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on d.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin new zealand's prime minister just into our dern promises to tighten her country's gun laws following the christ church mosque shootings that killed fifty people she says her cabinet will discuss the policy changes on monday also coming up flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain that killed dozens in indonesia's eastern most province of poplar.
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comic spicer welcome to the program new zealand prime minister just into our durn it says her cabinet will start work later today on changing the country's gun laws after friday's terrorist attack on christ church mosques killed fifty people members of the christ church community have been bringing flowers to one of the mosques earlier the prime minister paid her respects at a mosque in the capital wellington meeting with people from the muslim community there. meanwhile the story of an afghan refugee whose heroic actions likely saved the lives of other worshippers has come to light when abdul aziz saw a man brandishing a gun outside the mosque he confronted him throwing a handheld credit card reader at him he led the attacker away on a chase and later caused him to flee by smashing one of his discarded guns into his car window. just big shot gun and. pull the trigger there was no bullets on that.
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just yelling i said come on here come i mean i just wanted to take is focused more on me than he doesn't go inside the was. unfortunate here's some more gunfire from inside the in the mosque when the scene with a gun in my hands i don't know what happened he just dropped the gun he just shrugged and i chased him. with his own gun and the ones i had in my hands and also me sitting on this car and the driver said he wasn't that good money to throw the gun on and the smush to call when they could seize a bit frightened. me more something. for more let's bring in samantha early who are in christ church covering a story for us mazing bravery amazing story of that man and we hear examples of other heroism coming to life are they doing much though to ease the pain of people
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. doesn't have. the story of people and the loss just hit and also the bystanders and yet it's. really really amazing to say and. you know they just did what they had to do and not wanting to make. this and that is very typical of new zealand and i'm not sure that even repelling but it's definitely providing something positive and that's the that's changing. tell us a little bit if you would about how the families who have lost loved ones are dealing with the new challenges. so one of the big challenges now is hearing the indians and you might be aware that according to tradition and islam people want to theory as soon as possible but that hasn't been possible in this
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case because of the work that the police car and her pathologists have had to do with the mosques so people have been waiting a very long time for x.t.s. to leave their loved ones and it's been really quite distressing for them i have spoke with people over the weekend it was a healthy eater who are friends and family. and people here told me that you know it was it was very distressing and eight people were expressed in the streets that they could not get access to the bodies those bodies are starting to be released now and arrangements are being made. for this payroll's the local of our really who are netting with the axe and trying to do it in the east to enable people who are in the loved ones as simple as possible that's the style i has given leaving distressing. that the prime minister is also promising to tighten new zealand's gun laws it's safe to guess that there would be a lot of support for this now. there's east they were there was
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a lot of support new zealand has. people. down in the country with a lot of guns actually that for for borrowing and hunting this is and how we've. yet it's not the same situation as in the us for example there is a different culture around. people have highlighted in recent years the teacher loopholes and the wars and i think there is widespread support for any potential loophole just requires. some other early in christ church thank you for that. and the killings in new zealand are once again drawing attention to the role of social media in spreading hate the suspect lifestream his attack on facebook the company removed the video shortly after the attack but not before it had been
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copied and shared by many many others this morning facebook revealed the scale of the video's reach writing on twitter that in the first twenty four hours it had removed one point five million videos of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked at the upload the company said it's removing all edited versions of the video as well. and. digital reporter is here in the studio for more on this can can you tell us. do you think that facebook can really do much to stop this from happening when facebook cannot really remove every single copy if that's. it is not impossible but it will be very difficult we know that facebook has been working around the clock to remove copies of that video and it has an internal database of the video and the system can automatically detect and remove. it gets uploaded again
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so far so good however there's a big problem with the system because it's still flowing so if you use or makes changes to that video let's say by adding a mock the system could be tricked and so that you say waiting theoretically stupid . so it's really difficult to completely wipe off a video once it's been recorded and times and the life streaming really has a lot of potential risks or risks. and concerning this new zealand's prime minister has spoken to facebook's chief operating officer let's have a listen. i've had contact. from shero same big i haven't spoken to her directly but she has reached out and acknowledgement of what has occurred here in new zealand and this is an issue that i will look to be discussing directly with facebook. so new zealand's prime minister says he wants to
