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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CET

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the floods have taken everything. now despair is gone. climate refugees. they seek shelter. but even here. rising. the floods are coming. twenty dollars. but. this news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes germany joins even number of european countries planning to return stolen from africa but as a continent is ready to receive that will be speaking to the towns in the end but one activist. also coming up the search for survivors is over now those affected are seeking answers after
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a deadly building collapse in nigeria. where i've missed fifty six people dead from floods the storm is far from over. brace themselves for the new facts of tropical cyclone to die after it hits neighboring goes on to. judea welcome to the show it's always great to have you with us now how should germany deal with stalling from former colonies the german states along with federal college of ministers reached an initial agreement on the issue it's just german museums to examine the actions from the colonial era the goal is to return and human remains to the countries of origin in doing so germany aims to take responsibility for its. passed the agreements. on new on bold forum
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which will see seventy five thousand african objects when it's open it comes at a time when. you will be shifting. europe's ethnological museum collections are full of objects that were plundered from africa simply taken or gained through underhand means other items were bought or bartered by european explorers some eighty percent of africa's historical art is thought to be in europe including some of the most iconic museum pieces. should it be given back. yes a lot of it works taken without consent that's the conclusion of a groundbreaking study of europe's colonial era acquisitions the proposals put forward by french art historian benedict. and the senegalese scholar fellin sour
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could have far reaching consequences for. their report was commissioned by french president emanuel. he's pledged to begin repatriating stolen artworks to africa within five years. we really hope that mccalls announcement on our report won't just be but will have real consequences. it doesn't only apply to france but to many european countries. they are also invited to look at their colonial past and above all about their present relations with africa which are still shaped by colonialism in my eyes this is absolutely fundamental. the report could also have repercussions for germany berlin's bowden museum is currently showing highlights of the german capital selection of african art. soon the works are set to move to the newly rebuilt. berlin city palace or humboldt forum. but here too
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there is growing public debate over the exhibits the head of the foundation that runs berlin's museums believes more research is needed to ascertain which objects were obtained illegally. if you do we just want to wash our hands of it or do we want to develop a new kind of co-operation. he has called for new international guidelines for the restitution of artifacts. one thing seems clear action is needed the question is whether france's initiative will prompt europe to now begin to redress some of the injustices of the past. with me in the studio. room go to founding member of the end you barely in post-colonial focusing on the reports ration of human remains in colonized countries thanks for joining us so germany once or its hand. especially human remains what does this mean to you for
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me it is very important and not just want to jim one wants to put them back we have the one who demanded them back. and sisters who fought against the jim one of colonialism and you deal with taken as a prisoner on us head and their heads were chopped off and their own mothers and waves had to take this kid out of the boy so that they could be brought here in germany for. research is very important to have this for sure and i know you talked a lot about the importance but if i was to push was how important is this to the people in africa. the second just want to give it as an example it's like a catholic church. with the. and you find
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just as it is our church and the other is the headers which are here and we believe because we haven't finished the barrio according to our each other until additions dead everything we've got wrong. now is that as easy as just seeing give them back as we had in the reports some people believe more research needs to be done to determine where exactly did came from so it can be sent to the right place what are your thoughts on. what i think. anyway now it is right this providence was is research is to be done so that we can inform the communities back at home because you find in these human remains they belong to various communities like for instance in tanzania we have over one hundred twenty communities so when that went reality we know
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exactly way to appreciate that but anyway they have been always talking that way for more than one hundred years and now even they didn't say they are going to finish it just only in two years ok so they believe that that's a billion dollar question i guess but that on the other hand do nothing countries are demanding that countries ready to receive these items you think. concrete is. to receive these. tens just only we have to know how many of the how big the butt is t.j. i don't see that is appropriate because when they took them there where kept inventor with. no we can't keep them very well how are we going to keep them it is our business and it's not their business it is ours ok to decide how are we going to keep them thanks very much for your room borel founding member of the ngo
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billion post-colonial focusing on the reports ration of human remains looted in cologne eyes countries like spare time. now nigeria imagines the work. efforts to rescue people in lagos least ten people were killed when a building collapsed the top floor of the multi-story building healthy private elementary school that's of people many of them children have been rescued from the rubble but it's unclear how many of the rescued well survives the. reports on the sides of the collapse. not much is left from that was a three story building up until it collapsed yesterday morning things left behind by children and the visual remains of this tragedy the rescue operation has come to a halt because rescue teams are saying they do not expect to find more people below of this debris they're saying they have meticulously called through the entire area
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and they will not find more people they say what you can see here behind me is actually a cleanup operation that has also come to a stop right now because they are residents of this building was trying to gather their personal belongings from this house that was not just the school building but also residential building people are angry because they say this could have been prevented if making its had been carried out properly when id is thirty two now left we don't anything she says she lives in the adjacent building that is also affected by the collapse. because the. i can move and move from inside the house. to do. and she's sporting two buildings that will collapse to. life was this wood in that it is not that was this. is the even sign if. cording to state authorities to building was cleared for demolition and the state governor says that a school inside the building was not permitted so what went wrong. is hard.
