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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CET

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bluffing betting checking how much will they be able to play and who will win this thing we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. closer to the geopolitical stage starting munching on t.w. . lead . hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine this week a super sporting issue skoda introduces the kodiak r s tearing up the track in the key of proceeds. and the latest from the geneva international motor show.
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the geneva international motor show is being held for the eighty ninth time dish here. venerable british car maker bentley has been in business a bit longer for the company's one hundredth birthday they're showing a very special model. radishes are very important your forces house and team. and that we're very proud of the fact that we have two very very special models to commemorate the seventeen are in one to our right area which is something that we have that we have which we're calling the number nine number knowing course the number of years tone it's a ten bookings very famous person in history he drove the development of the suit to charge for the whole fleet so that one of them all and we thought to commemorate that. we would develop this particular call only one hundred of them
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will be built worldwide started very very exclusive. it shares the same drive train is this continental g.t. convertible which has a w twelve twin turbo that pumps out four hundred sixty seven kilowatts and nine hundred newton metres of torque with an engine might that both cars can rocket to one hundred kilometers per hour and three point seven seconds when a top speed of three hundred thirty three kilometers per hour more than enough to put a wind in your hair. porsche is showing a convertible this year is well. meet the new nine eleven. lawyers how we should marketing executive dead left on flattened says the nine eleven convertible is a tradition back seventy years ago porsche was here in geneva for the first time
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showing a three fifty six coupe a and convertible a third of the nine eleven so they sell or drop tops that's a pure nine eleven driving experience with fresh air included these are both. the convertible and the coupe they have the same drive train and suspension a three liter three hundred thirty kilowatts six cylinder turbo launches them an eleven from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and less than four seconds its speed tops out at over three hundred. b. w. is featuring fun in the fresh air this year to the id buggy is an updated interpretation of the iconic v.w. bugs from the one nine hundred sixty s. based on modular electric components if it is ever produced in series it will run solely on battery power.
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another v.w. novelty is the arm version of the t.v. rock the high performance model comes with a two leader four cylinder turbo engine with two hundred twenty one kilowatts a power it can hit one hundred kilometers per hour in less than five seconds. lux's is displaying its l c convertible which is just as sporty although the vehicle is not yet in series production it provides a clear idea of how a rag top version of the popular l c would look. like says has a very exclusive special model on display as well like the bentley number nine only one hundred models of the r c f track edition are going to be built with a considerable three hundred fifty one kilowatts a power under the hood. parent
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company toyota's new carrillo by contrast is clearly designed with mass appeal in mind it comes into hybrid versions one thrifty the other sporty. they're also being a trek version of a new corolla thanks to an extra twenty millimeters of ground clearance it can handle on off road to rain easily crunch and rear under run provide extra protection for the cars under side meanwhile the corolla tracks interior features a seven inch infotainment screen. at the mazda stand the new c x thirteen is in the spotlight its position between the c x three and c x five in addition of the well known sky active gasoline. in diesel engines it will also be
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available with the revolutionary sky active x. and sion which combines the high rate of horsepower of a gasoline engine with the fuel thrift of a diesel after the modest of three it's also the second series model to adopt the latest version of moscow's cotto design language. see that it is showing out the mini mall which was introduced at the mall by a world congress along with the l born another electric compact. c out says the car's range is four hundred twenty kilometers and that the car can recharge up to eighty percent and just under fifty minutes. say on subsidiary brand cooper is presenting the four mentor and other vehicles based on the intake that it's due to come up under the market next year the plug in hybrid will be powered by a gasoline engine and
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a powerful electric motor. skoda show highlight is the vision i v a preview of check electric cars of the future as based on v.w. as modular electric drive platform now an as and chris short. skoda is also showing a micro mobility vehicle design for urban travel clement riders can travel a range of sixty kilometers and forty five kilometers per hour without even pushing a paddle. also electric is out e.q. for each run it can go more than four hundred fifty kilometers and hence a top speed of one hundred eighty kilometers per hour due to come on the market in twenty twentieth's fitted with a. even two kilowatt hour battery and
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a system that can deliver two hundred twenty five kilowatts of power. on a mood of suppliers such as magna are also displaying their goods and services in geneva this model assembled by the vietnamese car maker vin fast was developed almost solely by magna the supplier serves almost all major brands worldwide including mercedes jaguar and b.m.w. . in anticipation of the new york international auto show in april the nominations for the world car of the year award were announced in geneva among the competitors are the jaguar i pace the audi each tron and the volvo as sixty. where the turning point i think the industry and what we're seeing now to electric
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cars one petrol car one guess thing that will disappear into the future so it's a good sort of it's a turning point and we really we're very excited about it. and now it's off to new york city. then kodiak has been a hit for skoda two hundred seventy seven thousand of them have been sold in the two years it's been on the market but this time we're not looking at the standard kodiak i perform it's r s. did it it's on the contest on the left stake says the skoda is are is family is growing this is the first r s version of as popular as u.v. the kodiak ronnie's impressed with the cars two leader by turbo diesel that can deliver one hundred seventy six kilowatts of power and five hundred new. metres of
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torque he says the engine is currently the most powerful one that skoda as on offer and now says ronnie we're going to find out just how sporty they kodiak are is really is they stick at it's a boat that is does that mean it's a fit in five models test. them by turbo charge four cylinder t.d.i. packs quite a bit of and can push the kodiak from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and six point nine seconds nevertheless cisco to its fifty with fueling could go one hundred kilometers around six point four leaders of diesel in germany the new r s prices start at almost fifty thousand euros and. sidecar run he says the cardiacs force comes mainly from the buy turbo engine the first turbo is designed to deliver power dynamically at low revs the second produces optimum manifold pressure when the engine is running high ronnie explains
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that makes it possible for the kodiak are an stay at fault torque early at one thousand seven hundred fifty refs. a wide shiny black radiator grille with a three dimensional appearance gives the s.u.v. an exclusive flare. the wing mirrors window frames and roof rails are glistening black as well. complete l.e.d. headlights are standard around out the kodiak r.s. is brash a look. across dual exhaust gleams from beneath the rear bumper. of . the interiors dominated by digital instrumentation and a large centrally placed touch display.
