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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2019 8:30am-9:00am CET

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slyness terror. until now this story comes out in my city as. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. school starts april eleventh on t w. i n. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in turkey where local elections on march the thirty first could bring major setbacks for president retch up tired out who won this after sixteen years of electoral success for his sake a party all driven by sustained economic growth but turkey is now efficiently in
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recession president out of one had been hoping to turn prestige projects like istanbul's new mega airport all the city's giant new mosque into votes but that doesn't appear to be working the boom has turned to bust this specially in the construction industry where many have already lost their jobs well the country's words are also mirrored in the real estate sector and one of the most bizarre examples of where the problems in turkey live these days is the boards are brass resort project that lies just a couple of hours drive east of istanbul. who wouldn't want to own a castle and here there are plenty to choose from over seven hundred in total it's a place straight out of a fairy tale. but it's turned into a nightmare for developer maser yet alone because no one wants to live here. he dreamed up the idea of building these chateau style villas some two hundred
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kilometers east of the turkish capital istanbul. well. we're here in the turret that every village has. for your own who's going to enjoy the view of the natural landscape. they also have a nice overview of your state and other villas frozen in cologne. we have our arab friends in mind as buyers and we've seen how they've been keen to invest money in our country in recent years there's very little. goes the missile. but here dylan streams haven't come true because the arabs have stayed away two hundred million u.s. dollars have been sunk into the project before the developers filed for bankruptcy last year it's just one of many real estate projects that have gone bust in turkey . but yet isn't giving up he's counting on help from above for the kids
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amid today that turkish president richard tie up out of one is assured us that after the local elections on march thirty first or by next year at the latest the economy will recover and the real estate sector in particular will experience an upswing. he says some of. the high note we believe it if there was no notice. but others have little faith that turkey's housing market will recover on the contrary the building boom which had been fueled by low interest rates and cheap credit has come to an end. experts say developers lost all sense of proportion and built far more homes than needed now in times of high inflation and a weak turkish lira the industry is suffering. for human capital six in order compared to the previous year new home sales have collapsed there is a number of mortgages issued has fallen by close to eighty percent yet. that's led
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to massive layoffs in the construction industry could. you show one in every six people there is lost his job. as some ten million people are employed in the sector you can imagine the seriousness of the situation will bore trigger. the board bombast housing development was also supposed to create lots of jobs. but in neighboring new durham new people had long view the chateau project skeptically the town is known for its traditional timber houses not concrete chateaus local historian mimics lives in a two hundred year old timber house that he has lovingly restored. he's proud of artists and all traditions little to do. in this house not even the nails come from a factory your blacksmith made them with a hammer and. so it angers him that
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a disneyland style housing development for foreigners has been built just a few kilometers away. the people of new don't know viewed as a threat to their centuries old traditions and values. are infinitely more there's still a sense of community here. we help and support one another one an example how can we pass on our traditions and values to the next generation when thousands of people whose only connection to this place is a real estate investment settle here. yet it's likely no one will ever move in here borsch looks set to become a ghost town to keep that from happening mr yellin is selling these shuttles for just three hundred fifty thousand euros a piece he still hopes to attract buyers who want to feel like the king of the castle. to italy now where abortion has been legal for forty years
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but gynecologists like elisabetta county tano are becoming increasingly reluctance to carry out the procedure for fear of facing reprisals and activists have though taken to the streets to protest against what they see as a shift to the far right in italy led by the league party of the controversial interior minister matteo salvini who they say wants to turn back the clock on women's rights. the italian city of around or is the scene of romeo and juliet for some time now it's also been known as a pro-life city conservatives and catholics who oppose abortion campaign for the name. alberto's old girl is one of them. he's also a member of matteo's our beanies northern league last years ago filed a motion with the city council that among other things demand pregnant women be persuaded to have their children he wants to prevent abortion at any cost he's even offered to pay them a monthly income of one hundred sixty euros for eighteen months ago calls that