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for me but unfortunately. because the the building was something that was inevitable for people who believe that this is their means of livelihood the money that they will make out of it they would just feel like there's no point in trying to do something. also tells us that even if regulators see it they are notoriously understaffed he does not want to talk about corruption in front of the camera angry residents do. plant. because they are given their rights. we have passed that as riyadh agency it. did not multicultural all these new dream agency we are. their shook up georgia. is a growing city properties are built quickly or are rented for a quick source of income and the still unclear home many children died in
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a collapse that just like so many before for people here is just another result of callousness. with tropical cyclone you die moving into was a beat people across the border in malawi bracing for the effects of the storm severe flooding that over the past eight days has already killed at least if the six people and left nearly one hundred thousand displaced centers have been set up for those who have been left homeless see more help is needed. and the familiar see is trying to salvage what she can from the remains of her home weakened by the flood waters it fell down in front of her eyes when i was up there we were lucky to have got out with only minor injuries many other people were killed and some were badly injured many more have not been seen since the floods came we had crocodiles have eaten some people i lost all my belongings along as it
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was i was wounded when. people like a need for have no choice but to come to evacuation centers like this one it shelter in its most basic form there are no real barracks here only floor space and food is in short supply. even when i don't believe it will since we arrived here at the camp and only received nice flour and beans most of which i'm shared among ourselves. but the supplies are not enough i still need more no more not one has an animal called bottle. and this is why days of heavy rain caused the river to shear a malawi south to burst its banks people living off the land surrounding it saw their homes and livelihoods washed away in an instant but in an area prone to flooding some think more could have been done. in the general situation as have
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been. looking at the magnitude do a disaster and keep their district. with blocked roads complicating the aid efforts people back of the evacuation center have to make do with what they have and wait for more help to arrive. that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website on facebook. my colleague kristie in the form to our joint to tomorrow always be a force goodbye. what secrets why behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating worlds cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty. takes
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a person with wonderful people and stories that makes it so special are you waiting . for. him to do. d. w. . hello and welcome to news from arts and culture i'm karen homestead and behind me you can see the work of any not so easy is one of africa's most decorated artists perhaps most famous for his hanging bottlecap installations more on him in just a moment after a look at what else is in the pipeline. photographer martin parr is the foremost
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visual chronicler of his fellow britons and as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union. a new exhibition trains his satirical lens on a nation in search of its modern identity. and the continual search for sustainable materials one switchback manufacturer has come up with a way to accessorize with fibers from the banana plant. gunday an artist who is says it took him some time to get away from the traditional western ideas of what sculpture should be made of now a new exhibition of his work at the house. takes us through all his material faces his large scale installations made from discarded screw caps from liquor bottles allude to the legacy of colonialism and to rampant consumerism and they're seen differently in every museum and habit.
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transforms every day materials into striking works that incorporate aspects of our name.


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