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t w. this is d w news live from new zealand in the morning after a deadly attack on two mosques as christ church remembers the forty nine victims of friday's massacre at the suspected gunman has appeared in court and he has been charged with. coming out of. the money for their future thousands of children around the globe skip school to demand more action on climate protection. a brush with
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death inside the box his mouth of a whale we will hear from a diabetic from south africa who was almost swallowed alive. i'm an eclipse mckinnon welcome to the show. less than twenty four hours after the mass shootings at two mosques in new zealand the suspected gunman has appeared in court and he has been charged with murder the twenty eight year old australian man brenton tower and was remanded without a plea until his next court appearance which is scheduled for april fifth new zealand's prime minister just send has promised the country's gun laws will change in light of the attack she has been a reassuring muslim community leaders in christ church meeting personally with the
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attack killed forty nine people and injured dozens of its new zealand's worst ever peace time mass killing in the community of christ church is struggling to process the events they were supposed to be safe in a country that prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive but the massacres at two of their places of worship have stunned the people of christchurch it really hit home because i used to go to that mosque i used to play be used to hang out there with my friends and stop so seeing that something like this is happening and it was to them via radio that we we saw islamophobia and racism and xenophobia is something just something to happen in america happening but it's it here and it is dangerous this center is providing information and psychological support to friends and relatives who still don't know the fate of their loved ones. is one of those awaiting news she says the attacks will change new zealand forever. i think which
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in turn is the intelligence gathering to be. more spit on the focus in only one community and this is what i believe these are some secluded down to the bone the authorities here are still on high alert this is one of the two mosques where dozens were murdered as they met to pray on friday afternoon. as you can see the area has been heavily cordoned off and authorities have warned other mosques to keep their doors closed as investigations are under way but you can also see from the number of people here how deeply this is upset the local community in a city that is usually a quiet and peaceful place i spoke to people who told me they cried all night unable to believe that something like this could happen in new zealand. but a police warning for people to stay inside couldn't keep these residents of christ church from paying their respects to the muslim victims at
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a makeshift memorial. monsignor here. and partly from the muslim community with better roads i think about we want to. show that we support them this is a city with people who've been to get there we've been three planks to give they're like this just i'm just feel so far from the city that i know today christ church is in mourning and doubling down on its values as a multicultural society. the attack in new zealand courts many by surprise the country's multicultural society has remained largely untouched by extremist acts of terror in neighboring australia however rightwing nationalism has been on the rise is a look at some of the dynamics at play in the region. new zealand has long been known for its atmosphere of easygoing peaceful coexistence. muslims make up one percent of the population it's a minority that's never been
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a target of hatred before the perp churches struck during friday prayers as a white supremacist from australia. apart from the indigenous maori population new zealand is a country made up of immigrants from countries around the world ranging from europe to lebanon but tension among different social and religious groups is on the rise and decade ago stories of racist violence against indian students were rife in the australian media today most said a phobia seems to target muslims. especially refugees arriving by boat some fleeing war in syria and afghanistan. the hostage taking incidents in sydney four years ago sparked the formation of extremist islam phobic political groups such as united patriots reclaim australia and australia first party prime minister they're regarded by others as nationalist
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right wing populists with violent neo nazis in their ranks members include individuals who make provocative anti minority statements in parliament. or. as a stray to the struggles with extremism new zealand is determined to avoid a similar situation its prime minister has reiterated the country's defense of diversity and tolerance. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world president donald trump has vetoed a measure from congress revoking his declaration of a national emergency at the us mexico border it's the first veto of his presidency congress will now need a two thirds majority in both chambers to override him which is unlikely to happen . more than two thousand people in malaysia fallen ill off to toxic waste was dumped into the can camera in the city of joy hole storage he's ordered the closure of more than one hundred schools due to dangerous toxic fumes many of those
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affected are children three men have been arrested in connection with the illegal dumping. an italian man with a child of the who infected his late partner and another woman has been given a sixteen and a half year jail sentence for murder his partner died in twenty seventeen from a truck driver cloud you can see has been hiv positive for some ten media is he may have infected more than two hundred other women. in venezuela have released german journalist billy six off to he was held in prison for four months he was detained in november and charged with espionage and rebellion the advocacy group reporters without borders said the charge is unfounded . these. now thousands of children around the school around the globe excuse me skipped school on friday to call on world leaders to combat climate change the student strikes a part of the fridays for future movement that was started by sixteen year old
