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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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this is. coming up on the program the man who threw himself at danger to save others named russia is one of many acts of terrorism emerging from last friday is. also coming up in taiwan anniversary of a movement that brought students to the streets we all stores and hold out taiwan has changed in five. patients who can't get to the hospital this hospital. the only way they can see a doctor. well
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. it's good to have you with us the sound of gunshots from last friday to new zealand faded but they've left a trail of tears in their wake just four lives destroyed bland's cut short many of those who died of it and it came from thought of feeding this pakistan india and other countries in the region people such as a twenty six year old. and only son he moved from karachi to new zealand for a job he wanted to help support his family back home twenty five years old. and her husband moved from carolina to new zealand one year but she was pursuing a degree in agriculture then this fifty year old mamie rashid from pakistan the teacher moved to new zealand eight years ago all his action. in the mosque on
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friday. the title of. the haka performed by schoolchildren in honor of the victims of friday's terror attack. the maori ceremonial dance was traditionally performed by warriors to intimidate therefore. it is perhaps no greater tribute to the character and courage of this man named rashid who gave his life trying to stop the gunman entering the mosque and his needs of pakistan his family gather in grief finding solace in his heroism i saw that video and the first thing i wanted to see was that look in his eyes i did not see an iota of fear in their size and that made me proud. of man he was he's my hero at least. mourners here are praying not just for. the father of three died along with his twenty one
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year old son tyler. for their care in kenya it was she'd sacrifice sets an example for humanity. they left a message for every human being in the. dark messages that if you see something. happening and that is not good for other humans or if that is hurting other people you give your everything. even if mean if it means giving your life. the father and son are among nine victims are originally from pakistan known to have been killed on friday. in a tweet pakistan's prime minister imran can praise niamh for trying to tackle the white supremacist attacker he said nine's courage would be recognized with a national award. he. would be
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like a tried with children. with grown ups. could it just be war. and life now in rashid was a teacher his final act a lesson in the meaning of bravery and joining us for more on this story is journalist. from islamabad in pakistan good to see you what more can you tell us about. well they received is basically from after about blackest on and he moved to new zealand almost a decade ago he was pursuing his ph d. and he was a teacher working as a teacher will. just yet three sons one of the son was with him i just want his name was that i was around twenty one twenty two years old and no name was basically a constant constantly in touch with his family not for he was planning the wedding
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of his son to launch a war period in discounted back and the family now states that you know while we were discussing how we can going to arrange to manage until a few days ago or not we're talking about the funeral of auto name and. reside in there not pakistan and something is not a stranger but the kind of extremist violence that has been perpetrated in new zealand what is the reaction been in pakistan to this kind of violence against a pakistani and muslims abroad. well we only talk about new zealand sitting here in pakistan but people in pakistan consider me new zealand as the safest and as the very peaceful country so it was kind of a shock for the people to get to know about this kind of attack but as the premise of pakistan states that you know terrorism is everywhere every country is facing it and whenever there is such kind of an attack one should call it a terrorist attack and this was the concern of the pakistani people here in
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pakistan but as the prime minister of news you don stated as a as a stick at this as a terrorist attack you know people have taken all this very positively having bought this on terrorism is a global drop no no that's what the people of fox on or the community depravity spock's on believes and that needs to be developed in the same day if you mention the prime minister just of new energy did all this type which is all to being praised around the world for handling of the aftermath of this terrible tragedy what is the reaction been in pakistan to that. where people in pakistan have to conduct very positively not only the statements and the way she tackled the whole situation but also those images ventilator here in pakistan when she went on to is that the mosque where she was hugging the muslim community living in new zealand and the way she was dressed up the way she stepped in the situation to issues guard the terrorist attack everything has been taken
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a very positively front by the people of pakistan so i'm carla speaking to us from islam thank you very much. to taiwan now which is marking five since the historic protest movement back in march twenty forty and this is what taiwan's parliament looked like protesters mostly students incest by trade deal with china occupied parliament for more than two weeks they were part of the so-called sunflower movement named so for the sunflowers demonstrators got it as a symbol of hope they claimed the trade deal made taiwan too dependent on china and harmed its political autonomy but five years later what is the situation in taiwan phebe kong asked one of the protest they does what impact the movement had on the island and on the trade deal in particular. in terms of this bill that we we consider we. were invisible because.
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we. will be able. to be. with. people on the divide. and the progressive. minority. to the majority of people. in many ways to this is to be the biggest challenge you know we've been in the midst of all this is a member of. the group we live in this now we because we need you we need you. to. reveal a linkage between earth and. this is the time. it was the world's first hospital on rails for twenty eight years india's lifeline express has been providing services to the country's so called medical deserts disadvantaged regions
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with next to no access to public health care now when the hospital train rolls into town people can get life changing frequents free of charge he has a look at how the mobile finnick is making a difference. they arise that full of hope ready to embark on a journey of healing. people come from across the region to board this train that will soon change their lives passengers actually patients waiting for cataract surgery. these elderly travelers can't afford much needed operations the lifeline express is an unexpected boon hospital train that brings healthcare to india's rural poor. once onboard patients discover a cutting edge clinic. the ten doctors and eight nurses here today are all volunteers they come from all over donating their time.
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for oka by this operation will be an adventure into the unknown. origin ok. if it. i'm really happy i don't know what's going to happen during the operation and i'm a little scared. but it i'm sweating i would go out i think of all the people who work hard to heal us that they do so much for the poorest people want that they caught up. in fact the couple's two patients is going to. receive life changing all day. and night from expenses called a magical train. but the challenge is to spread word of the train out to far flung communities these key patrols get the job done.
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let's. take this it's about a free medical training come for a check. up but it's a barrell we go from village to village to distribute these flyers it warms my heart because these are extremely poor areas where they need to be told that there is free care. for i take it and it is. most people who live in these alleys have never been to the hospital. ok we're see here treatments are treatments that are the ones that are yes that's it i'm going to go that's for sure. back on the lifeline express operation is complete show only have a few minutes to recover before joining her husband outside. there she seems to be doing much better than before but it was not i don't have the words.
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we're very grateful to. another success story for the lifeline express. over the past thirty years its operators say they've completed one hundred and thirty thousand operations reaching more than ten million patients in the. more stories on our website did the new dot com for us lash. out on facebook as well. well even over there we're just from christchurch new zealand where the community has been mourning those killed as of preyed on friday the victims region from. many other than me from countries across asia. about.
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the world. and in the end this is a me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliance and. what's your story. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are
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trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor. you want to be. come sit. in for margaret's your platform for reliable information. washington seeks to end preferential trade status for india donald trump has singled out india as the country benefiting the most from this program and he wants to put an end to it will this leads to a new trade dispute between the u.s. and another asian powerhouse. also on the show europe marks equal pay day but figures show equality is still a long way off we go to our correspondents in delhi and singapore to find out how much of an issue equal pay is in those regions. welcome to the derby of business
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asia i want to go jones and well and good to have you with us starting with germany's top banks deutsche bank and commands bank saying they're considering a merger that could solve their ongoing problems both lenders have been struggling in recent years with deutsche in particular falling from grace tumbling from a global giant to just one of many financial players the global leadership bank currently ranks in fifteenth place with assets over around one and a half trillion dollars a year now it's lagging far behind the world's number one bank that is chinese i.c. b.c. and the largest u.s. bank j.p. morgan chase bank is in fifty third place down there as you can see with acid sheet of just under half a trillion dollars if germany's two biggest banks were to much they would move up to tense place internationally but the problems will hardly be going away jobs and brand.


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