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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 1:00am-1:02am CET

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the last crisis in the fight to get aid into the country with convoy of one guy don't support. an exclusive d.w. report alongside venezuelan journalist since our party's a close look at the country's catastrophic conditions on the way to colombia a show. starts march eighteenth on detail. fifty people are now confirmed dead after friday's mosque shootings in the new zealand city of christ church prime minister just into our derren has said mosques will receive police protection she has also given more details about the moments before the attack i was one of more than three she recipients of a mena manifesto that was mild out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include
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a location it did not include specific details i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt in least my office it was conveyed directly to palin me tree security but the assurance i want to go visit head it provided details that could have been acted on immediately it would have been. in slovakia's says anna chapman tova has won the first round of presidential elections running on an anti corruption platform when sets her up for a clash with the reeling smart party's candidates in the second range on march thirtieth it comes one year after the murder of an investigative journalist sparked protests. venezuelan opposition leader one guy joe has and barked on a new stage of his campaign to oust president nicolas maduro at a rally in the northern city of the landsea why don't promise to deliver a better life for shit.
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twenty six is done and dusted and the big question is who is the league leader going into the international break after dortmund's win on saturday they retook top spot snatch it back. or they wrapped up the weekend's action with a home tie against the lowly minds we'll see if it was plain sailing for buyers. continue their quest for a champions league spot by seeing off a solid. welcome to the bundesliga here. and joining me in the studio are former bundesliga player. very own bundesliga reporter yannick speight so welcome to both of you.


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