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half time through a goal masak own goal but it was all liverpool in the second half a bullheaded from virgil van dyke another goal to manas sealing the three one aggregate. this is the news live from berlin a documentary film is up next about the outsourcing of border controls in africa here on the interview news i'm brian thomas. and ruin. the floods have taken everything they own now despair is the gutless climate refugees desh. they seek shelter in the capital to come but even here the waters are rising. the floods. storks much. d.w. .
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from africa to europe hundreds of thousands have tried to flee. but recently the number of arriving migrants has dropped. the e.u. has cut deals with african governments curbing mass migration in return for aid. to sufficiently address security issues. the e.u. is widening its reach beyond the mediterranean into africa and it hasn't shied away from bringing long shawn dictators out of isolation borders are being sealed. so are we criminalizing. it's a lucrative new market for the arms and security industry. you can't secure thousands of kilometers of border in libya and egypt without foot patrols technologies exist someone just needs to pay for them. the e.u.
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has allocated more than eight billion euros to stem the tide of migration. today more migrants are dying in the desert than in the mediterranean. some and sorry for. what impact. on africa. our investigation begins. we're headed towards libya from. trade road. once the main trade route for caravans it remains an economic lifeline . merchants transport goods from. and subsaharan countries all the way to libya on
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the mediterranean. in recent years this road was also the main route for african migrants trying to get to europe. we're only allowed to travel here with a security escort. we agree in the hope of finding out what action the e.u. is taking here to stop migration. everyone here is checked the. police asked travelers where they've come from and where they're going. anyone suspected of trying to reach europe is barred passage. that's why migrants now avoid these checkpoints. today we don't encounter any west african migrants here instead merchants from the tribe desert nomads who have moved freely across desert borders for centuries.
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although most of them got the growth of the four of them or leave i'm from i want to go to libya my parents live there. but i used to be a lot more people here the merchants tell us that the rest station. but people smugglers are still cashing in says our driver a member of the aga is regional council. the desert is big even if you stop it here it goes on elsewhere the smugglers know all the checkpoints and avoid them across the desert to get to libya. so i do so the business is less official but it continues. to me yeah but. it's still a long way to libya. and we're not allowed to continue our journey. the official reason security concerns. mohamed tells us that migrant
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transports take big detours through the desert. they also avoid water supply stations because these are now under surveillance through funding. but off his main routes the risks for migrants increase u.n. agencies say the numbers of dead being found in this part of the sahara is rising the government to cooperate with the e.u. which has pledged one billion euros in development aid a massive sum for the impoverished nation. and the government is hearing to the e.u.'s wishes with a crackdown. there are one hundred nine seized vehicles on this parking lot of the people who are blue going to more than one hundred human traffickers are behind bars or in investigative custody. the migrants who were traveling in these vehicles have ended up in camps run by the international organization for migration and are to be sent back to their native
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countries. of the for two i.d.'s of the like. liberia born may twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred three. with photos. on the radio broadcaster sarah f.m. regularly reports on e.u. policy and its repercussions. we meet up with the editor in chief even him. he shows us photographs of people who have a deadly died trying to reach europe. this is c m your migrant was found dead in the vehicle of happen because they are blocking the only routes that can be traveled safely she must know our grandparents used to. have you mr self why the government of nigeria has refused to let you travel further into the desert . they have something to hide crush the sahara has become an open air sanitary
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serious human shit i see in. increasing numbers of people are dying in the desert because the main route is more strictly controlled a serious allegation. the government in may says the stricter controls are designed to protect people. the european union leads a mission in each year to train police eighty europeans work at their headquarters near me twenty are posted in august is. their brief is to train local authorities in conducting more effective controls. the idea with them beach or have an eye on that water point and that's what actually the authorities are doing so they are out there trying to you know go there but also it is difficult because they don't necessarily have the mobility they don't have the costs and. they sometimes stay i think in belmont at the
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shunammite or only have one car and they have some that are going more car so thanks to germany so that is very good. germany has supplied more than two hundred vehicles we want to talk to german officers taking part in the you kept mission and film them work but our request is denied. each year is a member of the west african economic union eco us similar to the e.u. its citizens enjoy visa free travel across the blocs borders in theory. we've arrived at the border between the fossil it's located on the central migration route from west africa to europe and is therefore of interest to the e.u. . officially the e.u. supports the freedom of movement in west africa but that no longer seems to be
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valid everywhere. across africa people travel from country to country usually between neighboring countries border traffic is nothing unusual. but the people here say it's becoming increasingly difficult. we need some people who are desperate to get to europe this man's destination is belgium. police moved i made it to. then i was sent back by the police. they said would be risking their lives in the desert it's not normal because i would even if i die i have my dream that's the way it is because the secure. sickles on his home country ivory coast is a member of eco us in a booze wallet but you don't need a visa suppose you don't know me you don't. and eco was member like my country in theory i don't need a visa. in easier the e.u.
