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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 3:00am-3:03am CET

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local is only a promise to his son to leave a jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result is culture shock. the prize winning. song from the forest starts people first on t.w. . new zealand's prime minister just into our daren't has met with the family members of the fifty muslims killed in a terror attack in the country over the weekend thirty four other victims injured in the assault on two mosques are being treated for their injuries these trillion white supremacist arrested after the rampage has been charged with one count of murder already however the presiding judge said more were likely to follow. thousands of serbian anti-government protesters have rallied outside president
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alexander of which its residents in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed a state run television building they have been staging weekly protests since december accusing of autocratic rule and stifling media freedom. firefighters in the u.s. state of texas are battling to contain a blaze at a petro chemicals terminal authorities warned residents in deer park to stay indoors it's the second fire in as many days at a houston area fuel storage facility.
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hello welcome to eat a sustainability magazine where we introduce you to change me people like you and i who are finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the world to be . coming to us from india. this week let's look at how an organization would buy used changing people's perception of the city's street or. carbon emissions are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. and how an art project is making a board statement back equitation and climate change. what flows through a story that has a brutal beginning. a happy ending in the eighty's in the early ninety's or four hundred thousand stray dogs of mumbai were caught and killed most in the street you didn't mean. local n.g.o.s have for talk to me this.


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