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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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what secrets lie behind these will. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty get vietnam. football is full of curiosities take penalty kicks why do they go in more often when the take it takes more time before the run up. how did germany beat
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argentina in the two thousand and six world cup quarterfinals the other argentinian penalty takers saying he knows what we're going to do. why is communist punch cards were fan club supports and liked the epitome of commercialization in the. lives of. the club was set up by the street gents after studying in communist east germany in the one nine hundred seventy s. penalty shootouts are full of mystery. why can even the best players fail from the sport and what tricks to keepers have a better sleep have been also missing the. thomas lemma went out into the field to talk to a penalty killing german goalkeeping legend and learn how to say the spot kick. kick off any magic world of football but first up our roving reporter down your boss a look. at the. you
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know the box look it's nice. but it gets boring plans to build a. lot of. things but that's. not. ok so this past month we. german's very best well maybe not very best be not good enough to take down tottenham and we've seen show go well yeah but by you and they want to n.p.r. and the tides are zero that is not easy to do why you think your. thoughts face it byron whether you love them or you hate them is a well oiled machine with european experience matched by few other teams and a winning tradition that goes way way way back that's why biden is the bundesliga
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is only hope but wait a second is a good thing or a bad thing ok so let's put things into perspective here fired in the champions league since two thousand and twelve they've been in the finals then they won it so far no seven finals series finals quarter finals and seven finals oh and they've also won the british to go every year since it doesn't talk of two thousand and thirteen season so. yes they've put germany on the map with their consistent ability to play with a vast and beat the best but this is actually a banking you know what's going side up awkward there where the right time to cater to your favorite prelim football by. ok so hang in there with me for a second why is this a bad thing well first off it's not a secret that biden has been heavily criticized for poaching other brindisi good
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talents you know. and good gretz go from shell cook and look what happened to those teams after their key players left so he was there the buying week in the green you see that now it's also not a secret that the bundesliga has nowhere near the broadcasting money from overseas that leagues like the premier league have why is this well if one team wins year after year after year it makes the league look like. and it makes it look boring so why would overseas broadcasters want to invest money in a league that everybody knows was going to happen bahrain is so dominant in the business in the couple is that actually a bad thing has i would say some bad luck because this buyout says that the problem is in the rugs and they might be. off the chart was very high so maybe plans to donate to make
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a difference to the second place on the basis to be sure you know when it comes to who gets my stuff actually many people start to look at the second piece only sucking up because there is real action by the so dominant so it's boring to think that helps them in champions league or hurts them in champions league i don't know my stuff i really hope that little kicks my ass and. we're going to help you made the bonus be interesting again i really just look up a place like scotland for example i mean way of celtics will last go where they they only win all the time just gets boring after a while and it's not the competition i think it's boring. we are getting fed up i think it's boring but this even as far as specially is more than the whole this league. my thing and. my. thing
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biased that's. ok so model fans client and liverpool is simply things that bind to dominance of the business think he's actually not a good thing. that they really are the biggest leaguers on the whole led to what happened. i think one i'm not going. to. live it. was more of a field goal. cut twenty minutes.
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long. play. golf. club still. the final moment live close. by a mile up call the sheriff came out and they were outplayed said. that three bills other teams are no doubt. going to get the. job but it's. only one flow it's pretty good to get that up right now because that do you suppose they say. look this was the cause of that we need more young players we need more power last night they were blue yesterday ok so what it was playing here was the most telling talk to people like that on the video was the climate is
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a better league than the big see it got my money back a my time is not amazing you right now that are going to find if they get to get their chance they can get the premier league and maybe the fact that biron is the thing is they can only hope he would get some sleep back for that family because himself once said that last training hard and their game on the weekend and that. because then to be ready when they need to perform at the top level again being here being a poet is like liverpool i mean after all they have one that can be things in two thousand and thirteen that was a long time ago so let me know what you believe in the coming. ok guys that's enough in time to cater for it's night in the mean time you guys know the drill be certified to help the grammy that you pick up on instagram and subscribe to see others who think that by night and i can see.
