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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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the catholic church. the bricks it barrier for more than two years and for most of this week british lawmakers have tried to bend the rules of physics politics and even common sense and a surreal attempt at reaching an agreement on how the u.k. should leave the european union well they failed miserably but they did find a way to bend town tonight lawmakers have voted for a break delayed of three months now there is no guarantee that the european union will say yes and few are betting that having more time on their hands will help lawmakers put a brakes a deal in their hands instead i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. full of us now have the opportunity and the responsibility to work together to find a solution to the crises facing this country is absolutely disgusting because the
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longer we stay there. the less likely we are to and the maid carries himself bills out at the weekend and good luck to singles with the government repeatedly said that people contact a second vote but the cut but the house of commons only will get them keeping on voting and feeling among the i'm. told it's very. funny this comes down to a failure of the prime minister the current leadership over the past to build consensus. she said hope that kind of vote. also coming up tonight congress to the president you overreached big time the u.s. senate deals president donald trump a rebuke to his border emergency play. it's not your typical vote on an appropriations or authorization bill it doesn't concern
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a nomination or an appointment this will be a vote about the very nature of our constitution or separation of powers and how this government functions and so forth. the eyes of the right four hundred twelve the names for the letter two hundred two so the eyes have it the eyes of it on no. and is the third day this week of brecht's it bickering and voting in london to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with a deadline defer at least that is what british lawmakers are counting on tonight the parliament voted to delay the start of britain's exit from the european union by three months now the european union must agree to that and that now more than ever is in doubt the e.u. says it's willing to wait longer if london can prove that more time is indeed the
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right medicine to end the breaks it malady after more than two years and only rejected breaks it deals more time does not look like a prescription for progress someone in europe or twenty seven countries in europe may soon have to take a big leap of faith even if all reason tells them that breaks it should mean brecht's it and not buying time. should. this treaty such as it is organize is the orderly separation of this treaty is the only one possible and available and in order to go further we do not need a negative vote against the treaty or against a no deal we need a positive and constructive vote but. the cost which i was there talking about what the e.u. needs maybe to grant that delay that extension in bright's let's take the story now to london correspondent barbara visuals on the story for us tonight barbara how do
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you read this is the european union is it going at the end of the day is it going to give one then that three month extension. the european union is relatively frustrated to put it mildly some people are quite angry if we look at the french president. but that now is the worst voices the voices of moderation notes of lee i'm going to america who says yes we have to sort of keep the face what that things will turn out well in the end and let's figure out a solution so they lose i suppose will prevail and there will be a lot of figuring this will be a very hot summit next week it's going to be a lawyer night and we're going to hear a lot of strong words in the end supposedly they going to grant an extension but with a heavy heart because there are many people in the e.u. many heads of government and state who now say oh we really want this over with and
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you can understand the position of the e.u. after more than two years they're going to say ok you want three months what for me what are you going to do with this extra time and what can what came theresa may what can she really offer as an acceptable answer. the point is a friend that if she manages to pass her wrecks a deal the visitor all agreement on next to state the same deal that she has brought into the house twice that has been resoundingly beaten twice the last time just two days ago if she brings it back and it is voted through then she can go to process the say now listen we just need to sort out the legality is there a lot of loose ends we need to pass some laws stuff needs to be taken care of and it'll be granted they'll talk to her and say now listen you had plenty of time to
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do this but in the end they'll do it but if this deal if fails again next week we're in completely uncharted waters because then she will have to ask for an extension of what nine months one year two years nobody knows this and we'll have elections maybe a second referendum stuff will happen and then the european union says now this is not occur here in plan you've had so much time for bickering and sort of fencing around and parliament you should have really sort of thought about all this earlier . how can the parliament was minister the same parliament has rejected teresa mayes brigs withdrawal plan to times already how can they possibly in good conscience in good faith on the third time approve i mean the cynic i think in all of us looks at this in and thinks this must be teresa mayes way of trying to hold on to power
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and to hold onto her job. but she just looking for a mill miracle it's as simple as that and why not she just needs to convince one hundred forty nine hardline tarries the really hard bricks to use among them to sort of change their minds about what she is actually doing is holding a gun to their heads and saying listen folks you either. now vote for this deal and you're going to get breaks it even was a slight delay or if you voted down again you're not going to get franks it may be year later maybe two years later maybe never so that might concentrate their minds and they might change their opinions and by the way brant talking about cynicism and there is even talk here for the pressure to be put on being put on the attorney general to change his legal opinion so in order that the northern irish do you could sort of make a turn around and say ok yes we agree to the deal so this is politics at its
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dirtiest you know as we said at the beginning of the of the program trying to ben and change the rules of physics in time or correspondent barbara based on the story for us tonight in london barbara thank you. all right let's take the story now to brussels i'm joined by tony connolly he is the europe editor for ireland's national broadcaster r.t.e. and even do you told me so you know you've been listening you've been reporting on this and seeing what's what's happening is the european union in a position to say yes to this delay and to do it with a with a. let's say a good conscience and no worries that it will actually turn out badly. well there's there's two things that are going to out of either she can get through next wednesday on the twentieth against the all of them it's a it's a much more simple calculation for the e.u.