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has achieved its goal of stemming the tide of migrants for now. the european union is going to great lengths to advance migration controls in africa. we take a closer look at these new strategies. in recent years some african countries have received more attention from europe than ever before. with more than eight billion euros earmarked for africa until two thousand and twenty brussels is flexing its foreign policy muscles. we propose to use a mix of positive and negative incentives to reward those countries willing to cooperate effectively with us and to ensure that there are consequences for those who do not. this includes using our development of trade policies to create
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leverage thank you very much. so the e.u. is giving some countries more development aid and expects something in return its focus is on the nations from which migrants and refugees are fleeing and those they cross trying to reach the mediterranean. the e.u. has also cut deals with countries it's long subjected to sanctions like sudan. for years president omar al bashir was an international pariah indicted by the international criminal court on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes in darfur. when he won reelection three years ago with an official ninety four percent of the vote visiting dignitaries included guests from egypt zimbabwe and saudi arabia there were no representatives from europe. instead of congratulations brussels only voiced criticism. but a short while later it launched negotiations in two thousand and sixteen. as secret
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documents these clearly spell out the e.u.'s objective in cutting a deal with sudan to reduce onward movements to europe. the moral cost is evidently high. the e.u. should carefully consider the high reputational risk associated with its engagement with sudan. we fly to the sudanese capital. it took a long time for sudanese authorities to approve our visit but after persistent efforts we got visas. intelligence agents accompany us at all times when we're on location sudan is a surveillance state government critics face repression. the country was long internationally isolated and ostracized. but recently sanctions have been lifted or loose and the west is rehabilitating the regime sudan is the third largest country
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in africa now controls along its seven thousand kilometer long borders are to be more strictly enforced. on the border with libya that protection is in part provided by the rapid support forces in two thousand and sixteen at the height of negotiations between sudan and the e.u. the presented seven hundred detained refugees the commander had a clear message. underline the refugees holds no danger to us these people are trying to reach europe. no there was so we are assisting there and you know a little. general doug low and his division are notorious in sudan the unit was formed from the militias called the general weed which translates as devils on horseback investigators in the hague say doug low was their commander when on the president's orders they led a campaign of ethnic cleansing in darfur. now
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integrated into the army the same troops have been deployed by the government to the north as a border patrol force international human rights groups accuse the or a stiff of abusing refugees and forcibly returning them to their home countries ethiopia and eritrea in violation of international refugee laws. the e.u. denies it cooperates with e.r.'s if. the spokesperson for sudan's cooperation with the e.u. is general. not affiliated with the r.s.s. he's in charge of border protection at the interior ministry. to arrives late to our meeting because he says he was held up in talks with e.u. project officials. stresses that sudan complies with international standards in its treatment of refugees.