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in the sports scene supposed in i'll confound rand leathered look stylish and hold driver and passengers in place during sharp turns. ronnie says when skoda introduces our as model it's got this sound as well as what the part and the latest kodiak does just that he knows that the diesel has an unexpectedly throaty growl. but does that's thanks to his sound generator that's been installed in the exhaust system some cars his ronnie have engine sound generators that can only be heard on the inside it thinks that's ridiculous if you've got a car that looks sporty its rule should be as well ronny praises skoda saying the kodiak are in sound is right on pitch as does something to do as they say what about. the kodiak
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car as also gets top marks for its adaptive suspension steering and dual clutch transmission even when it's operating off road in sport mode the ride is relatively smooth in comfort mode and coding and cradles his passengers by ironing out every bump in the road. it's for the army says that the kodiak car and this is a true car for all seasons and surfaces driving can be fun and sporty while long trips are comfortable and above all easy on fuel you know it's not the only thing missing is a gasoline engine because all the other are as models have one and this car could use a sporty gas power plant run a balance is that we're saying that the diesel really packs a punch and makes the kodiak a really different car it's not the one that trundles off to take the kids to school but one that. heels down the highway.
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up to now they go to kodiak our asses only come with the by terrible diesel drive train we tested near it the arias models are really popular the octavia r. is features both diesel and gasoline models so it should only be a matter of time before the kodiak are as follows. don't let the familiar sounding name fool you key is new proceed is an all new body type. a compact shooting brick as the sporty is member of the new seat family the proceed is offered exclusively in g.t. line and. we're testing the top of the line model a one hundred fifty kilowatt g.t. version it comes with numerous red accents like on the grill where there's also
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a batch. would whip eighteen inch wheel hubs brake calipers and door sill so the four point sixty one metre long vehicle are also highlighted in the color. but the best side of the proceeds is the rear which combines sleek design with racing elements. guard tends to remain washee for says shooting brake always means at the roof line drops off in the rear and that can sometimes mean there isn't much ed room left but that isn't so. what the pros see if you can be tall one meters eighty five one
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meters ninety but still be able to sit comfortably like weiss with leg room there's no problem. that she'd see is also very sporty on the inside and features paddles on the steering wheel. the seats are contoured and have red stitching as does the trim on the steering wheel. the assisted systems include a front collision warning including emergency brake assist with pedestrian detection there's a choice of a manual six speed gearbox or like artis car a seven speed to a clutch gearbox to driving modes are available normal and sport. in manoa says of the proceedings mainly a station wagon which means story spaces so i'll take
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a look there's just over six hundred leaders here and that can be expanded to more than one thousand five hundred leaders that's a lot of space but here there are also intelligent fastening solutions here he says key is done it's homework he was always going to. but we don't just want to look we also want to drive a sleek g.t. the one point six liter turbo gasoline engine already puts out its maximum torque of two hundred sixty five minute meters in just one thousand five hundred r.p.m. our version would do a clutch transmission accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and seven point five seconds the sports suspension gives a strong road feel and allows agile cornering. but mine was sense as far as adding is concerned the proceed cuts a fine figure here in the countryside or on winding mountain roads and then when
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you're driving in sports mode there's a little more sound coming from the exhaust and making it more fun to drive it takes to curves with the nice the dual clutch transmission shifts quickly and above all precisely there's only one but a noticeable turbo bag below one thousand eight hundred r.p.m. that makes it a bit sluggish but about that it's full steam ahead and a lot of fun. that's got the since the car makes a good overall impression but there's really only one way to test the math on the race track luckily for us there's one very close by and barcelona's park more toward a constant reminder welcome to let off steam in the pro scene chichi without having to worry about sharing the road and we're in sport mode of course it provides improved throttle response greater acceleration more direct steering and a growly are saddled.