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why some keepers fear penalties rest enough. it's something to spoil it for and discovered some key insights from legendary gulfs. back up. with a penalty and the entire football game comes down to two people eleven against eleven becomes a one on one penalty taker versus keeper. in the wild west we have the duel. in the modern world we've got the penalty. has been won on the tiger the ball is the prey that's how i used to motivate myself for mr i must move. it takes just over two seconds from the run up to the ball hitting the net on two seconds in which a game can be decided and a final an entire world cup. that's the one chance the goalkeeper
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has to do something there is absolutely slice from the guy so if penalties are better important and when tourists can be born and careers can be destroyed you should plan how to say a panel. there are many theories about little hints are telling to people what the takers going to do. one of them says that in the moment of the shot the tip of the boot of the standing leg indicates the direction of the shot and indeed that scientifically and statistically proved but there's no time to see that all reacted by the time you have seen the shots already on its way either one of the so if the ball is already moving the keeper barry has a chance to save the ball so if you want to save a penalty it's not a question of reaction there must be something else what else. the
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ninety eighty two world cup saw the first penalty shoot out in the tournaments history the semifinal between question and france. safe to ensuring west germany progressed to the final. in total parrott for penalties at worst cups no keeper has ever saved more how did he do it. first you have to do your homework. and up by one said i'd invented the database. back in my early playing days i'd ask my friends to look up the shootouts with a note down the name of the club. the name of the shooter the suit of which he used and how he shouted in a. low to medium high or high or and i don't have that information in my notebook in my recliner clad i. think data was already the keyword so let's take a closer look at the stats math and physics with
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a penalty the speed of the ball is between sixty and one hundred twenty kilometers per hour if the taker shoots at let's say ninety kilometers per hour and the distance to the goal is eleven meters we need the distance divided by the speed eleven meters divided by ninety kilometers per hour is twenty five meters per second so it lasts zero point four four seconds the blink of an. of course if you shoot in the corner the distance is a bit bigger so you can at zero point zero two seconds human reaction time is between zero point one and zero point one five seconds plus there's the mass of your own body that you have to move. which means it is nearly impossible to save a penalty if you just focus on the ball the more you think. amongst. there are so many parameters you have to keep in mind when i have an
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example. if i says that the grass during the world cup has to be two point eight centimeters high there are around one thousand blades of grass growing on the penalty spot the problem is they are growing in different directions and the problem gets worse after ninety one hundred twenty minutes the box is messed up six times worse than the rest of the pitch believe me there was a study of the when you were a city of corn. if the grass strip too much the ball will lie too low and even more importantly the standing foot of the taker can slip at the decisive moment i don't know if. it's new that in december two thousand and fifteen during an away game in cologne he trembled at the grass on and around the penalty spot for the spooks the chicken slipped and missed the penalty for by the way the penalty was wrongly awarded but out for one the game one zero in cologne sent an invoice of
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a hundred and twenty two euros and ninety two cents to marvin hits for the spoils spot a pretty good year i'd say ok the pitch can play a role but what else. if the taker is ready we are entering the world of psychology. we should be encouraged by the words of manuel neuer one of the best keepers in the history of football. what does he think the bulk penalties i love in the game because normally you know people are only women because as officials on the striker and you can be a hero. and even the best players can fail from the spot in sports and it's called choking under pressure the pressure on the taker is so huge that he's starting to overthink things their movements which are normally totally subconscious are suddenly made conscious that's why even the best players miss cannot use they are
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thinking too much you could call it paralysis through that analysis. and. jonathan with snow has written a book about goalkeepers he knows all about this phenomenon. is going to the left is going to go right to goalkeepers trying to guess which way he might know the star take a might know that the last seven is the tag on his left so here we go to his left again or is he going to bluff and go to his right or is going to double bluff and pretend to go to the right and go to the left does he know the you know do you know that he knows it you know that means welcome to the eternal spiral off cycle tricks . goes up in the i pointed towards the corner where the start said he always shot him i said so then he had the problem to schumacher know that or will you dive that way which we know i know i did try to put him under a bit of pressure from the business and so how do you increase.