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we've heard a geisha ins and against are this afternoon off is there any truth about it or are you working on this as well no clue for us because we haven't got any new reports on the. but we have also want to go to the national commission for human rights those who have been others to. seize our borders normally we have to check them out if you use with the exam but to the to the comps but those who are. the irregular migrants so in collaboration with us is the issue of films of the commons and then we take them back up for their countries the one area that we are not getting the border control is equipment time skeptical dahiya outlines a number of cooperation projects with the e.u. there is a new operation center in khartoum contact with the german federal police and
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training conducted by the german agency for international cooperation the g.i.c. the years it offers a man implement then they have core implemented. so but that is the german not for the years of whose support they already started with trainings or anything yeah we have one of the start of her at least we. are seeing more than one hundred officers you know. were not permitted to film g.r.i.z. representatives or their on site activities in writing the g.r.i.z. confirms that its new duties include training security forces. they declined to sit down for an on camera interview. the e.u. mission in sudan is adamant that it does not cooperate with the r.s.s. if it only deals with other units and it will not be supplying sudan with hardware . there will be probably when this computer
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which will be delivered for his kids and torturing gene for missions the need to networks and. the sort of meant but the movie saw there when he says that he's waiting for us tonight probably there's a misunderstanding no. no they are trying to get some things out they are too toying to. sudanese. know v. counter effects or there is a lesion for years now and they want to we engage with the international community did he want to get some more legitimacy and so we are trying the ambassador believes sudan is on a road towards improvement and that includes its human rights situation he defends
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e.u. cooperation saying the focus is on development aid in education and employment. one of the authors of a report as the worry that they engage with here night strengthen and dictatorship that's the fundamental question but clearly we believe it's not by confrontations that you will improve the situation when you engage in dialogue we have a bit of a challenge to make things change. the sudanese border with eritrea is about a ten hour drive south from the capital border patrols regularly catch refugees entering from eritrea. we accompany one patrol. the secret service military and police work in close cooperation here an officer of the secret service tells us. he's in charge here but avoids the camera and.
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these regular troops have also been accused of human rights abuses. the border with eritrea is a six hundred kilometer long invisible line through the desert. it's strategically important five thousand people flee eritrea every month. nine million refugees currently live in the horn of africa sudan has been instructed to prevent them from setting off for europe. we have an appointment with a local police chief. one i learned a few has and who are. always maintained that as long as european nations are the refugees destination and suffer from illegal migration they have to pay in the shape of transport modern surveillance equipment modern vehicles even airplanes that can monitor the long borders into ethiopia and eritrea.
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the police chief of claims representatives of the e.u. and individual member states had promised him more than. just something to give to you dimia who are owed well they made a lot of promises. i can't say nothing has arrived but what we've received doesn't suffice given the current number of migrants admit he and all that comes to mind right now are a few motorcycles. motorcycles or other boats are you dealing with a cyclist i think that it would grow and that it's on its way takes time we want to know what happens to the people detained at the border and are granted permission to visit one of the big refugee camps near the eritrean border. it's located in no man's land a two hours drive from the nearest city. officially forty thousand people have found shelter here most of them are eritreans who fled to escape a brutal. all story military service that can rob men and women of half of their
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lifetimes. at times eritrea's border guards have shot and killed people trying to flee. there are food shortages in the camp and many unaccompanied minors we talk to women who tried to get across the border alone. will do just a little while ago was done and there were seven of us. we were being trailed by a band of smugglers. we ran away from them five of us got away from the city but i was caught together with another girl. they locked us up for three days and raped us and then they took our money and set us free near the sudanese border all of you the women don't want to stay here oh yes how can i want there's nothing here we don't want to stay in sudan our goal is to flee to europe so we can have
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a better life for instance by going to school and learning a new language just so we can have a better life i don't have. the refugees are locked in officially they're not allowed to leave the camp without a pass but that's hard to obtain. sudan's roads are strewn with checkpoints where guards demand to see ids refugees say the only way to get through is with smugglers who have good connections to the authorities. they say sudanese and eritrean officers have their hands in the smuggling business. the sudanese interior ministry even at mit's as much and says it's combating such corruption. we spent months trying to obtain a visa from the eritrean government in vain officials there evidently don't want to discuss why so many of its people want to leave the country. eritrea is dubbed the
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north korea of africa many refugees say they're fleeing their own government today more than a million eritreans live outside the country the united nations has documented incidents it classifies says crimes against humanity men aren't slaved in the army women systematically raped it's to this dictatorship that europe has restamp wish to eyes. the e.u. wants to run programs in eritrea to instruct judges and prosecutors on how to bring suspected smugglers to trial. but how successful could that be. eritrea's intelligence agency is active across africa that's why this critic will only speak to us anonymously. if they catch people fleeing and the refugees survive the bullets fired at the border and they torture these people to death they hang them up by the herman's and feet from trees people are tortured to death.
