believed that the actual capacity of the school was at least two hundred people do not know that what we do know that at least forty people have been rescued but as i say they also
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of people have been lifted out dead now this isn't the first deadly building collapse in nigeria this year what's the country's track record in terms of building safety. unfortunate a track record of this country is not very good in fact just a couple of months ago a building collapsed in port accords in a state in the cellars of this country and you may all remember that four years five years ago what half years ago rather a church collapsed nigeria has about burying a hundred people make more than a hundred people so what does that tell you of course people here are very angry they're seeing that constructors but also the owners of these buildings are basically bribing either the government or they're bribing the inspectors so they can go ahead with the substandard material they are using for these buildings unfortunately as a result of corruption you're probably going to see more collapse in nigeria and
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this is unfortunately not going to be the last one even though i have to underline at this point it is not clear what caused this building to collapse yesterday morning. for us and lego's where search has stopped now for any survivors in that building collapse thanks very much money. well a blow. boxes recovered from a boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft. flown to paris for further analysis about forty countries across the world have grounded this aircraft model involved in the weekend disaster all one. were killed the u.s. is one of the latest to ban the plane under emergency orders from president trump. the pressure had become too great after numerous countries ban the boeing seven thirty seven max from the skies u.s. president donald trump finally followed suit. the planes that are in the air will
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be grounded. if their seven thirty seven max will be grounded upon landing at the destination for safety of the american people at all people is our paramount concern a crash in ethiopia on sunday a similar disaster in indonesia last october satellite images suggest a pattern in the way both planes fell from the sky in a statement the federal aviation administration said that new evidence about the crash in ethiopia had led to the grounding of seven thirty seven maxes in the u.s. the ban came into effect at noon on wednesday causing jitters among those taking the plane's final flights. i prayed little bit more than usual i think such on my hands so i had to make it on the plane despite complaints by pilots that the aircraft had faulty software the authorities had been reluctant to act american airlines united and southwest were allowed to keep flying the max boeing's latest commercial jet. was the government trying to protect boeing the company is an
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important pillar of the u.s. economy only last month from boasted about the sale of around one hundred seven thirty seven maxes to vietnam the f.a.a. has always had a conflict when they were established by an act of congress they were supposed to make it in for safety policy and then promote the visibility they can't do both a day earlier boeing c.e.o. dennis mullen birkhead pleaded with trump to keep the seven thirty. seven max airborne. but in congress growing support for a ban bridge the party divide. every one of these planes should be grounded right away. they are accidents waiting to happen the grounding of the plane has please many passenger safety advocates in the u.s. but it's another blow for boeing and one from which the aerospace giant may take a while to fully recover. humphries sent us this from washington on that decision to ground seven thirty seven max aircraft after days of mounting international pressure u.s.
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president donald trump has joined dozens of other countries around the world in grounding boeing seven three seven max aircrafts any of those planes which were in the air at the time of the emergency order to land at their destination where they were grounded and it's certainly an about turn from the white house which had previously said that these planes were safe to fly nevertheless the administration was under mounting pressure from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who were agitating for a ban and not burn came the recommendation of the federal aviation administration which said it had obtained new evidence from the site of the ethiopian airlines crash as well as satellite data nevertheless the grounding of this plane model has drawn attention to the close ties between the u.s. president and top executives boeing and reminds us of the fact that boeing is a lot being powerhouse here in washington d.c.
