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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 1:02am-1:16am CET

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do after grounding in the northern city of the n.c.r. promise to deliver a better life for sure. twenty six is done and dusted and the big question is who is the league leader going into the international break after dortmund's win on saturday they retook top spot byron snatch it back. or they wrapped up the weekend's action with a home tie against the lowly minds we'll see if it was plain sailing for buyers. and current laver cruising continue their quest for a champions league spot by seeing off a solid better bring. welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo foley yes and joining me in the studio are former bundesliga player michel didn't say. very own bundesliga reporter yannick speight so welcome to both of you i think we need to get down to business and take
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a look at some football and let's start with bahrain's clash against mites despite their early exit from the champions league during the week munich don't have time to lick their wounds and have flipped their focus to the bundesliga after taking the top spot the last weekend level on points with dortmund but superior on goal difference biron needed a win against mediocre minds if they were to take the top spot back from dortmund after their victory on saturday. mindset only one win in six going into this game and by zero never looked like losing from the moment robot live in dubs keeping them in front on three minutes was thomas rodrigo's made it to nil in thirty three minutes the was before kingsley c'mon funded one home to send by and then three no at half time and on course for the stroll the craved after their midweek lashing from liverpool. madrid is made at the hammers some which were the fourth six
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minutes after the break was before the colombian took advantage of some comical mights defending to seal his hat trick four minutes later. alfonso davis rounded off the road on seventy minutes i'm six no and another shot in the arm for byron's goal difference. he might be looking second rate in europe but biron are still a cut above domestically and once again their buck atop the been just league oh. oh oh what a result there for byron munich six goals it's easy to say and easy to think perhaps that their title defense is on track michelle now it was an odd week for them because of course they were lock knocked out of the champions league but why do you think they've actually struggled in europe considering we've just seen that result there. maybe there was an oppression too much on the persia but in the end of today a little was that a score more goals and yeah you can see maybe it's about the money they spent more
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money in england and germany today are still waiting for disc money but. in an off today it's it's a good thing for a livable oric specially for england but really not a good thing of course for the bundesliga german clubs and yanick it's actually the first time in thirteen years that a german club actually hasn't made it to the quarter final stages now is this a crisis for german football on the surface that it definitely looks like a three bonus they could change cluster shoko dortmund and beyond in their clashes against premier league clubs and as does he said maybe it comes down to the money you know the point is that the clubs don't have the t.v. money of the premier league clubs and there is that gulf in finances but you know it's always been the case the premier league clubs of had money for the past decade at least and still managed to complete the made seven out of ten semifinals in the champions league so they have been out to do it i think rather than put the push
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the panic button and say this is across think it's more dominant buyer and transition new coaches that bring in some new young new players and it takes time and i think this is just a bit of a bit of a dip but with good management i think they can get back to the top of europe well i mean sticking with sort of you know football on a sort of an international stage on friday of course fee finance to air that to be this new club world cup started twenty twenty one firstly what is it exactly and how do you think it's going to affect well byron dormant for example yes i mean this is a tournament that is almost the baby of johnny of the tina fey for president he's reportedly negotiated a very big deal with a lot of money to to put on this competition and so it's the club a couple basically replaced the confederations cup which was in the international tournament and it will bring. together the twenty four best clubs in the world of which is supposed to come from europe and they will compete every four years for the world club cup total fit by an adult and two clubs from germany that could make
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it it could be extremely lucrative they're looking at sixty million euros for competing in this woman so that's huge money and it's clear that they for doing this because you know they want to i guess cash in on their best clubs and get some cash out of it and i think it's concerning our belief because you wife a pose that the clubs oppose in europe and still and yet it's still going ahead and i think it brings up some issues about player welfare as well yeah and i want to actually stick to what you said that there's a lot of concerns firstly michelle how do you feel about it but also want to know because in fact the players union in europe is very much against this so how do you see it here it's clear of course you see all the rich teams and to put teams and after they all four teams have nothing from the cape to the point. for me i don't see really that we need this world cup whatever it is we course more
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games are coming up and players have to. take a rest and that means an end of today more injuries are coming. for big tournaments of big players are not available yeah i mean it's well we'll see how it pans out really when it starts but as i think we need to move on because. of course there is more puns league action under coach peter bush isn't have been creeping up the table and now have their eyes on a champions league spot now going into this weekend they've won well they won six of their previous seven league games but could they keep the momentum going against a vertebrae and side who have europa league aspirations. labor couldn't have been on the upswing on their pager bus but they had big problems against braman moxy and setting up max cruiser who opened the scoring in the thirteenth minute by no chance for a keeper lucas ride at ski. the labor because in defense looks porous and braman
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made them pay crews a turn provider this time and mean that rush it's hammered home shoot neil i'm in the second half labor goes and fought their way back into the game leon bailey hitting the target with a glorious free kick keeper your republic up could only stand and watch frame and kept their cool however and matched cruz a sealed the deal in injury time with his second of the day three one the final score i'm frame and put the breaks on laver cozens rebirth and put themselves back into the battle for europe. while in sunday's other game frankfurt took on nuremberg and the only goal of the game came from nineteen into a guy in the thirty first minute it was france for its fourth one in a row and bird's seventeenth loss this season.