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anonymous adoption. unique with. the current abortion law is deeply and just because it considers state alleged rights of the woman but not the right of the child but which already exist in the uk what she has heart is beating after the first week when we see images of aborted foetuses are handed up we see tiny mangled feet down smashed heads. so i couldn't let it hear it in a villa and francesca milan disagree both activists are horrified at what the city council is doing they say it's a step back to the middle ages you know not because the rona has become a little laboratory for right wing policies for those who are governing italy at the moment. because the body they give us to make all these policies with respect to women's reproductive rights and the rights of elegy p.t.i. communities has proven to be discriminatory and violence is going you know thought
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if you just told really funny it was injured when you even got on the course the song spurting a kind of vision of the sanctity of the female body which must follow its natural destiny meaning a mother who had child care and health. when the motion was filed with the city council thousands of pro-choice activists took to the streets they say they wanted to continue to decide what to do should they become pregnant. for forty years abortion has been legal in italy in the first ninety days of pregnancy after a required counseling session and a week's time for consideration. the activists are fighting to keep. but that way. but the city council approved the motion of the far right northern leak making things even worse for women. down the way it was a chain reaction after the city council voted for owner of the phone rather
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a milan and rose who copied the motion word for word they want to be crowed live cities as well as if they would be a city that was pro death support this is that a much tougher one of them are that. it's seven am at a hospital in rome five hundred kilometers to the south the hospital is one of the two in the italian capital where pregnancies are terminated we're filming with a hidden camera women have been waiting here since four am to ensure that they're treated many speak of a marathon and endless run around to get an appointment. some women often travel hundreds of kilometers to find a gun ecologists that does terminations. elisabetta county tanos been dealing with this for decades she performs terminations one of the few doctors who does and is openly pro-choice an increasing number of physicians seven and ten on average nationally are citing reason of conscience refuse to carry out abortions that are
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allowed by law in addition doctors like elisabetta are defamed. called you see but they behave as though doctors who refuse to perform abortions are dedicated to noble medical causes here while those who do terminations are engaged in dirty work you know. once i told a colleague that i do abortions and she told me you're just like herod murdering children an abortionist is by no means a proper doctor. and he's a better volunteers as well and organizes many events despite the political headwinds she says women should be better informed of the. rights and where they can get help to eat he says oh no many more women have died because someone refused to do a life saving terminations. that hundreds but it's us who have to defend ourselves
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and. many women want to maintain their right to legal abortion and will continue to fight the surge of conservative policy in their country. now i disturbingly large number of people in poland believe their country could be invaded or practically any time by migrants islamist terrorists or russia and more and more young poles people like outspoken. are joining paramilitary groups to train up and get ready to defend what they call the fatherland so let's go to vid nitsa a small town in central poland to meet this grimly determined young man. in the small polish town of it did so is home to an eighteen year old high school student casper krakowski it's early but he's already up cuts but is the commander of a paramilitary units in the town he's training young fighters there are forty of
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them invade meets all of them have pledged to defend their fatherland the midst of them there is a kind of i feel proud when i put on a uniform standard is that of those that i feel pride and reverence that i'm certain it will do with us and. when i put on this uniform i am my true self. in the morning his unit holds tactical drills at the cultural center in. the towns man made it possible the youngest of the so-called fighters here eleven years old they're known as eagles. we also train with live ammunition there's a shooting range a few kilometers from here that if you show them we practice firing a k forty seven glocks mawson's beryllium assault rifles but a range of firearms that's fine but. why
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is it so important to practice with live ammunition. when war comes to put it drastically i can't kill anyone if i'm firing up blanks can't you can't defend my home my father my mother my grandmother. i need to know how to hold a gun that weighs a few into kilos and how to fire a. beaches or business sell it. to alice light they're holding a memorial ceremony. it's to honor the soldiers killed in world war two. just think it's an important event that's reported on state t.v. complete with old passes and ballads and weapons on display for the kids. and with old heroes veterans who wants force against poland's enemies. is that what this is about love for the fatherland for poland for our borders for
