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exclusive reports from a destroyed city. philippines in the shooting. starts april eleventh on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin the city of christchurch in new zealand is on lockdown after mass shootings at two mosques multiple fatalities are being reported four people are now in custody pope police are saying they can't be certain more suspects are not at large prime minister usin the arden calls at one of new zealand's darkest every sport to continue it is an extraordinary and on preceding
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kids violence. also on the show britain's parliament puts the brakes on the practice of lawmakers have voted to ask brussels for a three month delay for britain's departure from the european union bully you say yes. and students in more than seven hundred cities worldwide are taking part in the fridays for future rallies among them a young activist in town bird who's been regularly skipping school to protest against germany's clock. i'm brian thomas welcome we begin in new zealand where there have been multiple fatalities after mass shootings during afternoon prayers a two mosques in the city of christchurch. when this is
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a first fled in terror three men and a woman have now been detained police say they've defused a number of i e d's improvised explosive devices found after the attacks authorities of warn people to avoid mosques across the country and for mosques nationwide to keep their doors close prime minister and use in the garden said it was one of new zealand's darkest days whilst i cannot give any confirmation at the stage around fight tell it he's a casualty what i can say is that it is clear that this is one of new zealand's kissed days clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented ect of violence for the very latest let's go live now to diffuse matter early joining us in christchurch samantha what are the latest details and is christchurch still on lockdown. down and just starting to be
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left roughly about an hour ago and he will be told that i could pick up the children now children's the children of being stuck in the classrooms being adopted by the teaches. cantons about biology going. around and in schools and that is just now in the past out of the hands of these homes they can contact the school and range to the children so the lock down and slightly left and but the mind is too much trouble if you don't have to do so as myself. and. you don't ok what about the mosques nationwide are they still being required to keep their doors closed. u.s. boys are advising all been asked in the country not to open up is also being quite a strong police presence deployed throughout the country. as well do we have any
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details about the four suspects in custody right now or their motives. and their thoughts as the next three mean and one woman as to their motives place. not releasing timely details at this stage there's a lot of. playing and also on social media as well about us their motives and least mcmansion published by was responsible that people having not to share actually and to just listen to the police who were additional information samantha what can you tell us about christ churches muslim community has it been the target of attacks or. nothing like this nothing on a scale new zealand actually hasn't seen anything really remotely like this. and come as a huge huge shock to even one we have
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a small muslim population here in new zealand and according to the latest this instance i can find only about one in the total population so you know not a large muslim community but certainly yet one that. you have been very very strongly and picked up by what happened today and. a lot of new zealanders as well expressing solidarity with the muslim community saying that they should be safe and feel safe here and they just absolutely did stated that this has been the case yes master early for us in christ thanks very much. it's to london now and the british parliament has voted to delay its departure from the european union lawmakers voting strongly in favor of asking the e.u. to postpone prices for at least three months but any delay has to be approved by all twenty seven remaining e.u. countries and they have signaled they will only do so if there is a specific reason or
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a fundamental shift in britain's approach to brecht's. a third night a third vote and a firm decision to put the brakes on bricks that. the icy right four hundred twelve the ladies from the left two hundred two so they are inside it the ayes have it on law. m.p.'s overwhelmingly backing a motion to try and extend britain's planned departure from the e.u. brussels now has to sign off on the delay which would last until june if the u.k. approves the deal in the coming days failure to agree a deal could lead to a much longer postponement and potentially to know that at all. for prime minister to resign may whose plan to leave the e.u. has been rejected twice fear of losing control of brecht's that might just be enough to get stanch brecht's that backers in her own party to finally support her plan in a third vote in parliament next week. the e.u.
