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this is deja vu news live from berlin the british parliament prepares for yet another vote this one on whether to delay brags that today's vote follows several days of drama in which lawmakers rejected prime minister teresa mayes brags that deal as well as the no deal breaker now may warns gregg's it might not happen also coming up the search for survivors is over found a search for answers after a deadly building collapse in nigeria it is still uncertain how many people including children were inside. also coming up the boys and girls living under the
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shadow of. that like to go out without someone kidnapping me and they will have no fighters in the hall and no bombing couldn't. as the fighting in syria enters its ninety year we hear from those the u.n. says are paying the happiest price children. i'm sumi so much kinder it's good to have you with us more drama is expected in the british parliament today after lawmakers rejected a no deal with trolls from the e.u. a voting last night pave the way for another vote today to delay britain's exit date beyond march twenty ninth then it is up to the e.u. to decide if it will grant an extension for the british prime minister this week has been a punishing. another vote another defeat yes the right three two one the most the
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left two hundred seventy eight so yes. veterans of british politics say they can remember nothing like it britain's fee brio parliament wrestling back control from to reason may. thousands today devise a clear majority against leaving the house a deal however i repeat what i have said the five. to make matters wash the prime minister's voice like many in her party has disaster tarr several of her own ministers voted against her wishes the house was coming out so. for a long time to go through a subsequent very eco the options before is the same as they always have been we could leave we could leave with the deal which this government is negotiation because to yes we could leave with the deal we have to go say to the subject to a second referendum but that there's risk no bracks it has all. opponents from all
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sides pounded the prime minister but signs that ultimatum may have rattled even the hardest line breaks a two years and how party will not without damaging her credibility secure extending out because if i. don't think you. know of a deal i brought it up until i'm over it i didn't think i'd like i know this is terribly technically for this and that probably all that up to the back teeth of the whole thing you know but it's really important because not only do we have a government in complete crisis but we also have a prime minister city even if you just to listen to part of the makes promises of the dispatch balls which. he's to break this is a this is really really unacceptable. this morning's papers tell the story of a night of high drama threats and rebel. and want to be true reason me rolls the dice
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once more back my deal next week and with it a short extension to membership or to find you once more and risk losing briggs it all together. let's bring in our correspondent barbara basal she is in london with the latest hi barbara as we heard there teresa mayes breaks the deal that she negotiated with the e.u. it has been defeated twice by a very large margin and there is a possibility to get it through in a vote next week is that really possible or could ask theresa may as worn to break that end up not happening at all. it actually any seeing can happen at this point in time sumi as sure breaks it could be delayed for a long time there could be a second referendum and people could have changed their minds because if they look at this all the excerpt here investments are they can just turn only turn away and say enough of this and that is a lot of what the public mood is enough we've seen we don't want to see this
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anymore but on the other hand to reason may is just giving it another big shot there's also the idea that there is pressure being put on the attorney general jeffrey cox to change his legal opinion about this withdrawal is faulty it was drawn agreement which would mean that probably may be under certain circumstances the northern irish do you pete and a majority of the hard line breaks cheers could fall in line and next week vote for it was droll agreement for the deal but nothing is certain we don't know anything and whoever you ask out here everybody just shrugged their shoulders we don't know barbara based you know with teresa maines having so many defeats now in parliament can she still stay in power of could she be forced to resign. she could be forced to resign because under normal circumstances a prime minister after what happened should have stepped down three times and now she's. holding on and everybody says though these are exceptional circumstances and
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we shouldn't really change leader right now also there is really nobody who would say i would rather like to try it let me do it everybody sort of waits till she has gotten the dirty work out of the way however their senior tarries like george freeman for instance one hope one of her own former aides who now say this is enough she needs to consider her position if she promises to step down want us immediately then maybe next week the hard line breaks the cheers could to get into the mood to go to the was drawled agreement through and then we could go from there so there are voices like that and it's not a single one and barbara what does the british public make of all of this. i mean people are really tearing their hair out and mostly the mood is fed up mostly the mood is just angry because this circus here what happened last night this is a whipping against the motion of the government defeating itself and nobody in the
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end knowing anymore what this was all about and completely losing control of procedures something that that really doesn't inspire trust in democracy and in parliament in particular so people are fed up they want this to be over at the same time parliament has said we don't want no deal so they really will have to step up and figure out the positive solution and something that they have a majority for right our first part of our basal speaking to us from london thank you. well we can all speak to david mcallister from chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. party he is a member of the european parliament and he joins us from strasburg mr mcallister thank you very much for joining us first off we should say that you are a german m.e.p. but you are also half scottish witnessing the chaos of the last few days in the british parliament i think it's safe to say it is unprecedented what do you make of it. well this is all unprecedented
