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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from new zealand gun control in the wake of the christ church shootings the nation remembers those. students perform the haka a ceremony. coming up. it's official germany's two biggest
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lenders. are talking about merger after months of rumors. these troubled. soul searching in germany. may be out of the champions league but they're looking good here in germany. through the last eight matches. welcome to the program will begin with some breaking news. dutch police say several
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people have been injured in a shooting on a tram in the city of the police say the attack may have had a terrorist motive a strap station outside the city center has been cordoned off emergency services are at the scene and three rescue helicopters have been dispatched police are investigating the attack of course we'll bring you more details as they become available. now to new zealand which is mourning the victims of the christ church mosque shootings the prime minister says new gun control laws will be made public in ten days meanwhile there have been a number of commemorations for the victims. students performed a traditional maori haka outside the norm also to express their sorow it was there that most of the fifty victims died the australian far right extremists arrested
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after the attack has been charged with the murder. of new zealand's prime minister just into a day and spoke earlier today of a news conference confirming that there would be a national service for the victims of the attack they will be a nation of commemoration and a suit of us. how then order for new zealand is together to give there and acknowledge the terrorist attacks on friday that will absolutely be the case at what we want to ensure is that we allow the time and the spice the families to be i would have buried the loved ones i keeping in mind that some have not yet received their loved ones in so consume was that this friday may not have allowed some of that process on the side to be completed sorry that was that's the decision that's why it will not be this wake. and that was new zealand prime minister descended
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down the well the killings in christchurch have sparked questions of course about the role of social media in such incidents after the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook the company removed the video shortly after the attack but not before it had been downloaded and shared by others facebook said within twenty four hours of the attack it had removed one point five million videos globally of which over one point two million videos of that attack were blocked and upload well the company said it's removing all edited versions of that video as well. well joining me now for more is to resole locker she's a tech journalist and editor motherboard germany welcome to the program so let's start to look at how this video could be spread so easily and so quickly and so widely how did that happen. so on facebook everybody can live stream anything
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without moderation and in this particular incident the hacker had a social media strategy that went ahead well ahead of the attack so he had twitter accounts announcing what he was going to do he was posting particular accompanying photos on twitter and on facebook and also on other platforms that are widely populated by a lot of young predominantly male uses who shared it and there's a deep connection to the so-called troll culture that. they uploaded we uploaded the video also on twitter so it went around on more than just facebook in terms of platforms you reason important point there theresa about the killer raising of the alleged shooter there raising this already ahead of time on his facebook account he kind of indicated what he was going to do. facebook had done more to stop this
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being spread well there are certain. technologies that could help facebook with that now a days they only react by notice and takedown so somebody is raising a problem with the particular content and then facebook is moderating that that takes quite a long time there are many instances like fingerprinting a particular video that could help facebook and doing more and doing faster also german police and law enforcement are pushing for these algorithmic solutions but they are highly questionable in terms of overbooking there are issues that are connected with that. let's open up this discussion a little wider in terms of terrorism in the role of social media how important has social media now become for those who perpetrate terrorist attacks very important also because the references to particular cultures that perpetrate
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terrorism are ripe in this manifesto that he spread and sometimes i also think that the media is. partly to blame for over analyzing what he's trying to put through in his strategy and his propaganda so when he writes a manifesto citing particular events citing particular right being extremists then media should fall into this trap because it was a particular strategy behind it and that was to spread whatever he was trying to trying to spread the killer was clearly seeking media attention journalist and editor at motherboard germany thank you so much for talking with the same coin. now some other stories making headlines around the world today if the o.p.'s government says last sunday's plane crash it was clear similarities to a crash off indonesia in october that's based on analysis of the flight data from
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the plane's black box recovered from the wreckage near. both planes were boeing seven thirty seven max eight an aircraft of boeing says it will cooperate with investigations into the crowd. more than one hundred people have been killed after a psych loan tore through parts of zimbabwe and mozambique many more missing rib crosses cycle. die has damaged or destroyed ninety percent of the mozambican city of. the storm has cut off electricity and road access to the area hampering rescue. and rescue teams are continuing to look for the missing in indonesia after flash floods and mudslides killed at least seventy seven people in the province of pop one several hundred more have been injured flooding disasters which are often deadly are a common feature of indonesia's rainy season. and thousands of serbian
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anti-government protesters have rallied outside president. residence in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed the state run television building they have been staging weekly protests since december accusing of autocratic rule and stifling media freedom. here in germany the country's two biggest lenders deutsche bank and come out spawn could be joining forces for years both have been struggling to grow but with the government pushing for stronger national banks the lenders have confirmed formal talks toward a possible merger that would create a national champion in financial services. they're the largest banks in germany and their competitors now they want to join forces to become one strong german private bank above all because the federal government in germany wants them to be