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our informer was himself subjected to prolonged confinement he then managed to escape to another african country. he's an expert on eritrea smuggling network and levels serious charges at the authorities. the safest way to excrete is with the smuggling network run by the military or the government. they organize the excursion and provide the vehicles under man usually a commander ensure a safe passage. he ensures that you get through the checkpoints and that no one asks any questions. anyone involved in smuggling is arrested and executed except the military there services carry a high price tag from twenty eleven to twenty sixteen the price was five thousand dollars per person today it's eight thousand per person. government employees operating as smugglers can that be true. eritrean authorities
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deny the accusation. in the netherlands we meet up with a researcher who's published a comprehensive study on the trade in refugees from eritrea clearly young for. the first thing to say is that human trafficking at this kill in a country that is so closed and so controlled is not possible without the knowledge of the government in interviews refugees also speak often office that general mind use had in eastern sudan and basically controlling. a lot of abductions apparently that were happening from that that office. the eritrean government took from rising to court over her allegations but she won the case. she remains critical of eritrea and the e.u. basically what we are supporting is mafia type organizations which keep local.
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populations under control but is very strange about the european union policy is that for. all those decades the european union and i would say rightly so has put as conditions for its respect for human rights and respect for the more democracy and the rule of law. and now at this moment to actually many africans are thinking that that is very important to built their societies. the european union starts to. kind of put these aside it's to go into very cynical agreements purely out of self-interest but it's a very shortsighted self-interest because at the end of the day that'll come back
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to us. cooperation with undemocratic governments refugees trapped in hopeless situations bodies in the desert. we want to confront those responsible for the e.u.'s new policy with its consequences. were meeting one of the blocks strategists italy's stefano months are easy heads the european commission's department of international cooperation and development. were fierce in the opium societies the problem is the pro is why it how we come from there was a call to do. and european uno. try to contribute in this way taking all shall we say courage cook quite courageous or say approach if you want so therefore the three things the route let's say structured a bit more input you could from the sale to the home second institutional building and capacity of the states in order to be able to manage the territory fighting as
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criminal and there to a concert or. reintegration of the regular so he's pragmatic in his defense of e.u. cooperation with dictatorships like sudan so therefore the reality of camps therefore let's add them because you for another wave stuff about you know that would be a problem if we partially close or get this if we leave open cool for example where there would be simply the traffic therefore let's cooperate with them you know order to have a better management of this this better management however may be having serious repercussions we raise the subject of dead migrants in the knees desert. all this is a. mistake and from unfortunate also people dying but you're not to say that therefore this policy is rotten because it has an intended consequences which are pushing people to do this in the chain of causality i deny that i think can
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happen of course but we are taking care of these people. in the fall of twenty seventeen ivory coast hosted to summit of the european union and african union called to focus on youth advancement it was meant to be a harmonious affair. but the e.u. arrived with a wish list it wanted guarantees that african states would take back citizens whose applications for asylum in europe had been rejected. amid a lack of consensus the issue of migration overshadowed the summit. we sat down with the african union's director for social affairs. just because of european migration on. so you keep everybody else. on end of figaro's for suits of all these sometimes trying to do one i don't want to use you or deliberately but i see just too long intended consequences because there are merrill mind the bullshit of keep them all to keep them on top of all calls to cross in front of us is not
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a crime you much are much we tried to make you we all migrated from somewhere. in africa's migration is a motor for development citizens working abroad sent money home. in many countries that income is more crucial than development aid from europe. so what sagal mr c. like i said if someone is going to break. to see if i'm a deli owner of my traditional a city benefits. i'm to continue to see my prostitute not something may get you on perhaps a ticket to a weak spot to to do not achieve the wheat from the right wing telling us to be able to. africans want more migration europeans less the twenty seven thousand summit ended in discord and with no joint statement on the issue
