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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2019 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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and for you new zealanders have been paying tribute to the fifty people killed by a gunman at two mosques in a christ church on friday authorities have begun returning bodies of the victims to their families for burial the government has promised better protection for mosques and tougher gun laws. fixed up on the the view it is not groups featuring british singer mark alex thanks for tuning in. plugs have taken everything. now despair is a place cut. climate refugees. they seek shelter. flood. waters rising. the floods. starts. w. hello and welcome to my groups tonight in those we have an impressive young singer
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who's being pushed by one of germany's most successful obvious they are going out on the high end she's already scored to first hits with her band ice cream and now she's going solo i'm talking about. and are saying this is one of the titans of electro pop he has hits like tainted love yes smock and the house let's go. from riverside city music and talk at home to me. well. how did this make you cry and how is it my it's always good to be good guys have turning up not only talking about hockey. i said museums. a lot of pleasure to have you guys lovely to be here what an
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amazing surrounding as well. we have our own sun on the moon some of you oh it's fantastic it's wonderful it's a beautiful place to be see as my lubow forehead and you saw this the first time i've been here very first time i've been yeah something new has been the perfect day we've had some snow we've had some sunshine and the beautiful surroundings are not as united in the galley eyes of the amazon perfect assure as yes kind of which none of us have and i hope so only yeah must i got on set and once a month the city just a town on my list or dawe but spits elysium it to live played if you're living rooms yeah ok now for a while much a lot of you know and. yeah people exactly i mean i was a stadium recently have a nominal living room. markets on the different for me shouting yankees on the hockey meant to take each one off line about fans into shifty thoughts and views on the tuck. in fifteen minutes in order book standish fully prepared in the
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end. i only got masson cool to vera can so dangerous to do on splash be unjust but this was all all through me and a design of his story is important to bait and media want to plant some far off we go that's hard take one of us well i'm very happy and i'm very sorry this is all yesterday i'm very excited for you and i'm excited sometimes to jack good ok and toss the taliban had disappeared off on the rough cuts defines how selfish the fantastic band are hers with a million and they're absolutely brilliant so yeah that'll come on my little mind i don't want to hear borgen let me go as is so vides tainted love but mark our man with joy thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you times.
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to. slim. quick. quick.
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glimpse. place to. plug. away.
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thank god thank you thank you thank you. yes thank.
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my. listening to that i met so once all of so far i am hits and the detainee my vice president spiro of a translation let is somehow that i talk about it because i come to the june issue that's a yes but how times have you. vans and has a domino effect i don't. know i never expected all these years later fourteen years later and this song still gets a mazing reaction from people all the yeah and so yeah i mean it's surprises me you know always but it's a great thing to have a record like this the people get such an amazing reaction from it by as a bonnet as funny kind of as you and i. people soft and some distortion. well i would say it was found by my musical paul not david bull from self-styled at the time i he liked what we call in britain we call it northern soul sixty's soul music and the people who collect very obscure solo records and he had a big collection of records and the book the song and so i think this would be
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great to do is. uncle number a loss of so and people just loved it the minute with because started doing it it was very different what we've done before and people just loved it that's why if i'm gloria jones the gloria jones you know what that's very. destructive on the bees item it wasn't successful was written by a guy called i would call gloria he gave it to gloria i think it somebody else to the know the version of it around the same time as well but gloria is was that was it wasn't a very well known song at the time but since of sell songs some became. became very popular her version became popular after that which was really great for the tate at lafon east and asked the song did last couple of thousand of us at least and i'm a tainted love and out. everything changed after trying to block title it was such a huge record inherent in germany and britain as you say now and it's a bit of a a first take as i know it's only small scale best and also glass and it was the i
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mean it was the first type i did i doubt i sang it and also in america it was in the guinness book of records is the longest record ever in the top hundred and it was that mixture of kind of electra electronic dance music mixed with a can with a soulful vocal the has this great kind of magic mix i think and that's what made that record quite successful hamam clients of somerset from donna kind of yeah oh yeah i'm going to tell you i hope. some of. us a good mood let's go to sean mine are. very.
