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the price of. the floods coming. next twenty. years. this is news live from berlin new zealand's prime minister just into our promises to countries following the christ church mosque shootings for killed fifty people she says her cabinet will discuss the policy changes on monday also coming up. flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain killed dozens in
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indonesia's eastern most province of top. the philippines turns its back on the international criminal court today the country will become just the second in history to withdraw from the world's only permanent war crimes tribunal. it's quitting over the course investigation into president. drugs caught with thousands of extra judicial killings despite international condemnation. people around the world have been mourning the victims of the christ church attacks which killed fifty people and injured fifty more. in pakistan vigils were held across the country with people laying flowers and lighting candles the victims in india people held up posters and chanted against the violence and in the vatican pope francis offered prayers for quote our muslim brothers who were killed in the
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mass shootings at two mosques. for more now let's bring in samantha early who who is in christchurch covering this story for us samantha what are some of the challenges now facing the victims' families well again the bodies some of this put downs have started to be released. now that families will want to be burying the a loved one and soon as possible and the islamic tradition and it is customary for bodies to be reached and very soon after in the end the lebanese and pending in this case the ins place and needed to do their duties to gain the knowledge of the current at their schools. and suddenly they have been chance to get hold of the bodies and it's great to be john howard's the.
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to me how quite certain and there is so much. more generally imagine their anguish the prime minister is promising to tighten new zealand's gun laws what are we expecting from her meeting with cabinet today. what's one. thing to all that you might look at in two bands of military style the main one america actually did very soon after the text that new zealand is going to lose one challenge and there have been concerns raised over the years about loopholes and the it was it's not. very easy to get out of that firearms license and there is an application process and it's not like the uni this is the one culture. and the. government will be looking at that closely murray speaking to. his house after
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seeing it with kevin and. samantha early in christchurch thank you for that. and now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. fighters in america in the u.s. state of texas are battling to contain a blaze at a petrochemicals terminal authorities that warned residents in deer park to stay indoors it's the second fire in as many days at a houston area fuel storage facility. thousands of serbian anti-government protesters have rallied outside the resident residence of president aleksander in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed a state run television building they have been staging weekly protests since december accusing googe of autocratic rule and the stifling media freedom. a psych loan has killed more than one hundred people in zimbabwe and mozambique and
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many more are missing the tropical storm has been raging since thursday it brought heavy winds and caused flash floods delaying the arrival of rescue workers so bubblies government has declared a state of emergency for the affected areas. hundreds of protesters have joined anti-government rallies in sudan they're demanding that longtime ruler omar al bashir resign over an ongoing economic crisis on sunday his government announced it had secured loans of three hundred million dollars to deal with high unemployment and inflation dozens of protesters have been killed in clashes with police since the rallies began three months. authorities in ethiopia say there are similarities between last week's ethiopian airlines crash and the october crash of an indonesian lion airplane following analysis of data from the aircraft's black box meanwhile a massive funeral has been held in out is about to mourn the victims of the crash
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a symbolic service came a day after officials began delivering bags of earth instead of victims' remains to family members because the identification process is expected to take such a long time all one hundred fifty seven people on board the aircraft were killed. in flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain have killed at least fifty eight people in indonesia's eastern most province of pop four authorities say dozens of others have been injured and more than four thousand people displaced rescue teams continue the search for survivors. sawing through a beam in a frantic effort to save a five month old baby boy trapped for hours under the rubble of his home rescuers reached him and rushed him to the hospital for emergency care.
