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only a promise to a son son only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jump. the result reverse culture shock. reference to realize how strange artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on w. . this is. coming up on the program the female app developers using technology to make streets safer for women also coming up. did the cia. of five didn't break any of the korean embassy in the group media reports say spanish authorities. and shifted to the
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margins dropping on the street typists bandied about isn't just living in the digital world. welcome to the. it's good to have you with us we begin in the indian capital delhi a sprawling city of more than eighteen million but constantly going to an international and national surveys as being unsafe for women discussions about women safety peaked in twenty twelve after the horrific gang rape of a twenty three year old medical student in a moving bus street protests followed and so did a toughening of laws against sexual assault but another thing happened it prompted develop us to walk in safety apps for women apps that give women some measure of assurance went out on india's streets even the correspondent common miles spoke to
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the women behind some of these apps as they look to make the streets safe for other women. figures of harassment on the faces who come forward with their stories over four thousand instances detailing sexual harassment of women have been shared on an online platform called safe city these experiences are marked on a map in this case in the heart of india's capital delhi it did happen to me. by to the north did not meet your victim never could. and you still i will always be. safe says she's founder l. summary disserve hopes the platform will help educate women about their rights having a platform where you can anonymously share your story can be liberating also when you read another woman's story there's solidarity and there's resonance because you suddenly realise you're not alone in your experience but she wants more by
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highlighting how dangerous public spaces are for women the hope is that authorities will make cities safer studies say delhi is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for women by evening the streets are almost exclusively a male domain the roads are often dimly less and there's little police presence. of commission the safety pin starts up to list danger zones in the city employees evaluate hundreds of patients of photos the platform is also used in hanoi whereas aims to make metro stations safer my vision is to improve the access and the rights of women and girls to access all opportunities in cities around the world and technology from me is an enabler in that. safety pin has developed three. there's also my safety pin where users can race has safe they feel in
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a certain place. that's very. one of the areas are scored and they bring new comers to a city to determine which streets to avoid the company has also made an op which allows users to have themselves tracked by g.p.s. we are very clear that only a woman kid asked someone to track so nobody can take a decision to track someone so we are very careful that we don't become a stalking out. the apps are there and the technology behind them keeps improving but the real test boils down to how women feel walking india streets. works for the women's rights organization jog already in delhi i asked her if these apps are really proving helpful for women. given that it or not she can speak can be a solution because i think you have to be you couldn't die and up to date you know
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. any application would just be band of those mediums and you can never really got it be you know by using this barbecue not anybody good at it give me the site the artist the big problem and it can just act as if i don't do is meet you so we can just see what it is know your son wants it into what needs to happen what needs to change for women to feel safe or on industry. steve steve bisection so all you have to really build a complete architected up state be you have to provide access to essential services you know that you can die and infrastructure should be even if you use it for good men women should have a computer i do with they don't need me to be able to feel see if i don't see it and you but i'm just you know only by going to get a solution and not be able to. being that change and mostly to go back would be to
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change mindset so the end there are no mediums as an only but i'm bout to get a medium can get and be right up my sectional. i do not eat any martin yet we are on a saturday about far from the results orgasms are very speaking to us from denny thank you so much for the guys thank you. to say that a mic story could be straight out of a movie would be a cue sure but then you haven't heard the story is there reports out of the spanish police and the intelligence service believed that the cia orchestrated a violent attack and to break him into the north of north korean embassy in madrid and that the attack came just days before north korean leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump met in one noisy so what's going on the double reporter mackinnon is here with the details i did look to see you what happened russia on
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the twenty second of february ten people broke into the north korean embassy in madrid they tied up beat and interrogated eight people inside the embassy one woman actually managed to escape she climbed out of a second floor window shouted for help neighbors heard and cooled the police when the police arrived they were met at the front door by a man speaking korean who said no no everything's fine however shortly off with that man and the other attacker has escaped in diplomatic vehicles and when the police went into the embassy they found eight people gagged him two of them actually needed medical attention it's an extraordinary story what are the police saying what are the authorities say it's absolutely extraordinary now sources close to the investigation is saying that this was a meticulously planned attack so perfectly as if by a military cell so these are not your run of the mill buddle is now the assailants knew exactly what they were looking for they only took computers and mobile phones
