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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 2:00am-2:03am CET

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ok today in the heart of europe you are connected to the own world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. new zealand's prime minister just into our derren has met with the family members of the fifty muslims killed in a terror attack in the country over the weekend thirty four other victims injured in the assault on two mosques are being treated for their injuries the australian white supremacist arrested after the rampage has been charged with one count of murder already however the presiding judge said more were likely to follow. thousands of serbian anti-government protesters have rallied outside president
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alexander of which its residence in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed a state run television building they've been staging weekly protests since december accusing of autocratic rule and stifling media freedom. firefighters in the u.s. state of texas are battling to contain a blaze at a petrochemicals terminal authorities warned residents in deer park to stay indoors it's the second fire in his many days at a houston area fuel storage facility. this
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week on both stories. africa's false just woman. anti semitism in front. but first we turn to poland it's been twenty years since the country became a member of nato these days u.s. troops are deployed is full of east as the border with russia a situation perceived by most as a place and provocation. these are not pictures off an actual war it's an exercise in case of emergency jonathan oakes has been stationed for six months in northeastern poland through the russian border a long way from his home state tennessee in the u.s. he previously did two tours of duty in iraq as a tank gunner completely different not. all right was a combat mission which ring would be easy but.


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