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stupid that's all said happy i'm off fiona vita hits home happy i thought my good friends we did split in nineteen eighty-four we never intended it was going to be forever which is what we'll take a break i'm going to different things i did groups and dave to producing and things i took a seventeen years to get back together again to make an album which was cool to what i believe but it took is another seventeen years to celebrate our fortieth. anniversary with which was last year and this year when we played there two arena in the london i would come back together again after eighteen years and played an arena for the first import of maybe the last time with us is that he was tight. convey that to some one who does not know it was a very it was no animosity at all i think dave he didn't like to live things i did i was always bored in the studio so he wanted to do more studio production work and
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i want to do more live more more more live work which was the difference of a direction and we were just exhausted we'd been to america would be torn everywhere we thought of this successful string of thinking the kind we were just white exhausted really sort of wants to take a break from it we didn't realize it would be seventeen years when that at such and such a. law of anaheim. garbage . bag that you guys. got them out of there what tended to have a nothing to do while the narrative i guess was difficult for us to do this and
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affect his who construct and how one task that to show him and then as i did it is to feel that i think often it's was it is for the one that's on the lennon and then the sell. off was if. i fuck occurrence that he wants a dodge fund that haven't been highly on have in the area check talent when he felt owned yes the saddam a timeline i don't define on say as a chile god designed goal was a florida of ice and session on smells like a mood class that's my whatever tell you that your uncle tom. told us i get that and i said so it's little miss and those who really love the question him if you come and ask me if you want to see what i'd like to move to issues that night it was assault in need so do its version. by anyone. else it's. become that it's somebody but him and me how to fire someone who can deny what i was. going on to
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have once can get out of festivals by fans and on how and some of you don't get tougher on vine adoptions almost. langer owned don't have powers of the must not i collect is for to get of your music as an octopus and then it is not you know spirit of man i would put it head on and run by the heads of i discover have. to finish top. of the dance of funk. for help and the next two for totn at him as a visit most of this picking right now i don't think. i will hide it if you are. not to this case and was. so tired not necessarily. if i attended left if so as i just had. to go ok no voice yeah i got emails to prevent. this is all we did for those of holism party you understand actors are too young but yeah i don't know this is you that has the side nose and.
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this induced but. i think you know what the date is and why i was quite with the last great kind of decade of really great interesting individual pop music i think i think people took their influences in the eighty's from for a lot of what had gone gone before in disco music conglomerate music and punk music and melded them all together with electric with electronic influences and they were you know you had great courage to pop stars in the eighty's and i think great great characters that was a very colorful time i think colorful eccentric pop stars and i do think there's been another decade like that really and i think since people always coming back to rediscover it and they still really love the music from the times it was great it was great pop music saw it some of a good move vaults of its i tunes he's going it's a bit of all possible to sing. stuff to your neck out there. ok i just
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want to. get that before for effect i was hoping this was on question and they're shooting song. with i see fish. of. all these. facilities fish to. lead of. this mine just mine field i can't do that. i am sure
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a good bit. too fearless for doing. this if it was a good. job. and that was still. in. play on it but. i'm. so glad. i was so sue me. because i'm. scared. to get out to nashville to serve. this nation. as. i have made so me. and i hope. to hit.
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but good. so. good. so. you get that.
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if you ever tell me. how to read at school on the facts oh i'm to watch my own version before i would have. to really love bank of their. highest position to last forever from that fact nice the up deficits divided ah but fist i just also. point to something a clip and deemed to be in best of it a band i was filming. that's a different sound i have made my gosh.
