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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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d.w. correspondent asked that baker proud. and want to know about recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. baking bread. on g.w. . investigators are now looking at the flight recorders from last weekend's ethiopian airlines crash boeing meanwhile promises to update software for the seven thirty seven max in the coming days the american firm could face litigation in the us meaning bigger payouts to victims' families. also on the show chinese law makers rubber stamp new legislation this supposed to help foreign companies hold onto their intellectual property beijing hopes it will appease donald trump we'll tell
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you what businesses think about it. i'm stephen beers in berlin thanks for joining us u.s. regulators have sued german car manufacturer of both swag and its former c.e.o. martin winterkorn on allegations they defrauded investors the securities exchange commission says the company made false and misleading statements to investors during the diesel emissions scandal while securing billions in new funding the company has already paid over twenty five billion dollars in fines and settlements in the us martin winterkorn has also admitted the company committed fraud however he continues to deny any personal wrongdoing. and let's talk now to our financial correspondent in new york jose luis de haro jose did both so i can see this coming and what's been the response so far. it should not come as a surprise that stevenson's had to cope many already warned him better stories in its annual report it was under investigation by the sea but it's also worth noting
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a preview complained in u.s. courts about investors making similar arguments as the as he does these. experts say that any potential cost related to these charges should not be huge when you compare it to the billions of dollars the company has have paid so far as you mention. considers they complain fraud and it will contain these charges it defends these securities were sold only to sophisticated investors who were not harmed and that received payments of interest and principal in full and on time and things will see if regulators to make more headway than american investors their news from another big automaker has a ford saying it's lashing five thousand jobs in germany what's what's going on there. will see even afford already announcing generally the intention to revolve laws and making european business which is typically a way of advancing that cost saving measures such as job cuts are coming by the
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time to company talk about closing factories to stop making a specific models and eliminating thousands of jobs also but this is not a specific case of four day all the makers are on the wall that are forced to cut his spending not increase collaboration's at a time that not only sales are third in certain areas are kind of a sluggish but also the reason need to invest in an electric and i would turn on the scars to push the market forward right who's eluded to horo there for us in new york thank you as always was a. boeing says it will deliver an upgrade to the much scrutinized flight control software for its seven thirty seven max jetliner in the coming weeks that as french investigators begin a probe into the flight recorders from a crash seven thirty seven max operated by ethiopian airlines should the software indeed have played a role in the fatal accident boeing would likely face a wave of lawsuits from passenger families and the costs could be steep. what is it
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about these aircraft what caused the boeing mix crashes in ethiopia and indonesia and why did the u.s. aviation authority the f.a.a. wait so long to implement its ban after almost all other aviation authorities had introduced that is. i think that the f.a.a. was too slow by about twenty four hours other countries were quicker off the mark but then the f.a.a. is answerable to the white house which in turn has close contacts with boeing time for the f.a.a. to explain the president i have talked about that very thing and i will tell you this planes are far more complex he's right about that but i think most aviation experts would tell you that since we have automated aircraft since the dawn of automation safety has improved dramatically and while they are more complex they are definitely safer. tens of thousands of jobs are now at risk at boeing so is the f.a.a. too close to the huge plane maker. boeing has taken
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a real hit in the public relations image. to be fair to boeing there are just certain things that it cannot say during an active aircraft investigation but when it comes out says we believe the airplane are safe they need to tell you why they believe the airplane a safe and they did convey that message i just say they are playing a safe without so to speak showing their math behind that. boeing still says the plane is safe and production continues but it's now halted all deliveries given the uncertainty surrounding the recent crash. in the over to europe now german rail firm deutsche bahn is expanding its digital network and the hardware will come from chinese telecom giant weiwei the same hallway now in the crosshairs of u.s. authorities who claim the company is a trojan horse for beijing state owned rail company says there's nothing unusual about the partnership. wants to go digital and for that it needs an
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ultra fast telecommunications network the german state rail company plans to operate is trains remotely and huawei is set to make that possible. contract is worth half a billion euros was signed several years ago and says it's undertaken thirty checks and has no security concerns. the u.s. government meanwhile has plenty of them particularly when it comes to the close ties between the telecommunications supplier and china's ruling communist party just how safe is data running through built network is beijing listening to the phone call was made with its technology the white house is clear when it comes to developing its ultra fast five g. network it wants the chinese family that. the german government says it wants or its five g. network developers to sign and no spy agreement something holloway says it's happy
