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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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crimea views their right to. crimea through the ages oh the five minutes on d w. six make a. rarity to me. if there is any there product between them you have to find it between the lines. the literature. on the german streets.
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seaside resorts and red brick gothic architecture those are going to be two key elements of my trip to germany's north east i want to discover a child's and a world heritage city and the baltic island of food and. to get a little overview of i'm at st mary's church it's considered a masterpiece of late gothic architecture and boasts a tower that gives me a perfect view of the city. here in straws and i'm going to admire an amazing viking treasure and a local delicacies i'm also really looking forward to exploring the island of in the low season one it's not so overrun with tourists and. besides that we'll show you what delusions famous shock is used for.
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our female of the week takes us to a popular festival and colombia. and our globe trotter will show us the winter sports paradise around davos in switzerland. and was founded in twelve thirty four and was a member of the mediƦval trading alliance the hanzi attic league it's now symbolized by the magnificent brick gothic architecture built at the time it's also why shawls and was declared a unesco world heritage site in two thousand and two. and the court you'll find a real eye catcher that gore's falk a former training sailing boat built in one thousand nine hundred thirty three and these planks to top the captain's cabin has seen german russian and ukrainian skippers rest their weary heads. the vessel was built and hamburg and was given to
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the soviet union as reparation after world war two in one thousand nine hundred one it became property of the ukrainian merchant navy. since two thousand and three the course fox has been back in its original harbors serving first and foremost as a museum the vessel which is not sea worthy anymore is maintained by an association that hopes to one day bring the old lady back to see. the building you see right behind me was built several decades after the gores fought but it's just as impressive sins' opening its doors in two thousand and eight. has welcomed over half a million visitors a year and once inside he'll understand why prepared to enter the underwater world .
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it's speeding time in the old siani homes large pool for shoaling fish there has to be enough food to satisfy the appetite of the two hundred fifty kilos and shark otherwise it will eat the mackerel. there are forty five aquariums here the biggest contains almost twenty six million liters of salt water and is the museum's main attraction. the foundations were laid for the old siani human september two thousand and six on the peninsula. less than two years later the museum was opened with nine thousand square meters of exhibition space and german chancellor angela merkel attended the opening. since then the old siani has become an integral part of todd's and.
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behind the scenes numerous employees keep it up and running the old siani homes residents need about ten tons of food a year fish kristie asian squid and dry food. and i live with this summer feisty and others more hesitant so we have to make sure they all get their fair share. this oceanographic museum focuses on marine life in the north and baltic sea. among the visitors are both tourists and locals. children can come here for classes outside the normal school curriculum that's great for us instructors and they can study biology in the o.t. our nails are new. and by informing people about the world's oceans the museum also aims to help protect them.
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this building was an abbey and tell the sixteenth century later it was mostly used as an arsenal armoring and school in the one nine hundred fifty s. st catherine's monastery was turned into a museum. the most remarkable of its countless exhibits is this viking treasure that was discovered after a storm washed up on the neighboring island of hayden saying. that this is like one treasure doing in shazam and that's when he. says they didn't see treasure came to because back in eight hundred seventy three a woman went to a goldsmith here and. wanted to know what one of the pieces was worth as it looked a bit like gold. and the goldsmith fetched who was the museum's first ever director that would have. that support because he immediately knew it had been made by vikings or more and more pieces mysteriously came to light so the museum director
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went to hidden say bargained with the fisherman and managed to acquire sixteen of these amazing pieces of jewelry or and for this museum soft sifton tied it is toying smokes yeah. do you know what everything is someone i can tell that's a necklace but with the rest you'll have to help me. when. i never see recognized is the only piece that's really solid gold. doesn't. it consists of several gold rods twisted together and we had the most beautiful object in the entire ensemble. a kind of a brooch used as a class for an outer garment that might have. the backing from franconian court attire this round fibula was used in their clothing. and that's what i've been the scandinavians originally had two oval fibula or
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didn't. then we have these pendants they have proper loops so you can hang them on a chain as if you have none of the can mcguffin and you'll be sure this treasure is in one piece or could there still be some gold buried in the sand and hidden in the . board with a stick to the devil for the money that you still hoped we might find another piece if you look at the pendant you can see they're not all identical as this is in a different similar but they're so skillfully crafted that it's very into zine i think about the yen when they're mcguffin also if you assume they have been symmetrically arranged on a chain it's like two or more pieces are definitely missing buying after their life maybe someone from hidden say it's one of those pieces in a jewelry box and this is a tile or. is this kind of gold treasure usually under or is there something similar elsewhere in germany or europe. as is or i am such.