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african nations were left feeling that europe was determined to seal itself off from their continent. frontex is in charge of doing just that we're on our way to the headquarters of the e.u. border security agency. when it was founded in two thousand and five frontex was allocated a budget of six point five six million euros for twenty twenty it's slated to get three hundred forty five million. the number of employees is slated to rise in the same period from forty five to one thousand frontex can also call on thousands of national police officers for backup across europe. sex doesn't just patrol the e.u.'s outer borders in the mediterranean it's also received new duties such as the training of border police in africa. and it has forged an alliance with african intelligence agencies they had a front text tells us. is the smaller group or. is
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our first goal is the exchange of information information pertaining to migration as well as crime or community. two thirds of the more than twenty participating countries in the security network are autocratic regimes frontex is seeking to increase manpower and technology in african countries. show business and good minds arms believe it's in the common interest of european and african countries. to build on these resources are all supposed to be about. building on resources includes investing in technology the industry is ready and waiting in the wings we take a look around europe's biggest event for homeland security many people in paris. border protection technology is the number one emerging segment in the arms industry. one reason technology to secure and control borders is easier to
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export than military hardware. will be on the wall yeah you know it's also good old x. well in europe there's frontex. we're expecting orders from the agencies and if you're trying to stop the border crossing was there are various types of technology available for surveillance to control the largest one that while the capacity to solution is like a swiss army knife. you can choose the tools that meets your current need or it was a sin to keep the things that have to have a little bit what you mean. order management is a booming business with global annual market growth of seven percent. sales in the industry are due to exceed fifty billion dollars worldwide by two thousand and twenty two. one reason is increasing demand in the fight against irregular migration but nobody here is willing to discuss the
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topic with us airbus ryan mittal and industry groups decline or ignore our request for interviews. but we know their lobbyists are busy working behind the scenes thanks to the efforts of the arms industry's most important e.u. lobby organization the aerospace and defense industries association or. five hundred million euros of the e.u. budget have been diverted to fund research and development of new military technology. a surprise former german minister for economic cooperation and development has granted us the first interview of his post political career he now works for germany's biggest arms producer. where he's in charge of global strategy development. you can secure thousands of kilometers of borders in libya and egypt with foot patrols protection demands the implementation of technology to. technological protection doesn't always take the shape of walls or fences
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technological protection can also comprise a sensor by a surveillance system ground radar or aerial objects. as a politician needle advocated a marriage of german industry with development policy. it's in europe's interest and if it's in germany's interests that such measures of protection are implemented then it must also be in europe's or germany's interest firstly to pay for these measures and secondly that the people who have to work with these technologies get the qualifications they need to operate them. strictly civilian technology firms are also hoping for a share of the profits in africa biometrics is the buzzword the dutch company is the market leader a microchip storing fingerprints and photos is embedded in passports and verified it borders. just movie a so this could propagate to remain closed or the
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person to be called over for a control consequence of what it says to the european union is funding the introduction of such technologies for instance in nigeria. this is really so this. on the african market we have the situation that the market as such is virtually nonexistent while at the same time it's precisely there ipad sports complete systems civil registries need to be rolled out. on our trips we're constantly having our fingerprints scanned in pictures taken. africa's borders and airports are obviously getting an upgrade. pretty soon no one will be able to board a plane here without environment or passport. like in many african countries uganda now requires every citizen to undergo biometric registration. that applies to refugees as well as a requirement mandated by the government. the machines are supplied by european
