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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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in northern germany and he's hoping for a big turnout. right now that i own a car. oh ok we turn the clock back two weeks. was sad but young owner and his friends luna and james ought to be at school right now instead they're in hamburg for their fridays for future climate strike a generation of high school students taking to the streets graded to barrack their role model is due to come to be on all is also looking forward to meeting her. but they've got looking at the posters you can see that many are here because of climate change. or the fact that they're not just wanting to skip school or see gretta obviously some just want to see gretta but most are here to call for action on the climate most of us have but it could be a bit louder yeah definitely. not only is sixteen years old and
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first got involved in the fridays for future initiative three months ago he set up a group for his district if in a bag during the hamburg rally it's his job to report for the group's instagram account. so how's it going you are going to school good the first story has already had thirty nine hundred views. and. i'm young old from pin a bag i'm going to take you along to the demo in hamburg enjoy. an initial photo document the huge crowds the instagram account has more than fifty thousand followers on all at once a photo of gratitude to post he's hoping to talk to or to my dismay that's gretta i want to get a photo of the. guard stand around her to hold back the crowds great is a huge role model for everyone here she's been on strike every friday for more than six months now. oleg gets his
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photo. in for us journalists there is a chance to squeeze in a quick interview with the young star. what is your impression about the stomach's ration here and i think it's very big and it's very very fun to be here with all these people i'm very proud to stand with the german students here because they have history become very huge gemini and i think that's very good. guys let the man through. it is to speak at the rally normally english lessons on a friday morning now he's about to address a crowd of thousands he just has a few more seconds to study his speech then he's on the. phone good morning i'm really glad to be here. from the pretty big district it's so cool to see so many people here demonstrating for more action on climate change. or
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you put it it's pretty depressing how politicians are ignoring our demands. but i promise you we can do this because we're not just another climate initiative a movement we're the last dam cry for help of a whole generation they're not real. careful germany's traffic policy and agricultural policy is a joke just like the german government's climate protection policy in general that's why we're here so things finally change. smile three to one. to everyone were reporting live from the train who were just on their way back from hamburg the demo was amazing with nearly ten thousand people. great it was there too who caught a glimpse of her it was great now we're even more motivated and. now we're going to berlin for the power on conferences where we. i'll be meeting with others from all
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over germany to make plans for the future no one says goodbye and sometimes it's called. luna young ola and james are representing their cities in the fridays for future movement. and they are certainly in demand. at least you know i had an invitation today to eat pizza with the social democrats parliamentary party leader. but i turned it down because i needed to pack up and so on it's just isn't it like being when they invite you to eat a piece or is it just to discussions as if it's a discussion group they always do it apparently pizza party politics with. a few months ago they were just regular school students now they are important attending conferences and rallies it's a whole new role for them oh god. the conference starts with a game to get to know each other. that.
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the conference is very practical the first subject how to respond when schools don't cooperate i just heard from the school director you've all got to stay behind after class. because there are no groups representing fridays for future all over the world in germany they're active in more than three hundred towns and villages still many of them feel like a lone voice. in the us you know it's funny only one in our school who's even slightly motivated to do something about climate change so i'm here to take a stand and start a business. i. normally the activists keep in touch through whatsapp and video conferences most of them only know each other from the internet. now in small groups they discuss how
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to organize the strikes and how to deal with the press and politicians they also brainstorm for new ideas. so coming up here you can easily spend an entire weekend just on this come out i do think i had a but you were chief of more than in several weeks worth of what's up chats whatever said. a few days later i visit yarnell at home he's supposed to be doing homework for biology but fridays for a future keeps getting in the way. he's preparing for the next big demo it's being organized through chat groups. since coming out of school two hours ago he's received more than seventy new messages on his phone. here in forty groups. that be my guess. as of i got this phone in december and since then i've received one hundred nine thousand messages. in less than three months the sixteen year old
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has changed from a regular teenager to a full blown environmental activist yarnall his mother supports the protests but it's not always easy. you know when can we eat at five there's a telephone conference at six there's another telephone conference at seven the next one would be needed he has to have ten minutes somewhere in between when he can eat with his family. feeling. in the last few months dinner conversations have centered largely on environmental issues yet all his family only buys organic food and eats meat just once a week. but giving up the car has proved too difficult for the family living here in the countryside. little comedy because he keeps telling us it's not good and he's right i have to drive a lot for my job and my car is bigger than it needs to be which i'm now ashamed of
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but i drive forty thousand kilometers a year from my job so there's conflicting priorities. most of the studies for. preparations for the big international action day yet all and his fellow activists are hoping to get five hundred students out on the streets in their small town. two hundred demonstrations have been registered throughout germany thousands of posters have been painted and posted on instagram registering the demo organizing suitable loudspeakers handing out flyers it all takes time the young activists are investing many hours of their free time and still some politicians accuse them of simply wanting to skip school. as a good as are the mice and i say that most of the students at the protests don't want to just miss school ghani with friends and as the boys they want to do something for their future. that's what's important to them on the few lives of many of them have read up a lot of climate policy to find out what they can do themselves and what the
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politicians need to do. and what i was depleted to. the strikes are proving a challenge for schools all over the world that young all is school virtually all the older students were missing on the last strike day they have to catch up on what they've missed but it's not marked as an absence in their school report. not all german schools are taking a relaxed approach. to school director niels hold who's in understands his students' commitment and up until know the strikes have only been happening every few weeks. when the. dust gets the up a school was empty every single friday then we'd have to think about want to do. that we would i would all be there but i think there are limits and we would have to impose some kind of sanctions so that we don't have a scenario where we only have a four day school week which we will and will feel tired. but on this friday the
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strike went ahead at nine am the students gathered at the local market instead of going to school. they marched along a four kilometer route through the town and almost set the pace for the school students and a number of adults to watch the match and i ask why you joined the march. on because my daughter has no time she's got. exams coming up. if we think it's good that we've come from going back there former teachers here we totally support it. we're delighted that the young people are so dedicated. yes yes that task ok but i should table i that the students stop at a local school and challenge the students there to join them right there hoping to further swell the crowd. and sure enough a number of them come along. others are more interested in enjoying their break time. the set is it's mega so far it's exceeded all our expectations
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and way more people than last time more people are coming from each school says island of i'm it's an amazing atmosphere totally awesome i just can't stop smiling right now of what was oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh i'm a cross over the can i just have your attention we've counted up and we have over five hundred people here that's mega you're all amazing yes i got. in the end the pain of that march reaches nearly a thousand people worldwide students and adults in one hundred twenty three countries took part in the strike marching for the climate and the future of the planet.
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earth. tomorrow today most of the big picture. we look down from high above the earth. and here far out into space. to the images we find tell us about a planet and the people that live on it. join us on an interesting case. tomorrow today in thirty minutes on g.w. .
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we're going to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in columbia legally and illegally. already uncle walter was returned to venice whaler. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. election rigging billions. to move. closer stuff. like curbs would be good morning stephanie. martin checked with musicians from around the world to.
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make their food come on d.w. . five minutes to venezuela's crisis in the fight to get aid into the country with a convoy of god own supporters an exclusive report alongside venezuelan journalist. a close look at the country's catastrophic condition. on the plates of colombia a show that. starts march eighteenth. place
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. blame blame. blame blame. blame blame blame blame blame. this is deja vu news wire from new zealand who said to control walls in the wake of the christ church mosque and the prime minister tells the nation. to some hard truth. to the fact. to do not share our values of openness. and it's something we're going to have to confront as a nation meanwhile people are remembering the fifty victims of the attack will be live in off one who.


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