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a treasure like the one we have here is unique the vikings tended to work in silver and so an ensemble of jewellery in the pure gold is incomparable but it's almost pure gold we've analyzed the materials if you look closely at the pieces you'll see it's the highest quality goldsmiths aren't you could expect from that time. to do that side of africa. check out some of our favorite travel pics on instagram. d w travel. before continuing my travels i need to replenish my energy reserves and for that i'm going to try a local specialty i know i have been told i have to try the bismark herring yes you must or maybe even sherry nachos. i don't think i'll go for the bismarck i've heard
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so much about it. yeah. sure thing i miss martha the noise. the name goes back to. the first chancellor of the united germany he loved them apparently. and then given the no matches to try to. why doesn't the special how's it amazing. it's well pickled so it's nice and sour on the skin is still on the way it should be a good one. full and happy i get on the road this bridge connects to the island of luton and to prepare you for my next destination here's a little overview. google news germany's largest island manlike zone does in the state of mechlin book for
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almost eighty thousand people live here added to that are far more than a million tourists annually the sandy beaches can get really full in the summer but things are quite relaxed in the winter. when the island is known for its distinctive chalk cliffs they rise up over one hundred meters above the sea and are part of the. national park. for. the critics to information center lies above the cliffs. it takes you through seventy million years of the earth's history from the primordial era to the present . beyond the coasts bogan is also shaped by its landscapes. the island alone has three nature reserves. death wasn't
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overall and or the rushing roland as another of lukens attractions. a steam train has travelled the narrow gauge track since eight hundred ninety five at a pace more leisurely than its name implies. one of the places that i wasn't at all and takes is to god it's hunting lodge in the building in a tally in renaissance style dates from the nineteenth century and became a popular destination for the nobility and celebrities back then. mark is said to have climbed to one hundred fifty steps in a tower to enjoy the view from the. other seaside resorts going to has benefited from tourism since the early boom in
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the late nineteenth century. former villages like bins developed into fashionable baltic sea spas with their magnificent villas near the beach. leaning white wooden decorations are typical of the architecture associated with seaside resorts. in eighteen seventy bins had a total of eighty vacationers nowadays you can add over half a million to that but in winter i can barely imagine what this must look like in summer. because as you can see in the low season things are just like back in the day no people no hustlin bustle just perfect if you're looking for some peace and quiet.
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well now take a giant leap from the baltic sea down to the swiss all our video blogger steve heymans and a fellow globe trotter paid a visit to the world famous wonder sports resort of holes and from the look of it they spend their entire time on skis skates america. our quest to show you the best winter just nations brought us to the alps again. from switzerland. davos is a municipality in the country on of carbon good or great song at one thousand five
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hundred sixty metres it's the highest town in europe and home to one of switzerland's biggest ski resorts with six main ski areas totaling three hundred twenty kilometers of slopes. good morning i got up early thursday to get to stoke for everyone else. after a full day of skiing it's a time to have some hostile charge i'm trying. to. make them come about i'm sleeping on the first plane but. the time for us to sit in this ice skating rink. for absolutely hopeless. and it looks so elegant interested. in the best
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little while with the saying. ok we're getting there we're getting back to. the gold plated experience of. not taking these bets it was called blogging. today we're on day guard called song which is another really popular ski and snowboard spot right next to the horse center and i've heard the word pull down
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that. i'm not about to let. you go i'm. going to miss my place to sleep to come to my next stop. the island of blues is now it's the island's gateway to the baltic sea from here i'm setting out to see the famous chalk cliffs from the water. but unfortunately today is not my day the sun can't get through the mist and clouds . but it's certainly striking the way they tower majestically out of the water.