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perhaps it's even unbelievable grotesque or bizarre but anyhow we take note of all the decisions in the house of commons the one on tuesday evening the one yesterday evening and now we're waiting for the next decision today and then we will make up of wind one thing is clear if you are determined to leave the european union that are two options you either leave the european union on the basis of a withdrawal agreement or you leave european union without an agreement these are the two options and this is what the house of commons will have to decide we negotiated the withdrawal agreement eighteen months with the u.k. government and that the prime minister will have a further attempt to get it through the house of commons she should go for it but in the meantime we will just wait and drink a cup of english tea mr mcallister you sound a little bit exasperated i think it's safe to say that there are some others there in strasbourg who share that feeling donal to president of the european council has
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said today that he will appeal for a long extension for the u.k. to rethink its brakes and strategy build some consensus and maybe rethink breaks entirely what do you think that do you think agree with that initiative. if you u.k. are asked to extend the article fifty talks we will then have a closer look at this request it will have to be credible on the one hand and convincing on the other hand then you have to differentiate between a short extension until the european elections from my point of view the latest it would be the twenty second of me if this time is required to get the deal through the house of commons and in the end we get an orderly breaks and organized i think that the e.u. twenty seven member states would be willing to accept this but if a longer extension is asked for way beyond the european elections then we need
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a fundamentally different political attitude in london then we will really have to sit down and see how we can explain to not only the members of european parliament to all people involved why the u.k. should remain part of the european union much longer than european elections and of course there's also the alternative that the u.k. could revoke the article fifty procedure mr mcallister does the e.u. have to take any blame for the cast that we're seeing in london and it was brussels i too tough on the u.k. in negotiating this deal essentially creating a deal that the british parliament could not support. no i don't believe so we didn't ask for this british withdrawal it was a u.k. decision we negotiated the withdrawal agreement for one and a half years both sides had to make compromises difficult compromises not only for the british side also for us and we had this withdrawal agreement ready since
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november and since november we are waiting for the u.k. side to move we accepted all the british red lines but two points are really important for us the one is we need to maintain the stability and the peace in northern ireland and the other point is that we have to protect the integrity of our single market and beyond that we are ready to accept all compromises and the u.k. government was ready to sign the withdrawal agreement but it's obviously the house of commons which is not capable of finding a majority decision but if we don't find any kind of support for the withdrawal agreement then in the end we will be heading for the scenario nobody really wants no deal breaks it and that would be the worst outcome of all possible alternatives for a given mcalister member of the european parliament joining us from strasburg thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world
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a former british soldier will be prosecuted over the deaths of two civil rights protesters in northern ireland more than forty years ago thirteen people were killed when british troops shot at unarmed demonstrators on what became known as bloody sunday sixteen other soldiers under investigation will not face persecution . democrat better work has formally announce he is running for president in twenty twenty or work again a national following when he almost won the conservative state of texas from republican senator ted cruz last year he joins over a dozen other candidates vying for the democratic party's nomination. in nigeria emergency workers have halted their efforts to rescue people in lagos after at least ten people were killed when a building collapsed the top floor of the multi-story building held a private elementary school more than thirty people many of them children have been rescued from the rubble but it is unclear how many of the rescued will survive now
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after one day and night of searching emergency workers say they are no longer looking for bodies i need state trail so i'm trying to. look for the forty save the building housing a private elementary school i'm the nursery on the top floor of a residential apartment block collapsed late on wednesday morning for the one hundred students and so i determined in class. just in time i was just terrified and i had to do it somehow stick with people even sign such a common risk just help me get to the hospital. and this is the to the to america i feel so sorry guys i got that from the state to say i have somebody day does a lot of the food that's the judge in the in this that's a sofa. while the rescue operation is well underway emergency services said that
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efforts to. in computers and by how densely populated areas may be tough to. see the population of twenty million and growing lago says one of the biggest cities on the african continent it was not immediately clear why the building collapsed but such incidents are not on common in nigeria critics say they're often caused by i'm scrupulous investors cutting corners on materials or bribes being paid to. give us funny for char was at the site of the building collapse in lagos earlier and she sent us this update the rescue operation has come to a halt because rescue teams are saying they do not expect to find more people below of this debris they're saying they have meticulously come through the entire area and they will not find more people they say what you can see here behind me is actually a cleanup operation but that has also come to a stop right now because they are residents of this building was trying to gather