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the goal a bank that can keep up with international competition both financial institutions have seen better times numerous lawsuits have had a strong impact on them after three years of losses profits have recently returned but both banks are little compared to their international competitors. only merge with comments bank if it makes economic sense that's why we need a good plan. as far as the balance sheet is concerned the two banks are far from equal one point seven trillion euros a georgia bank and a half a trillion euros at commands bank together the two banks would almost catch up with the largest bank in the us j.p. morgan chase in purely mathematical terms but for critics that's not enough reason for a merger. and i do think the merger alone doesn't create a new business model and size of the owner is not enough i don't see the vision behind it yet. the merger could also be painful for workers unions fear between twenty to thirty thousand bankers could lose their jobs for many it's
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a forced marriage for political reasons the two beleaguered banks will have to see what other advantages they'll have besides saving money. well for more on this possible mega merger and joined by steven beardsley from v.w. business hey steve so there's been rumors about a possible merger between these two banks for quite some time yet now it's confirmed that talks are going ahead what about the timing was it happening now as you said this is been in the crystal ball for a while and it's even been attempted once before on sort of a preliminary basis so both sides have known that this was a likely this is a likelihood both weak banks why it's happening now is because look at the economy what's happening with the global economy and also here in europe in germany everyone expects it to go down it's already starting to slump you see in china see a lot of global signs that things are really sort of receding and when the waters recede that makes everything harder for businesses the german government looks and it sees a lot of businesses that are going to of course need support during that time when
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it comes to financing and credit and if they don't have a strong bank out there if they have too weak banks who's really going to be able to shore up germany's high powered export economy when push comes to shove they want to have to rely on a foreign bank so this is an effort to create that reliable lender out of two struggling lenders to struggling lenders with the share prices that have plummeted of course over the years many do believe this merger is not really what it what they would like it to be why is it so controversial exactly i think the way it was but the piece is actually really really good it's a forced marriage it feels like it this is also put the piece what was interesting both of these banks have similar business models there's not something that one offers the other which is noteworthy enough alone to make them want to have a merger for strategic purposes this is a merger for survival not for strategy and that's not a good reason to combine banks also when your business models overlap in such a way that means a lot of job losses and that's why people don't like this as well there's another
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issue of competition what happens to the consumer when prices rise for financial products because of this merger. there's also a lot of criticism that perhaps a german bank should have tied up with a european. bank instead of just another german bank that they could actually extend their horizon a little bit and truly offer something more to talk a little bit about possible negative impact in terms of the labor force and consumers but what about the risks involved here i think one of the risks here is that when you have the german government that's really pushing for a merger then it makes it easier to overlook possible warning signs here right the german government has said or suggested from what we've heard that it would make it easier for the job losses they might look past the job losses in order to get this german champion that's one risk the other is that all your eggs are in one basket here you have to lenders here and suddenly have one giant lender what happens when it fails it has to be rescued so a lot of a lot of risks here actually stephen thank you so much i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about that in business coming up later thanks terry thought. back to our
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breaking news story right now dutch police say several people have been injured in a shooting on a tram in the city of police say the attack may have had a terrorist motive well a tram station outside city center has been cordoned off emergency services are at the scene and three rescue helicopters have been dispatched police are of course investigating the attack for more on it but let's cross over to our our correspondent in brussels max hoffman who is following this emerging story max what more can you tell us. well we don't know much more than you just said at the moment because of course what's really important in these situations is to verify the information you get a whole lot of different things on social media it's really important to stick to the sources so here what we do know from the officials in utah is that this
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happened around ten forty five local time on monday morning on a tram what's encouraging if you can speak about encouraging in these circumstances there are no reports of fate tallaght ease as of yet the exact wording that the police is using right now are multiple injured but they have deployed helicopters they did the ploy their terrorist unit to go there and the terrorism coordinator of the netherlands has said that they are investigating the situation so what is the situation there in place right now i mean it must be if this is this isn't near the city you know on a public transport tram this must have must be a great must have created just ruction in the city. well the police asked everybody naturally to stay away the whole area is cordoned off at the moment but the situation is such that they have a large deposit nearby deposit as we understand for the trams themselves so this is
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being used as sort of a relief headquarters at the moment where they were able to bring the victims at first later on with the helicopters we understand they were transported off of course to hospitals nearby but of course yes disruption of course it's a big area it's a big street where you have the trams going from one area to the next area and i mean if you are in the air you hearing this the police have asked people to stay out of out of the area which is completely standard procedure for for an incident like that. assuming this is a terrorist incident when we're still waiting for details to find out what has happened is is in the netherlands is the netherlands prepared for this sort of thing are they on high alert or is there any particular terrorist threat that's been announced recently. we weren't aware of any unusual terrorist threats of course. in especially this area of europe so belgium france than that the lens
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also parts of germany with already is in the last years have been investing a lot to get more information to try to get contact where they think that communities are being radicalized ever since the attacks in paris for example a couple of years ago or also here in belgium and the situation had calmed down in respect to the terrorist activities although. the whole police and the intelligence services have like i said completely beefed up. i'm not aware of a very high terrorism alert level and like i said we need to be careful we don't know anything about about this shooter as we understand police have not apprehended anyone so we're completely unaware of any possible motives and this person there could be all kinds of reasons of course the first thing that it comes to mind in jurors because of what happened in the last years is possible. is
