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this is deja vu news live from berlin and new zealand is set to tighten gun control laws in the wake of the christ church mosque shootings and the prime minister tells the nation it must face up to some hard truths. which if to be lied to the fact that there are those who do not share our values of our diversity of compassion. something we're going to have to confront is a nation go live to offline for analysis also coming up it's official germany's two biggest lenders banks and to merge spying are talking about
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a merger that's after months of rumors swirling around these troubled institutions . and we meet in light wolves the men on motorbikes who helped in russia's disputed takeover of crimea five years ago. also coming up fighting sexual harassment in india the numbers and the faces on a new smartphone apps designed to fight harassment and help make women safe at work and on the streets we have a special report. i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us as new zealand begins a new week coming to terms with the worst terror attack in a smaller in history the prime minister says gun law reforms will be made public in ten days there will also be a review of the country's security agencies the fifty. people who died in the
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attacks on two mosques in christchurch are being mourned in new zealand and in other locations as well. the people of christchurch paying tribute to the victims and the survivors of the attack laying flowers and messages of support not far from the hospital where those wounded are still being treated. in pakistan vigils and ceremonies were being held across the country at least nine people originally from pakistan were killed in the attack including nighy murshid and his son tyler the two were being hailed as heroes afterward emerged name tried to tackle the gunman possibly saving numerous lives they left a message for every human being in the. messages if you see something. happening. if that is hurting other people you give your everything. even if if it means
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giving. in india people also expressed their grief for the killings they held up posters and chanted against the violence calling for people of all nations to reject terrorism i at the vatican pope francis speaking at a traditional sunday for is said that the attacks added to the conflicts afflicting humanity i. know i know i'm close to our muslim brothers and to that whole community and i renew the invitation to join with prince and gestures of peace to combat the hatred and violence let's pray together in silence for our muslim brothers who were killed. and berlin germany a different kind of crowd gathered some two hundred people mostly new zealanders came together for a vigil to remember the victims despite being on the other side of the world the organizers said they felt compelled to do something.
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to me since they would like to seems to the friends and families of the victims as that we see even and we hear them and we want to do our best to make sure that something like this never even happens again. people here and around the world are still coming to terms with the horrors of what happened half a world away. on those ilands prime minister you said no ardern spoke earlier today at a news conference confirming a national commemoration service for the victims. they will be a national committee more ation and a suit of us. how then order for new zealand is together to give that and acknowledge the terrorist attacks on friday that will absolutely be the case at what we want to ensure is that we allow the time and the spice the families to be i would have beer ie the loved ones i keeping in mind that some have not yet received
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their loved ones and so are consumed was that this friday might not have allowed some of that proces on the east side to be completed so that was that's the decision that's why it will not be this wake we are looking to see to date as soon as we can anticipate making announcements in that regard very soon i just want to make sure that i talk to the community in christchurch and particularly the mirror in christchurch city council. for more let's go now to paul sperling vice chancellor of the college and social sciences at mass university in auckland is an expert on right wing extremism in new zealand thanks so much for joining us this morning the government's moving toward stricter gun control laws do you think that's the best way forward to prevent future terrorist attacks. well that's one of the issues that they need to address going forward because they can somebody in an urban area like this get similar domestic we've been you know to use them in the sort of well i think there are other issues but there is certainly what the
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government are moving very rapidly what more do we know at this point about the suspect in custody and his background. well he's a stray and he traveled extensively travel trailer europe in the middle east and he wrote a minister eighty seven page manifesto and we live in has learned quite a bit of doubt and from that manifesto so it came to be sealed a couple of years ago it does appear or claims to be a lone wolf but i think the place of yet to establish whether he's got connections with local supreme right movements i'm as an expert on the right wing in new zealand were were you surprised were you shocked by this type of attack or is it something that you thought might have been coming. no i was shocked i'm shocked by the intensity in by the number of people killed and we have been concerned for some time the supreme right online at least have been treating violence and from time to
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time have been involved in violence there's always been show down but just the size of this particular incident is really really shocking ok what about the right wing the extreme right wing in new zealand right now does it remain a threat that the individual in custody was from australia what about new zealand's right way. well the numbers are not large probably two hundred to two hundred fifty core activists that they do indulge in and sometimes physical violence and i'm like a place like germany we do not take a very hard line on them and so i think this event really changes the whole agenda around supreme right of the extreme right in how we treat them ok do you think the suspect was working with local news eland far right extremists. well at the moment he even says not but i'm going to be very surprised if at some point