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so the muslim still got a lot of. six hours. of the good ones are good enough they're just say yeah this this. as address their own party yet you see its laws. as well you have to thank is that the second half of pawnee and that his involvement happened and then kept it up and i was offered a thousand other thing back law eventually i was going to get can find plenty. of jack in five as an investment is not suffer another. that's and also said that music college should all mention it to us present and exact and. high to the thought doesn't it if this was a victim image should i have thought that. it was its design square that i know what a design must do you sound like i'm on offense against five of us this gets
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a modem if it is a pop quiz on ask it. could meet up with. us here lift up and with a father and tell us the parking on the bottom and it was almost as is the mental and emotional it's on can start a concept under almost a sign is almost as clean as on us and we could say i'm far so busy to speak my d.s. as he had caught it in which the image of the. piece is white all. while i was lied to i mean i was originally before as a singer i want to go into theater so i was watch film just was that i went to art college and i studied film and i was the i before i went into music music was like i'm a supreme or clinton said my surprise to go is not direction and a successful way so i was look to the way people look to are very very i'm very conscious of the way people look and i know what makes a good start and i have a very versatile and i like to create looks and create different things i think are you get older you tend to settle with more warm kind of look that really defines
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you but when you're young you can experiment a lot more with different looks and. colors and styles and things on are really like the lot of young bands now most people they do that they experiment with the look and the very fluid and very sometimes they look more masculine and feminine and different and different ways that they look at thing that's very exciting distant i don't experiment to fight it. oh i can i tend to fall on my look and i kind of stick to it. on the block and it's that makes me look slim and flat so ok. so inclined but i don't. feel i've done things like i you know i've done things and i have and sometimes i'm a terrible terrible fascist can still exude. around good size i do too much to them and look so complete and out on to music it's my senior or having. a front or intent on my status to him or glass clung to tom peter bent down to steal. to vest on the status of the public because it. kind of defines you i
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think i think always think if somebody is a recognizable silhouette you know it like an artist you can paint them in a silhouette or you can play them in three or four lines that's how they're defined as like a character and that people could always identify that with the music so different artists you're dead to far the way they look with the music in them and if you see a picture of them that describes almost what the music's going to be like in a way you know so if you see somebody wearing black you know there's going to be no good beaches we're going to pull on these a blanket is that you know there's a junior must not have a seat but you know and that had. some was it lost among the fun of the five shooters he's all in fun fun and a lot of us and not has too much effect on the show and to have it was that most of us wouldn't see it as well he said that's a new one most of us from the u.k. as i have said yet just come in and out so what does is your extreme. that's not.
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that's not enough a lot of i'm just have to go on a fun if i'm going to show good how do i like this to tie toy it's not so spot on. but florida does it how does all of us let us all state you know i was out i'm now we're just as fit and you just bust my case i have to i have to soft and i kick on it's own kids. that connect us might have had as an excuse to lantus to college but in that order come to a fork forehead official done by i can tell i mean i mean when i was young i had a succession of jobs of which in a factory of war he went to the meeting on cocoa cans they went in for a close up of factory work to the state's awards and different things but you know i think it's kind of nice to have that kind of i think success is to me is happiness is not about money it's about happiness and you if you're happy in what you're doing you're successful for that is success and i think it's nice if you did see how some of you can always fall back on if you need to but you like that sense of danger to like that sense of surprise on the on the unpredictable and i think i
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could never i'm like that a lot living on the edge in a way that you never know what's going to happen like one day i might be as i am what they are i'm playing the o two arena next i'm singing in somebody's living room down so so you need to have never know what's going to happen is always an adventure it's always always a surprise i think that's what some good as about music has had just as i'm testament what a lovely life to live and and that's what i should want when i love what i love to live on just my latest albums with jools holland who is a rhythm and blues orchestra and holland i don't even know just holidays but he is more famous than i am and in. jaeger i did it's blues it's rhythms looky looky million by this. and n n n and i tour with jools quite a long so i love that big band style behind me sometimes yeah it was great to do a record with him it's called lovely life to live and we've got the pleasure to
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listen to mock and we got warning playing the saxophone now with the song a lovely life to live enjoy. thank you. so. let. alone. the. food. on.
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the. news. what was the point of the.