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hardest hit is the town of centanni and early morning landslide was followed minutes later by flooding from a river that burst its banks unleashing a torrent of water heavy logs and a very floods and landslides destroyed roads and bridges hampering rescue efforts power outages have left hospital struggling to treat the injured rescuers have evacuated thousands of people and are trying to reach outlying areas. and it's likely that the death toll will rise because the evacuation process is still ongoing and the affected areas have not been fully reached by the joint search and rescue team while the flooding is common during indonesia's rainy season but experts have warned that deforestation has heightened the risk of flash floods in the region of centanni. until today only one country had withdrawn from the international criminal court now the philippines makes it to the country's president rodrigo deter announced plans to pull out a year ago after the court launched
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a preliminary investigation into possible crimes against humanity linked to do territories drug war the i.c.c. probe focuses on allegation do charities government was behind thousands of extrajudicial killings despite the charges the brutal campaign against drug dealers and users shows no sign of abating. another family torn apart. mary jane can't understand why salvatore had to die shot in the head before the eyes of their four year old daughter. they found drugs on him but if that was the reason for his murder. it's likely she'll never find out. the grim reality in a country where extrajudicial killings are encouraged by the president it's been almost three years since president reagan to tear to started his relentless war on
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drugs officially some five thousand people have been killed but human rights groups are saying that number could be as high as twenty thousand and typically it's poor communities like this one that saw for the most. part the our lives in one of those communities she remembers august thirty first two thousand and sixteen as if it were yesterday it's the day her son was murdered for being a drug suspect. and not a day has passed since when she didn't think of him. really makes me sad was not with my son when he died i. was there when they killed him. just like visit me in my dreams. i want to know what happened to. what you had to suffer.
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as with the vast majority of drug related extrajudicial killings no one has been held accountable for her son's murder but herbal wants justice. that's why she joined dries up a church organized volunteer group assisting the victims of the drug war together they filed a suit with the international criminal court i c c against president to tear to himself for crimes against humanity. since the philippines have withdrawn from the i.c.c. to terror to claims the court has no jurisdiction over him his administration will not cooperate with any investigation. human rights advocates are calling this a test case for the i.c.c. is relevance. we cannot allow. perpetrators together we with most serious violations simply by the stroke of a pen we have to shore a very strong. example of international justice by ensuring that this matter is
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fully investigated any. indictments should follow. that's also what hopes for she wants to tell his henchmen to pay for her son's murder. whenever she can muster the strength she lights a candle where he was killed. but i meant feel like he's here it's like he's here beside me i feel that the candle speaks to me sometimes the flame is catch sometimes it's restless i always feel his presence whenever i come here. and as night falls in the philippines the killing continues. but another family is left with nothing but a memory. another murder that most likely will go unpunished. to the bundesliga now and dortmund came
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from behind not once but twice to steal a dramatic late win against. captain marco royce scored the decisive goal in injury time as. the league's top spot. had a selection headache coming into the clash with her to berlin axels it still gets a. hole were ruled out. and his headache would have worsened early on of the just four minutes and sullivan collude to which is not. so much to leave the storm's unhindered towards cool. and beat it would one have the destruction was hard to digest for busty boy. this medium truth after thirty minutes with the inveigle humbled at the ball. really comes to the back of the lead with his second goal. must have fired
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themselves up at huff as they levelled in the forty seventh minute. done actually beat marco breach in the air and it was all to play for. dortmund's wastefulness in front of goal meant injury before cut to marco voice rescued his sight was. it should be just a technique just to prove his fifteenth cool of the season and. then beat out to be sufficient so red for taking out his frustrations on doohickey capital gains and berlin for top and the retake top spot in the bundesliga and put the pressure but. all right time to take an overall look at the bonus the results this weekend by munich dominated mines or wait for the picture to come up anyway frankfurt start passed nuremberg braman beat laverick isn't dortmund won a thriller against church of berlin shalt lost their first game under their new
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coach stevens should garden hoffenheim share the spoils oxford defeated had over wolfsburg put five goals past and glad back drew was freiburg and i'll see what all that means for the bundesliga standings and hoping we'll see the graphic but i'll tell you what we know how much the twenty six is very little change at the top byron munich maintained their razor thin lead over dortmund and graeme in leapfrog hoffenheim in the bottom half out put some space between themselves and relegation hannover nuremberg are still in mortal danger. today march seventeenth is st patrick's day as you can see in ireland and throughout the irish diaspora that's reason to celebrate the country's patron saint for sessions featuring plenty of traditional music and lots of the color green are the order of the day some impressions now from new york and chicago where they've
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even changed the color of the river in honor of st patrick's course you don't have to be irish to join in the fun. run by both. and that's it for now thanks for joining us more news at the top of the hour. what secrets lie behind these will. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty getting up now. earth home to
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millions of species a home worth saving. googling.


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