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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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performance well take a listen to what some called a sonic massage. but we start with the sad news that renowned curator aqui and was or has died after a long battle with cancer born in nigeria and was always instrumental in pushing the art world to embrace a more global view of contemporary art and art history he was the first african born curator to organize the venice be a knowledge and he oversaw some of the most important global exhibitions of the last decade bringing artists from beyond europe and the u.s. into the spotlight. and was it enjoyed a breathtaking career and i jury and born citizen of the world to network throughout the global business in the one nine hundred ninety s. and was ahead his breakthrough with the sensational exhibition of african photography at the guggenheim in new york. in two thousand and two he was artistic director of documentary eleven in castle focusing on not from the southern
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hemisphere his exhibitions set new standards. one example was in johannesburg with rise and fall of apartheid panorama of documentary photography. twenty eleven and will became the director of the prestigious house to call in munich in twenty fifteen he was artistic director of the fitness be an olive tomato he chose was all the world's future is a unifying phrase but what was behind it. is very interested in diagnosis i think we can see that we are in a moment of deep tension between. cultures. we there was a moment in which we thought we are really in a trance cultural moment but there is a moment. of receipt step in the. culture in the relationship where we can see this in the different parts of the
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paris which really of. germany. in parts of the united states the scenes. in the. book around the nigerian prince who were just such incredible tomboy i think we've had a very terrible two years. and if you look since the last be anally to me. i was really very much in time to reflect the state of play in the world. and was a has died at the age of fifty five he will be remembered as a free thinker who used his work to inspire a more inclusive view avant both present and past. well looking to the future artificial intelligence is advancing at breakneck speed permeating nearly every aspect of our lives and as it does we need to explore the
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possible implications of co-existing sooner than later with robots well that's the message of a new documentary that just want to prestigious award for young filmmakers ease of filling out travel the world to see where and how human oid robots were already on duty with some surprising results. thanks to the teacher you can't remove the head of a very shortly before. the way that works. that will freak me out every time i'm going to have to do another arms yeah. ha ha ha ha. i think you're very intelligent as well. thank you john. and yoko. i like when you see those places three
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things i mean i know i see some nonsense things from time to time and you still like being with me. and that's just one complex in the film high i that's the story of chuck the texan with his new companion harmony the robot and joining me in the studio is. the maker of this film welcome and thank you for joining me on a friday evening this film is such an interesting. non-sensational approach i'd say to such a high tech subject what what prompted you to make this film. i started to work on this film about three years ago i read an article somewhere about robots are already being used these days and i thought it wouldn't be interesting to go there shoot these robots and assemble them in one film and they are thereby creating a vision sort of of the future because documentary usually cannot document the
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future it can only document what's happened to the present or maybe the past but by the sort of filmic trick trick of assembling the scenes in one and one to one film i thought it would you know we could actually really create a image of the future and that was very intriguing to me very intriguing and we just saw it there with chuck and harmony for instance there are some intensely personal and very poignant scenes in this film i'm i'm wondering how did you manage to be so on your present with the camera well i was in touch with chuck about a year before we actually shot so i think a lot of trust in that year we talked on the phone a lot and really e-mails and so when we finally met for the shoot we actually already knew each other quite well and then we just talked a lot about what the film should be what it should be should be were a stick we were both we both didn't want to be focusing on the sexuality aspect so much but really on the personal aspect and so we had a very good sort of agreement on what we wanted the film to be because harmony of
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course is a sex robot which only because well which does become clear but it's very interesting relationship now here we just saw some pictures of the robot pepper who was introduced into a family in japan there's so much fear surrounding i largely of course thanks to the way hollywood has presented it i suppose so far that you know we think it's going to take over the world has this film alleviated any of those fears for you or has it has it changed and should be worried that robots are actually going to replace the us humans as providers of some of our most basic needs. i don't think we should see. think of robots as replacing us i think that's actually sort of mistake we always make we see the robot it looks resembles a human and we think it's going to replace a human i think it's supposed to support humans rather than replace you supplementary rights rights but getting back to your question about my own feelings at the beginning i felt like a mixture of fascination and. and the more i worked on this topic i just sort
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of. started to have more concrete questions and worries maybe but. once things are not so diffuse anymore i think you start fearing lest you start sort of really comes out with these examples of humanoid robots is that we as humans are absolutely intent on developing an emotional relationship with this with this creature this being in front of us that the machines are never going to really reciprocate are we setting ourselves up for trouble. well i tend to be not too pessimistic i think that's. sort of also open to new things and look at the possibilities also and not just at the. possible miss happenings. i think that there are some topics we have to really pay attention to like data security privacy also isolation and what happened so our empathy
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a once we really start interacting with machines so much like even more than we do now and so these are things we need to pay attention to but i think i believe as a culture we're able to integrate those machines. we only need to very open discussion i think that's not really happening yet six and i would like to has these film changed your personal approach to technology just quickly. yes i think it has i think i've become actually more more open yes i think so and not as pessimistic maybe also as i used to. yeah very interesting development congratulations to our first of all for taking home the box office prize will face and the international premiere of high ai you told me will be end of march in copenhagen at the c. f. h. docs festival so congratulations on that and thank you very much for coming in and joining us and for asking these questions and coming in joining us thank you nice
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to have you in the studio and these are having our thanks. well now to a veritable music pioneer and it was thirty years ago that the late lou reed released his acclaimed new york album and on march second the former velvet underground lead singer would have been seventy seven reason enough for his widow laurie anderson to celebrate his experimental genius with a gift to his beloved hometown namely a free performance to commemorate his love of noise. a serenade by american performance artist laurie anderson in memory of her late husband who read. reid's guitars rang out in new york's cathedral of st john the divine but not in the usual way. his former guitar technician used the instruments to generate feedback by placing them against amplifiers the result a haunting
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a ray of unpredictable sounds was like an echo from the past the show was part of the temporary exhibition at the cathedral the concert was open to the public and free of charge. we may hear bunch of church discipline trip. into. the church to. start. it's just. so awesome i think it's beautiful. to read died and twenty thirteen at the age of seventy one he rose to fame in the one nine hundred sixty s. as front man for the velvet underground today reid is known as the godfather of punk rock it was a proud new yorker and his concept of allow time to honor his city posthumously.
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it's a nice thing to celebrate like birthday parties that's what it's. only the main guest this week here except only in spirit so. lou reed probably would have enjoyed this concert he was a musician he was open to experimentation laurie anderson described him as one of the first noise artists who got a little bored with notes. and i do hope lou reed is walking on the wild side wherever he is well that's all for this time on arts and culture a quick reminder that you can always find the show and a lot more info on our website just go to g.w. dot com slash culture and you can also visit us on twitter so thanks for watching and until we meet again from myself and the team here all the best from berlin and she's.
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going to.
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this is d w news while. twin mosque massacre forty nine people dead in new zealand the prime minister condemning it as an act of terror. is one of the new zealand dockets. clearly want his pick and here is an extraordinary christening to. a man in his late twenty's is due in court shortly charged with murder police are investigating two other people after.


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