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went to colombia a show. starts march eighteenth on d. to. business t w news coming to you live from berlin a shooting puts the dutch city if you test on lockdown one person is dead several more are injured after a gunman opened fire in a trap police are searching for a turkish born man and what they say could be a terrorist attack. also coming up in new zealand the nation remembers those who died in the christ church mosque attack.
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local students perform the haka a ceremonial maori dance to honor the ten. though i'm terry martin thanks for joining us we begin with some breaking news one person has been killed and several other wounded in a shooting in the dutch city of dutch police say they are searching for a thirty seven year old turkish born man in connection with the incident they have named the suspect as a good man tani's born citizens not to approach the man but to call the authorities emergency services are on the scene at a tram station in the city center where the shoe. it was first reported the chief
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has raised the terrorism threat in the province up to its highest level. well local police in place said that several people were injured while local media reported that the gunman had fled the scene. but were trying to piece together what's going on here but we've been providing help to the victims and we're investigating the scene we're doing our best to find and arrest the person or persons responsible. we have contradictory statements one of them is that the suspect fled with a car but we still need to find out if this is true we're listening to witnesses to get a clear view about the incident at this moment no one is under arrest so we don't know how many victims there are and we cannot confirm reports of anyone being killed. the dutch government has been meeting in emergency session prime minister mark who spoke briefly to a reporter here's what he had to say. still to come i've just been briefed on the
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situation and i'm headed back to my office now. part of our city it's very worrying news how to do it in my office we'll be discussing the next steps with the crisis team one had a clever is with us here in the news room from d.w. news and has been following the story looking in particularly to the context surrounding these events that are unfolding today. of course the attack and the shooting right on the heels of the shootings in new zealand fifty people dead and scores injured it's a very very tense very heated atmosphere right now that's exactly the point and i think this escalation that we've had now it's not just new zealand that is completely in shock. now this is. literally the other end of the world now to the west in europe this escalation of fear and mistrust we don't know who this
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person or persons may may or may not be. also. muslim fascists types or is this. kind of an attack could this be an islamist attack we don't know everybody's kind of talking about whether this is the kind of things happen but the escalation of fear and mistrust and uncertainty and exactly what any terrorist group or any terror any person who's taken on themselves to carry out a terrorist act that's exactly what they want and that makes no difference as to whether that's an islamist terrorist or a far right as i'm a phobic terrorist this is what they want and it's almost impossible to not give them what they want because news organizations like ourselves have to report what's happened police forces and forces have to take appropriate action so seeing armed security forces on the streets of another major european city. that's exactly what
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the terrorists want to see and it's very difficult to try to figure out how dampen that down because you know in the physical attack right now we don't know the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators and in this case of the shooters so we're still trying to understand what the motive was for this we we've heard from authorities in the netherlands saying that terrorism may be involved but again that's not yet confirmed much less from what direction so with given that we don't know that much about it what we do know is the background to it in the netherlands and this attack is coming out of the time in the netherlands where people are already were society is already facing a number of challenges regarding the different identity groups who have come come to for can you tell us more about the back row short but just to return to one point you just made i mean we don't you're right we don't even know for certain whether this is even a terrorist attack but the fact that this you know maybe it was
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a relationship thing that went horribly wrong and somebody just tried to she just go off and it happens right but even even if that's the case even if it's not a terrorist attack this particular one it's having to be treated as a terrorist attack because that's the context that this shooting has taken place in and that tells us about some something about where we're at as a society as an international society the fears exactly because this soon is something like this happens everybody is thinking oh god it's another terrorist attack of one stripe or another and in terms of holland. you know holland is you could see it less is a microcosm of western europe in the western european situation you have a very open liberal society where fifteen years ago. the filmmaker was able and encouraged to make a film in which he talked about the fire. it's against women this perpetrates in
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the islamic world. we would say is a very shining example of free society and all the rest of it and yet then he was killed in the street in two thousand and four by by radical islamists who. this is the absolute horror of this what the artists have done and that's the kind of. two sides of things that we really do have to struggle with in the western world and actually you know all over the place but particularly here where we value this liberalism of allowing people to say and do what they want you know we value the idea of being open to migration to helping people allowing people who are fleeing dangerous difficult situations to come to make a life here but they don't necessarily seem to fit in and then you have this kind of backlash people call it a far right people like in holland who are very anti muslim migration