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to do. china says its new foreign investment law will level the playing field for overseas businesses operating in the world's second largest economy the national people's congress rubber stamped measure friday following a speedy draft process that was time to trade negotiations with the u.s. the law is now set to take effect next year but some analysts say it doesn't address the concerns of investors. on the last day of the national people's congress an overwhelming majority passed beijing's new foreign investment will the purported aim level the playing field for foreign companies and investors in china . where the version on the foreign investment norwich this session has officially approved is a foundational law which promotes a high level of openness to the outside world in a new air around us we need to study this deeply implement this thought really and
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according to a high level of openness promote economic and high quality development modern. china wants to send a signal by is to europe and most of all to the u.s. the trade conflict is weighing heavily on both sides and beijing wants to resolve it as soon as possible have gone to see the opening up to the world is china's basic policy it has enabled chinese people to benefit widely and has benefited the world why would we change that for the folk not measures of being spoken of then of course they will be on it don't notice it. but experts say the new lows wording leaves too much room for interpretation they say instead it's a symbolic gesture with the aim of assuring foreign partners that beijing is itself up to the outside world if there's one reliable bellwether for the political climate in any country when the taxi drivers start getting angry the government better be careful just two weeks before turkish local elections the country is
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sliding into recession economic output shrank by three percent in the fourth quarter last year increasingly the fallout of president wants isolationist policies is being felt by the average turkish citizen and taxi drivers than is simple are not happy. the view over the boss paris is beautiful but rush hour traffic in the city of fifteen million can be torturous especially for taxi drivers who are constantly stuck in traffic jams at this point they're pleased if they don't have to argue with passengers about the price. as and knows that there are some black sheep among the istanbul taxi drivers who collect excessive prices and he gets to feel that driving a taxi is not much fun anymore. in the past people mainly talked about soccer on weekends and at the beginning of the week especially on the days when league matches took place we used to talk to our
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passengers about the performance of the teams or mistakes of the referees but for the past year everyone who gets into the taxi has been complaining about the economy their financial worries about the government and stock prices. above all the inflation rate of just under twenty percent is depressing the mood the high gasoline prices are hitting taxi drivers twice as hard. if it's not absolutely necessary people avoid the taxi they tend to use public transport instead that's bad for us. these days many turks use their money mostly for food prices have risen by up to sixty percent in just one year the government is trying to counter this with subsidized fruit and vegetables. and the weaker growth is also attracting investors attention after the financial crisis they had pumped a lot of money into turkey which they believe to be in good hands in the emerging
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market if this flow of money now stops there's the threat of a real recession and that's why taxi driver jake is and wants to vote for the largest opposition party in the local elections at least they should benefit from the poor economic situation. and that's it for me and the business team i'm stephen beard the berlin you know of course find out more about these and other stories our website dot com slash business also on facebook and twitter thanks for watching.
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the something nice. guy as cameron jurors are doing with a new unit and they killed many civilians i mean dosh coming coming my father says i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly i became alice she kind of saw. providing insights global news that measures d.w. made for mines. says heat in ruins maro are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . as fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seven team president to tears his response was brutal. i didn't really know but again football game of. conquest turned into tragedy is not
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the kind of freedom that we want to know how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. the exclusive report from a destroyed city. from a in the sights of fire starts april eleventh on t w. hello there and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm karen health and here's a quick peek at what's in store on today's show. the robots are coming to an unsettling new documentary looks at our future with artificial intelligence in both professional and very private settings. and the late rock pioneer lou reed's guitars reverberated again in new york as part of a very public performance take a listen to what some called
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a sonic massage. but we start with the sad news that renowned. has died after a long battle with cancer born in nigeria and was always instrumental in pushing the art world to embrace a more global view of contemporary art and art history he was the first african born curator to organize the venice and he oversaw some of the most important global exhibitions of the last decade bringing artists from europe and the u.s. into the spotlight. enjoyed a breathtaking career in nigeria citizen of. the global business in the one nine hundred ninety s. and was a breakthrough with the sensational exhibition of african photography at the guggenheim in new york. in two thousand and two he was on to stick to rector of dock.


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