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he has made connection with extreme right wing movements in christchurch and into an event that it's one of those things that so the police investigation will establish an end at the moment when it's just not clear ok what do you think needs to be done and to to prevent these type of attacks in the future well the things that are happening at the moment including the statements from the prime minister i think you wrote the community together i think we need to do something about the online m l a t s all the supreme right extreme right to meet with can to exchange ideas ideas and take tips and so they come in for a lot of criticism around the bank a seventeen minute video of the shooting was strange and they since taken down one point five million. shots that were associated with this. i think we need to work harder at social cohesion as many companies do and we of course need to monitor in evaluate the risk is in the extreme. paul spoony vice chancellor at mass
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university in auckland thanks very much for comments. thank you. on the other side of the world british police say a non fatal stabbing in london is being treated as a terrorist incident inspired by the far right a fifty year old suspect has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder the man allegedly attacked a teenager with a baseball bat an eye for shouting racist abuse the victim in one thousand euro was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries. well here in germany the country's two biggest lenders starts a bank and commercial bank could be joining forces for years both have been struggling to grow but with the government pushing for stronger national banks the lenders have confirmed formal talks toward a possible merger that would create a national champion in financial services. there were many rumors and
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now it's official. and commits bank will hold their first formal talks about a proposed merger. he says and. these talks can go anyway even unavailable they will take time because we want to be thorough. so we are a global bank and we will stay a global banking leading position in germany's domestic market and in europe as well. there is a possibility that we can better our position together with comments by. years of legal problems have cost of bank a lot of money but in twenty eighteen the bank return to profitability for the first time in three years as for the commits bank the german government still owns a fifteen percent stake in the company both banks have higher operating costs than much of their international competition a merger could save both banks billions but it's likely to cost germany thousands of jobs in the first we fear a merger could lead to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs especially in their
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consumer facing and corporate banking departments both banks are well staffed in those departments and a merger would create many were done cs which would lead directly to job cuts. commits bank on deutsche bank's market valuation is low compared to the international competition but the recent merger rumor led to a notable uptick in their stock price by. buying shares enjoyed a larger increase and. we assume this trend will continue in the future but it could also turn into a roller coaster ride. experts are not expecting a fast outcome if it does come to a mega merger between the two companies the process is bound to take years. and simon young is covering this story for us very good morning simon german politicians are hoping for a new european champion to take on the international competition of course under german control is that what this merger would create well it would create
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a big bank if it happens we should say that there are talks of the money is not by any means a done deal but this would be germany's largest bank one of the largest banks in europe but it would still be i think struggling to compete at the really top level you've got huge banks in china old the big american banks like j.p. morgan chase and so it wouldn't be the biggest bank in europe i don't think and that's if it even happens and of course we don't know what the knock on effects of this merger would be in terms of a reduction in the overall size of the institution ok this is questions out there about whether this is economically or politically motivated the german government retains right now commercial banks shareholding strong position it has fifteen percent stake in commercial economic or political decision well from the from the government's point of view it's motivation is political i think the german government says germany ought to have a national champion in banking to be able to. play on that global
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level like some of the economies are germany's europe's largest economy so that would make saints and they've been driving it forward for that reason they would look very positively as you say they were able to influence what commands bank particularly does is they owned a significant stake in it they can also certainly influence the thinking of deutsche bank board so it's and there's political will there there's also quite a lot of political opposition but there's also. obviously the business case to examine does this make sense in business terms ok what about the cartel office is it going to give a green light to this merger. i mean there's a lot of competition questions out there that that's a bit hard to predict what we'd have had is some statements from consumer protection groups who is saying you know this can't be allowed to happen if the result is a loss of choice for consumers and rising prices for consumers in
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a very sensitive about bank the consumer banking side here in germany so that would of course be likely to happen unions are talking about tens of thousands potentially of job losses of course that's another reason for some people to oppose this potential deal simon thanks so much for looking into this for us they simon young for us now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour ethiopia's government says that last sunday's plane crash shows clear similarities to a crash off indonesia in october now that's based on analysis of flight data from the plane's black box recovered from the wreckage near. both planes were boeing seven thirty seven max eight aircraft boeing says it will cooperate with investigations into the crash which killed one hundred fifty seven people. so i clone has killed more than one hundred twenty people in zimbabwe and mozambique and many more are missing
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a tropical storm has been raging since thursday heavy winds have caused flash flooding that has hampered search and rescue operations of bobbies government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas. hundreds of protesters have joined anti-government rallies in pursuit dad demanding longtime ruler omar al bashir resign over an ongoing economic crisis on sunday his government announced that it had secured loans of three hundred million u.s. dollars to combat high unemployment and inflation dozens of protesters have been killed in clashes with police since the rallies began three months ago. well today marks five years since russia took control of crimea and since this peninsula the black sea became a focal point of tensions between russia and the west the conflict began in early two thousand and fourteen with the mind on protests in kiev the demonstrators wanted ukraine to move away from russian influence and look more towards the e.u.