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companies the aim is to prevent refugees from applying for asylum in more than one country in future the data will be accessible globally that would aid the e.u. in its efforts to repatriate rejected asylum seekers to their home countries. we want to find out what impact the e.u.'s new africa policy has had here. the need for foreign aid here in uganda is great but the money it receives doesn't amount to much. one point four million refugees live in the country. the north is home to the biggest refugee camps in africa. uganda depends on international aid and u.n. agencies in particular to provide these people with basic necessities but there are problems. you know who would be filthy is no ten now about i load these to do that don't now finding that comes in. that's the reason as to why oftentimes they're
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able to bring in what they have. and that even though uganda's refugee policy is considered exemplary these are not camps in which refugees sit around idly these are settlements. refugees building materials are donations they can move freely around the country they're allowed and encouraged to find work. but the situation is deteriorating there is a shortage of everything food schools teachers doctors the e.u. is one of uganda's biggest donors yet it now spends less on each refugee here than it used to at the same time the transit countries that lie under a few g.'s route to europe are getting more funding under brussels new policy. uganda feels it's losing out. there is still big college according to him and see the funding over there she says and our own sort of five
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percent utopian humans key but even as increasing the company is not enough. we continue to appeal but we don't want to go. to the u.n. refugee. agency is also feeling the pinch as a result of brussels new policy in africa. negotiating with the e.u. to optimize refugee policy is the job of this man. you can look at the situation from different viewpoints it's wrong to say that the problem is solved because fewer people are arriving in italy because more people are leaving libya to return to their home countries seafood is just part of the problem the problem of waste the problem remains because it controls have become more strictly enforced and borders on routes to libya and it's now become much more
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difficult to get there and the smugglers take much higher risks because there are more people being left stranded in the desert we now have a lot more people dying in the desert probably more than we have drowning in the mediterranean i meet you on the saltwater. says africans are the main losers of the e.u.'s new policy. if more money is being spent on border protection would have done an effect of developments in a particular country that unfortunately was perceived as certain the balance. we talk a lot about controlling and preventing illegal migration but what we don't see is any funding of legal migration. i mean but every side needs to take compromises. the policy cannot come down to expecting africa to shoulder all the bird without offering people any opportunities deportee. illegal entry into europe for more than just a few thousand selected refugees is something the african union is also demanding and it has its own plans for inner african migration. one hundred eighty five
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percent of my resources would in africa. that's an established far however starting from twenty in. the it continent would be put in place if you know if free movement protocol which is in three fourths of foster this abolishing of research the next one is arrested is i mean the next phase is right office tablature so. you know we have put in money meant of migration on the continent in a more legal framework. to watch if. it's it's it's incumbent upon our european partners with the our own experience to also support those what nots to undermine it have because of disparate policies to keep people out. but the e.u. steadfastly rejects this claims. he seems to me quite the complex
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reasoning that if we are managing and helping them in order to loose a few manage their space you know for their own purposes not only our shop it's his i'm paying their their project if it seems right and i work with africa's hansie as has seen from the coal industry a friend offered i would tell of my african friends do seriously want to poke at what we want to say the e.u. diplomat stands by his position he sees migration as a threat to europe's future no illusion if if this will not turn into a permanent feature of our work to the geographical geo konami carry on it if europe will that we would remain so.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week here in tallinn is mocking helm a deputy leader of the conservative people's posse of his phony despite calling for blacks to leave the country feel insists he's not a racist twenty c. then most good w. will support by pressing on the fields we don't want to be faced in a stunning win for conflict so far to the limit of the c.w. . sure of. what unites.
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what divides. the money it looks like trudging force. what binds the continent together the fences and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. ninety minutes on w. raring to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. that w. literature list one hundred german plus creeds claim.
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such. this is d.w. news live from berlin the british parliament rejects leaving the e.u. without a deal a day after saying the deal that is on the table is no good in a series of votes lawmakers deliver another blow to prime minister trees have made by rejecting her break that strategy and there's yet another vote today on delay. to search for survivors.


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