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you can stock lives form with our you will leave the islands most spectacular coastline but the chalk is also a natural raw material with many useful applications and you treatments for example . logan's chalk cliffs were created sixty eight million years ago in southern europe through the shifting of tectonic plates the chalk deposits were pushed to the north during glacial periods they were thrust to the surface the chalk is made from the remains of tiny marine organisms. and this is especially pure because no other sediments were dragged into this basin with it. and there are those for the last one hundred fifty meters or truck sediment sitting here on the surface. and some of them are up to one hundred sixty meters above sea level but in reality and
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there's only one place in germany where they exist and that's here on the island of kruger does a sea of it's always. been even has a museum devoted to chalk it's been mined here for almost two hundred years chalk is used as fertilizer in paint and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. to process the chalk it's soaked in water separated from undesired components and dried what used to take eight weeks now takes about eight minutes. for medicinal chalk only especially fine material is used after it's been additionally cleaned what remains as the museum informs visitors are mainly residues a planktonic form enough era these single celled animals had skeletons made of small calcite platelets when the organisms died they sank to the seabed and form the chalk sediment. physiotherapist york snyder from sasnett has been using her
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guinn's medicine of chalk since the early one nine hundred ninety s. this natural product dissolved in water is said to stimulate the heart and circulation and have an anti inflammatory effect. on very few you know if it's used as a poultice on the back or joints warm or cold or if you're experiencing a rheumatic episode for instance it's applied cold which we were more about for chronic conditions it tends to be used warm or cool. and. the poultice is sealed to stop the chalk from drying out medicine or chalk was used on luke in as early as the turn of the twentieth century. the sediments from the cretaceous period are. also used to help cleanse and regenerate the skin as a face mask. this absolute by his skin is so soft off to its home and at first it tingles a bit but the skin regains its moisture quite quickly and then it feels so much
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softer to put it to absolute pleasure. one thing that's never lacking on a holiday island leg luden is accommodations there are thousands of hotels apartments and vacation homes but if you're looking for something a little unusual head to not talk about where you can rent floating lodges and houses on stilts and you can try out a whole range of water activities tell ya she is the man behind the idea. of this is a truly unique place how did you come up with it and. we have just about everything on offer when it comes to water sports and that makes us unique and we can. you can learn sailing with us go swimming off the terrace of your house you can go fishing you can do everything related to water. from a launch in the floating houses where the first of their kind in germany and the
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houses on stilts that you see in the background are still unique in germany i think the best what kind of tourists come here do they like the concept i'm going. in the summer and in the holiday season many families with children come here because they can spend their time sailing swimming and fishing. but we also have guests who come only in the winter because we have regular customers who've been coming for decades i've every winter for three or four weeks they know what to expect and they have their favorite floating are. they bring their own red wine and pasta turn off their cell phones open a good book and really enjoy the tranquility of winter. by. the still taxes on the southern coast are inspired by similar constructions on the maldives. that goes for the inside too. i may not have brought any red wine and pasta but
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a book is enough to make myself at home. well i sit back relax and watch as evening falls you guys are in for another v mail this one takes us to the fiesta of a song kwan in colombia an annual celebration that goes on for four days and according to this video sent in by ricardo king younis i'd say a good time was had by everyone involved. was.
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was. was. was. such. a out was. when we. cut
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her my last stop on leading takes me back to the b. . where. and when sure you'll find bonfires and mulled wine here. on monday i. don't know who would. harm. someone and. the perfect place to take a look back at my trip. there. from the gold treasure and struggling to the spectacular nature including if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and all the stress that comes with
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that you should definitely consider a trip to the baltic sea especially and low season.
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in. crimea a fascinating melting pot of peoples and cultures. a place that's filled with history and has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. a strategic territory that has been fought over for centuries. how do the residents of crimea view their identity.
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crimea through the agency. in fifteen minutes on d w. five dance in the midst of venezuela's crisis in the fight to get aid into the country with a convoy of quantum god own supporters an exclusive d.w. report alongside venezuelan journalist says are. close to coming up at the country's catastrophic conditions. on the way to colombia for a showdown for it. starts march eighteenth. what's the connection between bread flour ambiguity and. the no
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guild motto d.w. correspondent and our good baker proud of. john king. and let's go about recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the colleges began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and the little village was able. to move. money living. by their culture the state. only a promise to his son made son only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture.
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the prize winning documentary song from the forest starts people first on w. . play . this is d w news live from berlin musial and in the morning after a deadly attack on two mosques as christ church remembers the forty nine victims of friday's massacre this is that the gunman has appeared in court and has been charged with murder also coming up. with gunfire as police clashes and looting.


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