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talk to facebook but it's a giant global economy company how else can it be made accountable i say. basically more pressure from the government and from the consumers and more legislations have to be in place actually we have an example from germany on hate speech so everybody knows that hate speech is said global problem is a big problem and facebook said it did everything possible to combat that problem. but people weren't seeing any changes and that last year as him hate speech laws passed in germany and all of a sudden facebook actually recruited a lot of water it just and it even deployed and new technologies to combat the hate speech problem so there's an example of how regulations and how pressure can actually change a company's stance and so i guess we just have to make facebook to prioritize the
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fight against the spread of extremists content and thoughts but i think you and i could probably both imagine the free speech of the kids saying well you're endangering democracy with this kind of government control of social media potentially so of course we can say it too much control of course it's not good like it could be an infringement of our freedoms but we have to keep in mind that facebook has two billion active fuses and that's a lot and it has an enormous reach so after this christchurch attack clearly something needs to be done. i guess we can compare to situation to having c.c.t.v. as on the streets if we have more c.c.t.v. on the streets we could feel safer but that means automatically we are giving up part of our privacy as well so i guess we'll just have to find the balance between security and freedom ok do you do abuse social media reporter hank shelley thank you for that. authorities in ethiopia say there are
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clear similarities between last week's ethiopian airlines crash and the october crash of an indonesian line airplane following analysis of data from the aircraft's black box. meanwhile a mass funeral has been held it out is about to mourn the victims of the crash the symbolic service came a day after officials began delivering bags of earth instead of victims' remains to family members because the identification process is expected to take such a long time all one hundred fifty seven people on board the aircraft were killed. flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains have killed at least fifty eight people in indonesia eastern most province of papua authorities say dozens of others have been injured and more than four thousand people displaced rescue teams continue their search for survivors. sawing through a beam in a frantic effort to save
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a five month old baby boy trapped for hours under the rubble of his home rescuers reached him and rushed him to the hospital for emergency care. hardest hit is the town of centanni and early morning landslide was followed minutes later by flooding from a river that burst its banks unleashing a torrent of water heavy logs and avery floods and landslides destroyed roads and bridges hampering rescue efforts power outages have left hospital struggling to treat the injured rescuers have evacuated thousands of people and are trying to reach outlying areas. it's likely that the death toll will rise because the evacuation process is still ongoing and the affected areas have not been fully reached by the joint search and rescue team. flooding is common during indonesia's rainy season but experts have warned that deforestation has heightened the risk of flash floods in the region of centanni. and now to some of the other stories making
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news around the world. hundreds of protesters have joined anti-government rallies in sudan demanding that longtime ruler omar al bashir resign over an ongoing economic crisis on sunday his government announced that it had secured loans of three hundred million u.s. dollars to deal with high unemployment and inflation dozens of protesters have been killed in clashes with police since the rallies began three months ago. thousands of serbian anti-government protesters have rallied outside president aleksander. residence in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed a state run television building they have been staging weekly protests since december accusing future of autocratic rule and a cycling media freedom. soccer now and time to take a look at the buddhist leader results so far this weekend fire nick dominated minds
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frank for snuck past nuremberg raymond beat. dortmund won a thriller against her to berlin shocker lost their first game under new coach who stephens should garden hoffenheim a share of the spoils defeated hand over wolfsburg put five goals passed and drew with freiburg at see what all that means for the bundesliga standings on the end of match day twenty six very little change at the top byer new nick maintained their razor thin lead over dortmund and braman at leat prague hoffenheim in the bottom half put some space between themselves and relegation hannover and nuremberg are still in mortal danger. golf now and spain's john ram has gone one shot lead over rory mcilroy and tommy fleetwood going into the final round of the players championship australia's jason day is two shots for their back if day wins
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he'll join a small group of players to win the tournament multiple times biggest prize outside of the four majors shot of the day at sawgrass went to seamus power take a look at this that was the first full in one of his career. you know. today marks the seventeenth st patrick's day in ireland and throughout the irish diaspora that's reason to celebrate the country's patron sate. for sessions featuring plenty of traditional music and lots of color green are the order of the day we will leave you with some impressions from new york and chicago where they've even changed the color of the river in honor of st patrick course you don't have to be irish to join in the fun. one moment. and a reminder the top stories we're following for you new zealanders have been paying
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tribute to the fifty people killed by a gunman at two mosques in the christ church on friday authorities have begun returning bodies of the victims to their families for burial the government has promised better protection for mosques and tougher gun laws. make stuff funny to view it is not groups featuring british singer mark thanks for tuning in. the floods have taken everything. now despair these things got left climate refugees. they seek shelter to come. here water's rising. the floods. storms mark twenty two w. hello and welcome to my group tonight in the host.


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