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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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three songs from the forest starts first on w. . this is the news live from berlin new zealand's prime minister just sent to our during promises to tighten her country's gun laws following the christ church mosque shootings that killed fifty people she says her cabinet will discuss the policy changes on monday also coming up. plus floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain killed dozens in indonesia's eastern most province of. the
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philippines turns its back on the international criminal court today the country will become just the second in history to withdraw from the world's only permanent war crimes tribunals. is quitting over the court's investigation into president perjury go to turkey's war on drugs. thousands of extra judicial killings despite international condemnation. a mixed fights are welcome to the program. as new zealand begins a new week struggling to come to terms with the worst terrorist attack in its modern history police in australia say they've searched two homes in connection with the mass shooting the homes or a new south wales where the accused gunman grew up fifty people were killed in the attack on two mosques in christ church events have been held around the world to
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mourn the victims. the people of christchurch paying tribute to the victims and the survivors of the attack laying flowers and messages of support not far from the hospital where those wounded are still being treated. in pakistan vigils and ceremonies were being held across the country at least nine people originally from pakistan were killed in the attack including ninety murshid and sometimes the two were being hailed as heroes afterward emerged name tried to tackle the gunman possibly saving numerous lives they left a message for. messages if you see something. is hurting other people you give your everything. even if it means giving. in india people also expressed their grief at the killings they held up
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posters and chanted against the violence calling for people of all nations to reject terrorism. at the vatican pope francis speaking at his traditional sunday friends said that the attacks added to the conflicts afflicting humanity. i know i'm close to our muslim brothers and to that whole community and i renew the invitation to join with prince and gestures of peace to combat the hatred and violence let's pray together in silence for our muslim brothers who were killed. and berlin germany a different kind of crowd gathered some two hundred people mostly new zealanders came together for a vigil to remember the victims despite being on the other side of the world the organizers said they felt compelled to do something.
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the message they would like to seems to the friends and families of the victims as that we see even and we hear them and we want to do our best to make sure that something like this never ever happens again. people here and around the world are still coming to terms with the horrors of what happened half a world away. for more now let's bring indeed up to samantha early who is in christchurch covering this story for us samantha what are some of the challenges now facing the victims' families well they bodies some of the things that don't have started to be released so. now will be that then is what want to be buried in the eleventh month as soon as possible and the islamic tradition and it is customary to be in the region and very soon after a deal aimed. at being in this case his place of need to do their
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duties to gain the volunteers current and their schools to destress families so they. can get hold of the bodies and it's great to be done now. to me how my answer. is so much. worse you know only imagine their anguish that the prime minister is promising to tight new zealand's gun laws what are we expecting from her meeting with cabinet today. what is. being taught that you might look at in two bands of military style the main one america she didn't doubt very soon after the text their new zealand gov was the only challenge there being since raised over the years and out loopholes and the it was it's not. very
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easy to get hold of that firearms license and there is an application process and it's not like the uni this is the gun culture. and the. teacher when i was in. the government will be looking at that closely mary speaking to. his house after she's not with kevin and. samantha early in christchurch thank you for that. digital reporter thanks friendlies here in the studio for more on this can can you tell us. do you think that facebook can really do much to stop this from happening well facebook cannot really remove every single copy of that video it is not impossible but it will be very difficult we know that facebook has been working around the clock to remove copies of that video and it has an internal database of blocked video and the system can automatically
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detect and remove copies of the video once it gets uploaded again so far so good however there's a big problem with this system because it's two floors so if you use or makes changes to that video let's say by adding a watermark then that system can be tricked and so that you say what you theoretically still be able to upload the video so it's really difficult to completely wipe off a video once it's been recorded and shared most people times and streaming really has a lot of potential risks or risks. and concerning this new zealand's prime minister has spoken to facebook's chief operating officer let's have a listen. context. from. i haven't spoken to you directly but she has reached out. and acknowledgement of what has occurred here in new zealand and this is an issue that i will look to be