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their personal belongings from this house that was not just a school building but also a residential building you know if you look over there we see a lot of security but we also see residents you also see people who are actually angry they're angry because they say that this collapse of this building could have been prevented if make plans would have been carried out properly and if you suspect since would have been done properly. the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in syria representatives from dozens of countries are in brussels today for a conference on the future of the war torn country it is chaired by the e.u. and the u.n. and it aims to secure billions in funding for victims of the conflict the u.n. says several billion dollars are needed this year to meet syria's aid needs and support countries hosting refugees almost twelve million syrians currently depend on humanitarian aid. as the war in syria enters its knife year unicef says two thousand and eighteen was the deadliest yet for children of the country the war
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has scattered many of them far from their homes to refugee camps and to the streets of lebanon and turkey we look now at some brief moments over the years when we have caught up with some serious children we no longer know the fates of many of the boys and girls you're about to hear since notching of yeah we live in permanent fear when we get home there's no water or electricity grid always afraid that planes will drop something on us when they fly over me even of right here at school who wake up in the middle of the night from the noise of the explosions to. remember i'm afraid of blood and i'm afraid to see a dead body. or somebody who's been beheaded or somebody has been shot dead with bullets that's what i'm afraid of. just after we got on the truck a plane fired on us yeah of course suddenly everything was burning the plot and everything was black around us. can the.
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all around the rout were burned out cars and there was an explosion. my brother suffered minor shrapnel wounds. in aleppo we couldn't sleep at night because of the air raids. that's why we fled you know. how long i'd like to be alone and have nice things and i'd like to go out without someone kidnapping me far and i don't have no fighters the law and no bombing couldn't. come up here but a. bus was the only thing i want is to see my friends again and to go back to my old school. every morning. when i see the turkish kids going to school happy i think why aren't we allowed to do that.
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for the. gulf war if an organization came and took me to study i would go with them maybe they would give me a better life. than i have to get married because of our situation there are many things i need that i can't get i don't have any married friends and don't really know what marriage is it's still. the generation whose life is lost because dreams have been broken by war we are the generation that has grown too old too soon. and we can speak to panels months since the u.n. assistant secretary general and regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis he is at that donor conference in brussels that we mentioned is taking place today sponsored by the e.u. and the u.n. estimates thank you very much for joining us how much money are you aiming to raise
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and how optimistic are you that you can reach that goal well the needs are quite tremendous between three point three billion dollars acquired for inside syria and five point six billion for the neighboring countries or just under nine billion dollars to cover the basic humanitarian needs for the syrian people both inside and the neighboring countries we hope to be able to raise really most of it or as much of it as possible the situation in syria so dramatic with close to twelve million troubled million people in need of humanitarian assistance six million displaced and urgent needs and continues this placement even in two thousand and nineteen so the finding will not solve the issue but would certainly live eate the urgent needs of the syrian people what are the most urgent needs at the moment. well there are really needs on all areas food for health for war two percent asian for shelter for education more than two million children are outside schools but most of all
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syrians of course are still have supported steps of peace and stability their needs are dramatic inside syria because also the conflict has been going on now for a year on its ninth year. more than eighty three percent of the syrian people are living below the poverty line so there's an erosion of the economy to stem which impacts and lives of people and of course also the neighboring countries have done tremendously well and hosting so host communities as well as pretty big quite overstretched and yet the current regime under president assad is still in charge of the country how can you ensure that the money is directed towards those in need . well as united nations will work with a number of partners geos international government organizations national syrian rebels the sides are going to exertions and this is part of our country billiton delivering assistance to make sure that they deliver directly to the people in need
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and we can probably consciously then we have relieved mechanism plays where we distribute assistance we work with everybody both in government and non-government controlled areas who are addressed this need this is really important in terms of maintaining the doner of confidence of the various capitals and the support we get the government of germany the people of germany i have been a tremendous me how cool and generous in supporting this operation so i just want to thank you through all of our mr mum says as you said we are going on nine years of war in syria during that time this conflict has often fallen out of the spotlight out of the headlines has the international community failed to really address this very dire humanitarian situation in syria. well in those huge frustration and you also heard it in the voice of the syrians who are just on the video before this interview. for