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a mistake terrorist attack but like we just saw in new zealand there are other groups that are capable of doing something and last but not least over the past year of these also seen shootings like that for example in the states but also in europe people that are not politically motivated but have other issues. mike thank you so much from max hoffman there in brussels and of course will be bring you more details on this story as they become available again we've got a shooting incident in the dutch city of. and apparently no one has been apprehended yet the shootings took place on a tram and a number of injuries or wounded have been reported you're watching news now back here to germany a syrian migrant has gone on trial charged with killing a man in the eastern city of camden it's the incident last year sparked migrant protests in the city and led to a national debate about the rise of the far right. fatally stabbed in the
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eastern german town of candidates last summer the suspects were two asylum seekers one of them has just gone on trial the other is still at large. the attack prompted the biggest right wing riots germany had seen in years for days protesters marched in the streets of candidates shouting racists lawyers some were seen showing the hitler salute which is a crime in germany the police were criticized for failing to intervene quickly enough this cellphone video appears to show a man chasing a passer by and shouting racist abuse. watch the video triggered a debate about what had actually happened. video. video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd rioting and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law i cannot repeat this often enough. but germany's domestic intelligence security agency chief
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at the time. didn't agree with chancellor merkel he said nobody had been hunted down his comments exposed deep divisions in the federal coalition in the end musson was removed from office the trial however will focus only on the death of daniel h. not on the political repercussions of the incident. kate brady is in dresden following the trial for us kate we mentioned the political repercussions involved in this case it's been very difficult to keep politics out of this trial. it certainly has been very difficult to keep pushing away from this trial not only reigniting the debate over the rise of the far right here in germany but also reigniting that debate over migration but the trial today which begins today is very much focus on one man a twenty three year old syrian refugee and he is charged with homicide and also
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with serious assaults now at least from information from saxony judicial circles the evidence against. us is very thin but the trial is expected to extend into weeks if not months now some have objected to the venue for this trial tell us why but then you are so controversial. is actually there were actually at a court room here high security court room in dresden about an hour away from ten minutes from where daniel h. was killed in august of last year and this was largely on security grounds that were concerns that the extreme fall right that we saw in the in the report there that much to share could also march on the courtroom and that was actually also a request from the defense that the trial was not held in three particular states
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in brandenburg and saxony which is where the there are some significant state elections being held later this year to in fact in the end that argument was rejected and is being held in saxony in the capital of the state interest and so that also concerns are that this trial could be used instrumental eyes druther politically ahead of those elections later this year and what about the trial itself ok do you know how long it's going to take and what we can expect. well they've already seen twenty full court date set aside for this trial and that would lead up to october so we could see this going on for a good part of this year but it's interesting as well that they say issue of the fall right is already playing a role in this trial already today we've had the defense asking the judge
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to ask the lady judges what their position is towards refugees and also the defense actually also asked the judge to ask the lady judges if they indeed attended any of those fall right protests or what part of these right wing extremist groups themselves last year so this is certainly an issue which is going to keep cropping up throughout this court case over the next few weeks if not months ok thank you very much for now being overused kate pretty interesting. football environment have retaken the top spot in germany's bonus league on goal difference alone sunday night they overwhelmed the money. mines had only one win in six going into this game and by and never looked like losing from the moment robot leaving dumps keeping them in front of three minutes. has made it to nil and thirty
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three minutes. before kingsley c'mon funded one home to send by an inferior. and on course for the stroll we craved after their midweek lashing from liverpool. made it a homicide which with a forty six minutes after the break. before the colombian took advantage of some comical mights defending to seal his hat trick four minutes later. davis rounded off the road on seventy minutes. six no and another shot in the arm for school difference. he might be looking second rate in europe but by on a still a cut above domestically and once again. the been does legal. we have breaking news coming out of the netherlands dutch police say several people have been injured in a shooting on a tram in the city of police say the attack may have had a terrorist motive
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a. city center has been cordoned off emergency services are at the scene and three rescue helicopters have been dispatched. the police are investigating the attack of course. and is following the story initially for us from. tell us at this point. ok i'm afraid we are not going to be able to come to max at this point we hope to bring him in later but just to again recap what we do know about the story that is developing there in the netherlands apparently there has been a shooting that took place on a tram several people are injured the police said there may be a terrorist motive the area has been cordoned off and we'll be bringing you more details as they become available you are watching d.w. news.
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we'll just give you a quick reminder of top stories that we're following here today new zealand prime minister says proposals to. control all this will be announced in ten days time. to the fifty victims of the in the city of. the world as well as push notifications for any you can also use the. video. globalization. bring you more
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details on that developing story. in the city where a shooting has taken place. for you. thanks for being with us here.
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