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in two thousand and six germany keep a ensley man came up with an amazing psychological trick didn't the penalty shoot out in the quarter final against argentina. he was given a crib sheet from his coach with the preferences of some of the argentinian penalty takers. first couple penalties. he happened to guess right they wanted non the less but because he would look at this list and i'm guessing right the other part. penalty takers he knows what we're going to do here is on this piece of paper. there's every detail of what we're about to do and that increases the pressure on them because they're not just thinking how do i score this penalty they're trying to second guess what liam is going to do based on a piece of paper. esteban can be as a was to take the decisive penalty and the psychologically it was devastating just imagine standing on the penalty spot and the keeper is a piece of paper and is looking at you what does he know about me does he know what i would do even before i know. believe see germany were in the semifinals and the
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famous piece of paper is now in the museum of german history. what else can you do to save a penalty. it's always good to increase the time pressure. statistically when the take a bit says time for two or three seconds before he starts running he scores with a probability of seventy eight percent if he only waits one second the rate decreases to fifty nine percent. so take us put under time pressure miss more of. but there's one more trick for keepers when poised on the front edge of the line with your torso bend forward to be as close as possible to the taker when you bend your knees slightly so you can dive more easily than most in patna face the bank tray the peak
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secret of. the best workout penalty safer of time. to get more men there's always a crucial moment in the whole event when the taker puts the ball on the spot and then stands up straight again at. the moment when he takes a brief look at which corner he wants to aim for. it was a strong corner i would back up my standing slightly towards the other side of this so that he's going to look big and. echo was also much heat i encouraged him to take his strong corner highlighted. off for him his favorite site and the trap snaps sucked. so don't be afraid of penalties as a keeper the chances of embarrassing yourself is much smaller than for the taker
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have the skill i love the one on ones it's clear who has which role. look forward to this moment and the take over the feeling of confidence and will be afraid just remember it could be the winner at the last two world that still exist in the history of humankind. because they're good stuff. now a trip to cuba the island nation has a surprisingly large number of lights from. exactly. the elite place you just says he will kill. another species least three times or not so much but he sniffs the spots on the facebook let's keep this from the media
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who are always an easy truth who spotted it will see it. and think of much needed. by the likes of the spin one the true one the principals and guards. now has its very own life six. founded by cuban exiles leipzig mind its fight to. the head of the fan club many years ago he went to see him like six crowds where the team shuts currently rounding up his buddies for a special occasion. instead of up. to what are they going to we're going to toss a boy to. the ok well you know what.
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i know not. every life yes. by evolution. always. oh ok perfect the were afraid to on my way out of nowhere. to watch like sick play the mighty blind tempted by immune to the sun tides and moon to do a live album right smiley show every night this was a high flying plane nothing short of the first among the feet of. buildings that ship by a ship in flight and. even stunned. me looking to. me like six feet above the celtics stuck in the. ceiling but it. was fun to show rather rhythmbox let me get to its full swing from sex to left me in the middle of the. slick slick device now with the swift flash tough experience.
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down the child goes to ski on. thinking mom gives. out of the scorching midday heat into the park eight thousand kilometers away the bullet finally gets rolling. desperate to see the red bulls win the game the stylistics lives exhibit this is looming it seems we. want. something. someone to watch like seeing his intentions with some friends i'm not really all pleased. to see the competition should not force locks for a new movie totally. yes for years that i've seen friends fighting in the time i'm
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not sure i've been this. one says even if he was found from scratch i'm going to leave it short for he's about to deny my flights is my hero cause i was thinking monkeys seventy's east germany students from the communist nation studying us you must be a size zero. here give me was among them the fact that i'm speaking slowly. like see you keep the people of your body knows i do through i've set up a more teach life such. a vacuum and see freaks and making european competitions to play against the likes of you. to see how they die each. in cats and tidy make up for when the potential benefits he puts in thoughts. and his buddies don't care that i'll be like
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a moral standard bearer of commercialism rather than communism they're still hoping for wins a day. that i like to keep like this by. and cares about ideology and record showing so facing bad moon is every life i know. and if munch shaft in the past and would just leave our speech. even. in because it some are about sharing it with a billion dollars i assume you've been in leipsic peep a god. of all. this. if say by a. fair point how times. well i think this is my memorabilia nations
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trying. to help me says the call to old screaming. thank you if you are some of the pressure to. keep this from. happening. this is the chinese. when i need. so dr. that. you are not. for. the. likes of she managed to grab. the right rob white. t.v. . box now owned by the world he puts you in the foot below in tonight's a shelter to hide you from the dream of becoming
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a registered. member of the biggest dream. team at. a money. should feed them feel that they can read. the script.
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. play. play. play. play. this is news live from berlin the death toll in the christ church mosque shootings rises to fifty. new zealanders mourn the victims of the country's worst ever terrorist attack while the government promises police protection or mosques and tougher gun laws the presence of christ church struggled to come to terms with what has happened in their city. also coming up could slovakia see its first female president vocal.

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