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food. really. i could get you. i thought we were. working. hard now but i don't want to thank you i was. sure that would keep us yeah that's a good outcome put another tainted love. yeah i love her yeah and it
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then tough the system extra poos it's even musique one of us must. be a little miserable music i'm so good most will music makes me feel better in some way i don't know why but i kind of listen to sad songs i think sad songs make me feel happy or ok the sense right that's right yeah but it's you know i'm done motion a shit i just think it's ok because most know there's somebody more miserable than i if you know yeah there's a tree of this with you yeah i'll also tell you how to what i'm much more than are as much as it's always an ok a little scratch else that's who. my soul that they have in mind has come i have been done with manhood all of you should get out of this hand for don't understand that i'm a queen exactly yeah that's most i prophesied as the most if you know it's an i'll have to also i wasn't even supposed to come as i was off i still had that off my talking was it to have a god how did it will help is i thought of years so it's got all take out often and . stops keys are calling out.
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no i'm just visible most things are driven i'm not i'm not that's true it's i mean not so no i mean i do listen to a lot of. positive music yeah i mean fun to like i like all different kinds of music for different moods and different situations i'm very eclectic in the music i listen to and i'm on my record collection is very very vast from like from classical and jazz to bloom's to pop and to rock and to electronic and to experimental and so so i like music across all the i mean i've been a music fan ever since i was a little as a teenager and eventually even before that it as a young boy or girl up in a house that was full of pop music that i has to have a following mckee's not disenchant one file. now this closet i'm told finish it because pullman you know i know. well i know i've had a few scrapes i think but i mean i had a very bad acts and about forty others fourteen years ago now that it's still there in your life it never really totally goes away and i was very lucky i mean i kind
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of. you know it's it was a it was a motor bike crash. like actually and i think that's the way it did give me a more i recovered from that now the much more positive view of life. that i could gave me but it made me much stronger person i think because you know i wanted to come back and to be a better singer a better performer and i was a very struggle to do that it was very hard to do that but i did it and are very resilient person i think if there was a nuclear war there would just be me and cockroaches left but. i would survive yeah i got a fortunate i've. had to so many of these a little sex of a stack a full call. it kept us you know accuse us of them schmetz us you didn't give us come out just deny me something as my not meant a ghost of but it's one of those accused of often fight if you listen to all my deaf and that one of out of comment even is there as anybody who doesn't have a finish and. don't off i might and i have i'm the tightest clothes you could. buy
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you've given less than most on just a few than five so from this president as i was introduced as keep mentioning. minish. when it goes to q one visas to use and confess to find disguise in the ocean please my. this is published as a. fund of kaiser send me so this if you have one of i'm just a. metaphor media and kept as a short. nobody income on. the idea and that's a lot of my house were coming in so i had such a list of the suspect. i mean i think i was so that when i had my crush my. family and friends were really important and then it's situations like that you find out if we find out who's important to you you find that the friends that if you people didn't expect to be there for you in
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a day after you and your family of course gather around you but i think sometimes the bad things that happen to you in life the broken hearts that the loss of people and grief and things like that they if your thing are that they help you become a better singer because you are able to delve into your feelings a lot more when you sing a sad song able to relate to the things so so that the the sad loss of a family member is something that you can bring to your songs and you can bring american sadness and grief so i think that's really important to have those lessons in life that sometimes the more difficult lessons make you a better performer a better performer i think a lot of performers are not seen mention. you know mention such as a person just a person i think i think it was learn from the mistakes and the bad things in your life more than you do the successes i think you learn from those things more than the good things. does a guy. who was a chief i'm leaving and he'd give it matt has had a really valid stand it's often you. meant it says on this day for six months how
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does he does less than one highly think of office and our news dot. com and of us last one. will begin while we were out there ghana and. now we are listening to a song which is a perfect start for any day how do we live by stephanie storm and talk t.v. of course. good to see no sign on one's. son's head of
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this. it sounds just fine. how. come they got some new business. you know like paul. tuttle. does. business in the long haul. to. exclude who else might. need to. do to lose a should. turn on him man.