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discussing directly with i spoke. so new zealand's prime minister says she wants to talk to facebook but it's a giant global economy company how else can it be made accountable i say. basically more pressure from the government and from the consumers and more legislations have to be in place actually we have an example from germany on hate speech so everybody knows that hate speech is simply a problem it's a big problem and facebook said it did everything possible to combat that problem. but people weren't seeing any changes and that last year in hate speech laws passed in germany and all of a sudden facebook actually recruited a lot of water is just and it even deployed and new technologies to combat the hate speech problem so there is an example of how regulations and how pressure can actually change
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a company's stance and so i guess we just have to make facebook to prioritize the fight against the spread of extremists content and thoughts but i think you and i can probably both imagine the free speech of a kid saying well you're endangering democracy with this kind of government control of social media potentially so of course we can say it too much control of course it's not good like it could be an infringement of our freedoms but we have to keep in mind that facebook has two billion active few cis and that's a lot and it has an enormous reach so after this christchurch attack clearly something needs to be done i guess we can compare to situation to having c.c.t.v. as on the streets if we have more on the streets we could feel safer but that means automatically we are giving up part of our privacy as well so i guess we'll just have to find the balance between security and freedom ok did abuse social media reporter thankfully thank you for that. flash floods and
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landslides triggered by torrential rain have killed at least fifty eight people in indonesia's eastern most province of power authorities say dozens of others have been injured and more than four thousand people displaced rescue teams continue to search for survivors. sawing through a beam in a frantic effort to save a five month old baby boy trapped for hours under the rubble of his home rescuers reached him and rushed him to the hospital for emergency care. but hardest hit is the town of centanni and early morning landslide was followed minutes later by flooding from a river that burst its banks unleashing a torrent of water heavy logs and avery floods and landslides destroyed roads and bridges hampering rescue efforts power outages have left hospital struggling to treat the injured rescuers have evacuated thousands of people and are trying to
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reach outlying areas don't go moving and it's likely that the death toll will rise because the evacuation process is still ongoing in the affected areas have not been fully reached by the joint search and rescue team while the flooding is common during indonesia's rainy season but experts have warned that deforestation has heightened the risk of flash floods in the region of centanni. until today only one country burundi had withdrawn from the international criminal court now the philippines makes it to the country's president rodrigo to territory announced plans to pull out a year ago after the court launched a preliminary investigation into possible crimes against humanity linked to territories so-called drug war the i.c.c. probe focuses on allegations that the territories government was behind thousands of extrajudicial killings despite the charges the brutal campaign against drug dealers and users shows no sign of abating. another
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family torn apart. mary jane can't understand why salvatore had to die shot in the head before the eyes of their four year old daughter they found drugs on him but if that was the reason for his murder. it's likely she'll never find out. the grim reality in a country where extrajudicial killings are encouraged by the president it's been almost three years since president going to terror to started his relentless war on drugs officially some five thousand people have been killed but human rights groups are saying that number could be as high as twenty thousand and it's poor communities like this one that's all for the most. remote part of the our lives in one of those communities she remembers august thirty first two thousand and sixteen
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as if it were yesterday it's the day her son was murdered for being a drug suspect. and not a day has passed since when she didn't think of him. oh. really makes me sad was not with my son when he died i. wasn't there when they killed him. just like visit me in my dreams. i want to know what happened to. what you had to suffer. as with the vast majority of drug related extrajudicial killings no one has been held accountable for her son's murder but herbal once justice. that's why she joined dries up a church organized volunteer group assisting the victims of the drug war but
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together they filed a suit with the international criminal court i c c against president to terror to himself for crimes against humanity since the philippines have withdrawn from the i.c.c. to terror to claims the court has no jurisdiction over him his administration will not cooperate with any investigation. human rights advocates are calling this a test case for the i.c.c. is relevance. we cannot allow. perpetrators together we will. most serious violations simply by the stroke of a pen we have to shore a very strong. example of international justice by ensuring that this matter is fully investigated any. indictments should follow. that's also what hopes for she wants to meant to pay for her son's murder.
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coming up after the break it's the blueness league it was fully alias leverkusen have been on the rise lately and were hoping to keep themselves in champions league contention by beating very men how did they do that and much more coming up on the bundesliga. and that is it for now for me it makes pfizer and the entire crew here in berlin thanks for watching see you again at the top of the. highlights. program. w dot com highlights.
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