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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CET

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the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.v. w. this is d w news live from lebanon searching for aunt says off the deadly attacks on two new zealand mosques as christ church mourns the forty nine victims of friday's massacre the suspected gunman has appeared in court and has been charged with murder we'll get the latest from christ church also coming up. on.
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marketing for the future thousands of children around the globe skipped school to demand more action on climate protection. i mean you could just mention and thank you so much for joining us. less than twenty four hours all for the mass shootings at two mosques in new zealand the suspected gunman a twenty eight year old australian has appeared in court and has been charged with murder the attack described by new zealand's prime minister as terrorism is the nation's worst ever peacetime mass killing meanwhile people in christ church where the massacres took place are in mourning. mourning the victims and searching for answers in christ church outside the city's al-noor mosque people paused to
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honor those who lost their lives in the worst mass murder in new zealand's modern history. these were the scenes friday as a suspected white supremacist opened fire on worshippers nor at a mosque in the neighborhood of linwood killing and wounding dozens as police scramble to stop the shooter rescuers raced to save the wounded survivors spoke of a narrow escape. after three four minutes. fired when a fire. and it was from the main entrance the main interest of the building. and then everybody destroying two of the back doors just to save themselves and first we hide behind their cars and under the car then when we see their fighting still on we try to. jump the fence. this footage shows the moment police
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apprehended the suspect after forcing his car off the road they brought an end to the rampage. the suspected shooter is twenty eight year old australian brenton tarrant charged with murder he appeared for the first time in court on saturday and reza remanded to custody until april fifth investigators say he published a racist anti immigrant manifesto online before carrying out the massacre. the prime minister vowed to tighten the country's gun laws after it was revealed terrance had a license to carry the types of guns used in the attack for work is being done as soon as china vincit lead to the holding of the scan license and the position of these weapons i can tell you one thing right now. china. new zealand's terror alert level was raised from low to high in the wake of the
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attack with added security around the country's mosques dozens of the wounded remain hospitalized some of whom are still fighting for their lawyers. ok for more on this let's cross over to claridge's son who is in christ church fled a suspected gunman has already appeared in court he's been charged with murder what do we know about him and what is likely to happen to him now. that's right here appeared in court today a very quickly indeed but apparently that is typical in a new zealand proceeding like this he's going to be held until april fifth when he will be on trial again currently facing one count of murder although the judge has said that you can suspect to see many more tacked on to that later the key thing to know about this individual is in fact that he is believed to be the man who posted a rambling manifesto online in which he expressed his dislike of multiculturalism
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and immigration in new zealand two things that they called that the country really values in addition to expressing his support for white nationalist leaders so you can imagine that is very troubling indeed to the people who are grieving here today . new zealand's prime minister. has promised very clearly that new zealand's got its gun laws will change is this controversial and what in any way will this be supported by new zealanders. well there are many saying she will need to act quickly to impose any reforms while emotions are still running high at this moment she did say earlier today that there would be some gun control imposed we later heard the attorney general take it a step further saying that he would ban a semiautomatic weapons later walked that back a little bit to say he didn't want to get too far ahead of the prime minister's wishes. around here today in christchurch there's a very clear appetite for something to have been done there are
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a lot of questions being asked about how a man like the key suspect could legally have possessed five firearms including two semiautomatic weapons given the country's current laws. so a lot of questions being asked describe the atmosphere for us way you are how are people in christ church in new zealand coping. well you can imagine that this is a very dark day after many people were in lockdown throughout the day yesterday either in hospitals or in classrooms this was the first time that people were able to come out and grieve together and earlier today it was a beautiful sunny day out a typical day when you might imagine people would be having weekend picnics instead of vans were canceled and makeshift memorials like the one i'm standing in front of right now have sprung up around the city where people have been laying down flowers and teddy bears and messages of solidarity to their muslim communities saying that this should not have happened to you in a country like new zealand where there is freedom of religion and we are so sorry
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and are going to work together to try and prevent something like this from happening again all right rich sent in question thank you so much. the attack in new zealand of course many by surprise the country's multicultural society has remained largely untouched by extremist acts of terror in neighboring australia however right when nationalism has been on the rise. in new zealand has long been known for. it's atmosphere of easygoing peaceful coexistence. muslims make up one percent of the population it's a minority that's never been a target of hatred before the perpetrator who's stuck during friday prayers is a white supremacist from australia. apart from the indigenous maori population new zealand is a country made up of immigrants from countries around the world ranging from europe to lebanon but tension among different social and religious groups is on the rise