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has done. to fool. you. just so you. can. come to some. distance to. be the late fall. but he. does. feel. a. little. a little bit. thank. you again because you did not.
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thank you. what you did to rush all southeast of us and. for you to come as a come out when i know that this will cause this concept and many said to me it said it's been taught you know ok. i was concerned and i meant to dispense i mean that's ok. see above the value of a few i don't find just a lot really it's just doesn't feel good for being you know i just think i mean i see performers. can go on for a long time now and as i say i recently saw some of these no longer with us i suppose i saw rochelle's as noble performing on stage i really have to talk about i just thought well he can do it if i can make it that far so it's all just crap just
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kind of. just to keep on doing what i'm doing yeah really just stay alive and keep on before i get to. a food costs. this is the sort of put it off a bit interested so much there's a self in fire. down the street so far and he's in t.v. and i mean that's all i will no matter how. i have never been switched in years was it for and i that's and we know my limits are dolphins among also i should have let us one that's one because look i understand it does make me happy and fire is. yeah . i mean for me i i can't imagine what i be doing if i didn't if i didn't do music and i just i just have to do that i just i think you just always have to go from one thing to the next and don't ever look back you know it's not it is so much to celebrate your pause for everything to recognize and celebrate it but not to live in it you would have to keep moving and doing new things forward forward i couldn't
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a new album out later this year called chaos in the dancing star which is which is i think my album and i just when i think of the next thing that i'm doing i'm thinking of the next project that i'm doing some always thinking ahead all the time to new things and keeping notes the thing i just want to stop not what was you sit down in the armchair you never get up again yeah yeah you just gotta keep going and keep dancing. i think with winston churchill that once said a quote and he says i mean like that's the success is going from one failure to the next with any diminishing enthusiasm. but i'm not sense of optimism if you can follow on you can do it with. a. football mom before us none not innocent and tsongas and i would love to take a bridge yeah yeah yeah just give it a few afford to term limits not isn't good looks moment that's you know as it's cup pm don't set against the shit you get here if you have. no one somethin's elian
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gonzalez and think i'm also saying that you know it's amazing that there is no i mean why do you think it's a political officer because. it's on me if you'd seen centimeter of those kids needn't be. says in the aggregate i looked as if i had. what is not is a political hot spot this is. a lot of us have to yet so again you know he will not and i will be shafted readers who owns our band. we got to collapse about once yeah zandi it's not i and me guy had from mark almond days of pearly spencer fish bus.
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elements of a. cold war homelessness feed the sun's long be so complete watched by its occurrence of. all possible ways once again the settlers race to watch the clock leave no trace of pride to. split.
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them up. good. luck. will. but you stood. in the way you will not go. so far don't you share hold. of those best for god.
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those moments oh man all. of them would do free to roam. the days of the sea. on. your own great. moans through old. thank you. very much. thank you.
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are you. going to see a lot of thanks to the guy thank you for coming ha ha ha ha come unstuck from the stuff we have already started to salvador to go off my body. good. to see a patrol. officer in the ts nina is part of jimmy's peacekeeping force in iraq. it's a dangerous and controversial mission and to trace his moral issues with it as well . what are we doing here should we be here to offer when this. is soldier on a mission of. thirty minutes w. . o.
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. elizabeth. link to those from africa the world join us on facebook t w africa. players. take. the stage. in a game of power and money the competition is fierce as most important natural resource bluffing better check. who to be able to play and who will win do we believe that renewable energy poured role in the future. of. the geopolitical. story. tito.
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this is the news live from berlin new zealand's prime minister just into our turn promises to tighten her country's gun laws following the christ church mosque shootings that killed fifty people she says her cabinet will discuss the policy changes on monday also coming up. flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains kill dozens in indonesia's eastern most province to topple. the philippines turns its back on the international criminal court today the country will become just a.


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