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and who say that they fear and islam is ation of the west and that gives birth to these kind of movements like. which is very anti non-christian migration or non-christian rooted migration is obviously also an element of racism too we have to deal with this is this this is the context in which this kind of thing is happening and we're struggling in most parts of the world to try to find some kind of balance where people can be open and people come to accept it. ok thank you so much for being with us. cleaver shoes following this story this developing story out of the netherlands today and of course we'll be coming back to for more information later on thank you so much for cleaver. rebecca richardson is also on the story for she joins us from our studios in brussels rebecca the police identified
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a person they say they're looking for in connection with the attack what more can you tell us about this person that's right terry about an hour ago the police tweeted that they're searching for a thirty seven year old man who was born in turkey they have named him i won't do that now but they're searching for him in relation to this attack they haven't said anything else about him there's been a little bit of speculation on twitter some other journalists speculating about who this man is so as i say it's not official so i won't go into those details right now as at the moment they are searching for thirty seven year old turkish man they have warned people not to approach him i assume he made the dangerous but they have asked for any information to find the police the police are being very cagey in terms of describing the person they're just saying a person in connection with the attack do we know if that is indeed the suspected
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shooter in this. we don't know i don't have those exact details for you and i would hate to speculate i can only assume that they believe he is in some way involved possibly the person that they also ching for. i mean the news is really unclear as to whether or not there was even more than one attack and they haven't ruled that out so i have no more information on that for you right now but we'll obviously be following it closely ok so it appears at least that the shooter is at large much of the city of is still in lockdown understand dutch prime minister mark says his nation was hit by an attack he hasn't however ruled out the possibility of a terrorist motive has he. no he hasn't they have the full terror tame on
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the cat on this case they have the anti terror unit there at the same at the moment they are conducting a nation and nation wide or at least city wide manhunt. also border the border with germany police in germany have upped their surveillance at the border they are treating this as a very very serious attack. i don't have any more information the terror actually the terror threat sorry i didn't mention that but i did hear you mentioned earlier the terror threat has also raised to the highest possible level of level five rebecca thank you very much to w.'s rebecca richards there in. the aftermath of another major shooting a new zealand's prime minister has said new gun control laws will be announced in ten days time in the wake of the attack on two mosques in the city of christ church there also be a review of what the authorities knew or didn't know before the attack which claimed fifty lives an australian far right extremist has been charged with murder
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. a shaken christchurch mourns its dead. and now the shaken country is tightening its gun laws. something some politicians have tried but failed to do in the past due to a strong gun lobby and a culture of hunting the suspected attacker is brinton terence a twenty eight year old australian self described white supremacist he's now been charged with murder police say he used military style assault weapons which he was able to buy online legally. cabinet today made in principle decisions around the reform of our gun laws i intend to give further detail of these decisions to the media and public before cabinet meets again next monday
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this ultimately main set within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe mike l. community so i found you can surrender your gun to the police said any time in fact i've seen reports that people are in fact already doing this i applaud that if it the attack has united new zealanders in their horror and in their grief. but they have failed. because one thing i've done. if anything increase the low on the phone country i mean we have also seen that commandos are boarding when we. hear. students led to vigils in christ church
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performing the hakka. that. singing. is. my meeting with muslim leaders. fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more was seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected coming to terms with what happened. the christ church killings have raised questions over the role of social media in such and since after the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook the company removed the video shortly after the attack but not before it had been downloaded and shared by others facebook said within twenty four hours of the attack it had removed one point five million videos of the attack globally of which over one
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point two million were blocked during upload the company said it is removing all edited versions of the video as well. well joining me now for more is theresa locker she's a tech journalist and editor motherboard germany welcome to the program so let's look at how this video could be spread so easily and so quickly and so widely how did that happen. so on facebook everybody can live stream anything without moderation and in this particular incident the hacker had a social media strategy that went ahead well ahead of the attack so he had twitter accounts announcing what he was going to do he was posting particular accompanying photos on twitter and on facebook and also on other platforms that are widely populated by a lot of young predominantly male uses who shared it and there's