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swedish climate activist gratitude bug yesterday was the biggest strike day yet with young activists following her lead in an estimated one hundred countries. out of their classrooms onto the streets these students in germany's capital spent friday afternoon calling on the government to take action on the environment. to match the cream of under climate change scares me we have to do something about it before it's too late so missing the last two periods of school doesn't matter that much. in brussels it's the same message climate change cons big note that leave out it's a really slow process and that is what i want you to get going towards because well it's very the only had it in a couple of decades or maybe centuries but we have to act right now if you want to prevent the disaster it's that urgency that has echoed around the world in india's
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highly polluted capital tilly these children are already suffering oh my. god how would i do breed and they are going on getting the cause of the pollution increasing day by day asia is particularly vulnerable to climate change. that goes for africa too as these kids in uganda scamp know only too well. they're cutting down ditches and it's affecting us and our government to know that this climate action is real and it's needed now. in the u.s. students took their message straight to the seat of power addressing lawmakers in washington d.c. leading their plan is dying and they're being. paid off by fossil fuel companies and we know that me see them so we can follow the money and we're here to take them down and to stop them and we're voting act. back in europe where it's all we can is the go his act of resistance
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a global movement sweden's aggressive tune back. eighty's show for it all there is a crisis before us that we have to live with it's a crisis that our children and their children will have to live with but we want to accept it we will not lead to tappan and that is why we are demonstrating because we want a future and we will continue fighting to stay put even on trying to become a full shutdown. it was the biggest day yet for the student strike because and the movement shows no signs of slowing down. in formula one and defending champion lewis hamilton has claimed to pole position for the season opening australian grand prix hamilton set a new lap record at the melbourne circuit edging out the might well terry process with a dramatic late run in the city's pebble well ahead of ferrari is ferrari sebastian fettle who could only manage third on the grid it was hamilton's six consecutive
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pole position in melbourne and i thank you so so close out there was a credible crowd here but what a beautiful day in our car again coming from testing in winter we had no idea where we would be. you know we were hoping of course we where we are working for the guys back at the factory working so hard on the weekend this weekend also they've just been you know working for show in the bundesliga mentioned home form continued as they were held to a one will drop by freiburg bus alice on clay i counseled out the ten sober foes early open and it was the strike his eleventh league goal of the season but he couldn't manage any more and means glad but dropped another two points in the race for champions league places it's now gone for home games without. when. sharif is ruling council has voted to introduce two major changes in world football president gianni infantino announced that the club world cup will be expanded to
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twenty four teams and take place and twenty twenty one european clubs are against the move and say they will not compete in the tournament also great to work with qatar to expand the next world cup to forty eight teams if at least one of the country can hold extra games infantile notes that a final decision on that would be made in june we came to the conclusion that yes it is feasible to move the world cup in twenty twenty two from thirty two to forty if it's feasible provided of course so the conditions are met so if it is feasible if it is possible great if it is not feasible it is not possible great but i think . as fifo we have the duty to look into the. now we bring you the story of the man who was almost swallowed by a whale what you're seeing in this picture is a diver by the name of ryan nash caught in the jaws of
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a pride's whale this happened along the southern coast of south africa while he was filming sharks feeding his ship funny how he survived and what he thinks we can learn from this experience what happened was it suddenly got dark and i felt some pressure on my hips and being pushed forward and only then i realized a whale had grabbed me you can't panic. room for painting you always have to be calm and i think i did the right thing otherwise we would be able to. is we lived on that very day from port elizabeth harbor we drove about thirty nautical miles south into the indian ocean and we found a big ball of birds feeding on fish so i started adjusting my camera and start taking pictures of sharks going through the ball of fish and then out of the sub without any further notice from my lift side something gretly and pushed me through
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the water then i realised instantly that it must be a whale it got pinched like and dark and only then i started my thinking process in terms of it was more a reaction process because i knew you can't swallow me so most likely you will die of. old my breath and fortunately this gentle giant realised very quickly that i was not his prey and he pushed me out again with the water in his throat once i realised it was a whale and that i could still think i had no fear whatsoever but there was also no time for there was only time for reaction what it actually shows us the whale instantly really realized his mistake and imagine how it would have been a big piece of plastic you could have swallowed me and at the end of the day he would have died now we are able as humans to prevent plastic in the sea and this is what we must do we must help these creatures to survive and this is the message which goes out of the. strode in our story you're watching the news live from
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berlin coming up next and talk series night groups with the british singer and songwriter mark wellman from self self and remember you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on d w dot com i'm on you tube has been on behalf of the whole same thanks so much for joining us. have taken everything they own now despair we've got. climate refugees. they seek shelter. but. the water's rising.


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