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seventeen loss is impressive for all the wrong reasons now let's take a look at the standings after much day twenty six and bahrain regained the top spot after their demolition of minds dortmund are level on points but with a worse goal difference braman moved up after a day or win and down the other end shellcode dropped to within a whisker of the relegation zone. as two freiburg doesn't move down like. now i want to go over to you michel because it's a little bit shocking still to see shall be doing so poorly and let's not forget of course that they have this new coach can you who's been there this is third stands now can hope stevens rescued their season it's a very very difficult situation for him because he's a legend and his team and this club and everybody expected now that maybe the team
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will change. attitudes on the field and is playing a different football than before but it was a little bit. to see but i don't i don't think so that they can make it so three days three points to a realization. and this is very critical very critical very critical indeed and i mean yeah nic it's it is like you know as michel said it's critical it's dangerous they're very very very close and it's shocking to think that just last season things were so very different what's gone wrong or what what's actually i think on anything right this is yeah i mean it's difficult to pinpoint exactly i mean obviously last season they finished second and of course you know a lot of clubs around them had dropped their level and so they gave them a chance to get up there but it still doesn't explain how far they've dropped this season the they look at different so i think last season they didn't school too many goals so i think the disco tried to bring in a new formation of the saw the year it didn't work they lost five games in
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a row and from there they just haven't recovered but i also think this comes down to bad management i don't think you can completely blame the coach i don't think they've made the best out of the transfer dealings they sold a few players that were quite of crucial to the tane and i mean astonishingly this is stevens now returned since his last in that had six coaches in six years so that's not a healthy club and that's going to come down to management as well so you're not only a coach the problem i think a cultural problem in the club as well and they need to turn things around because you know you have the. cliche the club's too big to go down but looking dangerously close to relegation now a coach who has just told a coach is ok and you are not the coach of. barbuda and this here is not germany just to make it clear to our to our viewers this is where you are now going to be coaching tell us more congratulations to start with thank you there is. very great things that situation for me right now to coach all for antigua and
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barbuda and have a great team overall and they're the players are great. to do everything for me and. it's a lot of work football is down over there and they put so much hope in me and that's why after the show i have to go back and where you mix makes for a new club paradise i think you know you're free just to let you know so you can take us to. great ok i'll take you up on that offer but you know it's obviously a big challenge for you as well you're in have a lot of work to do and how are you finding it. here it's not easy but an end of today i will have a little team are all me to help me a lot especially also to the players they're coming very close to me and it's a lot of trust they gave me and i'm giving them back to them and it's not only the
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it's a woman seemed to go it's team building big games have to make their way and yeah i fell i think a lot of miles are coming up for me and well you're going to do i'm sure an absolutely wonderful job and we should all the best staff from all the team here first on his leadership that's all we have for time for this week i'd like to thank my guests on telmex much day for me the rest of the team here in berlin. says heat in ruins morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim and the christian population . instructors occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to
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church's response was. i didn't read. the book but. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did morocco we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. for live in the sights of i.r.s. starts april eleventh on t.w. . the last damn cry for help of a whole generation fuel was. no linder is calling for better climate protection policies he's joining tens of thousands of young people all over the world the protest movement was inspired by sixteen year old political activist chris.


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