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insists that may's plan which is the product of two and a half years of painstaking talks is the only one on offer. like. she do or you many good to have if the united kingdom is still wants to leave the european union and it wants to leave in an orderly manner which is what the prime minister tells us in this treaty such as it is which organizes the orderly separation this treaty is the only one possible and available at the heater sort of push hebrew. on the streets of london people on both sides of the debate vented their frustrations. well i think the most sensible solution would be that we leave on the twenty ninth of march with no deal it is easy to say sorry we made an absurd mistake a certain stake but it's no question about that in my mind i'm astounded absolutely
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stunned by what's going on think it's a complete shambles after cayle should show much fun this will pull thick should be no one knows what's going on nothing's being raised by anyone it's all falling apart do you find this into training. scrambling for a way out of the country's worst political crisis in decades two and a half years after voting to leave the e.u. it will now be up to process to decide if they want to help britain make a clean break with the bloc. but how long might that clean break take joining us now is the mosque in london and back in brussels good morning to both of you beggar let's start with london what are lawmakers there want to gain with this extension. well they simply say that they cannot get bricks it through here in palm and even if trees amazed was voted through one last time if you did go ahead even then
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there's not enough time to actually get everything done get all the legislation over the line so put your reason may she has conceded that she has to delay rexx it for a little bit but what she would now try to do in one last push that has been so many times been said in the last sounds but that that's really the vote next week when she will bring the deal forward yet another time she would hope that that time she will get a tree. ban to brussels now the e.u. . is saying he's open to a long extension to give britain time to rethink what it wants is this an indication that brussels believes it's possible to actually keep britain inside the union. some in the hope that this could be the outcome if there's a long extension in the case there's no the then this is tension may take twenty one months or even more than that and in this time of cause maybe the brits change
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their minds who knows of this case as we witnessed last week everything seems to be possible but the majority of the. things that they want to have a managed brecht's it breaks it with a deal so they hope that there is a major somehow manages to get through with the the deed agreed to with the you and then comes the short term extension which would be granted that's out of the question if she has no deal and shows up here in brussels then the discussions will start how long an extension will be because. we have the european elections looming and then britain has to take part in these elections this is all very complicated but in the end i think the e.u. does usually does it would even agree to a long term extension because they don't want to be blamed for any. bad breaks and without any deal an attack has after that ok so big it actually is all focusing now on a deal in london yesterday we saw no deal off the table so what are the chances that
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theresa may will pull off an unlikely victory and get her plan passed in the end in june. have bricks and plan is really hated by so many here in parliament but all the eyes now on our own to reason may's own party are on her conservative m.p.'s and whether they might just change their minds there are so many of them who believe that the reason may steel just locks the u.k. to much close to the european union in the future and that this is why they could not accept the deal however if they are faced with the possibility that maybe bracks it will not happen because if parliament is can simply not unite behind behind any vision of how brics it should be conducted then like band explained it could be a really long extension that's the reason they will be looking for and anything that happened in that time maybe a second referendum bret's it could be off the table change of government so who
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knows so they will be thinking over the weekend. will they last time support the prime minister and we've had in the last couple of days so many piece who used to be quite hard line so they will not support the idea that they might just change their mind ok so there could be a shift in parliament in the favor of theresa my on this you know in brussels of the e.u. bantay has so many pressing issues right now migration security just two of them how much is the focus on preventing brussels from moving forward right now with his own agenda. of course brecht is overshadowing many activities here brotherhoods the media coverage is focusing on direct hit and many summits have been of just dealing with bricks and all the time and the next summit is also dealing with breaks again so we are running around in circles for two years says for example the dutch prime minister. some say let's get over that now so we can focus on other things about on
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the other hand you have to admit that the brits are ready disengaged from many things here and the migration issue for example that's not a british problem or brecht's a problem this is a problem of the rest of the e.u. and this is not be solved by brics it or get to go with that and many people feel that the european elections will be overshadowed by breaks it think about it if brits then have to complain for europe against europe how many right thing populace from britain will then sit in the chamber in july these are many unanswered questions and many say we don't want to extension into the dog let's get over that now so for brussels as well time is of the essence bantry good for us in brussels and london thanks very much both of us. a check in with some of the other stories making news this hour israel's military says it has launched air strikes on a number of targets in the gaza strip that responds to a rocket attack on television. palestinian media reporting
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a hamas naval base near the town of qana yunus was targeted there are no immediate reports of casualties. authorities in slovakia have charged a businessman with ordering the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiance last february the millionaire mara and kushner has been in custody since june on suspicion of fraud the shooting death of john q jack and martina krisna row in their home shocked the nation and led to protests against government corruption . a russian american team of three astronauts has successfully docked at the international space station back october two of them had their journey into space cut short when a technical problem on their soyuz rocket led to the flight being delayed two minutes after launch the astronauts will conduct various experiments during their stay aboard the i assess all investigators say a piece of wreckage from the crash the g.o.p.