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they would be quite happy to give her a two or three month extension just to be able to get the legislation through the house of commons select it the eventual ates from the e.u. which would be no probably and it may or end of june if he doesn't get the deal through next week then owes us helping of a time number for the e.u. but each capital has its own particular set of requirements reactions to this i think in particular and fronts the french government of president about you and i crawl is very reluctant to let this issue spill over into the european parliament elections because obviously it is opponents on the far right for me and and will certainly want to weaponize breaks it to her advantage that that's not going to be something he wants on the other people are going to go in to this as well the president european council can see quite clearly that if the cost of problems is
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ever to find a consensus around particular way forward it's going to take some time more than three months perhaps more than nine months. between them from the position of the european union probably the easiest or the cleanest way to get out of this mess would be to grant a three month extension and to see next week the british parliament pass to resuming his plan that plan that they've rejected twice before i mean as crazy as that means sounded to people on the outside for the european union that would be the the easiest way to end this what. i'm saluki yeah i mean i think a lot of people are really hoping the trees babe can get this through next week but they're realistic as well they know that the tide has not really in turning in her favor. and even if the attorney general dog's massages legal advice somewhat even if the hardliners in her party are so many terrified of the idea of
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the conservative party having to contest european parliament elections at a time when they were supposed to be under the earth. you know she might get more people tripping over but on her side folks you would have to say that you know that the time to short there was one of men at the scene it which would have paved the way for a number of indicative votes in the house of commons which would be able to really take the temperature of different ways forward both out of and with beat it by two votes so again it's fairly corrupt the. revelation of hard difficult it is going to be for the house who comes to get a consensus on the way forward and that's what it's that's what makes this also troubling for yourself when they meet here next week and tell me explain to our viewers today what do we mean when we were talking about and indicative of vote what does that mean for lawmakers. so the i think it ok idea is
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that you can take a series of votes or a particular way forward whether that's the idea that you have a referendum or whether you look for a permanent customs union between the u.k. and the e.u. which is what they were part of what's more you would have a long way style arrangement where their c.e.o. who are. not accustomed to union and so on. and then the house of commons can take a vote on an issue without it being binding perhaps if it was well so so that you may be able to start to eliminate it. options simply won't fly in the house of commons and you'll get a more realistic sense of what will fly and what will be acceptable to the us comes as a pool but not pathway to pretty much close so by this vote tonight all need to get a focus and in in seems like the indicative votes this is something that maybe
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should have happened you know a year or eighteen months ago many of the things we're seeing right now seem to be you know horribly overdue and i'm wondering when the european union looks at that and thinks about the euro skepticism that has been growing i mean what lessons can be drawn here do you think that the brics and experience and the end of the day will they be help the stability and the solidarity within the e.u. . well certainly the evidence so far at terms of the any surveys or our polling that's been done on the approval ratings of the e.u. they have gone up. that is indicative of the fact that it breaks it from the outside looks like a terribly traumatic experience for member states so in that sense it housed
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perhaps a beneficial experience for the european project having said that you know the e.u. is wasting as they would see it an awful lot of time and political oxygen on this issue when they have all the earth more pressing challenges ahead in terms of migration in terms of global trade in terms of the euro zone so a lot of countries will block couples were no sooner up this issue of the way silly and get ahead with the topics and intimately from the european union vantage point what about the possibility of a second referendum in britain and what about the possibility of the british basically changing their mind and saying we do want to stay in the e.u. . is there much appetite for that possibility even if it seems tonight to not to be very likely. well i think in the immediate aftermath of the referendum