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and decade ago stories of racist violence against indian students were rife in the australian media today most said a phobia seems to target muslims. especially refugees arriving by boat some fleeing war in syria and afghanistan. the hostage taking incidents in sydney four years ago sparked the formation of extremist islam phobic political groups such as united patriots reclaim astray and australia first party prime minister they're regarded by others as nationalist right wing populists with violent neo nazis in their ranks members include individuals who make provocative anti minority statements in parliament. or. as a stranger struggles with extremism new zealand is determined to avoid a similar situation its prime minister has reiterated the country's defense of diversity and tolerance. ok let's have
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world president donald trump has vetoed a measure from from congress revoking his declaration of a national emergency at the us mexico border it is the first veto of his presidency congress will now need a two thirds majority in both chambers to override him which is unlikely to happen . hundreds of thousands of people have joined marches and cities across algeria witnesses say they are the biggest protests yet against long term president of jealousies beautifully despite caving in to the pressure on monday and reversing his decision to stand for a fifth term the president has stopped short of stepping down so. now thousands of children around the globe skipped school on friday to call on world leaders to combat climate change the student strikes a part of the fridays for future movement started by sixteen year old swedish
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climate activist gratitude bug yesterday was the biggest strike day yet with young activists following her lead in an estimated one hundred countries. out of their classrooms onto the streets these students in germany's capital spent friday afternoon calling on the government to take action on the environment. we must take them up on the economic change scares me we have to do something about it before it's too late so missing the last two periods of school does not have that much. in brussels it's the same message climate change khan's big note that leaves out it's a really slow process and that is what i want you to get going north because well it's hard to only had it in a couple of decades arabian centuries but we have to act right now if you want to prevent a disaster it's that urgency that has echoed around the world in india's highly polluted capital delhi these children are already suffering from hunger. for
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knowledge i do agree on going on getting the cause of the pollution increasing day by day we asian is particularly vulnerable to climate change. that goes for africa too as these kids and you can just come know only too well. they're cutting down ditches and it's affecting us and our government to know that this climate action is real and it's needed now. in the u.s. students took the message straight to the seat of power addressing lawmakers in washington d.c. . leading their plan is dying and they're being paid off by fossil fuel companies and we know that me see them so we can follow the money and we're here to take them down and to stop them and we're voting are. back in europe where it's all began is the go his active resistance global movement sweden's aggressive tune back. eighty's suffered only there is
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a crisis before we have to live with it's a crisis that our children and their children will have to live with but we want to accept it we will not lead to tappan and that is why we are demonstrating because we want a future and we will continue fighting this day for today we don't come to become a full church now. it was the biggest day yet for the student strike because and the movement shows no signs of slowing down. some been just legal news now when full trying home form continued as they were held to a one hole drilled by freiburg. son clay a cancelled out finch and so their photos opened it was the striker's eleventh the goal of the season but he couldn't manage any more it means club back drop another two points in the race for champions league places is now gone for home games without a win. faeces ruling council has voted to introduce two major
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changes in world football for president jennie and fantino announced that the club world cup will be. to twenty four teams and take place and twenty twenty one european clubs are against the news and say they will not compete in the tournament also great to work with qatar to expand the next world cup to forty eight teams if at least one of the country can hold extra games in fenty knows that a final decision on not would be made in june we came to the conclusion that yes it is feasible to move the wall and come in twenty twenty two from thirty two to forty eight teams it's feasible provided of course so the conditions are met so it is feasible if you disposable great if it is not feasible if it is not going to be great but i think as fifo we have the duty to look into that.
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in formula one defending champion lewis hamilton picked up from where he left off last year claiming pole position for the season opening australian grand prix hamilton will line up on the front of the grid alongside his mercedes team mate del terry bus us other teams couldn't match them a sadie's pace ferrari sebastian vettel was third fastest ahead of red bulls mocks the shop and charlotte and the other ferrari and haas driver closure all round off the top six shit watching t w news live from berlin up next is shift with a look at the biggest challenges in the development of ought to fishel intelligence but first we're going to leave you with some images of berlin's newest and possibly most a celebrity on friday the city's to park zoo showed off a three month old polar bear cub here's a look at the little bit as first public appearance thank you for watching.
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in ruins morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . structures to plague the city center in two thousand and seventeen president church's response.


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