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with them and this is being covered extensively in the spanish media the el pais newspaper is reporting that people have police have identified two of the attack because as you can see here and that at least these two attackers have links to the cia and we spoke to a spanish journalist davidson and as marina he's from another spanish newspaper confidence yell he's covering the story and he told us a little bit more about what the spanish authorities are saying let's have a listen to what he had to say. police intelligence is not entirely sure they're working on several hypotheses but they've identified several people associated with the american intelligence and also the mode of operation of the group is telling. today although other lines of investigations are being pursued the conclusion is that the attack is tied to the
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u.s. . the u.s. denies it but here in spain there are clues that show the hand of the u.s. is behind this attack. so the suggestion that of some very high level u.s. involvement now spanish government sources say the cia is denying any involvement but that denial is unconvincing now what spanish police believe is that the attackers were actually often summation about the former north korean ambassador to madrid a man called kim shocked shall now he was actually kicked out madrid twenty seventeen over the north korean nuclear testing he is one of the key diplomats involved in organizing the summits between u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un in hanoi and remember this attack happened just before the last summit in vietnam the plot thickens there what is the balts saying about now the north has said nothing keeping but what we are hearing from north korea the latest is that the vice
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foreign minister has said that the north is considering breaking off denuclearization talks with the u.s. and that they could resume nuclear missile testing and the trip was begin and thank you so much recovered into the studio and we can do things a bit clearer for us. next where once familiar sound of the streets of yangon is slowly fading the plateau of typing on the typewriter as yes they still all been used. panza down the street in downtown yang gone above the relentless drone of traffic the soft tapping of a bygone era. the typewriting trade is still define the digital age and me and my. mentor these roadside shop i've been a fixture here for forty years so time has taken its toll on men and machine. you know in the past i could type seventy eighty or even one hundred words
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a minute now i'm getting old and my hands can't move as fast. and if i. mean towards everything from novels to contracts and court documents and he's built up a bank of loyal customers. i get my documents down here because it's cheap i get a ship's jugulars talked up once a month. to the. twenty first century technology has been slow to arrive in me and ma so most people computers are still expensive luxuries and there's often no way to plug them into. the never i don't have electricity here that's why we use typewriters i keep my computer at home. and i'm. tucked her typing business in ninety ninety five now it appears it's days are numbered. but we are used to type
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two hundred or three hundred pages a day before i used to type statements or tables but now some offices just do it online the. demand is also dwindling for type road repairs when we can tell you i've been to shop a decade ago there were twenty on this street today he's the only one left. on the guy because it's the computer age we can print to make copies easily it doesn't take long unlike the full everything's very fast. the writing is on the wall for me a mouse typists but for now the collector of keys is still a familiar sound indian girl. many more such stories on our website that's did up to a dot com so what's leisure isha and you can check us out. as well. even though with the pictures of young people from countries across asia south korea india japan and older students are joining in on
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a global student strike against government in action on climate change that's all come out with your next time about. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a media telling the painter should put just one to the shadow and a few newspapers one official information as attorneys i have worked on the strength of many can trust and their problems are almost the same point to social
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inequality a lack of the freedom of the price. go up should work on the floor just a sign and when it comes to the fans of the humans on the scene or my full folds who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i go. was took them so long that's one question many are asking off the american regulators finally ground the boeing seven three seven max and here's another question is it really clever to let computers fly the pilots becoming a glorified passenger we have a leading expert in the field. also coming up to
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a set of local elections people in turkey getting angry as the country slips into recession and average citizens a feeling the pinch. this is your business as in berlin welcome investigators say a piece of wreckage from the crash a g.o.p. plane shows a similar assessing to the one on the lie on the plane that came down last year the fragments from a tail stabilizer could reveal whether the jets nose was being directed downwards a photo also shows the plane's flight data recorder is damaged but intact was released by the laboratory in france where the jet's two black boxes are being analyzed it's hoped they will reveal the cause of the tragedy which killed one hundred fifty seven people second crash involving a boeing seven three seven max within months of the whole fleet to be grounded worldwide. meanwhile boeing continues to build a seven three seven months but.


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