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now the news will come as a blow to the plane manufacturer of the seven three seven max aircraft was its foster this selling model and certainly shares did skate off the back of the news. for they're rich some football now in bahrain or have crashed out of the champions league after losing at home to liverpool three one it's the first time the german champions have not made the quarter final stage in eight years the game started out on me even keel i wasn't on air from bahrain goalkeeper manual moya allowed sabio manet to open the scoring in the twenty sixth minute by untie the game just before half time through a goal monson goal but it was all liverpool in the second half of a bullet header from sergio van dyke and another gold money sealing the three one aggregate victory. ok young by from didn't use force joins us for more on this young it's the first time in eight years byron hasn't hasn't done it what went
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wrong for them yes so i mean it's a big blood's not make the the quarterfinals for such a proud club and a club with such a proud history as well in this competition but they were second best throughout the whole game there was no win need good enough and i mean it is a worry but i don't think of panic stations yet this is a team in transition to the stop players coming to the end of their careers and they have a new coach in the coach and i think he just needs time to get this team back to their best but he did admit post match that. second best in this game but he did also have big hopes for the rest of the season at least domestically. it's relatively easy we still have two titles to fight for we're top of the bundesliga with a bit of a lead and also still in the cup our goal is to win these two competitions. so there's still obviously plenty to play full football and it is slightly concerning though that all three bundesliga clubs are now out of the champions league that's the first time in thirteen years
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a german club has made it through to the quarterfinals of the champions league ok raises big questions about german football liverpool's famous for splashing out the cash for players and and money is increasingly in focus in football these days isn't it german club simply lack the cash to keep up with the top english clubs and without it our german clubs competitive. i mean we saw that this year of course not competitive and we've seen that they cannot obviously compete with the cash in the premier league or with the top spanish clubs that that's a given and it won't change but by have shown in previous years they've never had the cache of the top teams in england they still manage to compete and that's down to good management and as i said byner in transition they need some time to gel and they will do and they will be back to their best through making good signings and good coaching and goldman as well they are now the trent team in transition and i do see one of the cubs returning to the top of european football ok back to liverpool byron game byron as you mention the new coach from some older players but
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this was a crowning moment wasn't it for liverpool coach jurgen klopp one hundred percent i mean obviously he had some great battles with fine as dalton coach and he obviously lost the final in two thousand and twelve to be on the champions league final so this was an act of revenge for him and he was absolutely ecstatic with the victory understandably so especially with the second half when liverpool really turned on the screw and here he is and what he had to say about the performance a second off and also of us really happy not only because we wanted to win it all because of how we played football helmet sure it was how how strong we looked all would be defended even in the situation. of course by all that's so much quality unbelievable. and so i mean liverpool i think in cup we i mean to win the whole thing a belief ok we'll see if we can do it let's talk about that other champions league match as well yeah i mean obviously he thinks this guy lemme see five one messi scored two and a sister too and i mean that there are number of clubs that can win this tournament
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now but i think boston are looking like cliff favorites big win five one very dominant darts fired from the sports desk thanks very much we have some motor sports now mercedes of one five formula one titles in a row meanwhile ferrari have got restless after more than a decade without winning the championship well with the knowledge that it also took former superstar driver michelle schumacher five years before he collected five straight titles for ferrari there are still sticking with the boss young fellow ever considering he made a series of mistakes behind the wheel last season he's now under real pressure. sebastian vettel is hungry for glory the ferrari driver feels it's high time his team won some silverware. is going to be my fifth year together with a good area so i think race in for farai the expectation is always there to win and that's what we what we all want obviously we've i think come close some years
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before the way some of the but this season there have been changes at ferrari at the official presentation of the team's new car for twenty nineteen piero the son of founder enzo ferrari was there to show his support for ariz parent company cries or have increased a budget for the team this year and they're hoping for success they said if that that is being ferrari brings first of all to mind the pride of a team that unites an entire country and represents the best of it a little but it may go that done. in twenty fifteen sebastian fattal was tasked with putting ferrari back at the top after an unsuccessful stretch the team wanted a return to the glory days when we had schumacher won five straight titles. that was. going to fall relationship market driving that red car
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was always my role model so this is like a childhood dream come true. prior to fattal's fifty year out for ari there's been some watching of a red revolution his teammate young star charles le clerc has become increasingly ambitious the restructuring has resulted in the appointment of matiya the not asking us to see the three little changes this year and hopefully we can use the woman to make sure that we do the final step in order to be competitive and it appears to changes may pay off fattal's pre-season lap times have even impressed lewis hamilton his fiercest right. ferrari that the pace is very very good at the moment so the challenge is going to be harder than ever. to awaits between sebastian fattal and lewis hamilton and perhaps this could be the year that ferrari
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finally makes it to the top again. let's get your modern our top stories this hour britain's parliament votes today on whether to request an extension from the e.u. for the threats of deadlines just fifteen days away now voting last fight lawmakers backed the motion to rule out a no deal. and ethiopian airlines says that the black boxes recovered from a weekend plane crash have been flown to paris for analysis u.s. it's joined with nearly forty other countries around the boeing seven thirty seven max this plane was. involve the structure. don't forget you can always get to abuse on the go download our app or google player from the apple store the concerts us to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications breaking it all seems that up to send us photos and video. where live from berlin focus on europe is up next it's looking at turkey's
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construction boom which is on the spot. there forget there's always more to our website www dot com for now though for me brian thomas the entire news team thanks so much.
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you're a. look united. what divides. the man most of the driving force. what binds the continent together. answers and stories aplenty a. spotlight on people. on t.w. . ruins
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. morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when finance fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was little. by little it will never gain political game. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not the reason at all this is not the kind of freedom that leon. how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the so-called under my city has.
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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines the sons of i.a.s. starts april eleventh on d w. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in turkey where local elections on march the thirty first could bring major setbacks for president redknapp tired this after sixteen years of electoral success for his a k party all driven by sustained economic growth but turkey is now efficiently.


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