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a deep connection to the so-called troll culture that. they upload and we uploaded the video also on twitter so it went around on more than just facebook in terms of platforms you reason important point there theresa about the killer raising of the alleged shooter there raising this already ahead of time on his facebook account he kind of indicated what he was going to do. facebook have done more to stop this spread well there are certain. technologies that could help facebook with that now a days they only react by notice and takedown so somebody is raising a problem with a particular content and then facebook is moderating that that takes quite a long time there are many instances like fingerprinting a particular video that could help facebook and doing more and doing faster also
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german police and law enforcement are pushing for these algorithmic solutions but they are highly questionable in terms of overbooking there are issues that are connected with that. let's open up this discussion a little wider in terms of terrorism in the role of social media how important has social media now become for those who perpetrate terrorist attacks very important also because the references to. perpetrate terrorism are right in this manifesto that he spread and sometimes i also think that the media is. partly to blame for over analyzing what he is trying to put through in his strategy and his propaganda so when he writes a manifesto citing. events citing particular right being extremists then media should fall into this trap because it was
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a particular strategy behind it and that was to spread whatever he was trying to try to spread the killer was clearly seeking media attention journalist and editor at motherboard germany thank you so much for talking with us thank you. now some other stories making headlines today ethiopia's government says sunday's plane crash shows clear similarities to a crash off indonesia in october that's based on analysis of flight data from the plane's black box which was recovered from the wreckage near. most planes were boeing seven thirty seven max eight aircraft boeing says it will cooperate with investigations into the crash. rescue teams are continuing to look for the missing in indonesia after flash floods and mudslides killed at least seventy seven people in the province of pop while several hundred more have been injured flooding disaster which often are often deadly are common feature of indonesia's rainy
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season. and thousands of serbian anti-government protesters have rallied outside president of his residence in belgrade the demonstration came a day after opposition supporters stormed the state run television building they have been staging weekly protests since december accusing of author craddick rule and of stifling media freedom. here in germany the country's two biggest lenders deutsche bank and comments by could be joining forces for years both have been struggling to grow but with the government pushing for a stronger national banks lenders have confirmed formal talks toward a possible merger that would create a national additional champion in financial services. they're the largest banks in germany and their competitors now they want to join forces to become one strong german private bank above all because the federal government in germany wants them
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to be the goal a bank that can keep up with international competition both financial institutions have seen better times numerous lawsuits have had a strong impact on them after three years of losses profits have recently returned but both banks are little compared to their international competitors. only merge with combats bank if it makes economic sense that's why we need a good plan. as far as the balance sheet is concerned the two banks are far from equal one point seven trillion euros a georgia bank and a half a trillion euros that commits bank together the two banks would almost catch up with the largest bank in the us j.p. morgan chase in purely mathematical terms but for critics that's not enough reason for a merger. and i do think the merger alone doesn't create a new business model and size of the owner is not enough i don't see the vision behind it yet. the merger could also be painful for workers unions fear between
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twenty to thirty thousand bankers could lose their jobs for many it's a forced marriage for political reasons the two beleaguered banks will have to see what other advantages they'll have besides saving money. well for more on this possible mega merger and joined by stephen beardsley from v.w. business hey steve so there's been rumors about a possible merger between these two banks for quite some time yet now it's confirmed that talks are going ahead what about the timing was it happening now as you said this is been in the crystal ball for a while and it's even been attempted once before on sort of a preliminary basis so both sides have known that this was a likely is a likelihood both weak banks why it's happening now is because look at the economy what's happening with the global economy and also here in europe in germany everyone expects it to go down it's already starting to slump you see in china you see a lot of global signs that things are really sort of receding and when the waters recede that makes everything harder for businesses the german government looks and it sees a lot of businesses that are going to of course need support during that time when