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a stray sharon and really needs to move forward in a way that would be satisfactory for the people for syria the humanitarian dramatic situation and their response would provide the livy a need but clearly that humans are response is not the solution to a political problem so we pulled bear much in two thousand and nineteen to see an improvement on all fronts and an improvement of course. on the humanitarian needs as well in the country honest man says the u.n. assistant secretary general and regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis thank you very much for joining us on q. . now to sports and byron munich have crashed out of the champions league after losing at home to liverpool three one it is the first time that the german champions haven't made the quarter final stage in eight years the game started out evenly matched until an error from byron goalkeeper manuel neuer
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allowed sahil manet to score in the twenty sixth minute wired to tie the game just before half time to enjoy own goal but it was all liverpool in the second half a header from van dyke and another goal from monday to seal the three one aggregate victory we have yet expect from to get these forts with us to weigh in on last night's champions league action yet what happened to byron simply just was good enough he was second best i think especially in the second half and we saw manuel neuer once the best goalkeeper in the world make a crucial mistake and we saw eleven dosti also once one of the best in his position as a striker he's now made another blank hasn't scored in six consecutive champions league matches so this team is on the wane the stop plays that won them toddles over the past few years getting old and they are past their best but we knew this we knew that this is a team on the transition on the nico and he is blooding in new players to take over
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and so it is it is in transition and he admitted that you know they were second best against liverpool but he still has big hopes for the season when he spoke in the post match interview that he wishes to continue to win trophies at least domestically in germany. it's relatively easy we still have two titles to fight for top of the bundesliga with a bit of a lead and also still in the cup. our goal is to win these two competitions. so yeah they're still on track for a bonus they get a trophy it would be the seventh consecutive games that you trophy and perhaps that is a sign of where by and have full and in europe they don't have a lot of competition in the bundesliga and that's perhaps harming their chances when it comes to competing against the top sides in europe so no german teams on the quarter finals and money is increasingly a question of football do you think german club simply lack the money that english sides have for example one hundred percent they do there is
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a big gap between say the top english clubs and the top clubs in spain with those clubs in the bundesliga and it is shocking as you said that the first time in thirteen years no german team is in the quarterfinals but that said by and have made seven of the last ten semifinals in the champions league and that's also without the money that the premier league clubs had in that time so i do think the cash is an issue no doubt about that but i do think it comes down to good management as well and i think perhaps dropped the ball in the off season they didn't support nico which was the new signings and i do think that they can make that step up to once again compete against these top european clubs it must've been a pretty great moment for the liverpool coach and german coach yeah definitely i mean obviously he coached bruce dobin for a long time and played against munich in total clashes and also that famous champions league old german final in two thousand and thirteen which he lost so this was a bit of revenge for coffee i think he would have really enjoyed it and he is obviously i mean to win the champions league with lupul and we saw in the post
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match interview had a lot of he was especially with the second half performance from his team a second off and it was. not only because we wanted to win it all because of how we played football but sure it was how strong we look to our would be defended even in the situations and of course by us so much quality unbelievable so huge when flu pull and obviously cost is a. looking to finally get his hands on that champions league trophy that he's missed twice ok and there was another match in the champions league last night tell us about that little missy he was the stars barcelona smashed leone five one he scored two goals and got two assists so it looks like boston have to be one of the favorites now they're looking very strong strong domestically in league or as well and you'd have to put money on them to type the whole trophy all right yannick spade from d.w. sports thank you very much for analysis. all right coming up on did have you news
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asia the pakistani woman on a mission to vaccinate her country against the polio virus even though dozens of first fellow health workers have been murdered by militants. the fear is better she has that story coming right up on d.w. news asia stay with us now from.
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sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the colleges began searching for the captivating sound. deep in the forest in central africa and the look to the look was a bit less than the. money little. did by their culture the state. only
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a promise to his son made sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of work. the result reverse culture shock. was. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts first on t.w. . the city in ruins are always. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . as fighters occupied the city center seventeen president to tertius response was told. by the general it will never gain political gain of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did
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malawi become a gateway to islamist terror i think the same sorry god you mustn't as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the snow. starts april eleventh on g.w. . basic is. coming up on today's program the pakistani helps walkovers kentucky own life to save two of us from the crippling virus. into the tiny jewish community he's feeling increasingly under pressure as conservative forms of islam grow in the wilds just post the results mission. to bring the class up. there so mum's off the food truck these artificial intelligence.


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