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a lot of prep ministers and capitalism but to perhaps privately wish that the referendum go in the other way and if there was any way of reversing if they would probably be you know quite how people thought idea but you would have to say that given so toxic has been this issue in the u.k. it has it has so divided the country on another referendum would probably find the country. even even more. dirty there is a certain feeling in europe that off. britain is really a very typical case when it comes to your birth with a welsh we were. highly to fight it society back into the european union when europe itself is the key issue that is dividing the society it was not pretty already it harmonious three and three if you like. yeah that's
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a that's a very good for its own economy helping us to understand the bricks and deliver that continues to plague europe tony thank you thank. all prosecutors in northern ireland have charged a former british soldier for his part in the bloody sunday massacre forty seven years ago on january thirtieth one thousand seventy two british troops fired on unarmed protesters in london there and then covered lied about what happened thirteen people died in what became one of the worst episodes of the northern irish troubles the families of the victims say that they are still searching for justice . families and supporters of the bloody sunday victims marched to head of the decision on charges against former british soldiers and the public prosecutor made the announcement one
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person would be charged and decision has been taken to prosecute one former soldier soldier f. for the murder of james ray on for the murder of william mckinney. charges will also be brought for the attempted murder of joseph rated michael quinn . i'm patrick o'donnell. on sunday january thirtieth one nine hundred seventy two british army paratroopers opened fire on people protesting britain's detention of suspected irish nationalists in a mainly catholic neighborhood of londonderry killing thirteen and wounding fifteen thirty eight years later a government inquiry determined that the paratroopers fired without warning and none of the victims had been armed or posed a threat. victims' families said they were disappointed that after forty seven
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years only one soldier was being charged you know the public prosecution service of a long long time to consider the evidence and we believe the evidence that they're going to. slip by. basically. we believe and we've always believed that the evidence is there to convict it's an every soldier who murders our loved ones. mistress. some army veterans who served in northern ireland assailed the decision to bring charges against a soldier and. think it's appalling absolutely appalling that after all these years the bring these charges. on the soldiers just doing their jobs it's a very difficult job in a war like situation you've got to make. split second decisions. under very trying to circumstances bloody sunday was one of the darkest days of the northern ireland conflict. whether this trial will bring anything like closure is an open
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question. are there any senators wishing to change their vote if not the a's or fifty nine their names are forty one the joint resolution is passed. and that was the result of an important vote in the u.s. congress the sound of an impending a presidential veto senators have voted to end president donald trump's declaration of an emergency along the southern border to mexico twelve republicans joined democrats in that vote from as promised to veto the propose this bill in our correspondent helen humphrey she joins me now from our studio in washington good evening to you alan and so is this is this more than just bad p.r. for the president i mean are we looking at the erosion of republicans of port for
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him. well we did see twelve republican senate is there break ranks with their party we know that the white house had previously said that it was hoping to contain those quote unquote defectors to a number of around ten so we saw you know slightly more there today that said i do think that the president was well aware of the potential challenges to his national emergency and when he set out that national emergency on the white house lawn a matter of weeks ago he said that he anticipated legal challenges he anticipated it going all the way through the legal system here in the united states he's also said that he will veto it and in fact he would have needed needed eight more republican senate is in order to have a supermajority so that he wouldn't have to waive his veto pen for the first time but he will do that we did have a tweet there from the president just capital letters saying the word veto so we
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can anticipate that and then as i mentioned it going up all the way through potentially to the supremum court where it will be met with of course chief justice brett kavanaugh now he's someone in the past who has said that he is in favor of an expansion of presidential powers because what we're talking about here is not just the fundamentals for example of what's actually happening at the southern border and whether that constitutes a national emergency we're talking about the separation of powers preserving that so this really goes to the heart of the u.s. constitution. and taking it to supreme court knowing big capital now sits on the supreme court does that mean the president can just easily eat nor distribute from congress and count on the court to rule in his favor. i don't think the president will ignore this rebuke anyway because although it is