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airlines plane shows a link to the lion airplane that came down last year the fragment from the tail stabilizer may reveal that the jet's nose was forced downwards a photo also shows ethiopian airlines planes flight data recorder is damaged but not destroyed the image has been released by the laboratory in france where the jet's two black boxes are being analyzed it's hope they will reveal the cause of the tragedy which left one hundred fifty seven people dead and it was the second crash involving a boeing boeing seven thirty seven x. eight within months and has led countries around the world around the place. in the u.s. the senate has voted to end president trumps national emergency declaration which was meant to secure funding for a wall on the mexican border the senate vote was a rare instance of republicans breaking with trump on an issue central to his presidency the president has pledged to veto the resolution the a's are fifty nine
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nays are forty one the joint resolution is passed. a stinging setback for donald trump and the republican controlled senate a majority of lawmakers rejecting his border emergency declaration among them twelve republicans they told this vote is not about security at the you ask mexico border rather mr president it is so saw one occasion involving whether. this. will stand up. for its institutional progress. with the vote the senate delivered a bipartisan rebuke to the president put it past two years senate republicans have been reluctant to back donald trump therefore this vote is significant it could foreshadow more resistance to come against this unconventional president it could also bolster several lawsuits contesting trump's emergency declaration as
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a violation of the constitution which grants congress the power to decide how to spend federal tax dollars. facing defeat on the senate floor more quickly to play down the votes of mr she it doesn't matter will probably have to veto. it so i could be overturned and we're going to have our whole thing it's been legal scholars will say it's totally constitutional or somebody put trump is now expected to issue his first veto since taking office and neither the house nor the senate has the necessary two thirds majority to override that means the matter will be decided in the courts twenty states and various legal advocacy groups all such as public citizen are suing the administration. in the past national emergencies have been where there was no time to go ask congress to appropriate funds the situation here is completely different nothing has really changed along the border
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it's not a new situation so it's not an emergency in that sense and never before has the president reacted to congress saying no by declaring a national emergency. in the end the supreme court is likely to have the final say on the matter what trump however what's most important was that he portrays see this rising put a border wall signature campaign promise. all students around the world are out on strike today calling for action against. the change under the motto fridays for future swedish climate activists got to turn berg has called for protest marches in cities around the world students the u.s. chile japan random brazil dozens of other countries all taking part many taking to the streets to demonstrate young people are also on strike in the indian capital delhi to persuade all stations there to take climate change seriously.
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and students here in germany are due to join those protests today in a couple of hours thousands have been taking to the streets for weeks now to protest against germany's energy pulse six joined one young activist in the northern city of hamburg yes they help me as dead now out by their young oh no one's better climate protection for the last three months he's been regularly skipping school to take part in demonstrations he's one of the organizers of the friday for future protests in his home town is you know this is just a little that's a bit different from speaking in front of three hundred people but it will be cool . you know the things climate politics in general are disaster on to the protest march in hamburg he says it's up to his generation to do something about mitt romney says hi good morning i'm glad to be here i'm ya know that from the area in a bag we can do it because we're not just another climate initiative
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a movement we are the last dam cry for help of a whole generation get out your. yarnell has little time for school at the moment he's meant to be studying for biology but the demonstration is who he can concentrate on his phone goes nonstop the protest is organized through various chat groups. who knows of i got this phone in december and since then i've had one hundred nine thousand messages come through. yet known as mother supports the protests. she has difficulty with the fact that her son now has little time for anything else yet live on her own with young all or when can we eat five there's a telephone conference and at six and then again at seven he has to have ten minutes somewhere in between when he can eat with his family. that have current if
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so let's and the last few months dinner conversations have some to do around environmental issues you know this family only buys organic food and eats meat just once a week but giving up the two family cars is a little harder here in the countryside. preparations have started for the strike this friday students worldwide will again take to the streets during school time some politicians have accused the students of just wanting to skip school. in my city here i'd say that most of the students at the protest don't want to miss school at all they want to do something for their future that's what's important to them through thank you guys didn't smell so simplistic just two hundred demonstrations have been planned in germany alone an entire generation of schoolchildren taking to the streets for the sake of the climate and for their future. all seems german students are the only ones unhappy with the government here it's one year since all americans conservatives went into coalition