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our nation for the little the love for the old soldiers and youngsters in the fight to make everything better for society the street dogs the beach the paramilitary troops so they have the successes of the fight has evolved because they thought the land to poland is under threat and needs heroes like that now more than ever. so. you have to defend the borders we can't cross your border with weapons and say it's now ours that's your side you have a right to your what's your problem we have a right to article the last. germans just like we should defend what's there. because nobody but i got broke off but whom do they want to defend poland's but what is. the situation with the refugees right now. they negate christian society and protestants to. be refugees
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oppose everything that goes against muslims. that be any of this is what i'm for killing isn't nice but some kill defenseless people like the muslims from my house are all qaeda easier it's the order of the west and you kill civilians and innocent people and that there is a be able to leave you know they've been deployed. so that you don't then don't know who you are they said yeah i did oh yeah yeah so you know and. so. you know. the others here and it's worth noting that as poland becomes in many ways a more thora tarion society there are also reports of opposition groups in n.g.o.s standing up and fighting for their rights this as the country heads for a parliamentary election this autumn now portugal has some of the biggest surfing waves in the world of the country's economy is currently itself riding
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a wave with growth at its highest level for nearly two decades this after the country's socialist government rejected many of the anti austerity policies that have caused so much hardship in numerous other european countries not least of course in greece well ahead of a parliamentary election later this year focus on europe has been supporter goals surfing count people now sorry to see whether their country can stay on top of the way. you love monster waves along the coast of the portuguese town of nazare it's likely you'll spot a few. as are a ninety minute car journey north of lisbon as a surfers paradise all year round. and down in the town park local residents are celebrating. the tough spirits are up in portugal raise mayor walter charles says that since his socialist party took control in
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portugal many things have improved he says that despite the economic crisis people have been spared the hardship of other european nations. as far as the situation is completely different degrees for example our government proved that there is an alternative to the austerity measures dictated by the international monetary fund and to privatizations to the fish you please it's a sad. portugal's economy is on the mend and more people are finding work like carla costa a food engineer by training. for many years she considered leaving the country but didn't because she didn't want to uproot her daughter for months is only twins i've thought long and hard about this and it cost some tears you only know it was the right decision afterwards because the economic situation can change any time my i know it but so far i don't regret staying for that reason after
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a lot of searching carla now has a good job as a production engineer in a dried fruit factory and her boss has big plans he wants to export the region signature dried apples and pears across all of europe. so far business is good with portuguese labor costs being low. but small and medium sized companies want the government to do more like cut red tape to foster entrepreneurs. the principles she and the government knew was the truth be doing more to head to industrial and agricultural sector is that we are still not rigidly people are realizing that you can just rely on tourism and real estate. like you. know. there are a number of high end call for resorts south of us are a. discourse was designed by a famous golfer. the club's owners built
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a hotel to start with and now they're building one hundred twenty eight small village they hope it all attract french german and scandinavian investors. our european friends our main customers. they've only just started discovering portugal so what and so i think this will be a promising market for many years to come. because we're going to. move. well tourism and real estate are the main pillars of the portuguese economy some ask whether ordinary people will benefit from all of this. unionist say the locals employed in these sectors complain about low wages and poor working conditions. so he sent. my son was i make just over six hundred euro plus food money to the police and
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that's not much if you think about how much money the tourist spent. i don't think so i think the bosses could definitely pay as more. when you look at their situation there's light and shadow we're really unhappy with labor laws and to situation of workers and we think the government should tools much more to improve this. was the mayor of nazare walter charles right knows this all too well. so that's why there are mixed feelings about the socialist government which has been in power for more than three years now. portugal like most of europe has not shifted to the right. in nor are socialist government has hugely impressed other european socialists it's proved that a different kind of politics is possible expire at the. guy nevertheless. the head of the elections in october the socialist need to be like a good surfer and keep writing the waves as long as possible.