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the protester of the country's progression present power moscow responded by sending its forces into crimea crimea which was mainly or totally in fact ukrainian territory shortly thereafter the local population voted in a referendum to join the russian federation ukraine in the west called the move illegal fighting broke out in parts of eastern ukraine but crimea itself remained peaceful. on march eighteenth two thousand and fourteen crimean leaders signed a treaty with president vladimir putin making the territory part of the russian federation the un has never recognized the move but backers of the kremlin have been marking the anniversary including a russian national speicher's club that played its own role in bringing crimea under russian control. the night wolves and their leader. are vladimir putin's favorite bikers. rally through the city of sebastopol marking
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five years since the russian takeover is more than just a bit of fun. back in two thousand and fourteen they played a very real part in helping the kremlin bring the peninsula under its control. setting up roadblocks and patrolling the streets while the russian special forces in unmarked uniforms took over government buildings. so. it's a miracle this all happened fairness went out for the first time that it all happened without bloodshed. a claim that ignores at least six deaths in fifteen disappearances attributed to russian security services by human rights activists over the years since moscow took control. one of them was. a member of the region's three hundred thousand strong muslim to tar minority and a vocal opponent of the russian takeover of the region in may twenty sixteen he was abducted just a few hundred meters from his home men dressed as traffic police stopped eddins car
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for what appeared to be a routine check soon they were bundling him into an unmarked minivan. he broke free and tried to run away. but he was soon right back. he has not been heard from since. course now with a view that's where the surveillance camera was it's only thanks to the camera that we know what happened. because police came around to the neighbors afterwards to tell them not to report anything they might have seen coming through but that's what they we don't think of it evans parents have sent more than a hundred appeals for help to official bodies sent dozens of letters to president vladimir putin all to no effect his father is convinced the authorities have no interest in getting to the bottom of the case but everything points to the fact that it was the russian security service the f.s.b. the pressure they put on him beforehand the warnings they gave him they would
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interrogate him for hours every time he crossed over into ukraine. in sebastopol the night was rarely reaches its climax at their patriotic feeling park imperial symbols rub up against soviet icons of rock music and science fiction all in the cause of russia on hand to extend his graduations to the bikers is the leader of crimea as russian ministration. by syrians my thanks goes to those who took part in the unique operation to guarantee the security of the referendum everything was done with such a dastardly such guts that our opponents didn't even have time to realize what was going on. the anniversary is about more than crimean and it's two point five million inhabitants the annexation put russia on a collision course with ukraine and the west that shows no sign of ending but it also did was to change the tone of russian politics as the kremlin found itself
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facing international isolation and sanctions it embrace groups like the night was bringing their very particular back to the future brand of russianness out of the margins and into the mainstream. well over the last few years cases of harassment and the rape of women in public places in india have shocked the nation in the world but attitudes and laws have yet to respond sufficiently and that's motivated a group of women to develop a range of smartphone apps to keep women safe at work and out on the streets. figures of harassment on the faces who come forward with their stories over four thousand instances detailing sexual harassment of women have been shared on an online platform called safe city these experiences are marked on a map in this case in the heart of india's capital delhi in did happen to me.