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it comes to financing and credit and if they don't have a strong bank out there if they have too weak banks who's really going to be able to shore up germany's high powered export economy when push comes to shove they want to have to rely on a foreign bank so this is an effort to create that reliable lender out of two struggling lenders to struggling lenders with the share prices that have plummeted of course over the years many do believe this merger is not really what it what they would like it to be why is it so controversial exactly i think the way it was but the piece is actually really really good it's a forced marriage it feels like it this is also put the piece what was. both of these banks have similar business models there's not something that one offers the other which is noteworthy enough alone to make them want to have a merger for strategic purposes this is a merger for survival not for strategy and that's not a good reason to combine banks also when your business models overlap in such a way that means a lot of job losses and that's why people don't like this as well there's another
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issue of competition what happens to the consumer when prices rise for financial products because of this merger. there's also a lot of criticism that perhaps a german bank should have tied up with a european. bank instead of just another german bank that they could actually extend their horizon a little bit and truly offer something more to talk a little bit about possible negative impact in terms of the labor force and consumers but what about other risks involved here i think one of the risks here is that when you have the german government it's really pushing for a merger that it makes it easier to overlook possible warning signs here right the german government has said or suggested from what we've heard that it would make it easier for the job losses they might look past the job losses in order to get this german champion that's one risk the other is that all your eggs are in one basket here you have to lenders here and suddenly have one giant lender what happens when it fails it has to be rescued so a lot of a lot of risks here actually stephen thank you so much i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about that in business coming up later thanks terry. just in sports for
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you now football by a munich have retaken the top spot in germany's been asleep go on goal difference alone sunday night they overwhelm my. mindset only one win in six going into this game and bio never looked like losing from the moment robot live in dubs keep them in front of three minutes the commas rodrigo's made it to nil and thirty three minutes. was before kingsley c'mon funded one home to send by and then three nil at half time and on course for the strongly craved after their midweek lashing from liverpool. has made it the hammers sandwich with a forty six minutes after the break up before the colombian took advantage of some comical defending to seal his hat trick four minutes later. alfonso davis rounded off the road on seventy minutes. six no and another shot in the arm for bynes goal difference. they might be looking second rate in europe but by on
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a still a cut above domestically and once again their back it's open does lead to. another sunday game six place lost at home club that now has a legitimate chance of making one of next season's europe wide tournaments for labor because you have been on the upswing underpaid her boss but they had big problems against braman maxie setting up max cruiser who opened the scoring in the thirteenth minute i've no chance for a keeper lucas ride at ski i the labor because in defense looks porous and bremen made them pay cruiser turned provider this time and mean that rush it's hammered home to me oh i'm in the second half labor goes in fought their way back into the game leon bailey hitting the
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target with that glorious free kick keeper a year republic i could only stand and watch frame and kept their cool however and match crews a sealed the deal in injury time with this. second of that day three one the final score i frame and put the brakes on they because in this rebirth and put themselves back into the battle for europe. we're turning now to the soft to the top story we're following for you here today the mayor of new twist in the netherlands now says three people have been killed and many others wounded some say nine and a shooting in the dutch city police have launched a manhunt for a thirty seven year old turkish born suspect someone they say is connected with the shooting at least one person they say they've named as good man tani's they have warned citizens not to approach the man but to call the authorities emergency services are on the scene at a tram stop or the incident was first reported the terrorism threat level in the
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province has been raised to its highest possible. you're watching news coming up next we've got to news asia and stay tuned for the three decades it's been delivering a life changing treatment it to the poorest communities in india we take a ride on the life line express the hospital helping the poor. thanks watch.
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channel played some classic recipe for success and they did it in the money and it's the first hit in every sense you know if you take. the edge of the west in south korea if it's me and ten enterprising scariest kind. can't paid such a simple idea that's bringing kind of too many. people three thousand and
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sixteen of. the home or saving googling to goes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global india's been by a series of global three thousand on d. w. and online. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the body aka. oh yeah i knew nothing else i hope and let's look close even less than the flu i am here with. my little. fascinated by their culture.
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only a promise to. leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . this is it afternoon coming up on the program the man who threw himself at danger to save others named rashid's is one of many acts of heroism emerging from last friday's mosque attacks in new zealand also coming up in taiwan and anniversary of a movement that brought students for the streets we asked those in the halls how taiwan has changed in five years.


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