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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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the floods. in christchurch new zealand prime minister terrorism is. clearly what has happened here it is extraordinary.
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with police are investigating other people after what they're calling a well planned terrorist attack. also coming up the young. children around the world just skip school. protection washington to hear what americans tend. to do. to the. forty nine people have been killed and dozens wounded twenty of them seriously in twin attacks in the new zealand city of christchurch that has happened to mosques the first to be our new mosque in the center of the city that's where
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the majority of victims lost their lives the second was in the suburb of lynwood where several more fatalities were reported police say a man in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and will appear in court on saturday prime minister jacinta are down has described the events as one of new zealand's darkest days world leaders have joined in condemning the attack in a country where gun violence is rare. christchurch new zealand a city in shock. health officials put mass casualty plans into action off to college unfolded at the busiest of times at the biggest mosque in the country. question has it friday prayers described a man dressed in military clothing and for mass murder and here helmer and he's given the gun. and here's the address of the military and he's very gun machine gun of it was used in one. of the another get
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a gun. and here bust a what they're doing and not talk me here looking i'm not the weak he is tough in the guards it is started a shooting at. a second nearby mosque was also attacked it's not clear if the shootings were carried out by the same man the prime minister has called it one of new zealand's darkest days. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know it does appear to have being well planned true explosive devices attached to suspects vehicles have now been found and they have been disarmed. the driver films the moment police caught the man believed to have carried out the attack his car forced off the road we'll still spinning. he has been identified as an australian citizen with a trail of far right extremist views police say they're still determining if anyone
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else was involved. three other people were printed we believe one of those persons. who was armed and was at the same might have had nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended began a position of farms in the general barbara we are working through to understand what they are both. elsewhere scenes of distress as the grieving community grapples with its own search for answers. you don't think something like this could happen in new zealand well in christchurch of all places where such a small community was so kind and loving so i just don't understand why someone would hurt us like this and in such a way. just like an animal like why would you treat us like that we we've done nothing and i'm some really scared for our future not just a huge loss of life today i'm going to be feeling safe walking by myself wearing my
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headscarf and i've never felt that way. but a sense that things may never be the same again. well responding to the attack prime minister just asked people not to spread footage of the shooting online. we have undoubtedly experience in a tech today that is unprecedented unlike anything that we have experienced before but as i say new zealand has been chosen because we are not a place where violent extremism exists we reject those in our sins and we must continue to reject them this is not an enclave for that kind of behavior for that kind of ideology we will and must reject it this is a place where people should feel secure and will feel secure i am not going to let this change new zealand's profile none of us should we should all be condemning obviously what has happened here today in the peaceful nation of new zealand and
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what all of us can at least it was ensure that we do not shoot here sprayed or actively engage in that message of height we have been given assurance that online . platforms we're some of those images have been sheed are actively being remote but i just ask people don't you try to cross those that want to join they don't there's that welcomes. new zealand's now just waking up to the aftermath of this attack was due to happen today. a man in his late twenty's is you're here in. the least told us and the prime minister just. and it is she is welcome to come down to christchurch today. and how are people there reacting.
