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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2019 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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oulds in the philippines the killing continues. but another family is left with nothing but a memory. another murder but most likely will go unpunished . they're watching news up next it's the bonus league with pablo. last weekend to have been dropped to second place behind by unix so they're gunning to go back on top when they visited hanover lin. will have that and much more up next on the bonus thing and thanks for watching. my first by say mosul sewing machine. that i come from women are bound by this notion for something as simple as learning home to write about is that the is and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me as them until they're. finally they gave up and
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went on by in the end i say but returned people sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos for goes than writing advice and no i want to meet those woman back home who are bones about in two thousand and four showing rooms and informed and old that basically writes my name is the amount of the who home and i wore them. stevens is back for a third stint in charge. of the royal blues or pinning their hopes on a resurgent in the bundesliga on the dos month that decide to two german cup titles and a new way for a cup trophy let's take a look at what's coming up in the show. we'll see if stevens can help shell to find
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their form this season albeit a touch late in their home clash against high flying lights. time kind of dortmund to slip two seconds behind biron last weekend regain the top spot in the bundesliga this much today with a no way when mid table early. on pablo fogle yes welcome to the bundesliga their last season were in the champions league spots it's a far cry from where they find themselves now teetering dangerously close to the relegation zone to many go to tesco is. and incomes hope stevens's coach for a third stint to help track decide upon the table his first game in charge was set to be no walk over the tie against leipsic so could they get back to winning ways let's take a look. at a legend returns stay vins one three trophies in his first and we shall come
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including the wife a cup and was named the club's coach of the century in nineteen ninety nine now he's back in the spotlight toss with saving them from a disastrous season. statements new rain almost got off to a perfect start in just the second minutes by bots mark its goal was ruled out for off saw a. lot six took advantage ten minutes later a world class safe from alexander nubile not enough to prevent the open off the by team then applying the finishing touch but it was shambolic defending from shot because back line. chances were few and far between for a shocker salish son a shooting over here and stevens cut a frustrated figure as the first half drew to a close. and improve second period so shall can make inroads but seward said i couldn't find the target here. and in the drawing minutes.
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also glazed over. a glorious chance passed up but six defense the best in the league this season staying strong for a one nil victory stevens with plenty of work to do it was done just and i'm disappointed was disappointed that the boys didn't get what they deserved and. when you're down the bottom you don't have the luxury the suspension. the again you can see we need to work hard and. we'll train twice a day when possible that is and get ourselves fresh and he said. the next game. through listening to. the extra training is all well and good but shellcode will also need to find their scoring boots if they do turn this season around. and saturday's late game dortmund travel to take on hatta with
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a win or at the very least a draw needed if the black and yellows wanted to retake the top spot now up until last weekend they'd been league leaders since september but if their form of the capital was anything to go on the last time they want to berlin and the league was back in two thousand and fourteen you could say it could be an uphill battle for them that she has the game at the olympic stadium panned out. who'd seen sovereign had a selection headache coming into the clash with head to berlin axels it still gets unpack all were ruled out. and his headache would have worsened early on. just four minutes and salomon kalou noted that as a not. human book he could only carry much million that show into the numbers he's . gotten took time to recover and required a bit of luck. almost a lady stormed unfriended toward school. and made it one more and.
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the deflection was hard to digest for busty boy. his mood improved after thirty minutes when you inveigle humbled in the book's. release comes that's a back in the lead with his second go. must a fired themselves up a tough fight as they leveled in the forty seven minutes have done a good doobie to mark a breach in the air and it was all to play for. and ends and bouts of full with both sides trading blows through each was unlucky not to school for hector. dortmund's wastefulness in front of goal meant it was. the sort captain mark rescued his site. was showing gives us
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a technique just to hold his fifteenth goal of the season. then database of it so red for taking out his frustrations on burkey. capital games in berlin for documents to retake top spot in the bundesliga and put the pressure but by. a moment we'll see how struggling out fared against an even worse off team on saturday an over who also happened to have the leakiest defense in the league going into this weekend they'd lost seventeen games to say every point matters for both sides is a little bit of an understatement but first we're going to take a look at how to inform sides faired and the wolves were served somewhat of a blow this past week with coach bruno love idea and seeing he'll be stepping down at the end of the season who will take over remains unknown but for now decider
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focused on securing a european spot so let's watch the action now. thank you know that but the sport hadn't won in two outings and they also had trouble against the door from the early going on putting the visitors in the lead at the half hour mark with a fantastic free kick the fourth goal of the season for the center back four minutes later the wolves responded vow to back course teeing up at me and make maybe who coolly loved the keeper was relief for bruno leva dia my after the break his team turned up the heat of a course to making it to one in the fifty fourth minutes i with thanks and three minutes later the wolves how old again big horse the provider once more robin can off the tapping in the end she will minutes after that lucy on blazed past the fortuna defense and very cost ended up in front of an empty net for one
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a brace for the dutchman inside of five minutes. just pulled off pulled one back through benito from on narrowing the lead to four two was before but put the result beyond doubt when very cost completed his hat trick just minutes from time five two with a final score and bruno labadee his team remain in the race for the roper league before. alex borg and hanover have no european ambitions this season beating the drop as the most they can hope for. and over got aggressive early and hendrick vite down to punish the hosts half hearted defense to make it one nil after just eight minutes. thanks. in the second half alex borg showed a different face a volley off the post and substitute said here cordova was in the right place to net the equaliser keeper michel s.-o. with no chance thanks well minutes before the end of free kick. and you know time
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shmeat s. are out of position to one and the game was turned. and in the waning minutes andre hahn rounded out the three one story i guess again not looking at his best. take a big step in the relegation battle while hanover looked less and less likely to stay up. my. well let's get a roundup of the results so far and hope stevens didn't get off to the best start losing at home to leipsic now there was high drama in berlin as dortmund beat half stuttgart got a valuable point in the bottle against relegation visitors hoffenheim got off to the better start and andrei from march notched his thirteenth league goal of the
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season fourth off and one nil up three minutes before half time steven super fired stuttgart back into the game on sixty six minutes one one it finished. and got a big win in their battle to stay up beating fellow strugglers had over three one. hammered just a door five two and on friday mentioned bloodbath slipped up at home against freiburg have glad faltering home form continued as they went down one they'll to an early even chance open for goal and sign a player popped up to equalize for it with his me goal of the season but he and his team couldn't manage any more have now gone for home games with i have to win. and as you can see there on sunday
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there are three games leverkusen take on braman frankfurt will host nuremberg bar in munich will play mind hoping to regain the top spot in the bundesliga table and speaking of the table let's take a look at it now and look at the top dortmund back up there just ahead of barr munich but as i just mentioned of course byron will be playing on sunday and absolutely no change there in the top half of the table but if we take down i'll take a look down the other end no change at the bottom but there is a little bit of movement shall commit and. move up freiburg also move up very very worrying times there for. now it's time for the bonus latest play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and your winner with eighty seven percent of the vote is marco was with this last gasp winner him for his delicate touch
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giving dortmund a three point lead at the top of the table much so if it's a light to dortmund coach and team up last year thanks to. the traditions to him that's full time for us here on the bundesliga will leave you now with some of the best moments from saturday's games and we'll be back on sunday to discuss all the weekend's main talking points with our guest spot from me and the rest of the team here in berlin by by. i i. i i. i. i.
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