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with says the proceeds g.t. is really funny around the track where you can just floor at all and it makes an appealing noise even though you can tell it's a. front wheel drive car it handles relatively well now and then the rear wanders a little but it's relatively easy to compensate so considering that it's basically a station wagon with sporting ambitions it puts on a respectable show the. head of the some good day unless. its handling is also respectable when it comes to other disciplines on this wall of course the shooting brake has no trouble winding around the cones. and weapon roads are no problem either the proceeds g.t.
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remains easy to control even while braking and comes to a safe stop quickly. but alongside the sportiness of the proceeds g.t. shooting brake key it still continues to stick to the classic station wagon the team received sports wagon comes with a wider choice of mansions. sums up by saying the proceed is a really great car especially in this shooting brake look with a sloping rear light and of course you can also buy it as a wagon and it's a little roomier high but it doesn't look as cool as the shooting brake the only drawback is that the rear window is a bit small but overall he thinks it's something proceed owners going to it with that's coming up since because of the shrouds. the shooting brake is already available in germany and the more reasonably priced g.t. line for under twenty eight thousand euros.
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take one hundred thirty reaching cars from his story classics like the audi quatro s. one devotes wagons. speak racer add big names in motor sports such as vulgar word hans joachim stoke and mark webber and put it all together in the winter panorama of the austrian alps what you get is a mini summit a motor sport that g.p. ice race. but the event was frozen for forty five years the sheer ferdinand porsche great grandson and namesake of the company founder and german vintage porsche dealer vinson's greg revived the ice race even they were surprised by its success.
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the event in san jose was once a highlight in every racing calendar between one thousand thirty seven and one nine hundred seventy three crowns of spectators mean an annual pilgrimage to the town years ugs borg to attend this spectacle it was started by the first ferdinand porsche near his family estate but after a tragic fatal accident during preparations for the one nine hundred seventy four race it was put on ice but now it's back. to. society now is less accepting of having the old school events full for whatever reason you know this whether it's noise whether it helps with their hoods sorry the
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the local area whether there is a bit of risk involved so that's why these events are really cool you know when it goes back to the roots it shows that all the see the the beautiful turnout of cars we havea lot a lot of history and a beautiful racetrack so it's very full of these events take place. spectators are . he did to a unique mix of rally and race cars both historic and monitored. among other things mark webber gets to drive a nearly seventy year old porsche three fifty six and him proves to be quite a thrill. when they're all mondo money pilots today's polo g t r five over the ice cores. and beach buggy show off their talents and less sunny climes.
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we had a last ill relationship she says she looked up to me and i looked up to her so it was good fun like a little bit of drifting going on but a sideways action and that was really cool so i will drive it a bit more and yeah but i'm learning off the big boys i mean of course i'm only a virgin here i'm very i don't i don't i don't do these ten which is you know this is a much much i want it i know me in the sun that this tell me about a it's got to be. during a break why good news is the time to show off the car that won the race to the clouds in colorado the idea our electric racing car but not only that pike's peak record holder room on dumas who drives the i d r gets another important mission he has to show the i.d.r. his mettle on the most demanding race track in the world the nordschleife and germany's near bergrin hill attempt to set a record over the green help and to tackle that challenge the idea has been extensively revised above all the aerodynamics of the electric race car need to be
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altered to match the significantly different conditions of the nordschleife and. for today's the ice freeze proves that even classics you wouldn't expect to see on the ice still have what it takes and for spectators there's the chance to drive on the track. despite the frigid temperatures ice and cold the race warms the blood for the around eight thousand spectators revving and ships the smell of gasoline studded tires and racing precision under extreme conditions put them all together and it's quite a comeback for the races are nice. but. next
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time on drive it we test the city had to rocco on snow and sand. and take a closer look at the tell you in a high looks opera. the
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baltic sea is a home is worth a visit. that's why our host nicole foolish sets off fish cars. where she embarks on her wintry expedition. making discoveries along the way. a mysterious gold treasure. maritime delicacies and millions coups charge. thirty minutes. the gatekeepers of europe
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outsourcing border controls to africa. pays billions of euros to african countries even dictatorships. so they move close the borders. and keep people from fleeing the continent six but does that really solve the refugee problem. in seventy five minutes doubling. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the college just began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and the like to bullock was able. to move a long long. fascinated by their culture that he staked. only approaches towards sun mates are known leave the
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jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock above. the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts. first on w. . her first day at school in the jungle. her first clean lesson and then doris grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey back to. our interactive documentary little rock the entering into and returns home. look closely. listen carefully to live simply listen to didn't. actually. play discover the i'm.
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going to. subscribe to my documentary on you tube. playing. a course in new zealand has remanded the primary suspect in friday's mass shooting without police on a murder charge the suspect is a twenty eight year old australian and a self-proclaimed white supremacist forty nine people were killed in friday's terror attack at two mosques in christchurch the. us president donald trump has rejected a congressional measure that would have blocked his attempt to attain funding to build.


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