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well as you said crashes is just waking up to this situation and probably hoping that it was a bad dream but unfortunately it is not in the thing you did with did not leave it overnight many helicopters flying around the city i could hear them through the night and it is just a reaction of excellent shock and dismay here in the city and yet just just absolute horror and this could have and to members of our community you mention they have had a cop to search through the night the country clearly is on high alert what are people likely to see and hear that is different today well the police and state they really going to be increasing the prisons not just in christchurch especially but also around the country this is a very visible and. seems in the community things that have been planned for this
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weekend and they just really want the reassuring presence and during this it will be announced as a rule edge of things which we have been in russia. cancelled and notably a cricket match between new zealand and us which was genuine and take place over not very far from the muslim most of the fatalities. was the city's muslim community reacting to being targeted in this way. and i haven't has really been able to speak to any of the units that will be a joke this is and i did not read the reaction that you're hearing through the media and online and it's just just an absolute absolute horror and really one of the common. people in new zealand who is muslim sonny bill williams. took to twitter to make a statement shortly after he heard the news and just expressing his his absolute
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shock and increased his this fellow muslims in new zealand so month early in christ church thank you world leaders have been extending their sympathies to victims and families his german chancellor angela merkel. the c.e.o. might have this is a horrific attack on people as they prayed and on their house of worship. this is an attack directed against muslims. it is also one attack on new zealand's democracy and on an open and tolerant society because we share these values with new zealand is a via and we share their horror and condemnation of this terrible attack. much reactions from other world leaders this tweet from the front present emmanuelle mccraw all our thoughts are with the victims of these heinous crimes against the mosques in christchurch in new zealand and they have loved ones from
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stands up against all forms of extremism and worked with its partners against terrorism across the world pakistan's prime minister imran khan has also been expressing shock he tweeted that he strongly condemns the terrorist attack this reaffirms he said what we have always maintained that terrorism does not have any religion prayers go to the victims and their families. bill turner some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of thousands of people have joined marches in states across how geria witnesses say they have the biggest protest yet against a long term president abdelaziz bouteflika despite caving in to pressure on the monday and reversing his decision to stand for a fifth term the president has stopped short of stepping down. a powerful tropical storm has made landfall in mozambique battering the coastal states with heavy rain and winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers now social media site at least
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one person has been killed in the city of vajra buildings have been damaged trees blown over and power lines brought down forced. investigators their piece of wreckage from the crash with european allies plane shows a link to the lion airplane in the same make that came down last year the fragment from the tail stabilized that made me feel that the jets nose was forced down was a photo share of the flight data recorder is damaged but not destroyed all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed. thousands of children around the world have been skipping school today to call on the world leaders to do more to combat climate change the student strikes are affecting an estimated two hundred countries they're part of the fridays for future movement started by sixteen year old swedish climate activist going to totenberg the day is the biggest day yet for her and for other young activists following her lead. greater turn verb
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started it with a simple bit of activism a student strike today things were still fairly simple for her a march on the swedish parliament as with just about every friday for months now and a simple message of action on climate change young people didn't cause this she says but young people will have to live with the consequences of connection then we're not going to acceptance and that's why we're striking we strike because we want to future and we will continue. i they want a future in india as well students took to the streets in delhi i support that and like she is the only one who took initiative in sweden and because of out of you got to know about this just hand me out of supporting her but i've been if it's only young people in delhi we're joined by some with a few more years experience of breathing delis in from a small older protesters have all but given up on their own generation and are looking to the next for a solution. now that you don't reckon forward it's for them their future we have
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ruined it for them and i have no hope from our generation also i mean even if i get a government even if it isn't in italy there were strikes and protests in dozens of cities students left class to hammer home the same messages that great a tune first made in her first strike this is the biggest day in a global movement that shows no signs of abating. the ford motor company has announced it's causing more than five thousand jobs in its german operations possibly be struck but it hopes will be taught it to profitability a company spokesman said most of the cuts will come in the form of the retirement or voluntary resignations. in football the draw for the champions league quarter finals took place in switzerland today with english teams dominating the last eight one of them manchester united was drawn against spanish giants boss alone and arguably the pick of the ties united rivals manchester city. last is the beaten finalist liverpool take home portuguese champions porton good side i asked
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play is that as you had just to round out the last eight. in the europa league quarter final draw the only german team remaining in the competition i'm struck from thoughts will fly the five will fly the flag for the bundesliga against portuguese side benfica a premier league side the us no will do battle with italian club napoli and chelsea have been shown was laughing a prague and one spanish side is guaranteed a place in the semifinals as vieira play a valiant thea. it is a reminder of our top story at this hour forty nine people are dead and dozens more wounded not shootings at two mosques in the new zealand city of christchurch police say an australian man and his mates of twenty years has been charged with murder and would appear in court on saturday should forty two opposed to the viking extremist manifesto online before the attacks minister just said the describe the terror attack as an unprecedented act of violence in the country's doc used moments
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of experience. coming up next here on day w. nears a boeing says a software fix is on the way for its seventy three seventy max eights jet set of three lights after last weekend's deadly crash time for the hostile force in just a month. of news at the top of the hour a good day. what secrets lie behind these men. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty fifty.
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