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with the social democrats but a new survey shows that seventy percent of germans living here are not satisfied with the coalition's performance it's been viewed as a marriage of convenience germany's grand coalition between the countries opposing big tent parties under the auspices of chancellor i got america that was a year ago. and yet less than a third of germans now surveyed say they're still satisfied with the coalition between merkel's conservatives and the social democrats seventy percent are not it took half a year following the two thousand and seventeen general election for germany to get a government they didn't take long thereafter first in the early fall largely over migration policy meanwhile the grand coalition has tackled some of its platform for example more money for daycare and schools. seventy percent of germans think the parties are at odds with one another lacking a unified vision just twenty six percent reject this negative view. of voters blame
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for the current political situation one person they don't the chancellor herself. germany's most popular politician but her days as leader of the country are likely numbered now that she stepped down as the leader of her party. decision to stay on as chancellor until the next general election in two thousand and twenty one has the support of nearly sixty percent of german surveyed thirty seven percent would like to see her go sooner and if the election took place this sunday her c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc would capture the most votes with twenty nine percent. while the social democrats would fall to seventeen percent the far right alternative for germany would take home thirteen percent with the business friendly free democrats and the left party getting eight and nine percent respectively it's the greens making waves with nineteen percent of the vote they become the second largest party in germany. we
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have some sports and football it has been a great week of results for english teams in europe with both arsenal and chelsea staying in contention for the europa league title arsenal have a place in the eight after a comeback win over the french side then chelsea you know is a dynamo kiev on route to an eight no aggregate victory and benefit in the added extra time to get past dynamo sagrera or frankfurt straight past enter along with a solitary goal that means they are the only german side left in european competition. balls world governing body fever needs and a special session later to vote on sweeping changes to world football top of the agenda is a plan to extend the next world cup in qatar to forty eight teams president jonathan tino wants to increase revenue for the plans include an expansion of the club world cup and a new global nations league. is planning big changes first qualifying
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national teams will take part in an expanded world cup possibly sooner than expected instead of forty eight teams in the tournament and twenty twenty six that expansion could start as early as twenty twenty two in qatar. furthermore there might be a global nations league that would be similar to europe's new nations league in club football they could also be an expanded club world cup d.w. reports of florian power asked the head of the german f.a. switch teams would play so it is the i live. if the club world cup is played every four years one idea would be to see which teams have been particularly successful over the years and the five and do the teams only come from the champions league or how are other clubs involved especially through solidarity payments. for identify large so that they're not particularly disadvantaged by the new
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competition he's annoyed that there's on those but not eligible. for president giovanni in fact has been keen to increase revenue his new proposals were put forward a year ago and are based on an offer by a consortium willing to invest over twenty two billion euros they in return would hold a forty nine percent stake in the competitions the changes will be voted on later today by fief is two hundred and eleven members. ok let's get you the latest with that breaking news story now multiple fatalities. have been reported after mass shootings at two mosques in the new zealand city of christ church shootings taking place during friday prayers three men and a woman have been taken into custody custody one of the men's understood to be an australian citizen authorities have urged mosques across museums to close their doors as a precaution fondness and minister guests in the hardness and dangle she called in
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on president of act of violence on one of the country's darkest days. coming up next we have the good of your business now if you want to know how the economy is doing just ask a taxi driver and two weeks before elections in turkey well you are likely to get an earful we'll find out more business that's coming up after the break. their heart here with that straight ahead here on the defenders.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. is negligence so necessary as today nor so endangered says french president. with his vision for being here again renaissance mobilize support for the e.u.
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that's our topic today on trust me i just saw. quadriga sixty minutes d.w. . what's the connection between bread flour and the european union depot guild modest b.w. correspondent and avid baker crap. tone. and let's go about recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. at baking bread. d.w. . sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and found that deep in the forest in central africa and the likes of bullock was able to lead to mr limbaugh and. he was so fascinated by their
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culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son made sarno leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts first on w. five. what's took so long that's one question that many are asking off to american regulators finally ground the boeing seven three seven maps and here's another one is it really clever to let computers fly at planes for the pilots becoming glorified passenger we have a leading expert in the field. and. also coming up two weeks ahead of local
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elections people in turkey ok andrea as the country slips into recession average citizens are feeling the pinch.


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