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a symbolic rebuke from what we've seen from this bipartisan rebuke at the same time i think we do know that the president keeps something which is like a list of those who are with him and those who are against him and the president has made this very clear in this policy this is not just about whether he is the republican senators necessarily support just his border policies this is also about whether they side with him and in the weeks leading up to this vote we already heard from some republican heavyweight senators for example like susan collins like marco rubio like mitt romney who said that they were against this measure because it did infringe on that crucial separation of powers but we also saw some of the defectors today interesting we did see senator tom tillis who previously or fit in opinion editorial in the washington post saying that he was outraged by this today he did not break ranks in his vote perhaps he was feeling the weight and the eye of
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the president on him perhaps he was also aware of the fact that he's got a tough twenty twenty election coming up so what we can say is that even if this does go up all the way to the supreme courts this could take a long time a lot of legal challenges and six way six hundred days away today from the twenty twenty presidential election but what we could see is that all of this on these this mystery surrounding the future of the border war could actually go past the presidential election we could be talking about it when we're talking about a new presidential you know a change of power or not this could take an awful long time in timing is important because you know as you mentioned the twenty twenty presidential election is not that far away and we've got democrats announcing now all the time it's almost like you know mushrooms coming up on the fourth floor of the day better for example congressman. from texas saying that he's going to run and we know that the u.s.
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president. we know that he has been watching better work so if you do the calculus here you have the president who has been rebuked by in a bipartisan manner for the first time basically since becoming president plus you have his vulnerabilities at reelection time emerging more clearly by the day that can not that cannot bode well for the white house. now it was interesting to see better rule set out in a town hall meeting today in iowa some of his presidential policies and things that would be at the front of his election campaign and his main concerns were climate change he said here in the united states you know if we do not sort this out right now the rest of the world will be at stake i mean such a departure from of course the key tenants of what president donald trump has
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always stood for president trump was keen to come out and already sling some mud at better iraq today saying did you see how much he used his hands when he was talking that was very strange better or a comedian respond to say let's rise up a little bit of an ode to that obama you know when they go low we go high and say you know let's not talk about what they say let's talk about policy i mean some criticism as well already from better rocks an ounce mint if you saw a vanity fair cover and you know that i was born for this and other people are saying well that actually is something that sounds very untitled very privileged you couldn't imagine for example to succumb to the howard harris coming out saying i was born for this very interesting today well not for the last word for some washington helena thank you very much the day is almost gone the conversation continues online before it is on twitter you can follow me a brick golf t.v. or remember whatever happens between now and the tomorrow is another day so you get .
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sure of. what unites. what divides. the man looks the driving force. what binds the continent together good answers and stories a plenty good. spotlight on people. just
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long d.w. . just how to get a tarion is germany. is well compensated family. and who decides how much it's worth. showing with the focus on. productive easy. pay. and the pressure from living in an increasingly on cool society. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. players. the table. the stage good. in the game of power and money the competition to
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sleep is most important natural resource bluffing and betting checking how long will it be able to play and who will win their school we believe that renewable energy will clean corden role in the future. please let your politically correct start to telling an. elite. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in turkey well local elections on march the thirty first could bring major setbacks for president retch up tired out who won this after sixteen years of
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electoral success for his sake a party all driven by sustained economic growth but turkey is now if the.

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