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but to the north did not meet victor it never could. i am still so i will be. safe cities founder l. summary discern over hopes the platform will help educate women about their rights having a platform where you can anonymously share your story can be liberating also when you read another woman's story there's solidarity and there's resonance because you thought me realize you are not alone in your experience but she wants more by highlighting how dangerous public spaces are for women the hope is that authorities will make cities safer studies say delhi is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for women by evening the streets are almost exclusively a male domain the roads are often dimly lit and there's little police presence. of commission the safety pin starts up to list danger zones in the city employees
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evaluate hundreds of patients of photos the platform is also used in hanoi whereas aims to make metro stations safer my vision is to improve the access and the rights of women and girls to access all opportunities in cities around the world and technology from me is an enabler in that. safety pin has developed three alps there's also my safety pin where users can raise her safe they feel in a certain place. very good. in the areas are scored enabling newcomers to a city to determine which streets to avoid the company has also made an opp which allows users to have themselves tracked by g.p.s. . we are very clear that only a woman a kid asked someone to track so nobody can take a decision to track someone so we are very careful that we don't become
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a stalking in. the apps are there on the technology behind them keeps improving but the real test boils down to how women feel walking india's streets. not only feel but will in fact be safer i'm joined now by activist groups you bought for from the women's organizations or gori in delhi thanks so much for being with us first off you're an ization has done a lot of two of work for women's safety in delhi have these apps been proving helpful see them being different kind of like you sions michelle being used in the current big star and showing them in safety and themed act of the of us who you wouldn't see a lot in our community if you didn't get bands that you are only using a barbecue net app for stalking you are using it for the election what is the real focus behind i think the been at has been i don't think that you or your g
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o charities and the m.p. really used it but in marketing and those in the communities very well oh up it also depends you know how this app is being used and who want to be users of that ad and how is it big which is being the big it is morning what does not get me or how is it and i still really feel that this app is different from how the applications ok but you also have you know yeah i'd like to jump in there about its importance you know security for women in india especially in places like delhi continues to be a huge problem walk what's behind that. oh it can do used to still be a problem because you need to understand the difference between safety was a security i kinda buzz but to be is to making your own the peace is secure fulfillment but even in the concept of seek and get anyone condemned up in hockey
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dick should have seen these before which you know when but you can and should is not enough they need to keep the focus on developing an occupant should all speak english willing to them not being gentle sensitive design of a big space is just so you also need to see who are the people who are using this bucket at the end because they have the right on this if you are not and the policing was and should be allowed which does contradict the ok you mentioned their gender specific design for public areas what do you have in mind there are specifically. seat on the public spaces which the women can act says the guy gets to make an axis get should meet in the car dicks don't remember disability of the picture not be just being minute in a particular market. and not even thinking that women should also be ick of that market given the lots of using it so that is and really needs to be answered on the
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specific needs of the humans it's. from delhi today with the organization the women's organizations are gauri thanks so much and all the best with your work thank you. if you're a minor now of our top stories this hour new zealand's prime minister says proposals to so tighten up gun control laws will be announced in ten days meanwhile people have been mourning the fifty victims of the dual attired song mosques in the city of christchurch. coming up after the break a wrap up of the weekend's matches in germany's top tier football league on the bonus league or show laver couzin have been on the rise and they were hoping to keep themselves in champions league contention for next season by beating braman result of that match up and how byron munich put themselves on top of the bundesliga as well all of that straight ahead.
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this is the interview news a live from berlin from a brian thomas an entire crew here thanks so much for being with us.
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tomorrow today looks at the big picture. we look down from high above the earth. and here far out into space. walk to the images we find tell us about a planet and the people that live on it. join us on a journey into space. to borrow today. sixty minutes from d w.
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c sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found them deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up people. that handle. the books and the like the look with a baby book left in the alley one philip. money legal costs he was needed by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to a son was a son only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass drunk. the result
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reverse culture shock. wave from the back you realize how strangely artificial goals really connected to life. was. the prize winning documentary song from the forest. starts first on w. twenty six is done and dusted and the big question is who is the league leader going into the international break after dortmund's win on saturday they retook top spot byron snatch it back. or they wrapped up the weekend's action with a home tie against the lowly minds we'll see if it was plain sailing for by. the time ken lay vertues and continue their quest for a champions league spot by seeing off ace.


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