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so here's a question for you which country in the world has the most current love well you might be surprised to discover that the answer is russia but one big concern for animal welfare activists like on a photo is that most people don't have their feline friends sterilized and that means that the number of counts being turned out onto the street is the rye. she feeds moscow st cats here every day to help get them through the winter. their cats have been everywhere here activists estimate that over one hundred thousand of them live on moscow streets and seek shelter from the cold in the city's basements cat lovers lower their food into the cellars so it doesn't freeze in the bowls and when access to the basements is closed off these animal rights
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activists take up their crowbars and we would of course you know we're fighting because we don't want the cats to die while we are filling out forms or making calls to leave the cat is outside and it's very cold minus twenty or twenty five degrees celsius and they can freeze to death within ten or twelve hours. five years ago ana feldman founded the organization cat rescue almost every day now she gets a cat emergency call and the rescuers jump into action thanks to their commitment to moscow's kitties the deputy mayor of the city has even issued a cat directive it order a small cellar windows like to remain open so that the animals can climb in if the vents are closed activists like i'm on feel justified in breaking them open. you do subconsciously have my feeling that you're damaging someone's property that . sometimes you think you might be doing something wrong just put on them but
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everyone wants to create a comfortable world for themselves and for me that comfort comes from cats and people who love cats if you want to create that sort of world you have to be willing to protect to do. the shared. feldman does just that she's been caring for street cats since she was a child she's even taken two of them into her small apartment along with a stray dog and she's turned her passion into a profession. such a miracle that a predator essentially a miniature a lion or tiger my lives alongside people. on the feldman soft spot for cats fits in with the spirit of the times in russia she's even started a cat school now with funding from the city locals can learn about their feline friends here how to keep them as pets and how to help strays organizes the school with who is in the owner of moscow's first cat cafe here people can get to know
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stray cats and if possible even give them a new home. surveys show nearly sixty percent of people have at least one cat at home more than in any other country worldwide still russia only just passed its first law on animal rights last year. our goal is for animal rights to no longer be something that just a few crazy old grandmas and grandpas care about along with us of course but it becomes a natural part of everyday life that i was right in love. but not everyone in moscow wants the animals around especially in their basements it's probably not so good that they live here they could have some sort of infectious diseases but it's not the phone that people abandon them no. more cats but they are unsanitary of course that much is clear they shouldn't be living in the basements they should either be in people's homes or an animal shelters we have fleas. and i
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felt man is fighting for a new construction law that would protect cats across russia and not just in moscow and she has backing for her plan. they would notice the cuts on the highest level in the city administration and even in the russian ministry of construction and they've recognized that opening these basement vents is the only solution to the problem but if the issue has gotten through that far that means that there are we. the cat's at the highest levels. but until the feline friends the laws open people's minds and their basements and her helpers are determined to keep prying their way through moscow. well it's me you know and by and by from this edition of focus on europe thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on detail for you dot com all present on facebook page b w stories to come back next week until the truth
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. thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and.
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the gatekeepers of europe outsourcing border controls to africa. pays billions of euros to african countries even dictatorships. something to close the borders. and keep people from continents. but does that mean the song the refugee problem. in simply falling off doubling or . what's the connection between bread.
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ambiguity and you. know guilt montecito e.-w. correspondent and avid baker crop. current. and let's go about the recipes for success and the strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . so far no i just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up people. and. nothing else looks like the bullock was
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a big. money leave the. united by their culture if he stays. only a promise to a son was a son only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. you realize how strange artificial is clearly connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts to first on t.w. . place. play.
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play. play play play. play. this is deja vu news live from berlin the british parliament rejects leaving the e.u. without a deal a day after saying the deal on hand was no good in a series of posts lawmakers deliver a new blow to prime minister made by against shredding her breakfast strategy and there's another vote today on the laying bricks of.


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